Las Vegas, NV | January 23, 2014– Allegiant Systems is pleased to announce the newest FlyDesk Cabin application: ePIL (electronic passenger information list). The ePIL application is an iPad-based Customer Relationship Management (CRM) program that provides Cabin Crew with passenger information ­ including seat assignments, special service requests (SSRs), meal preferences, loyalty program status, history of past on-board purchases, etc. The ePIL application can be fully integrated into the carrier¹s Departure Control System, providing Flight Crew with the most up-to-date, real-time passenger information available.

³An important element in creating brand loyalty (especially in an industry as driven by price as the airline industry) is making customers feel special and valued,² said Brian Mooney, CEO of Allegiant Systems. ³The ePIL application makes this possible by providing Cabin Crew with all important passenger information on a single tablet, enabling exceptional, personalized service for every passenger.

Using the ePIL application, Cabin Crew will be aware of any passenger pre-orders and can offer passengers the option to pay for their purchases with loyalty points. The ePIL application also allows crew to offer on-board upgrades integrated into the airline¹s reservation system. Most importantly, the ePIL application enables the crew to be aware of each passenger¹s preferences and act proactively to accommodate them. For example, if a flight is delayed and passengers are going to miss their connecting flights, using the ePIL application on a connected aircraft, Cabin Crew will be able to advise affected passengers that the airline has changed their booking to ensure that they can take the next available flight.

The ePIL application can also be useful as a predictive demand tool, as it can help Cabin Crew determine which products are most popular on each route to enable more accurate order management. Having more of the products that passengers want to purchase will lead to a decrease in waste and an increase in ancillary revenue earnings for the airline.

The ePIL application can be fully integrated into the same iPad that houses the other FlyDesk Cabin applications, making it simple to collect customer data across multiple touch-points. For example, the ePIL application can be integrated with the FlyDesk Cabin Buy-on-Board application, allowing inflight retail purchases to be made directly from the ePIL passenger screen and which will remain linked to the passenger¹s personal profile for reference on future flights.

For more information about the FlyDesk Cabin ePIL application or to arrange an interview, please contact Jennifer Nagy at or +1.647.867.0093.

Las Vegas, NV | July 29, 2013– Allegiant Systems is pleased to announce the appointment of new interim CEO, Brian C. Mooney, who began his new role in the company in early June 2013. Another new addition is Ultan O¹Brien, former Sales & Marketing Director at Retail inMotion (RiM), who will be joining the Allegiant Systems team as Sales, Marketing & Product Consultant starting in August 2013.

Brian Mooney replaces former CEO Andrew Kemmetmueller, who left the company in June. Mooney¹s 12 years of experience in aviation technology and 15 years of management experience make him an ideal candidate for the new position. Prior to joining the Allegiant Systems team in 2011, Mooney held management positions in various aviation companies, including America West Airlines, Atlantic Coast Airlines/ACJet, Independence Air, Lynx Aviation (DBA Frontier Airlines), ARINC, USAirways and AvIntel.

Ultan O¹Brien, who will be joining the Allegiant Systems team on August 1, 2013, has extensive sales experience, most recently with aviation technology company Retail inMotion (RiM). In his role at RiM, O¹Brien oversaw the company¹s sales and marketing team and was responsible for creating new business opportunities for the company¹s aviation retail technology. He was also extensively involved in the concept, design, development and delivery of various onboard technologies, giving O¹Brien a strong understanding of the onboard technology needs of global airlines.

Allegiant Systems¹ strategic direction remains consistent; the company will continue to offer its revolutionary iPad-based FlyDesk solution, as well as the FlyDesk Cabin (including the digitization of reports and manuals, and buy-on-board) and FlyDesk EFB apps, to airlines of all sizes looking for an efficient and cost-effective automation solution.

Las Vegas, NV | December 5, 2012– Allegiant Air, as well as three other international airlines, have begun operational trials of Allegiant Systems¹ FlyDesk Cabin solution, which digitizes manuals, automates reporting and offers secure communication tools using Apple iPad® hardware. Using more than 200 iPads at the four airlines, FlyDesk Cabin creates a ³paperless² operation, cutting back on unnecessary weight, facilitates accuracy of manuals and improves efficiency, while decreasing operational costs.

The four-week trial began on December 3 and will help define the operational benefits that mobile technology brings to the airlines¹ cabin crew members. Crew members at each airline are using the advanced paperless workspace function of FlyDesk Cabin to improve customer service and productivity, while streamlining operational processes and increasing revenue opportunities.

²These trials mark a new world in cabin crew mobility and operations,² said Andrew Kemmetmueller, CEO of Allegiant Systems. ³FlyDesk provides airlines with an opportunity to take advantage of tablet hardware in the hands of their in-flight crew, who are often the least-connected airline staff.²

The trial, which includes airlines in Europe and Central America, includes the advanced use of digital manuals and has demonstrated the multi-lingual capacity of the system. As part of the trial service, Allegiant Systems has also included training, hardware logistics and ongoing support services to the airlines.

In addition to the reporting and paperless functionality of FlyDesk Cabin, Allegiant Air also launched a new, integrated FlyDesk Buy-on-Board application, which allows the cabin crew to use the same iPad to process onboard customer purchases.

The initial hardware deployment and training has been completed successfully and thus far, the response from in-flight crews at all four airlines has been positive. The trial continues until the end of 2012, at which time the full results of the trials will be available.

FlyDesk Cabin is the first of several flyServices offered within the FlyDesk mobile platform by Allegiant Systems, all of which will offer increased efficiency for airlines, with faster deployment, effortless scaling and continuous support.

For more information about the new FlyDesk solution, the airline trials or to speak with a representative at Allegiant Systems, please contact Jennifer Nagy at or 1.647.867.0093. For more information about Allegiant Systems and FlyDesk, please visit

Las Vegas, NV | November 26, 2012– Over the past five years, the airline industry has undergone a huge transformation – both in operations and revenue model – with airlines looking for ways to cut costs, improve profitability and efficiency. Today, Allegiant Systems Inc. announces the launch of FlyDesk, a cloud-based, enterprise software solution for airlines that automates in-flight processes, increases revenue opportunities and improves the customer experience, without increasing costs.

In recent years, iPads have been integrated for testing into the US operations of Alaska, American and United, with approximately 30,000 pilots already using the technology in-flight. FlyDesk is the first turnkey solution that offers both the software and hardware necessary to help airlines solve complex automation projects using iPad tablet technology.

“Cabin service automation is one of the most difficult areas to accomplish effectively and affordably, said Joe Ayson, Director of Marketing & Corporate Development at Allegiant Systems. “With the recent regulatory approval of tablet technology in aviation and its proven effectiveness as a tool to cut costs and improve productivity, FlyDesk enables airlines to secure a mobile solution, without a large capitol investment.”

Initially, FlyDesk supports airline cabin crew operations through FlyDesk Cabin, which digitizes manuals, automates reporting and offers secure e-mail services. FlyDesk Cabin was designed to meet the specific needs of airlines and creates a “paperless” operation, cutting back on onboard weight, easier updates and improve fuel economy and costs. Four airlines are implementing the FlyDesk Cabin solution fleet-wide beginning in December 2012.

“We understand the difficulty in supporting a fully mobile automated system for the cabin crew,” said Andrew Kemmetmueller, CEO of Allegiant Systems. “Using FlyDesk Cabin, airlines will be able to keep cabin crews connected, devices secure and up-to-date, no matter where they are in the world.”

This is the first of several flyServices to be announced by Allegiant Systems, all of which will offer increased revenue opportunities for airlines, with faster deployment, effortless scaling and continuous support.

For more information about FlyDesk or to arrange an interview to discuss the effect that the solution will have on the airline industry, please contact Jennifer Nagy at 1.647.867.0093 or For more information about Allegiant Systems and FlyDesk, please visit