Inmarsat & Deutsche Telekom

Milestone highlights the accelerated rollout of Europe’s leading airline connectivity solution with launch customer International Airlines Group (IAG)

The European Aviation Network (EAN), Europe’s fastest inflight Wi-Fi service, can now be accessed by passengers on more than 250 aircraft across the continent, highlighting its accelerated rollout since entering commercial service.

The award-winning connectivity solution has been available to over 20 million passengers to date, traveling on more than 200,000 flights throughout Europe, covering key destinations such as London, Madrid, Barcelona, Geneva and Rome. It is currently available with British Airways, Iberia and Vueling, which are all part of International Airlines Group (IAG).

EAN has been developed by Inmarsat, the world leader in global, mobile satellite communications, and Deutsche Telekom, in partnership with leading European companies such as Thales, Nokia, Airbus, Cobham and Eclipse Technics. It marks a paradigm shift in the airline passenger experience, with incomparable speeds, uninterrupted coverage and significantly lower latency than any other inflight Wi-Fi network in the continent.

Philip Balaam, President of Inmarsat Aviation, said: “EAN has transformed the inflight broadband market in Europe, offering unprecedented performance that has been truly embraced by airlines and their passengers. Usage has consistently increased since it entered commercial service and EAN experienced record data traffic in the summer and autumn months last year, reflecting an even stronger desire to stay connected amongst passengers flying during the COVID-19 pandemic.”

“An important factor in crossing more than 250 aircraft activations, including British Airways’ entire short-haul fleet, has been the record-breaking installation time we have achieved with EAN – less than nine hours per aircraft. This will ensure a smooth rollout on remaining IAG aircraft and we’re excited that even more passengers will soon have access to the industry’s best-in-class inflight connectivity, providing the same quality of broadband that people expect on the ground, from the comfort of their cabin.”

Rolf Nafziger, Senior Vice President at Deutsche Telekom Global Carrier and Global Business, said:EAN is perfectly adapted to Europe’s unique telco infrastructure and a true game-changer in inflight connectivity. For passengers, it offers an unparalleled connectivity experience while in the air above the European continent. For carriers, it provides a highly compelling business case due to its lightweight, small and low maintenance equipment.”

EAN has been designed from scratch specifically for the needs of European aviation, delivering consistent inflight broadband across Europe, one of the world’s most congested airspaces. EAN is highly advanced and its fully integrated system delivers consistent high-speed broadband on flights, enabling passengers to seamlessly browse the internet, stream videos, check social media, enjoy real-time interactive applications such as gaming, and more.


The Boeing Company  board of directors announced that Lynne Doughtie has been elected to the board, replacing Caroline Kennedy who has resigned following three years of dedicated service. Doughtie, 58, retired from KPMG in 2020, after serving as U.S. Chairman and CEO since 2015. One of the world’s leading professional services firms, KPMG operates in 147 countries and territories employing more than 219,000 people. She will serve on the Audit and Finance committees. “Lynne Doughtie is a highly-accomplished executive with a demonstrated track record of leading a world-class organization,” said Boeing Chairman Larry Kellner. “She will provide perspective reflecting her global leadership roles and experience advising clients on complex matters as well as significant risk management expertise. We look forward to working with her.”

As the first woman to be elected U.S. Chairman and CEO of KPMG, Doughtie served as a member of KPMG’s Global Board and Executive Committee. Doughtie joined KPMG’s Audit practice in 1985, before serving as the lead partner for several strategic clients across industries and holding leadership roles including Vice Chair of the firm’s U.S. Advisory business. During her tenure, KPMG experienced strong growth and made significant investments in quality and advanced the firm’s culture and values. Doughtie has been recognized by Fortune’s Most Powerful Women, Crain’s New York Business’ 50 Most Powerful Women in New York, Accounting Today’s Top 100 Most Influential People, the National Association of Corporate Directors’ 100 most influential people in the boardroom, and Glassdoor’s list of Top CEOs. “We welcome Lynne Doughtie’s impressive track record of advancing organizational goals through culture and innovation,” said David Calhoun, Boeing President and CEO, and member of the board of directors. “Lynne’s values-based leadership will further strengthen our board.”

“Boeing is a remarkable American company serving a critical role in the global economy,” said Doughtie. “I look forward to joining this distinguished board.” Kennedy, who joined the board in 2017, served as a member of the Audit; Compensation; Finance; and Governance, Nominating and Organization committees. Previously, Kennedy served as U.S. Ambassador to Japan from 2013 to 2017. “On behalf of Boeing and its board of directors, I want to express my gratitude to Ambassador Kennedy for her leadership and exemplary service,” Kellner said. “It’s been a privilege to serve alongside Ambassador Kennedy,” Calhoun said. “I’m grateful not only for her contributions to Boeing, but for her service on behalf of our country.”

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Lets face it, tradeshows (… or trade shows, if you prefer) are great for getting out the message but quite often attendees only have a minute or two to get the many passerby’s interested, thus both the overt and subliminal messages are important. Darren Dahl of OpenForum says: “You don’t have to be seeking venture financing to benefit from a well-honed pitch: Connect the business to something listeners already know, avoid jargon, and explain how you solve a problem. Sounds too simple, and as you might guess, we had more questions. Since the APEX show starts up next week, we thought it would be interesting to talk to a display specialist about delivering messages and write a Hot topic around the “art and science” of generating a successful trade show display. By chance, we ran into an expert recently and we thought our readers might get some good insight about the tradeshow business and the resultant communication requirements from him. His name is Jim Bergman and you might remember him from his days at Teague. Jim has been in the tradeshow business for over 42 years now, so he must have a few things to offer!

1. IFExpress: Jim, many of our readers have known you for years, mostly when you worked at Teague. Tell our readers what you are doing in the exhibit world today and why you like delivering those solutions to companies and folks responsible for displays?

 J. Bergman: I worked for Teague for 24 years but before that I had my own exhibit business in Seattle, AIMEX for 18 years. While at Teague one of the accounts that I worked with was Aviation Partners, Inc. They designed, engineered and manufacture the fuel saving Winglets for the Gulfstream II, Falcon 50/900/2000 Series, Hawker800 Series and the Boeing 757-200,767-300, 7 737- 300/500.700.800.900 and the Boeing Business Jets (BBJ).

I currently do their trade shows the largest being NBAA, National Business Aircraft Association. I also do special projects and graphics design for Esterline Control and Communications Systems in Everett, WA. They do Flight Deck instrumentation and switches for the Commercial Aerospace and Business Jet industry as well as Military.

Working with leading companies keeps me abreast of developing technology and stay tuned with what is happening in the Aviation and Aerospace industry.

2. IFExpress: It sounds like you are the correct person to answer the next question. Tell our readers if and how the world of aviation exhibits have changed over the last few years.

J. Bergman: The cost of exhibiting including the design and fabrication phases and all of the supporting services are expensive. For many years most exhibits have been hard walls that have to be crated and shipped. With the new digital printing technology and tension fabrics and lightweight exhibit structures as well as the many display systems, exhibits can have a greater impact and are much more cost effective – ‘more bang for your buck.’  They also knock down in to a smaller package for shipping and storage.

Further, Tradeshow Marketing has been a major tool for introducing new or improved products to the market whether it be consumer products, fitness equipment or aerospace or whatever? Tradeshows allow a businesses to reach markets that they are thinking about expanding into before they make the financial commitment to establish the infrastructure to support or service that market. It also provides exposure to possible investors or other companies that they may align with in the future.

3. IFExpress: For the aviation folks that are new to the world of show exhibits, can you give a few suggestions for designing and building a good show display.

J. Bergman: Determine your budget and financial commitment before attending a trade show. Depending on the size of your booth you will have to consider:

Exhibiting Costs
• The cost of contracting for the exhibit space
• Select a booth size that will suit the products or services that you will be presenting, not too big or too small.
• Design and Fabrication, Crating and Shipping
• All Show Services, ie Electrical, Install and Dismantle Labor
• Travel, Food and Lodging for your staff
• Promotional Materials/Brochure, Handouts etc.

Marketing and Company Presentation
• What would best attract an attendee into your booth (pre-show publicity, direct mail, etc.)
• Present your company’s Brand and Product simply. Don’t over crowd the exhibit, feature a primary product or service that would tie into your primary objective.
• Don’t over staff your exhibit. Provide knowledgeable and a well presented staff.
• Be familiar with the Market that you are trying to reach.

Exhibiting and presenting your product or services at a tradeshow require a great deal of planning and research. Before a company makes a commitment to become involved in marketing their products at a tradeshow they should attend that show or other shows that are similar.

Planning on being involved in a trade show begins with the overall objective of why you want to be at the show and how you would track and measure the results. There are many organizations that you can work with that would assist in setting up those goals and suggest ways to best achieve them.

4. IFExpress: Jim, in your opinion, what reasons make show viewers like one booth over another. In other words, do things like flow, type size, models, handouts, color, noise, and so on matter to show-goers?

J. Bergman: Any tradeshow booth needs to have a well presented Brand/Name and a simple and direct statement of who you are and what you are selling. People that are looking for what you are selling will stop and talk if you present yourself well. Pre-show publicity and marketing that targets some more favorable prospects inviting them to visit your booth or setting up appointments is always effective.

Good Quality branded handouts that are memorable and have a use, work well. Something that has value and that the attendee will take back their office and not give to his kids or grandchildren. Exhibit halls have a definite traffic pattern. This depends on the type of show. Locating your booth on a major aisle next to a prominent company will draw the attendees to your area.

Large impact graphics or projected images depending on show regulations, have a large impact. Motion always draws more attention than static graphics.

5. IFExpress: Do you have a favorite story about shows that you would share with our readers?

J. Bergman: No real favorites, however, having traveled all over the world doing tradeshows it is interesting how the different counties approach tradeshows. What I have enjoyed is meeting the many people involved. I think the most exciting part in doing a tradeshow is working with a company on a new product and having the opportunity of working with their marketing team to provide the best way to introduce the product to the market. Exhibiting the product and seeing the attendee’s reaction is always exciting.

6. IFExpress: After all these years, do you have one you remember as a favorite, and why?

J. Bergman: When I had my company, AIMEX back in the early 80’s (not sure of the exact year) I had the opportunity to work with companies that were of the ‘dot com’ era and startups. One of those being Microsoft. We were requested to present a concept for their first tradeshow exhibit. I presented it to their marketing manager when there were only a very few people in the company. It was an exciting to be involved with them during that period.

Readers might want to take some of Jim’s suggestions to APEX and see if their booths have the ‘right stuff’. You can reach Jim at his company, NewSolutionsDesign if you have more questions or inquiries: 360.387.8008, or cell/425.442.5855.


1. Astronics Advanced Electronic Systems (AES) – the leading provider of intelligent aircraft cabin power solutions – will showcase its latest innovative offerings at APEX 2015.  Visit Stand 1009 to view a SmartTray™ demonstration and learn how Astronics is revolutionizing the passenger experience by integrating PED power and an ergonomic tray table to provide airline passengers the power and convenience they desire.

In addition to the revolutionary powered tray table, Astronics AES is showcasing their latest generation of PED power solutions.  The newest in-seat power solution provides 110VAC 60Hz combined with high power USB to up to three passengers simultaneously, making it possible charge their PED devices while in use!  This is accomplished in the smallest and lightest form factor ever introduced to the market by increasing the power efficiency of the product.
Finally, Astronics AES will be showing its progress on USB 3.1 and Wireless Charging solutions for the aircraft cabin market.  These game changing technologies are sweeping across the consumer electronics industry and will soon be available on aircraft; all from the makers of the industry leading EmPower® in-seat power systems. Call today (+1 425 702 4943) to schedule an appointment.

2. Rockwell Collins is investing in a powerful portfolio of solutions to help airlines engage, entertain and empower passengers. With flexible IFEC solutions and applications, paired with the latest in Ka-band connectivity, Rockwell Collins delivers the ultimate flight experience for passengers, and it is backed by worldwide service and support that delivers flexibility and state-of-the-art engineering. Experience Rockwell Collins’ newly redesigned, more hands-on exhibit at APEX 2015  to learn how the full breadth of its cabin solutions make passengers’ journeys even more comfortable and enjoyable, no matter where they travel.
Visit Rockwell Collins’ booth #1000 to see:
●      Cabin Connect suite of connectivity services, featuring Inmarsat’s GX Aviation for the most extensive coverage of airline routes and the fastest broadband in the skies, as well as applications for crew connectivity, real-time credit card authorization and wireless in-flight entertainment.
●      PAVES Wireless, bringing Wi-Fi accessible content aboard the flight
●      PAVES On-demand, delivering seat-centric IFE through an intuitive touchscreen HD seatback interface, as well as overhead broadcast
●      PAVES Broadcast, featuring a wider array of content options for passengers than previous systems
●      PAVES PSS is a lightweight, low-cost reading light and cabin crew call system with optional USB charging port. It is a direct replacement for existing systems that are less compatible with modern in-flight entertainment (IFE) system upgrades. Rockwell Collins will be onsite Tuesday, Sept. 29, through Thursday, Oct. 1, 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. We welcome the chance to schedule a time for a demonstration or to just talk about your needs and requirements. Email to arrange a personal meeting and product demonstration. When requesting your meeting, please let Colleen know which products you would like to discuss.

3. PXCom will unveil new destination content at Booth #928. PXCom helps companies in the public transport sector, IFE manufacturers, by transforming their existing passenger entertainment systems into interactive media, and connect them with local tourism advertisers.

4. Lumexis
The Lumexis booth (#413) will feature the following:
FTTS: Fiber-To-The-Screen® technology provides a truly superior performance IFE system for passengers with unmatched capability, exceptional customization flexibility and greatest capacity with highest reliability.

iPax: Revolutionary ultra-low cost, ultra-light weight in-seat revenue generation and entertainment platform for single aisle aircraft.

FTTS Second Screen: Enables passengers to use their own tablets and smartphones simultaneously at their seat without interrupting the entertainment running on the FTTS HD monitors.
For more information on our products and services please visit our website.

5. And lastly, for you APEX show-goers, here a few links of  the Portland Central Eastside neighborhood that you need to take along.


1. OK, this is a reach but first you have to read this news release: (Inmarsat has joined forces with Deutsche Telekom to provide in-flight broadband services for European airlines and passengers, with Lufthansa set to become the first airline to trial the LTE/satellite-based service in 2017.) The new European satellite and LTE cell capability can be summed up thusly “…this will be the first aviation connectivity network in Europe powered by both LTE and satellite combined,” Here’s the link. This is the key: “The London-based mobile satellite communications service provider is collaborating with the German operator to develop the European Aviation Network, which aims to combine satellite connectivity from a new Inmarsat S-band satellite with a new LTE-based ground network run by Deutsche Telekom in the same frequency.” The satellite company (Inmarsat) said the new GX network will be able to provide downlink broadband speeds of up to 50 Mbps and uplink speeds of up to 5 Mbps. The services will be primarily targeted at customers on the move on land, at sea and in the air. We note that Leo Mondale proposed this Inmarsat/LTE effort back in September, 2014 and here is his presentation (a good read). ‎ While we won’t speculate on a solution like this for the US, we wonder if airlines with their desire for more profits today will eventually offer no-increased-seat-prices-for-planes-with-pax-voice-connectivity?

2. The recent US Department of Transportation backing of the use of mobile phones during flights, stating “if safe and secure,” the department could let airlines make their own decision on mobile phone use inflight. Here is a Quote provided by Kevin Rogers, CEO, AeroMobile:

“It’s promising to hear the recommendation from the Transport Department’s Advisory Committee for Aviation Consumer Protection that airlines should be allowed to decide whether to allow voice calls inflight in the US. Across the rest of the world, airlines decide whether to allow mobile phone use, including voice calls, inflight and we believe this should also be the case in the US.

We are hopeful the FCC will rule it is safe and secure to use mobile phones inflight and lift the current ban.

We look forward to the outcome of this debate. We hope US airlines will be able to benefit from the same levels of onboard connectivity as their foreign counterparts in future.”

Lastly, if you wish to contact the IFExpress team during APEX here is our information:

Patricia Wiseman: cell  + or email

Terry Wiseman: cell: +1 206.229.7890 or email