March 13, 2018– With the latest enhanced version of Flightstream™ SA, AirSatOne is the first aviation Satcom provider to offer HTTPS web filtering. With the new version of Flightstream SA, customers benefit from more flexibility and more security while surfing the web. Flightstream SA offers a full set of internet security and management features, changes can be made through our customer portal at any time to a single aircraft, the entire fleet or a group of aircraft in the fleet – anywhere in the world.

HTTPS is an encrypted website connection which is indicated by the lock icon in the address bar. HTTPS spread has been on the rise in the recent years, mostly because it is being encouraged by Google. The Electronic Frontier Foundation’s latest report states that ½ of the Internet is now protected by HTTPS. HTTPS uses port 443 by default but simply blocking port 443 means you are blindly blocking half of the internet. Your satcom service provider must use the latest technology to effectively manage HTTPS.

With our latest service enhancement to Flightstream SA aircraft operators can now control access to the internet by restricting or granting access to not only HTTP-based, but now also HTTPS-based web pages and services. Available features include domain/URL blacklist & whitelist, category-based blacklisting, file-type filtering and file-size filtering. Most importantly aviation specific encrypted web apps such as flight planning and weather services can be whitelisted to ensure connectivity while managing passenger access. For special mission operators or for customers using airborne internet for business-critical applications it is now possible to black-list all web sites at once and whitelisting secure (HTTPS) web sites and software. Flightstream SA is deployed globally at the edge of the satcom network and the public internet. Being deployed globally is important to reduce hops and latency, our backbone and its efficiency matter to passengers on your aircraft.

“AirSatOne has been providing Network Security and Cyber Security since we opened our doors in 2011, we have never left our customers unprotected and we have a mature product that just keeps getting better.” Said Jo Kremsreiter, President of AirSatOne.

FliteStream Tail Mount Connectivity System First to Provide Both Live Television and High-speed Internet on Business Jets from a Single Antenna

New Orleans, LA | March 13, 2017–
Satcom Direct (SD) today announced its agreement with Astronics AeroSat to sell the FliteStream T-Series tail mount connectivity system through SD’s global dealer network. The first of its kind in the business aviation market, the FlightStream T-Series solution employs the Panasonic Avionics global communications network to enable business jet passengers to watch live television and use the internet simultaneously through a single antenna.

“At SD, we have a holistic approach to the connected aircraft through innovation and targeted investment,” said Jim Jensen, Satcom Direct chairman. “Our industry-leading products and services address the increasingly complex needs of flight departments, aircraft owners and operators to keep the aircraft and passengers synched with ground operations and business commitments over secure networks. This agreement with Astronics AeroSat will help us advance our vision of delivering the most innovative and effective solutions to the business aviation marketplace.”

“Astronics AeroSat’s best-in-class hardware, partnered with our SD dealer network, allows for a rapid market deployment on a global scale,” says Chris Moore, chief commercial officer at SD. “By incorporating the Astronics AeroSat solution with our existing robust suite of products and services, we are creating a one-stop shop for hardware and value-added services. SD is in the unique position of offering genuinely complete solutions for the whole business jet ecosystem.”

“Early recognition of the pent-up demand for comprehensive inflight connectivity was the impetus behind our FliteStream T-Series tail mount solution,” notes Matt Harrah, Astronics AeroSat President. “Our collaboration with Satcom Direct expands our channel for providing FliteStream solutions to the global business aviation market. We’re pleased to enter into agreement with SD, a global leader in delivering smart connectivity solutions for business jets.”

Chesterfield, MO | October 17, 2013– AirSatOne optimizes its Flightstream AOC for Apple devices.

AirSatOne announced today the availability of an upgrade to their Flightstream AOC wireless router, which includes new programming to optimize the device for use with Apple products.
With the newly released Apple iOS 7 upgrade users have experienced connectivity issues with Wi-Fi and captive portals. The Flightstream AOC upgrade works around these problems and also includes an option to block iCloud updates and other bandwidth hungry applications such as streaming audio, video and flash.
“When an Apple device connects via Wi-Fi it assumes it is connected through low-cost land based internet and automatically pushes updates. When a passenger connects to the Wi-Fi on the aircraft this automatic push is sent over the SatCom system. AirSatOne has documented that a single device connecting to iCloud can use up to 200 MB of data or more which results in airtime charges around $1,200.  The new features in the Flightstream AOC will recognize this attempt and block the connection while allowing the user to have internet connectivity for normal activities,”  Said John Kerr AirSatOne’s software engineer.
The upgrade is free of charge for existing customers and all new units will ship with the new feature.
More information on the Flightstream AOC can be found here: