El Segundo, CA | April 11, 2014– Teledyne Controls, the aircraft data and information management business, has obtained an STC (Supplemental-Type Certificate) for its enhanced Airborne Data Loader (eADL) to be used on the Boeing 747-400, 757, and 767 aircraft models.

Certification will enable airlines operating these Boeing aircraft to harness Teledyne’s eADL technology to increase data load speeds, reduce aircraft turnaround times, and significantly improve the operational effectiveness of their respective fleets.

Steve McDonnell, Director, Aircraft Integration and Certification at Teledyne Controls, says that the eADL provides immediate and demonstrable competitive advantage:

“Navigation Data Bases (NDBs) have to be changed every 28 days,” he explains, “and comprise a set of floppy disks that have to be loaded manually, each one in turn. If one of those disks fails to load, the process has to start all over again. With eADL, however, the speed of loading is the same but it is automatic, which means the engineer can spend that time doing better things.

“It means an airline can significantly reduce its dependence on floppy disks and all of the hassle that goes with it, and considerably improve the control and management of essential software.”

Teledyne Controls’ eADL greatly simplifies the distribution, onboard storage and management of loadable software applications and databases across an airline’s operation, eliminating the need to reproduce, distribute, and load countless floppy disks every month. In a single action, Loadable Software Airplane Parts (LSAP) can be quickly uploaded to the eADL with a single USB memory stick, alleviating repetitive manual methods.

The distribution process can be automated even further with Teledyne’s Wireless GroundLink® Data Loading (WGL-Dataloading™) system. This solution allows Software Parts to be directly transmitted from the LoadStar® Server Enterprise (LSE) ground system to the eADL internal mass memory. The memory capability not only alleviates searching for software disks during line operations, but it also allows the entire contents of the aircraft’s software binder, or data vault, to be carried and stored electronically on every aircraft.

“For customers who want the eADL installed as standalone, it is a very simple installation,” Steve continues. “It is effectively plug-and-play. For customers who want to distribute Software Parts to the eADL via WQAR, an installation kit can also be provided.”

These 757, 767 and 747-400 certifications add to Teledyne’s growing portfolio of STC’s for the eADL enabling retrofit installation onto the industry’s most popular aircraft models, including the A319/A320/A321 and 737NG families of airplanes.