Chesterfield, MO | October 17, 2013– AirSatOne optimizes its Flightstream AOC for Apple devices.

AirSatOne announced today the availability of an upgrade to their Flightstream AOC wireless router, which includes new programming to optimize the device for use with Apple products.
With the newly released Apple iOS 7 upgrade users have experienced connectivity issues with Wi-Fi and captive portals. The Flightstream AOC upgrade works around these problems and also includes an option to block iCloud updates and other bandwidth hungry applications such as streaming audio, video and flash.
“When an Apple device connects via Wi-Fi it assumes it is connected through low-cost land based internet and automatically pushes updates. When a passenger connects to the Wi-Fi on the aircraft this automatic push is sent over the SatCom system. AirSatOne has documented that a single device connecting to iCloud can use up to 200 MB of data or more which results in airtime charges around $1,200.  The new features in the Flightstream AOC will recognize this attempt and block the connection while allowing the user to have internet connectivity for normal activities,”  Said John Kerr AirSatOne’s software engineer.
The upgrade is free of charge for existing customers and all new units will ship with the new feature.
More information on the Flightstream AOC can be found here:

February 26, 2013– Aviation SatCom service provider AirSatOne added features to its popular Flightstream AOC AvSat router to include a totally wireless interface to existing Wi-Fi systems. The new feature allows the Flightstream AOC to be installed and functional in less than an hour. Since the device is classified as a PED operational approval is covered under the original Wi-Fi STC.

“Laptops, iPads, tablet computers & smartphones are designed to work using a ground-based connection to the internet. The way these devices send and receive data is not efficient for use over the satellite network, which results in slow web browsing, and they use more data than necessary resulting in higher airtime cost. The Flightstream AOC converts the data to a format that is more suitable for satellite communications,” said Jo Kremsreiter president of AirSatOne.

In addition to SatCom optimization, acceleration and compression the unit has a built in captive portal that can be used for individual billing creating an additional revenue source. PIN codes can also be used to restrict individuals or group access in several different ways including data volume and bandwidth. The Flightstream AOC also features traffic shaping, least cost routing and can accommodate multiple satellite systems with load balancing and failover.

The new Flightstream PN 909-865-009 is available now from AirSatOne or your avionics dealer, has a list price of $7,330 and includes 2 years warranty.
More information on the Flightstream AOC can be found here.