Satellite Beach, FL | July 16, 2015– Satcom Direct has expanded its FlightDeck Freedom (FDF) datalink service, enabling FANS 1/A and other advanced datalink capabilities for many airframes previously unable to utilize FANS 1/A.

Satcom Direct’s FlightDeck Freedom® now supports aircraft equipped with Rockwell Collins CMU-1000 datalink systems as well as aircraft equipped with a Universal Avionics UniLink® UL-800/801 Communications Management Unit (CMU) operating simultaneously with Honeywell’s AFIS® DMU, providing a simplified upgrade path for legacy AFIS DMU equipped aircraft to become FANS compliant. FDF supports all FANS/LINK 2000+ equipment and will be compatible with all future upgrades to other avionics.

Integrating extensive features and functionality including clearances, weather, trip planning and monitoring onboard connectivity status, FlightDeck Freedom’s robust interface supports this aircraft equipment with no limitations.

Along with bringing FANS capabilities to appropriately equipped aircraft, the FDF interface enables FANS operational testing. These capabilities include testing to validate configurations and to troubleshoot FANS functionality and crew procedures—from any location, anytime. Access to the FANS testing facility is offered at no additional charge as part of the FlightDeck Freedom subscription. FANS functionality can be tested via the VHF, Inmarsat or Iridium networks using Satcom Direct’s simulated ATS test facility; users conduct the free testing at their convenience, regardless of their location.

The UniLink UL-800/801 CMU upgrades are certified for installation on Gulfstream models GV, GIV, GIVSP and additional aircraft types will be certified in the future. The mode of communication is flexible and can be adjusted to meet the needs of the individual aircraft. Certification of the CMU-1000 system is expected late this year for Falcon 50EX/2000/2000EX and Challenger 604 aircraft.

“FANS brings great benefit to business aviation, providing operators the ability to utilize optimized transatlantic routes,” said Jim Jensen, founder and CEO of Satcom Direct. “This upgrade to the FDF datalink offering significantly expands the aircraft types that can utilize FANS and brings peace of mind to operators as they make the transition. This is all part of our strategy to deliver the latest technologies to reduce pilot workload and contribute to more efficient aircraft operations.”

To encourage more operators to upgrade their datalink terminal equipment for FANS, Satcom Direct is offering free access to its FlightDeck Freedom datalink services on new installations, for a limited time.