New York, New York | September 30, 2014– GEE, which has developed the airline market’s leading inflight digital publications reader, eReader, has signed an agreement to sell Le French Book’s range of mystery and thriller novels to airline companies around the world. GEE currently serves over 150 airline companies internationally.

For mystery and thriller publisher Le French Book, airline passengers are an ideal audience, particularly when the stories have international settings and authors. According to the 2014 digEcor Passenger Survey Report, reading is one of the most popular forms of inflight entertainment, with inflight reading ranking third, after sleeping and watching videos, for flights lasting longer than eight hours.

“I’ve been wanting to get our titles in airplanes ever since we started publishing our translated mysteries and thrillers from France,” says founder and president Anne Trager, “so we are very excited to sign with GEE. Travelers today expect a wider range of entertainment options when they fly, and technological advances today make it possible to provide access to full-length books. It would be hard not to be excited about a potential passenger reach of nearly two million ‘captive’ readers. This deal is a perfect fit with our goal of getting our translated commercial fiction into the hands of more readers. ”

“We’re delighted to provide our airline customers with popular full-length books from Le French Book,” added Alexis Steinman, SVP of Software Development and Products at GEE. “These titles are a great addition to our extensive catalog of regional and international inflight digital publications.”

For Le French Book, it is key to offer full-length books. What could be more frustrating than only getting an excerpt and not being able to get the rest of the book until the final destination? As Trager says, “Our goal is to entertain readers, so the focus is on giving them access to the books wherever they are and wherever they are going.”