Alpharetta, GA | July 16, 2013– The Dual USB charger provides a full 5.2V DC power for maximum charging capability. Works great with all carry-on devices such as laptop computers, media players, smart phones, tablets, and other personal electronics. Designed to provide continuous charging capability without overheating.

  • Good for cockpit and cabin
  • Features fast charging circuitry and internal fan
  • Charger only, no data connection
  • Product Number: FDPWRU28

The Perfect IFE Accessory!

The Dual USB charger is a perfect complement to our JetJukebox or other IFE systems such as cabin routers, media streamers, and file servers. Passengers can work or play during the duration of the flight knowing that their personal devices will be fully charged when they arrive.

Click Here for a Spec Sheet of our USB Device Charger

Alpharetta, GA | June 18, 2013– Flight Display Systems, a global leader in new generation custom flight displays and advanced cabin electronic solutions, today announced the appointment of Patrick Bloodworth to the position of Regional Sales Executive. Bloodworth will manage sales of cabin management and in-flight entertainment (IFE) system upgrades. He will also support modification centers throughout the U.S. Gulf States, the Western U.S. and Western Canada.

“Patrick brings decades of advanced avionics sales experience plus a focus on customer care to Flight Display Systems,” said Founder and CEO, David Gray. “Patrick will strengthen our customer support and revenue growth in business, military, government, and commercial aeronautical markets.”

Bloodworth previously held aeronautical business development and avionics system sales management responsibilities in civilian and government aviation markets with SkyNet Satellite Communications, Aircell, Honeywell Aerospace, and Universal Avionics Systems.

This week we have a 2-for-1 on the subject of business jets; the latest IFE offering from Flight Display Systems and the biggest biz jet LCD display out there from Aircraft Cabin Systems. Let’s get right to work.

IFExpress contacted Flight Displays and asked if they had anything new on the drawing board. We quickly found out about FDS’s CMS Platinum – the newest offering from the Flight Display Systems folks which embodies improvements that include HD, in-arm 10″ display in business class seats, and moving map displays. “We are very excited about this substantial improvement to our popular aircraft cabin management system,” says David Gray, President of Flight Display Systems. “The Select CMS Platinum is a considerable advancement that uses a fully HD backbone for easy installation on any retrofit project.” Here is an image of a CMS Platinum installation on a retrofitted commercial aircraft.

“Select CMS Platinum provides VIP customers with customizable controls for all information and entertainment needs. Powered by user interfaces called Cabin Control Modules (CCM), Select CMS Platinum manages audio/video sources, lights, shades and more from anywhere within the aircraft. Select CMS Platinum is versatile enough to control any cabin – from a six seat turboprop to a wide body airliner. Many sample photographs are on-line.

High-Definition is the hallmark of the Select CMS Platinum. The system provides resolutions up to 1080p and will also upscale non-HD content. Our Fly HD end-to-end High-Definition product line includes source devices such as Blu-ray players, amplifiers, and monitors ranging from 5″ to 55″ in size. To ease installation, Select CMS Platinum uses common video cable rather than Cat5 to transmit the High-Definition signal. This allows for a tighter bend radius, simpler termination and crimping. Select CMS Platinum requires fewer parts by using HD-SDI direct to LCD monitors instead of converting HDMI to Cat5 on both ends. Additionally, one switching box is all that is necessary for both High-Definition and Standard Definition video.”

The folks at Flight Display Systems were also quick to point out that the product was basically higher in quality, better in reliability, lower in cost, and that CMC Platinum was easier to install with fewer and smaller parts. Nick Gray, International Sales Director sent us the the cover image and we asked about it: “The aircraft is an MD-81 and is a private charter aircraft primarily used for sports teams (more photos available). Our dealer on the project was Pentastar Aviation. (Flight Display Systems sells through a dealer network of authorized avionics installation centers; we do not sell directly to end customers.) He went on to say: Flight Display Systems was very happy with the results from this project with Pentastar Aviation. Steve Lord, Regional Sales Manager for Flight Display Systems told us, “This was a very unique project that was extremely well planned out by the Pentastar Aviation engineering staff. The end result truly exceeded our expectations.” Nick went on to say; “One more point, and it’s something we’re really excited about — Select CMS Platinum now provides cabin control wirelessly through the Apple iPad (we have an app for that! iTunes store) and on Android tablets and phones too.” Nice touch!

Our next call went to Yukio Sugimoto, President of Aircraft Cabin Systems, knowing that the Redmond, WA company continually designs and builds the biggest (and according to Richie Sugimoto | CFO, “…the best!”) LCD Displays for biz jets. We initially learned of the giant 65″ LCD unit at the ACS offices, and ultimately discovered they are also the thinnest displays available. “So far we have one customer who selected the 65” for a B777 private jet and we have a couple of customers planning to purchase it for B747-8 and B777,” noted Mr. Sugimoto. “I have included our specification for your readers. Further, I believe this is the first 65″ monitor and, as far as I know, no one else has installed one of this size.” Intrigued, we asked Yukio if it was available for installation on commercial aircraft? “We are certainly happy to supply this product to the commercial aircraft marketplace. It may not fit in a normal passenger compartment; however, it may be a good fit in the lounge of large airplane like the A380!” We want one!

For more information about the above products contact Nick Gray at Flight Display Systems – or Yukio Sugimoto at ACS –
Noted Elsewhere Update: IFExpress received this note from OnAir regarding a hyperlink in last week’s publication – “We saw your article about Virgin launching its transatlantic GSM service. However, it isn’t the first airline to provide inflight mobile phone services on transatlantic routes: British Airways has been providing Mobile OnAir on its business-class flights from London City Airport to JFK since 2009. As you know, Singapore also provides Mobile OnAir on routes to the US, but across the Pacific in that case.”

As usual, the recent NBAA is a source of great story material if bizjets are your thing. Without a doubt, IFE takes a backseat to connectivity at this show, but the business aviation community is all about technology and its value to businesses. One theme that rings true for bizjets (and, no doubt commercial aviation) is “No Plane, No Gain”. While the value of business aircraft and their political ramifications are usually discussed in a “wink, wink, nod, nod” manner by us mortals, they do have their place in business. As an example, the growing business aviation market in China has not escaped the eye of Boeing and Airbus, and thus readers, we thought you might like to check out some of the presentations that will color the future of commercial connectivity.

The NBAA usually has a very robust presentation/panel discussion effort and the 64th Annual Meeting in Las Vegas was no different. Topics from flight safety to aircraft leasing are routinely covered. Of the 32 panel discussion/presentation meetings, we found a few very interesting as they chart a course for inflight connectivity options and practices. We really liked the downloadable PDF’s describing satcom connectivity – “NBAA Connecting Your Aircraft with Satellite Communications: The Equipment Providers” & “NBAA All the Satellite Communication Services You Want: The Multi-Service Providers”; and yes, the Grand Dame of IFE Satellite Connectivity, Elizabeth Young, presided over both. We contacted Liz and she told IFExpress: “Business jets are often the leaders in adapting and adopting new technology.  At this year’s NBAA convention, there was keen interest from the biz jet community in how Inmarsat and Iridium and the manufacturers who offer associated avionics and IFE services are expanding the options for aircraft owners and operators.  While the coming of Ka-band services globally attracted attention, improvements in existing L-band and Ku-band services was also a ‘hot topic’.” In all, 8 PDF’s that tell a good story in total of the present condition of inflight data connectivity, voice, text messaging, and TV for the bizjet environments.

If the next generation of bizjet equipment (avionics, non-IFE and USA slanted) is your thing, try this panel presentation – “NBAA NexGen Equippage

At the show Thrane & Thrane delivered an interesting bizjet price point factoid about their newest satcom data system, AVIATOR, that seemed relevant to the world of inflight connectivity: “2 years ago, 128Kbps of data would have cost $500,000.00. Today, you can get 200Kbps at well under $100,000.00 for an AVIATOR 200 installed!” Now, if you just had a bizjet.

As an aside, the NBAA and pilot/owner members participate in a charity service that cannot be matched, Angel Flight. The free service helps those who need medical attention at remote locations who would not be able to afford or could not travel on commercial aircraft. We also note that the NBAA has come out publicly at the show against a new per-flight user taxes against non-recreational aircraft operators on top of the per-gallon fee on aircraft fuel ($100/flight). Bolen Tells Lawmakers: Industry Supports NextGen, But Not User Fees | NBAA – National Business Aviation Association

And now for something completely different:

IFExpress has been looking quite sometime for a technically updated description of the latest Wi-Fi networks, sans equations. There seems to be little out there that is technical enough but still readable in one setting. Not any more thanks to Ars Technica so we thought we would share it with our readers.

Don’t forget the APEX TC.

Aircraft Operators Given A Lifline – Anywhere In The World – To Upgrade, Install, Or Troubleshoot With Free Cloud CMS Support From Flight Display Systems

Las Vegas, NV | October 9, 2011 — It is a poorly kept secret that an aircraft’s Cabin Management and In-flight Entertainment System are a maintenance manager’s worst nightmare. Broken DVD players or inop light switches have grounded more flights than our competitors care to admit.

In the past, problems like these would have to be diagnosed at the aircraft’s next visit to the avionics shop. Passengers were forced to use the faulty equipment for weeks or even months.

“Waiting months to troubleshoot a broken light switch seems stupid. We figured that there had to be a better way,” says David Gray, President of Flight Display Systems.

“The new Cloud CMS Support Software gives our customers virtual hands-on assistance — immediately and anywhere in the world. Our staff of engineers can access the aircraft using any PC laptop with a WiFi or 3G connection.

“With the Cloud CMS Support Software, we can troubleshoot, upgrade, or modify all aspects of the Cabin Management System. This is truly an industry first.”

The launch customer for Cloud CMS Support is a Gulfstream GIV, serial number 1302, operated for a private owner by Gulf Coast Aviation in Houston, Texas. A Supplemental Type Certificate (STC) number ST03786AT-D was granted by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) for a complete Cabin Management System by Flight Display Systems.

“I have really been impressed with Flight Display Systems,” said Steve Holmes, President and Owner of Gulf Coast Aviation. “Their support during and after installation has been fantastic. We made some customizations for the owner which were extremely simple to do. The entire system is easy for my charter staff to understand and operate.”

The Cloud CMS Support Software is available starting today, free of charge, to all new customers of the Select CMS from Flight Display Systems.

Finally, An IFE Option For Thousands Of BizJet Operators Who Want Passengers To Use Their iPads In Hands-Free Comfort – Thanks To A New Quick-Install Arm Mount From Flight Display Systems. The New iPad Arm Mount Replaces Out-Dated LCD Monitors On Any Aircraft.

Las Vegas, NV | October 9, 2011 — For well over a decade, private jets have been fitted with bulky LCD screens mounted in the side drink rail so that passengers could view movies, flight information, or even the news.

But these screens are clunky—and passengers couldn’t display their own media. If they wanted to catch up on their favorite TV show, review a presentation, or play a video game, they were out of luck.

“Considering how many people routinely carry their files and media with them these days, we at Flight Display Systems thought this was a pretty sorry state of affairs,” says David Gray, President of Flight Display Systems.

“Why should a tech-savvy VIP, who’s attached to their iPad at the hip, have to put up with juggling it on a food tray, or balancing it on their lap during flight? In this day and age, we expect better—especially from a multi-million dollar aircraft.

“So we set out to solve that problem, and today we’re very pleased to announce a new product that should get those VIP passengers excited.”

The new iPad Arm Mount replaces out-dated LCD monitors on any aircraft.

Now business jet operators don’t have to put up with whatever legacy LCD monitors the plane was originally fitted with. They simply remove the existing LCD and arm mount, dock the new iPad Arm Mount, adjust the viewing angle to whatever is comfortable—up to 15 degrees in portrait or landscape modes—then sit back and relax.

And their iPad charges as they go.

“People say their products are revolutionary so often it doesn’t mean anything anymore,” says David. “But the iPad Arm Mount really is revolutionary because it is so easy to install on thousands of aircraft already wired with our competitor’s base receptacles.

“That means our iPad Arm Mount is a drop-in replacement. You can swap out your old displays with new iPad Arm Mounts in under ten seconds—literally anyone can do it. No waiting for complicated and irreversible wiring changes.

“We are confident that there’s nothing like that on the market right now.”

Arm mount base receptacles are standard on most private aircraft produced between 1996 and 2011, including all models of Gulfstream, Global Express, Cessna Citation, Falcon, Hawker Beechcraft, and Learjet.

Corporate jet owners can purchase the iPad Arm Mount by contacting their local avionics dealer. It’s available in both black and almond text color to match standard aircraft interiors, and comes with a two-year warranty. Tall and Long versions of the iPad Arm Mount are also available.

Its list price is $2,533, and the part number is FDARM-IPD Ver R1.

Flight Display Systems supports both the original Apple iPad and the iPad 2.

The launch customer for the iPad Arm Mount Upgrade is MJETS in Bangkok, Thailand. Photographs show their Cessna Citation X with Rosen Aviation receptacles installed in their drink rails.

April 8th, 2010 – AEA International Convention & Trade Show – Flight Display Systems has announced today an upgrade kit for Airshow™ 100, Airshow™ 200, and Airshow™ 400 owners. The upgrade gives passengers the new Flight Display Moving Map with Worldwide Satellite Imagery, state-of-the-art hardware, and a new two year warranty. Priced at $11,074, this is typically less than the cost of repairing a defective Airshow™ unit.

“There are thousands of old Airshow™ units flying today that are no longer supported,” said Jay Healey, Vice President. “Flight Display Systems now offers an easy, inexpensive option to modernize those moving maps for the passengers.”

This is a direct pin-for-pin replacement of the Airshow™ units. There is no rewiring necessary and no aircraft down time. Contact your local avionics dealer for more information or visit Flight Display Systems.

May 25th, 2010 – Flight Display Systems is introducing a new 22″ Widescreen Fly HD™ flat-panel LCD. It is available today and features true 1080p graphics with a native resolution of 1920×1080. This large 22″ HD LCD is ideally sized for Gulfstream, Challenger, Global Express, and Falcon operators to enjoy Blu-ray movies and other in-flight entertainment. Weighing just 9.75 lbs and only 1.6″ in depth, the FD220CV VerHD is an extremely high quality, compact LCD.

“Our Fly HD™ LCDs deliver an outstanding level of picture quality,” said David Gray, President. “This new 22-inch monitor affirms our commitment to full HD resolution at 1080p for superior in-flight entertainment.”

The first installation was done in a Challenger 604 by Banyan Air Service at Ft. Lauderdale Executive Airport, Florida. The 22″ HD Widescreen LCD from Flight Display Systems was installed on the forward and rear bulkheads. The owner will use the monitor to watch Blu-ray movies and his Flight Display Moving Map.

The FD220CV VerHD includes 1080p input capability via two HDCP-capable HDMI ports. A PC input is also available to display computer graphics such as a Flight Display Moving Map. Standard resolution composite and S-Video inputs are also included to maintain compatibility with legacy video sources.

Flight Display Systems announced today that it has hired three top engineers who will support the company’s Research and Development team. Colleen Paine, Jonathan Pinson, and Nick Caine have joined the company as Program Engineer, Product Engineer, and R&D Engineer, respectively. Their groups will be responsible for design and development of the Select Cabin Management System (Select CMS), as well as other aircraft technology products.

headshot of Colleen headshot of Jonathan headshot of Nick
Colleen Paine
Program Engineer
Jonathan Pinson
Product Engineer
Nick Caine
R&D Engineer

These candidates have impressive track records and will fit right in to our fast paced culture,” said Joe Little, Vice President of Research & Development. “We are happy to have them join the engineering team at this exciting time.”

Colleen Paine comes to Flight Display Systems with over nine years of experience as a software developer. She has held positions of increasing responsibility at McKesson and PerfectServe, where she worked extensively with Siebel VB and wrote SQL server procedures. Mrs. Paine joins the company as a Program Engineer.

Jonathan Pinson worked as an engineer for Rexnord Industries in Auburn, Alabama. He specialized in process improvement and received formalized training in the Toyota Production System principles. Mr. Pinson attended Auburn University and is pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Industrial Engineering. He joins the company as a Product Engineer.

Nick Caine is a recent graduate of Southern Polytechnic State University with a B.S. in Electrical Engineering Technology. Previously, he worked at Miller Mechanical Contractors and Engineers. Mr. Caine has experience designing microprocessor-based systems, including a Gas Station Pump and Digital Guitar Tuner. He joins the company as a Research & Development Engineer.

Every day thousands of aircraft owners enjoy the great value and high quality of Flight Display Systems products. Established in 1999 and located in Alpharetta, Georgia, Flight Display Systems is the leading manufacturer of retrofit cabin entertainment equipment. The company manufactures more than 60 aircraft products with FAA PMA approval. This includes passenger Moving Map computers, LCD Monitors (5″ to 52″), monitor mounts, iPod docking stations, Blu-ray and DVD players, Glareshield Flight Cameras, and Satellite TV antennas.

Flight Display Systems has been granted Parts Manufacturing Approval (PMA) from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) for three popular cabin entertainment products.

VGA Distribution Amplifier – DAPS350
Universal Remote Control – FDREMOTE-M
7″ Widescreen LCD and Mount – FD70ARM (28V)

“The fact that our products have PMA approval from the FAA makes it easier for some of our dealers to install the equipment,” said Paula Sanders, Vice President of Program Management. “It demonstrates that the equipment is deemed airworthy by the FAA.”

VGA Distribution Amplifier – DAPS350
Amplify and distribute a single computer video signal up to 1600×1200 resolution to eight video monitors. This product is most commonly used with the Flight Display Moving Map. Compared to composite video (standard NTSC or PAL), the DAPS350 gives passengers 227% greater video resolution for crisp, clear flight information.

Universal Remote Control – FDREMOTE-M
Easily manage multiple source inputs and a variety of video displays. The Universal Remote Control can be pre-configured to power, select inputs, and adjust volume throughout the aircraft cabin.

7″ Widescreen LCD and Mount – FD70ARM (28V)
This product is a top seller due to its compact size, convenient mounting, and vivid video display. Passengers can watch up to three sources using the video switching system integrated on the monitor face place. Most opt to install a Moving Map, DVD player, and Flight View camera.

All of these products are in stock and available today.

PMA approval was granted to Flight Display Systems from the original Supplemental Type Certificate (STC) holder, DRB Aviation Consultants, courtesy of Goderich Aircraft as the contractor. STC number ST10933SC includes the DAPS350, FDREMOTE-M, and FD70ARM (28V) manufactured by Flight Display Systems.

Every day thousands of aircraft owners enjoy the great value and high quality of Flight Display Systems products. Established in 1999 and located in Alpharetta, Georgia, Flight Display Systems is the leader in developing retrofit cabin entertainment equipment. The company manufactures more than 50 aircraft entertainment products with FAA PMA approval. This includes affordable passenger Moving Map displays, LCD monitors from 7- to 42-inches, wireless audio systems, DVD players, and flight view cameras.

Satellite Graphics, 64% Increase in Video Quality, 200% More Storage

Flight Display Systems announced significant upgrades to our popular Flight Display Moving Map product, including a stunning new worldwide satellite image database and increased video quality. The Flight Display Moving Map remains priced at $6,890 (RS-232 version) and $8,594 (ARINC 429 version). Starting today, these upgrades are shipping with all new purchases of either model.
These free upgrades demonstrate our continued commitment to delivering the highest value to our customers,” said David Gray, President of Flight Display Systems.

Graphics from NASA’s “Blue Marble” satellite image database are included, giving the maps a rich, accurate true color representation of Earth and ocean depths. These high-quality images are stored on the new 8GB solid-state hard drive, which represents a 200% increase in storage space.
Video quality was further enhanced by upgrading to an XGA output (1024×768 pixels). The crisp graphics are a 64% improvement from the previous SVGA graphics (800×600 pixels). Flight Display Systems also enhanced the EMI and video filters to expand the hardware installation durability.
Three new in-flight information screens have also been added.

The World Clocks feature allows customers to select and display the local time from six cities around the world. The Dashboard Data Display lists pertinent flight information nearby a realistic aircraft icon. And a Relative City Locator screen shows nearby major cities relative to the aircraft location.

Call +1 (678) 867-6717 for ordering information. Existing FD200CPU-7 or FD200CPU-8 customers should contact their avionics dealer for information about upgrading to these new features.

Every day thousands of aircraft owners enjoy the great value and high quality of Flight Display Systems products. Established in 1999 and located in Alpharetta, Georgia, Flight Display Systems is the leader in developing retrofit cabin entertainment equipment. The company manufactures more than 50 aircraft entertainment products with FAA PMA approval. This includes affordable Moving Map displays, LCD monitors from 7- to 42-inches, wireless audio systems, DVD players, and flight view cameras.

March 22nd, 2009 – Alpharetta, Georgia USA – Flight Display Systems announces the first Blu-ray disc player specifically designed for aircraft. This product will be available on April 1st, 2009 for a list price of $4,879.

“Blu-ray is the future for watching movies,” said David Gray, President of Flight Display Systems. “This product is another example of our industry-leading innovation and commitment to in-flight entertainment.”

Customers can upgrade their aircraft with an HD Blu-ray player as a simple replacement unit, even if they do not elect to install HD displays. Because the FD932DVD-BLU includes both HDMI and composite (NTSC) output, it is backwards-compatible with older LCD and plasma monitors. Playback of traditional DVDs is also supported.

The FD932DVD-BLU is easy to install and operate. It includes a fully functional wireless IR remote, as well as an RS485 port for interface to other cabin management systems. This product includes a 2-year warranty.

Every day thousands of aircraft owners enjoy the great value and high quality of Flight Display Systems products. Established in 1999 and located in Alpharetta, Georgia, Flight Display Systems is the leader in developing retrofit cabin entertainment equipment. The company manufactures more than 50 aircraft entertainment products with FAA PMA approval. This includes affordable Moving Map displays, LCD monitors from 7- to 42-inches, wireless audio systems, DVD players, and flight view cameras.

April 6, 2009 – Alpharetta, Georgia USA – Flight Display Systems, the market leader for retrofit in-flight entertainment equipment, introduced the next generation Jet JukeBox – a High-Definition (HD) media server that allows passengers to enjoy a digital library of DVDs, CDs, and images. This product will be available on May 1st, 2009 for a list price of $6,055. It includes FAA PMA approval.

“Movies are fun for the entire flight,” said David Gray, President of Flight Display Systems. “Now you can keep a perfect digital library of 100 DVDs and never worry about scratching or lost discs.”

The Jet JukeBox is easy to install and requires minimal space requirements. DVD movies viewed over the High-Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI) are enhanced with a proprietary upscaling system to give crisp, rich images in 720p and 1080i resolutions.

An aircraft owner could store 100 DVD movies or 500GB of MP3 music on the Jet JukeBox. This product includes a 2-year warranty. For more information, visit or call +1 (678) 867-6717.

Every day thousands of aircraft owners enjoy the great value and high quality of Flight Display Systems products. Established in 1999 and located in Alpharetta, Georgia, Flight Display Systems is the leader in developing retrofit cabin entertainment equipment. The company manufactures more than 50 aircraft entertainment products with FAA PMA approval. This includes affordable Moving Map displays, LCD monitors from 7- to 42-inches, wireless audio systems, DVD players, and flight view cameras.