Las Vegas, Nevada | November 13, 2015– The innovative electro-luminescent markings developed by Aircelle (Safran) that display full-color graphics, logos and messaging on aircraft will make its business aviation debut at next week’s 2015 NBAA Convention and Exhibition in Las Vegas, Nevada.

To be shown on Safran’s exhibit stand in the Las Vegas Convention Center (North Hall, Booth #5317), the patented “Illuminate the Sky by Aircelle” markings are capable of representing a nearly unlimited range of patterns and animations. Their placement is possible almost anywhere on an aircraft – from the fuselage and under-fuselage belly to engine nacelles and tail.

With the thickness of a decal, this solution can be easily reprogrammed, allowing a variety of images and patterns to be displayed and updated.

Operating with on-board electrical power, the “Illuminate the Sky by Aircelle” solution opens up creative opportunities that are exceptionally visible, with applications including the highlighting of aircraft liveries, depiction of corporate logos, along with advertising and the promotion of sports events.

For the presentation at NBAA, Aircelle has integrated a demonstrator electro-luminescent display on a magnetic backing, allowing the easy movement and positioning of this 370-micron-thin marking.

“We are offering a truly unique solution for the business aviation market, especially for owners who want their aircraft to really stand out with customized personalization, and for corporate branding,” explained Serge Rière, Aircelle’s Site & Operations Director.

Aircelle flight tested the “Illuminate the Sky by Aircelle” markings on an A380 jetliner earlier this year, and first exhibited the concept at the 2015 Paris Air Show in June. The market response was immediate and very positive, Rière said. As a result, Aircelle currently is in discussion on multiple potential applications for the electro-luminescent markings.

The concept resulted from three years of work that benefited from Aircelle’s innovation and branding capabilities as a leading engine nacelle supplier – while also utilizing the expertise of another Safran company, Labinal Power Systems. Aircelle’s consideration of innovative aircraft lighting concepts evolved from its experience in applying highly detailed, complex airline logos on the engine nacelles it produces for jetliners.