Peterborough, Ontario | July 6, 2017– The Flying Colours Corp. avionics team has completed its first installation of the Honeywell JetWave™ Ka-Band satellite communications system. Work on attaching the LRU’s, radome and tail mounted antenna has just finished at the company’s Peterborough, Ontario facility, making it one of the first Bombardier Aerospace Authorized Service Facilities, ASF, to fit the system. The connectivity upgrade is part of a wider Bombardier Global Express aircraft cabin refurbishment project which is expected to be completed by the end of July.

The installation of the high-speed data delivery system will ensure that the undisclosed Global customer can enjoy the same level of avionics and connectivity, as purchasers of brand new Bombardier Global aircraft who can select the system as a line fit option. “Our customer travels extensively for business and needs uninterrupted connectivity globally. We advised him to install the Honeywell system as it gives him flexible, high-speed, and modern technology, that will fulfill his need to be continuously connected,” says Eric Gillespie, Executive VP, Flying Colours Corp.

Ka-Band connectivity delivers ultra-high speed connectivity to the business jet market, and ensures a seamless connectivity experience via Inmarsat’s Global Xpress (GX) Aviation service, which delivers high speed broadband via its global satellite network. The increased data speed enables business jet users greater access to live TV and video streaming across multiple on-board devices. It also supports uninterrupted WiFi enabled email, web-browsing, video conferencing, data file transfers, and voice and text capabilities.

“We are pleased to be able to maximize our status as an ASF to offer, and fit these state-of-the-art avionics system. As an increasing number of owners of mid- to long-range aircraft want to upgrade their connectivity, we are well positioned to provide the service through our in-house avionics experience and knowledge,” adds Gillespie.

The avionics upgrade forms just one part of a major overhaul for the Global Express aircraft which included a pre-buy review, maintenance inspections, full interior and exterior refurbishment, IFE upgrades, and a floorplan modification.

April 9, 2014– Ahead of this year’s Asian Business Aviation Conference and Expo (ABACE) Shanghai, April 15-17, Flying Colours Corp. the Canadian headquartered MRO, completion and refurbishment specialist has announced the delivery of its first ever complete carbon fibre interior reconfiguration of a Bombardier Challenger 850 aircraft for a Hong Kong based client.

The carbon fibre interior was designed by the Flying Colours team in conjunction with the client to create an innovative new style of interior. The predominantly black and grey carbon fibre surfaces are complemented with ebony hardwood veneer accents, whilst seats have been finished in white leather upholstery and the divans in eye catching rich, contrasting fabrics. Satin-Nickel plating adds a further unique touch to the stylish look. Complementing the furnishings is a state-of-the-art in-flight entertainment system featuring 22in widescreen units for a more modern feel, and a Rockwell Collins Airshow 4000, which has software modified for the region of operation. SwiftBroadBand supports a new telephone system and cabin WiFi.

The aircraft is configured for 16 passengers with a three cabin VIP layout. The first cabin features four club seats, whilst the mid-cabin incorporates a divan opposite standard double seats so creating a useful meeting space on board. The third cabin section features a half club configuration with a berthing divan followed by a rear lavatory. The total work schedule took around sixteen weeks to finish owing to the intensive labour required to apply the material. The project was finished within the expected time frame, budget and to the client’s specifications and satisfaction.

“This is the first time we’ve worked so extensively with carbon fibre on the interior of an aircraft. The client chose the material for purely aesthetic reasons and where you would normally only use wood veneer. eg the tables, galleys, bulkheads, handrails, lavatory vanities and toilet enclosures, we’ve used carbon fibre. We have used the material before but normally only as an accent to complement an interior. The counter tops are black and white, the divan is cherry red, and the black carpet features a white ‘Branches’ splinter pattern. In combination the red and white leather, the Satin Nickel plating and the carbon fibre create a striking effect. It really is quite unique and we are extremely proud to have created such a stunning interior,” says Eric Gillespie, Vice President, Flying Colours.

“We also note that Asian clients are very particular when it comes to entertainment and technology with most of our clients preferring modern IFE systems complemented by crisp clean design. The Asian clients particularly appreciate our flexibility and innovation in providing unique interiors like this latest aircraft,” comments Gillespie about their growing Asian client base.

Flying Colours has been making great strides in Asia since 2009 with both its CRJ ExecLiner conversion program and new Challenger 850 completions being particularly popular in China. The Canada-based business is also currently in the middle of numerous refurbishments for other Asian based clients, including a Challenger 604 for a Chinese operator which will incorporate a new conference group – double seats and a hi-lo table that is regularly installed in the aft cabin on this aircraft type – along with softgood refurbishment, as well as various maintenance tasks.

“The region is incredibly important to our business and is one of the reasons we were pleased to be chosen as Bombardier’s interiors partner for their Singapore facility. We have shown commitment and dedication to building business in Asia, and we continue to value and maximise the opportunities the region presents,” concluded Gillespie.

March 26, 2013– Flying Colours Corp., the completions, refurbishment and maintenance specialist, announced today that Bombardier has awarded the Canadian-based aviation business an exclusive contract to undertake the interior modification of seven CRJ700* NextGen* aircraft. The fleet will be completed over a two year period and delivered to an undisclosed Chinese client.

The aircraft will be completed for specific mission purposes with a particular emphasis on VIP modifications. The project will require new supplemental type certificates (STCs) to be sourced by Flying Colours Corp., and final certification will be completed in conjunction with the Chinese Civil Aviation Authority, with whom Flying Colours already has a strong relationship.

The first aircraft is scheduled to arrive at the Flying Colours Corp. Peterborough, ON facility in the fourth quarter of this year, and it is anticipated that the final aircraft will be delivered in the first quarter of 2015. The modification of a CRJ700 NextGen aircraft will be a first for Flying Colours Corp. and builds on the extensive experience of its ExecLiner programme which has seen more than 12 CRJ200* regional airliners converted to executive VIP configurations.

Flying Colours Corp. is already a Preferred Completion Centre for Challenger* aircraft and 2013 will see five green Challenger 850* jets undergo completion work at its Canadian facility. This latest deal sees a strengthening of the relationship between the two Canadian based businesses as Flying Colours Corp. broadens the number of Bombardier aircraft divisions it works with. “We are extremely proud that Bombardier has selected Flying Colours Corp. to take on this modification and completion programme and look forward to beginning work on the first aircraft later this year. We already have a strong relationship with the company and this new deal extends the scope of our business relationship with them,” said Sean Gillespie, Executive Vice President of Flying Colours Corp.

– Flying Colours Corp. completes first Global Express refurbishment and maintenance project for Malaysian customer featuring unique bed installation.

August 13, 2012– Flying Colours Corp., a leading global aviation service company specialising in business aircraft completions, maintenance and refurbishments, has just completed and delivered its first Global Express refurbishment and maintenance project for a Malaysian customer. It is the fifth Global Express refurbishment project Flying Colours has completed in the last twelve months and reflects the company’s developing focus on this aircraft type. The latest project in the Flying Colours Corps.’ expanding programme of Global Express refurbishments, modifications, and maintenance orders, was completed and delivered to a Malaysian client in early July 2012.

The project was undertaken on behalf of a private client, and reinforces the continued interest in Flying Colours’ services from the Asian market. The completed interior underwent a full refurbishment of all interior soft goods, woodwork, and numerous IFE upgrades which focused on modernizing the aircraft with IPAD holders, and a Honeywell IPOD dock. A particularly unique element of the refurbishment was the modification of the aft cabin to enable the installation of a permanent custom-made bed in the aft cabin which is located opposite two new single seats and next to a customized side-ledge. This was the first time such a modification was undertaken by Flying Colours on a Global Express and was accomplished under a new STC which will be validated by the Malaysian authorities.

The exterior of the aircraft was painted with a customized scheme that maximised the knowledge and skills of the team at the special paintwork facilities at Flying Colours’ Peterborough. The finished theme included tailored red accent stripes laid out in a uniquely designed pattern that were complemented by the installation of corporate logos next to the entrance door. To conclude the project numerous maintenance inspections, service bulletins, and modifications were completed by Flying Colours Global maintenance technicians.

“The Global Express family is a product line we are targeting at the moment,” comments Sean Gillespie about the latest refurbishment. “We have already completed four significant Global projects in the last year, and expect to continue to expand this area of our offering, particularly as it is of such great appeal to the Asian market where we are rapidly expanding. Internationally we already have numerous clients flying this model and our continual development of skills for working on this aircraft type means that we are even better placed to win more business from Global owners and undertake more complex and bespoke maintenance and refurbishments.” Flying Colours Corp. continues to make significant investments at both the Canadian and USA based centres in regards to facilities, training and tooling to ensure better provision for the current and future Global client base so that owners receive the highest degree of satisfaction.

This latest Global delivery into Malaysia follows hard on the heels of the recent announcement that JetCorp Technical Services, Inc. a subsidiary of Flying Colours Corp., has begun work on the latest in its series of state-of-the-art executive conversions of the Bombardier CRJ 200 regional airliner which is destined to be the first in Indonesia.

July 30, 2012– JetCorp Technical Services, Inc. a subsidiary of Flying Colours Corp., has begun work on the latest in its series of state-of-the-art executive conversions of the Bombardier CRJ 200 regional airliner. The Bombardier CRJ will be transformed into an ExecLiner executive VIP configuration destined for a private Indonesian client. This is the first ExecLiner to be readied for Indonesia and during the conversion process Flying Colours will work closely with the client and Bombardier to achieve Indonesian type certification for the CRJ200. Flying Colours will supply an FAA STC that will subsequently be validated by the Indonesian regulatory body and the aircraft will be exported to Indonesia upon completion.

The highly specified aircraft will be transformed from its high-density regional jet layout to a luxuriously appointed executive jet featuring a 22 seat configuration, which represents additional seating compared with other previously completed ExecLiners. It is planned for the interior to be tastefully decorated in traditional yet elegant colour selections and will include a reconfigured galley and first class lavatory.

In addition to an extensive pre-purchase evaluation, and the interior conversion, Jetcorp will also be carrying out an extensive maintenance package on the aircraft at its full spectrum MRO facility. Maintenance work will include a landing gear overhaul, a 96-month inspection, the conversion from a high utilisation maintenance programme (HUMP) to a low maintenance programme (LUMP) and the incorporation of all outstanding Airworthiness Directives.

The completion of the interior including the construction of all new monuments, soft goods, woodwork, avionics upgrades, and installation of all items will be completed at Jetcorp with exterior paint work and final sign off to be completed at Flying Colours’ Peterborough, Ontario facility. The collaboration on the project will highlight the extensive capabilities of both locations and again reinforce the ability of its two locations to collectively deliver a high quality product to its worldwide customer base.

This latest conversion will be carried out at the St Louis, Missouri based facility, and is due for completion in early 2013. It is the fourth ExecLiner that JetCorp has undertaken, and twelfth that Flying Colours Corp. as a whole has converted.

This latest project, the first for an Indonesian private client represents a move into a key new market for Flying Colours Corp: “We have met with multiple potential private customers in Southeast Asia in recent months. The interest in our services in this region has increased dramatically and we are receiving a growing number of requests from the Indonesian area particularly,” said Eric Gillespie, Flying Colours Corp. Executive Vice President, Sales and Marketing. The latest project follows hard on the heels of Flying Colours delivery of three new Bombardier Challenger 850 aircraft completions to mainland China and Hong Kong this year.

April 18, 2012–
Canada–based Flying Colours Corp. has appointed Gary Wood as a Corporate Sales & Marketing Representative with immediate effect. Wood will be based at the Peterborough, ON facilities and will be focused on continuing to develop corporate sales and marketing worldwide. The new role has been created to support the sustained and continuous international growth that Flying Colours Corp. is experiencing.

Wood brings over 25 years of corporate aviation experience and a variety of skills and experience from both corporate and public transport operations. His background in commercial management in both North American and International markets with the Cessna Aircraft Company, Cessna Pacific, Australia and Field Aviation positions him well for his new role.

Wood commented: “This is a very exciting time to be joining Flying Colours Corp. With the recent appointment as a Blackhawk Modification Centre, its expanding Asian business interests and continued growth in all of their service offerings I look forward to supporting what is already a vibrant and successful company.

John Gillespie, CEO and President of Flying Colours Corp said, “Gary brings a wealth of corporate aviation experience to Flying Colours and will be a valuable addition to our team. His background and knowledge will be valuable in supporting the continued growth of our client base globally.”