Brea, CA | July 5, 2013– Currently set for installation this summer, ECAir will have the RAVETM IFE system installed on two of its B757 aircraft.

This marks yet another victory for the RAVETM system, which has been winning the hearts of its airline customers through its unique design and innovative software. When ECAir burst on to the scene in September 2011, it was clear they were going to be new, modern, and forward thinking. The RAVETM IFE system reflects these qualities.

RAVE’sTM slim, lightweight design and “dockable” display makes the IFE system reliable and easy to maintain while in-flight. The ability to upload content with a simple SD card allows planes to spend less time on the ground and more time in the air.

With a 6-month turnaround time for a complete IFE system installation, it’s no wonder why many airlines have turned to RAVETM for their IFE needs.

Plaisir, France | July 8, 2013– Zodiac Inflight Innovations (previously The IMS Company) continues to expand its global reach, adding International Lease Finance Corporation (ILFC), Transaero Airlines and ECair to its list of customers that select RAVETM for an innovative and reliable IFE experience.

An increasing number of airlines have turned RAVETM for their In-Flight Entertainment needs because of its reliability and passenger-centric technology. Each seat is fully autonomous and removable display units are easy for crew members to replace at any time during a flight, eliminating long system resets and frustrated passengers. Benefits of RAVETM also include a lightweight design and low power requirements, as well as a turnaround time of only six months for an entire reconfiguration of the IFE system.

ILFC will have the RAVETM system installed on four A330’s with the first installation occurring this summer. Transaero will have the RAVE installed on nine of their B777-200 and B767-300 aircraft, and ECAir will have RAVETM installed on two of its B757 aircraft this summer.

United Kingdom | June 3, 2013– IFP, the Passenger Experience Provider, is proud to announce that it has equipped Equatorial Congo Airlines (ECAir) with iPad devices for its passengers, featuring a full programme of inflight entertainment content.

From March 2013, ECAir business class passengers have been able to access this complementary inflight entertainment service on international flights from Brazzaville to Paris CDG. The content available ranges from a variety of international movie and TV titles to local Congolese music.

This agreement is part of IFP’s broader strategy to offer the African airline market a wider variety of local and international content, as well as the latest entertainment innovations, to meet the demands of the continent’s growing passenger numbers.