Taiwan-based Star Alliance member signs contract extension for the flight planning solution and migrates to the new Lido/Flight 4D product generation

Raunheim, Germany | August 31, 2017– Lufthansa Systems today announced that the Taiwanese airline EVA Air has renewed its contract for the Lido/Flight flight planning solution for another five years. EVA Air will also migrate to the new Lido/Flight 4D product generation, enabling the carrier to benefit from even better integration, a more modern graphical user interface, 4D optimization and extensively automated flight planning and control processes.

EVA Air has been managing its flight operations with Lufthansa Systems solutions for many years. In addition to Lido/Flight, the airline has also deployed NetLine/Sched and SchedConnect. “We are impressed by the outstanding quality of Lufthansa Systems’ products and its reliable customer service,” said the Flight Control Department at EVA Air. “Lido/Flight 4D will certainly help us to improve further and make progress in the market.”

The new Lido/Flight 4D product generation includes certain basic components for migrating to current technologies as well as initial functional innovations and improvements for takeoff and landing weight optimization, crew briefing and route optimization. The core features of the IT solution are its integrated and continually updated aeronautical database and the so-called optimizer. Lido/Flight 4D calculates the most suitable route for each flight based on all flight-related data, weather conditions and the current airspace situation including any restrictions.

“Our innovative solution offers reliability and flexibility, simplifies routine tasks and enables dispatchers to quickly make the right decisions in critical situations,” said Tom Vandendael, Senior Vice President Regional Management Asia/Pacific at Lufthansa Systems. “We are in regular dialogue with our customers and are continually enhancing our solutions bearing in mind airlines’ needs.”

Around 120 airlines with a total of more than 6,000 aircraft are currently using Lufthansa Systems’ flight planning solution, which has been successful in the market for more than 15 years. In various comparative analyses based on thousands of flight plans, Lido/Flight was able to reduce fuel costs by an average of 2 percent, cut flying times by 1.9 percent and save 1.6 percent of air traffic control fees compared to its competitors.

EVA Air has been a member of the Star Alliance since 2013. From its main hub, Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport, the Taiwanese carrier serves destinations in Asia as well as Oceania, North America and Europe with a fleet of 74 aircraft. In addition to passenger flights, EVA Air also operates a cargo service.

Seattle, WA | July 21, 2015– Boeing [NYSE:BA] and EVA Air have finalized an order for five 777 Freighters. The order, valued at more than $1.5 billion at list prices, will represent the first 777 Freighters to join EVA Air’s fleet, and the first to be delivered to a Taiwanese airline.

Boeing first announced EVA Air’s intent to order the five 777 Freighters at the 2015 Paris Air Show last month.

“Airfreight is an important link in global trade,” EVA Air Chairman K.W. Chang said. “We are investing in the most advanced aircraft and committing ourselves to continuing to ensure efficient, reliable service. Quality service and flight safety are our top priorities at EVA and we apply the same high standards to cargo services. We are determined to make EVA the world’s best airline for both passenger and cargo services.”

The Taiwanese airline plans to use the new freighters to bolster its fleet on trans-Pacific and Asian routes in an effort to meet growing demand in the air cargo market.

“As EVA Air continues to modernize their world-class freighter fleet, we are honored that they have selected the 777 Freighter to maintain their position as one of the largest cargo airlines,” said Boeing Commercial Airplanes President and CEO Ray Conner. “This order further validates the strength of the long-term partnership between EVA Air and Boeing over the last several decades.”

EVA Air currently operates more than 35 Boeing airplanes, including 20 777-300ERs. With 13 additional 777-300ERs on order – both direct purchased and leased – EVA will become one of the largest 777 operators in the world. The carrier plans to grow its operational twin-aisle fleet to more than 60 airplanes by the end of 2025.

“We are pleased to be the first airline in Taiwan to introduce Boeing 777 freighters,” EVA President Austin Cheng said in his remarks. “EVA participated in development of the Boeing 777-300ER and became a launch customer. We now fly 21 Boeing 777-300ERs and have 13 more on order. We have made the right choice as our experience with this aircraft’s advanced technology and excellent performance indicates what we can expect from the Boeing 777 freighters. These freighters will be the backbone of our air cargo service for the next decade.”

The 777 Freighter is the world’s largest and longest range twin-engine freighter, capable of flying 4,900 nautical miles (9,070 kilometers) with a full payload at general cargo market densities. The airplane’s range capability translates into significant savings for cargo operators: fewer stops and associated landing fees, less congestion at transfer hubs, lower cargo handling costs and shorter cargo delivery times.

According to the Boeing World Air Cargo Forecast, global air freight traffic is forecast to grow at an annual rate of 4.7 percent, doubling the cargo traffic over the next 20 years.

Boeing is the undisputed air cargo market leader, providing over 90 percent of the total worldwide dedicated freighter capacity.

  • New Boeing 777-300ER line-fitted with mobile services from AeroMobile

United Kingdom | June 3, 2014– EVA Air has taken delivery of two new Boeing 777-300ERs, both fully line-fitted with AeroMobile’s inflight connectivity service.

The aircraft took their delivery flights from Boeing’s Seattle headquarters in the U.S. to Taipei in Taiwan on 21 May 2014.

The two B777-300ERs are the first of seven new aircraft that will be delivered to EVA Air with inflight mobile services from AeroMobile activated.

The AeroMobile network allows passengers to roam just as they would abroad, and EVA Air passengers will be able to send SMS messages and browse the internet inflight, using their own mobile devices.

AeroMobile has roaming agreements with more than 260 mobile phone operators worldwide, including Taiwanese networks Chunghwa Telecom, Far EasTone / KGT and Taiwan Mobile.

The service is simple to use; passengers simply turn on their mobile device to connect to the network and passengers are billed by their own mobile phone operator. Prices vary depending on individual contracts.

The first two fully-connected aircraft will primarily serve the North American market, with the service being rolled out to other destinations as more planes come into service.

“EVA Air has made a significant commitment to rolling out mobile connectivity on its new fleet, recognising the increasing demand from customers who want to stay connected whenever, wherever,” said Kevin Rogers, CEO of AeroMobile.

“Last year we saw close to an 80 per cent increase in the number of passengers using their mobile devices in the aircraft cabin, and we expect the demand to continue to rise this year,” he continued.

“Asia is a huge growth area for AeroMobile. EVA Air is our second Asian airline customer following Singapore Airlines and a number of other Asian airlines are scheduled to launch the service in the coming months,” said Rogers.

-Taiwanese airline will use NetLine/Sched and SchedConnect/Long-term cooperation

Kelsterbach, Germany | May 21, 2013– Lufthansa Systems today announced that the Taiwanese airline EVA Air will use IT solutions from Lufthansa Systems for its scheduling and codeshare management. The airline has signed a 10-year contract for the use of NetLine/Sched for scheduling and SchedConnect for codeshare management and schedule distribution. Using the latest IT solutions will enable EVA Air to optimize its scheduling processes and the management of its codeshare flights while lowering costs and increasing revenues.

“An optimum schedule is a decisive competitive factor for airlines in a hotly contested market. This is why we have decided to replace our in-house solution and rely on the technological know-how of the airline IT experts at Lufthansa Systems. This will bring us significantly closer to our goal of becoming a leading global network carrier,” said Jerry Wu, DJVP of Project Division, at EVA Air.

NetLine/Sched covers all processes for medium- to short-term flight scheduling. Airlines can use the solution to modify their flight plans and schedules in a way to increase the overall capacity utilization of their aircraft. The systems also make it possible to evaluate “what if” scenarios and gauge their cost-effectiveness. The system supports planners in making decisions and provides high-quality optimization tools to improve the quality of flight schedules from an operational and commercial perspective.

SchedConnect offers a high degree of automation, calculating the optimum codeshare assignments based on the current flight schedules every day. The system processes schedule data of more than 150 airlines worldwide. If a minimum connecting time is violated due to a schedule change or if a partner flight is canceled, the system automatically assigns the marketing flight number to another suitable connecting flight. Changes are sent through the reservation systems to travel agents and customers as well as to the operations and passenger-related systems of the airlines involved. Lufthansa Systems offers its codeshare management solution as an Application Service Providing (ASP) model, delivering 24/7 server operation and state-of-the-art infrastructure services.

“Following the successful introduction of Lido/Flight last year, we are delighted that EVA Air has opted for additional products from our portfolio. The NetLine/Sched and SchedConnect IT solutions will optimize the airline’s scheduling and codeshare management and pave the way for its membership in the Star Alliance,” said Olivier Krüger, SVP Regional Management Asia/Pacific at Lufthansa Systems.

Headquartered in Taipei, Taiwan, the Taiwanese carrier EVA Air was founded in 1989 as a subsidiary of the Evergreen Group. From its base at Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport, the airline serves a dense route network of 64 destinations in Taiwan and abroad with its fleet of 61 passenger and cargo aircraft. EVA Air will become a member of the Star Alliance from June 18th.

London, England | December 14, 2012– A testament to its reputation for innovation and service, EVA Air has today announced plans to provide in-flight mobile and WiFi communications aboard its brand new Boeing 777-300ER aircraft. Approved by Taiwan’s Civil Aeronautics Administration, this new service will be made available on the new aircraft in 2014, making EVA Air the first airline in Taiwan to secure approval for its passengers to make mobile phone calls and use WiFi in-flight.

The seven Boeing 777-300ER aircraft, ordered in May 2012, will be equipped with the latest Panasonic eX3 in-flight entertainment system and a GCS (Global Communications Suite), making them the first aircraft of their kind to combine both technologies on assembly. Approved by Taiwan’s National Communications Commission, EVA Air will operate its GCS on an independent frequency which will not interfere with flight navigations communications or jeopardise flight safety. The GCS service will enable passengers to make mobile phone calls, browse the internet and use their own personal, WiFi-enabled mobile phones, tablets or laptops to read and send e-mails from the comfort of their own seats.

EVA Air’s Executive Vice President for PR, Mr. Nieh, commented: “The Panasonic eX3 is a new and upgraded in-flight entertainment system that provides our passengers with a more user-friendly and visually inviting environment, complete with a high definition screen for watching films and feature programmes. It will be available to all our passengers, regardless of which cabin they book – Economy, Elite and Royal Laurel classes.”

The Android-based eX3 system will give passengers a wide range of options to choose from and will even enable them to browse an online library and check connecting flight status an baggage claim locations.

Taiwan’s leading airline is further enhancing in-flight entertainment experiences for its passengers, such as watching films and playing video games, by upgrading systems in its Royal Laurel Class business cabins with eX3 16-inch touch screens and 4.1 inch LCD touch screen remote controls. At the same time, its Elite and Economy classes will be equipped with upgraded eX3 11.1 inch monitors.

Well-known for its innovation, EVA Air became the first airline in Taiwan to provide in-seat audio video on demand (AVOD) entertainment when it introduced the systems in 2003 and the carrier continues to iprove and upgrade its seats, cabins and overall service quality to successfully meet passengers’ needs and expectations and make their flying experience a pleasure.