London | August 18, 2015– Global content and media agency Spafax is pleased to announce that its Hollywood-based post production lab ‘The Hub’ has partnered with 3D audio provider Dysonics to offer 3D audio encoding as part of an exclusive deal for the travel industry.

As part of their technical offering, the Dysonics 3D audio encoding technology offers an immersive 360 degree surround sound experience. Expanding on The Hub’s impressive technical offerings, this new technology will add to the overall in-flight entertainment experience by adding surround sound to headphones.

“Spafax is delighted to be the exclusive agent for the Dysonics’ 3D surround sound technology to the travel industry,” said Tony Taverner, Chief Technical Officer, Spafax. “This state-of-the-art technology is being used to offer an immersive audio experience and will certainly enhance the customer experience in a meaningful and memorable way.”

“VAA is delighted to be able to showcase this exciting new technology onboard all our aircrafts, enabling our customers to further immerse themselves in the great entertainment on offer,” said Cathy Walters, Senior Manager Onboard Media, Virgin Atlantic.

“This deal sets a new standard,” said Bob Dalton, Chief Technical Officer, Dysonics. “In the fifteen years we spent developing this technology, the airline industry was always one of our key targets. With this partnership, we are now able to deliver our technology at scale via a leading global content and media agency and one of the most respected global carriers.”

Spafax is encoding in-flight content on Virgin Atlantic in order to create a 3D sound experience through headphones that accurately reproduce the effect of being surrounded by speakers. Using any pair of headphones, travelers can hear sounds moving from side to side, from front to back and up and down – and feel like the action is happening all around them.

Under the new deal between The Hub and Dysonics, the leading technology offering will have its Virgin Atlantic launch in August with two films: Fast and Furious 7 (Universal) and Bessie (HBO).