• Lufthansa Industry Solutions implements the new S1000D industrial standard in the DocManage product suite / One system for all older and newer types of aircraft

Hamburg/Noderstedt | July 13, 2016– Asiana Airlines has given Lufthansa Industry Solutions the assignment of introducing a comprehensive new generation in the technical documentation of its aircraft fleet. To this end, the IT service provider is implementing the new S1000D industrial standard into the DocManage product suite, the document library and operating sheet solution from Lufthansa Industry Solutions for aircraft maintenance and overhaul.

Using this MRO solution from Lufthansa Industry Solutions, Asiana Airlines can manage the technical documentation of all older and newer types of aircraft in its fleet with a single system. The DocManage update is linked to the upgrade of the document library on DocSurf Mobile and is expected to be completed by the time Asiana commissions the A350 in March 2017.

“We use DocManage now for more than ten years. It is an important software for our maintenance which is used by 1,000 users daily”, said Sang-Youel Lee, Manager Maintenance Administration, Asiana Airlines. “Based on the successful cooperation with Lufthansa Industry Solutions and the functionality of the product we have decided for the product upgrade. We are now looking forward to make use of the new technology and functionality. This will further increase the benefit for our maintenance.”

The reason for this comprehensive modernization is that the exchange of technical documentation between the aircraft manufacturer and the MRO operation for newer types of aircraft, such as the Airbus A350, no longer follows the familiar standards of SGML-based and revised manuals, such as AMM (Aircraft Maintenance Manual) or IPC (Illustrated Parts Catalog), but the newer S1000D industrial standard instead. This new standard requires a completely different treatment with regard to processing and software when it comes to documenting aircraft maintenance. The documentation is no longer organized in manuals, but rather in a large number of independent data modules with entirely new XML content structures.

Lufthansa Industry Solutions has been distributing successful IT solutions for the technical documentation of aircraft maintenance and overhaul for more than a decade in the form of its DocManage product suite. One of the major international customers for this system is Asiana Airlines, which has been using DocManage as a solution for technical documentation and creating operating sheets since 2004.

Arconics Unveils AeroDocs Enterprise, Nextgen Airline Document and Compliance Management Software

Hamburg, Germany | April 6, 2016– Aviation software company Arconics today reveals its nextgen document and compliance management software at AIX 2016.

AeroDocs Enterprise – Collaborative XML authoring, controlled digital document distribution, compliance management, enterprise security. A module of our Connected Aircraft Platform, the hardware-agnostic software solution for airlines that delivers the best user experience in the cockpit (EFB and document viewing), in the cabin (wireless IFE) and in Ops Control (document and manual authoring distribution).

The ultimate nextgen document creation and management solution is the leading choice for airlines that demand the the highest standards of consistency and compliance across the enterprise, and into the paperless cockpit. AeroDocs has been specifically developed for airlines that want to implement a controlled document authoring distribution system across the organisation, with complex workflow, user management and security needs. AeroDocs Enterprise harnesses the power of the nextgen digital document format, XML. The advanced Author module enables the fast creation of complex documents in XML format. Collaboration and consistency are integral and everything is so easy to control. The AeroDocs Distributor module delivers XML manuals and documents, and also distributes PDFs generated from any source. Regulatory compliance is made easy by nextgen AeroDocs, which has advanced regulation-tracking functionality as well as detailed workflow records and audit trails. AeroDocs manages the controlled distribution of documents to the correct people and groups. All distribution actions are stored for audit purposes. Integral to this solution is the world-leading AeroDocs Viewer, which enables fast viewing of controlled documents on iPad and Windows Surface tablet (web viewer also available).

Benefits delivered:

  1. The creation of complex XML documents is simplified in an intuitive web editor that enables policy makers and subject matter experts to easily edit, review and approve documents.
  2. Collaboration among teams helps to boost productivity.
  3. Automated creation of indexes, tables and front-matter speed up complex document creation and prevents errors in the revision cycle.
  4. Standardisation can be enforced across all documents with policy controls
  5. Document readers get the best user experience with enhanced search and annotation capability.
  6. Tracked digital distribution enables the transition to the paperless cockpit and operations.
  7. Effectivity management allows the easy creation and maintenance of aircraft-specific manuals.
  8. Pilots get fast document access, with lightning-fast scope search, across the digital library.
  9. Pilot experience is central to the AeroDocs Viewer – annotations and highlights are stored.
  10. Up to 40kg less weight per flight (Vs paper EFB), delivering significant fuel savings across the airline.
  11. Greater fuel economies bring environmental benefits.
  12. Regulatory compliance and audits are made easier, with records of all controlled document distribution.
  13. Can be delivered as a fully hosted solution or installed on premise.