April 19, 2016– In ight Dublin (IFD), the world’s largest independent content service provider, is proud to announce a partnership with Royal Air Maroc (RAM), which will see it provide a wide range of video and audio content, as well as bespoke solutions for the airline’s web and print platforms.

Under the partnership, IFD will help RAM to double the amount of content that it o ers to its passengers. It will also create a bespoke IFE Microsite that will be available in three languages, which will showcase the large variety of content and other services that will be available.

This new agreement comes during a period of growth and expansion for RAM. Having opened a route to Sao Paolo in November 2014, RAM has expanded its South American itinerary to include another Brazilian hotspot. From May 6, passengers will be able to travel to Rio de Janeiro from RAM’s Mohammed V International Airport hub in Casablanca.

Finally, IFD has designed a sleek and exclusive new magazine for RAM’s Business Class passengers. SkyMedia will feature details of all IFE on board, complete with editorial content and reviews.

“Royal Air Maroc is an award-winning airline currently experiencing substantial growth, and we look forward to working closely with the airline to deliver innovative IFE to their passengers”, says John White, IFD’s CEO. “This appointment also aligns with In ight Dublin’s strategy of partnering with airlines that have strong growth potential”, adds John.

“We’re delighted to have selected Inflight Dublin to supply a variety of inflight content to our aircraft. Our partnership with Inflight Dublin will support our strategy to enhance passenger experience through creative and relevant content,” AMINA FERTAT, Head of Product management department at Royal Air Maroc.

Dublin, Ireland | April 4, 2016– Inflight Dublin is pleased to announce a global licensing deal with Sony Music Entertainment. The agreement gives Inflight Dublin access to hit songs from leading record labels, including Columbia, RCA, Epic, Masterworks and Sony Music Nashville. This deal allows Inflight Dublin to offer its clients various interactive inflight offerings using albums and singles from Sony Music’s impressive roster of established and emerging artists.

Inflight Dublin has long prided itself on its ability to carefully choose the content it provides for its clients, tailoring its selections to the interests of airline passengers around the world. Access to the Sony Music catalogue allows Inflight Dublin to bring its long-established curatorial know-how to bear on the very best in classic and contemporary audio content.

“We are pleased to be partnering with Inflight Dublin to make our music available through their network of air carriers around the world,” said Mark Piibe, Executive Vice President, Global Business Development and Digital Strategy, Sony Music Entertainment. “Passengers on flights serviced by Inflight Dublin will now be able to enjoy current hits and legendary songs from our iconic catalogue as part of their travel experience.”

“This deal reinforces our position as a leading supplier of audio to the airline market,” says Inflight Dublin CEO John White. “We’re delighted to be working with Sony Music, and to have the opportunity to draw from its world-class music library to provide creative audio solutions for our clients.”

London | August 18, 2015– Global content and media agency Spafax is pleased to announce that its Hollywood-based post production lab ‘The Hub’ has partnered with 3D audio provider Dysonics to offer 3D audio encoding as part of an exclusive deal for the travel industry.

As part of their technical offering, the Dysonics 3D audio encoding technology offers an immersive 360 degree surround sound experience. Expanding on The Hub’s impressive technical offerings, this new technology will add to the overall in-flight entertainment experience by adding surround sound to headphones.

“Spafax is delighted to be the exclusive agent for the Dysonics’ 3D surround sound technology to the travel industry,” said Tony Taverner, Chief Technical Officer, Spafax. “This state-of-the-art technology is being used to offer an immersive audio experience and will certainly enhance the customer experience in a meaningful and memorable way.”

“VAA is delighted to be able to showcase this exciting new technology onboard all our aircrafts, enabling our customers to further immerse themselves in the great entertainment on offer,” said Cathy Walters, Senior Manager Onboard Media, Virgin Atlantic.

“This deal sets a new standard,” said Bob Dalton, Chief Technical Officer, Dysonics. “In the fifteen years we spent developing this technology, the airline industry was always one of our key targets. With this partnership, we are now able to deliver our technology at scale via a leading global content and media agency and one of the most respected global carriers.”

Spafax is encoding in-flight content on Virgin Atlantic in order to create a 3D sound experience through headphones that accurately reproduce the effect of being surrounded by speakers. Using any pair of headphones, travelers can hear sounds moving from side to side, from front to back and up and down – and feel like the action is happening all around them.

Under the new deal between The Hub and Dysonics, the leading technology offering will have its Virgin Atlantic launch in August with two films: Fast and Furious 7 (Universal) and Bessie (HBO).

Los Angeles | May 20, 2015– Global Eagle Entertainment Inc. (“GEE”) (Nasdaq:ENT), a market-leading media and connectivity provider to the travel industry, today announced that it has been selected by Avianca Holdings to provide the in-flight entertainment service onboard its subsidiary airlines.

The agreement, underscores GEE’s strong foothold in the Latin American market. Currently, GEE provides IFE content and software solutions to over a dozen airlines in the region.Through this long-term agreement, GEE will provide a variety of international and regional inflight entertainment (IFE), including movies, TV programming and audio, to Avianca’s fleet of 168+ aircraft. The agreement will also be extended to provide content services on the 33+ A320neo aircraft that the airlines recently committed on order from Airbus. In addition, GEE will also provide content technical services to the airlines.

“We’re delighted to be selected as the content service provider across Avianca’s entire fleet,” explained Amir Samnani, Senior Vice President of Content at GEE. “Latin America is an important market for GEE, as it is one of the fastest growing regions in the world. Our agreement with Avianca highlights our commitment to meeting the needs of our global customers through our regional presence and expertise.”

Avianca’s CEO, Fabio Villegas, said: “The alliance with GEE will allow Avianca travelers to enjoy a new onboard experience, with a wide offer of high quality content that will make our flights much more enjoyable. Its experience and knowledge in IFE systems for commercial airlines make GEE, without a doubt, the ideal partner for Avianca.

Los Angeles, CA | March 31, 2015– Global Eagle Entertainment Inc. (“GEE”) (Nasdaq: ENT), a worldwide leading provider of content, connectivity, digital media solutions and operations data services to the travel industry, is delighted to announce the launch of GEE Maritime. GEE Maritime is the company’s new brand image and logo for its non-theatrical entertainment and media solutions business to cruise ships, merchant ships and yachts.
Global Eagle Entertainment is a leading provider of non-theatrical entertainment solutions to the cruise ship market, serving over 30 cruise lines worldwide with an extensive catalogue of movies, live news feeds from around the world, and popular TV and sports programming such as exclusive Champions League soccer matches.

The new GEE Maritime brand is aligned with the company’s recently launched corporate identity, highlighting GEE’s dedication to providing a holistic and integrated approach to its media solutions offering for the travel industry.

GEE Maritime is also actively developing an innovative content portal enabling a suite of wireless entertainment and connectivity-backed services for ship passengers and crews using their personal electronic devices. This Digital Media Solution, which leverages GEE’s established technologies for the airline market, will support services such as video-on-demand, fresh content updates and offline transactions, and will enable cruise line operators to explore new onboard revenue opportunities through advertising and brand sponsorships.

“We’re proud to unveil the new GEE Maritime brand and logo as part of GEE’s portfolio of products and services for the travel industry,” commented Robin Cole, Vice President of Marketing and Global Business Development at GEE. “This new brand deployment demonstrates our commitment to providing the global cruise industry with engaging and integrated content offerings. As part of GEE’s market-leading travel oriented solutions, GEE Maritime paves the way for our revolutionary digital media and wireless solutions to enhance the entertainment offering on cruises worldwide.”

  • Dutch office opening includes appointment of Joost Vosmer to manage regional business

Amsterdam | February 11, 2015–Global content and media agency Spafax further expands operations in Europe with the opening of a new Amsterdam office and appointment of Joost Vosmer as Media Sales Manager.

Spafax The Netherlands is located at Karperstraat 10 in Amsterdam, and marks Spafax’s 15th office globally and fourth in Europe.

Spafax won the KLM Royal Dutch Airlines IFE Media Sales business in September, which marked the beginning of Spafax’s relationship with the leading premium airline.

“Our continued development in the European market demonstrates the confidence airlines have in Spafax to support their consumer-facing programs,“ said Phil Peachey, Media Sales Director, Europe, Spafax. “We look forward to building brand partnerships on behalf of KLM and expanding our team in the Netherlands.”

Joost Vosmer is the local lead contact in Amsterdam, and is positioned to support all aspects of the KLM Media Sales business. Joost’s appointment allows Spafax to have a stronger product offering for advertisers in The Netherlands. Joost brings 14 years of business and sales management experience to Spafax, working across traditional, digital, and mobile advertising channels.

Los Angeles, CA | December 15, 2014– Global Eagle Entertainment Inc. (Nasdaq: ENT), a worldwide leading provider of content, connectivity and digital media solutions to airlines, today announced that it has been selected by WestJet to manage their inflight content services. WestJet Airlines is a Canadian low-cost carrier that provides scheduled and charter air service to 91 destinations in Canada, the United States, Europe, Mexico, Central America and the Caribbean.

WestJet is currently overhauling its existing inflight entertainment (IFE) system and replacing it with a wireless IFE solution. Global Eagle Entertainment (GEE) will provide a broad array of content that can be accessed by passengers using their personal electronic devices or tablets rented from the airline. Through this long-term agreement, GEE will provide a selection of current movies and television, including a wide catalog of engaging and entertaining programs, beginning in Q1 2015.

“We’re delighted to enable the deployment of content for WestJet’s wireless IFE program,” commented Amir Samnani, SVP of Content Services at GEE. “This is a first for the airline as it has traditionally managed content services in-house. In this strategic relationship with WestJet, we are looking forward to supporting the airline with our extensive expertise in technical services and delivery of wireless content and solutions.”


We cannot think of an IFE show in recent years that we have not walked by the Stellar Entertainment booth to be met with a “G’day! Have a piece of candy,” by a tall silver-haired gentleman. It is precisely the way we will always remember Rob Lynch, Chairman of Stellar Entertainment… his presence and personal demeanor, which is partly what this Hot Topic is about. The other part is about how he and his wife, Helen, have made a success of their humble IFE content beginnings, some 40 years ago with Qantas. More importantly, it is a success story that needs retelling because, who else do you know that has 40 years in this crazy business and, still has their first customer!

When we first decided to do an interview with Stellar someone told us, “You don’t stay in business for 40 years without doing stuff right!” Accordingly, the Stellar Entertainment story begins in 1974 when Rob and his wife, Helen, answered a newspaper ad written to provide Qantas with in-flight programming. They won and later in 1979 they expanded into audio production and post-production services. Today Stellar Entertainment is a full Content Service Provider that offers IFE, in-flight audio production and post-production, music composition, content acquisition and more.

To start from the beginning, this past September we had the pleasure of interviewing the co-founder of Stellar Entertainment, the Australian-based Content Service Provider (CSP). The name Stellar is somewhat obvious, “With airplanes in the stars and inflight movies featuring stars, it was pretty obvious to us what our logo was going to be,” said Rob Lynch.

Stellar is one of the top three CSP in the IFE industry and they are well known in Asia, and today, they have some 75 employees who assist the airlines in delivering the right programming to passengers. Mr. Lynch told IFExpress that in no uncertain terms is he planning on retiring any time soon and it appears to us that his reasoning is based upon his enjoyment of the industry. He also seems to particularly enjoy the complex equipment and processes involved in the science: “Technology has really driven change in this business, more specifically over the past 6 – 7 years… and I love it! The digital age has changed our business and our world and it is one reason why I never seam to get tired of working with our airline partners.” As an example of his love of technology, we note that Stellar was an early adapter of the iPad and worked with BlueBox to provide service on JetStar. “It took 18 months to get the two big conglomerates to agree, but in the end, BlueBox designed the necessary software and we got the order, which included the iPad, and content from four Hollywood Studios!”

Rob went on to say, “In July we have been in this business for forty years. Stellar Entertainment was originally Helen Irvine & Associates and Qantas was the launch customer for our business in the in-flight entertainment industry and they have remained with us throughout our 40 years and in that time we have provide service to some 25 customers. In fact, I think we are the first CSP to reach a 40-year milestone with a customer!” However, Qantas is not Stellar’s only long-term client. “We have just renewed our contract with Malaysia and have been there with them for 25 years.”

While talking with Stellar at APEX we also spoke with Stellar CEO, Peter McLaughlin and he noted that content service providers really have two options: They can take a cookie cutter approach or choose a tailored route, the latter being Stellar’s choice. “We see the world as a partnership, not just a supplier.” We note that in Stellar’s case, their selection of partnerships obviously prove the longevity that they enjoy with their customers.

During our interview one of the requirements that we understood to be tantamount for success was to get the right people and train them properly, especially training about the importance of the customer. In fact, Stellar has an international mentoring system that helps pass on customer knowledge. “We want people who know how to listen and interpret what the customer (and market) wants and we teach them that every customer is different. We have a staff that has a broad spectrum of experience ranging from engineering, to content, to airline.” To quote Mr. Lynch, “We’ve stuck with our knitting. I’ve been in entertainment all my life and began this business as a radio announcer, but Stellar Entertainment from the very beginning has been a family business.” He went on, “We have a very low employee turnover rate. At the end of the day all you have are your people and your brand. So my recommendation to your readers is spend a lot of time taking care of them.”

To Lynch, content is king and their in-flight entertainment approach is that “it is all about content”. He noted that Stellar is always mindful of this mantra and therefore the company is willing to develop, generate, or purchase content whether it is art house movies, independent films, Hollywood movies, etc. “Stellar will purchase content from anyone. Today we go to extremes to get that day-to-day foreign content vs. the first run films.”

When we asked Rob how Stellar Entertainment has stayed in the business for so many decades he said, “You also have to expand and grow or your company will be done. To that end, today Stellar Entertainment owns 50% of Sky Victory in Mainland China with a staff of 10 in Beijing. You must be a multifaceted company. And, you have to have loyalty to your customer. I’ve had the same wife, the same lawyer, and the same accountant from the very beginning. Loyalty is the most important attribute for either an individual or a company. It maybe old fashioned, but the importance of loyalty cannot be diminished. Get to know your customer,” he said.

In closing we note that Stellar Entertainment is consistent, they understand the customer, they listen, they have market knowledge, and most importantly, they deliver on a promise. We cannot think of a better way to do business. One supposes that we should close with something prophetic, but for the life of us, we cannot think of anything after the preceding success story…  so for closers, we will just say, “G’Day, and have a piece of candy.”

Product Update: Thompson Aerospace’s CSUv2 server

One of our APEX reviews pointed out a real security-based, data transmission product rolled out by Thompson Aerospace at the show, the CSUv2 server that is the core of the 1Netv2 system. It is the highest level of secure off-aircraft (commercial), data communication we know of… all via Iridium or cellular towers. Thompson’s VP Business Development, Craig Jones told IFExpress: “Thompson Aerospace has the only patented Airborne Local Area Network and security for moving all non flight critical data between the aircraft and cloud. With all the recent cyber attacks aircraft data certainly need a high level of protection. The CSUv2 is the most powerful and secure server available in the market today. Managing all the data it represents a paradigm shift in creating the first true ecosystem for aircraft data.” When we looked into the solution we found that no one today is moving data between the airplane and the cloud. While there is a good amount being delivered to the ground, the issue is data availability (worldwide via Amazon Cloud) and security…and Thompson claims FIPS 3.

What data hacking is occurring to airline data is not known to IFExpress but if the airplane follows the ground experiences, why wait? Airlines have claimed the use of bad credit cards has ballooned and we have heard of bad card numbers as high as 20%. One airline even used cockpit communication check of high value card sales (What must that cost?). The Thompson solution uses worldwide Iridium connectivity from the plane (burst mode) to be applied to credit card sales and onboard purchases of all kinds via their new 2 MCU server. The Iridium transmitter is in the server and a small Iridium antenna is installed on the plane. Craig told IFExpress that handheld readers (wireless connections) or installed credit card readers would be connected to the server via WI-FI networks “Even wireless PEDs are a possible reading device,” Craig told us, “We have closed the loop!”

Craig mentioned that Electronic Flight Bag data is a potential, “as well as all Category C” data, he noted. They have even done lab testing for hacking and because the unit is controlled by security firmware in the machine, the data remains quite safe. “Hardware security is the secret, not software”, he told us. “We see flight tracking (when actuated as a backup), health monitoring, and flight recording data as potential airline uses,” he said.

We also thought the use of Amazon Cloud services as an interesting ground based storage solution. “The data is encrypted and the customer has can into the required information with a security key,” said Jones. “Further,” he noted, “airlines are looking at pilot performance data and navigation information so the airlines have the ability to review pilot performance data, since the server collects all data from the 717 and 429 buses as well. Additionally, airlines have told us that if they can prove how long an airplane was is in a location, they can reduce charges pertaining to domicile taxes, CO2 emission and navigation, fees”.

We have included a couple attachments here:  a press release, a product brief of the CSUv2 and product description.

  • Contract marks inaugural relationship with the leading premium European airline

London | September 17, 2014– Global content and media agency Spafax has been awarded the exclusive inflight entertainment system media sales contract for KLM Royal Dutch Airlines.

This follows a competitive pitch process in which Spafax demonstrated a strategic and innovative approach to market KLM’s inflight entertainment system. In addition, Spafax demonstrated the ability to support future development of new media opportunities throughout the KLM passenger experience.

“We are absolutely thrilled to be working with KLM – one of the world’s most reputable airline brands – to provide media sales services for their inflight entertainment platform,” Niall McBain, Chief Executive Officer, Spafax. “This is a strategic win for Spafax, extending our media sales services into Europe, adding scale and scope for our clients and advertising partners to reach the premium international travelling audience.”

Spafax will be opening a sales office in Amsterdam in the coming months, to be closer to KLM Royal Dutch Airlines’ corporate offices. The new office will also support expanding European sales network for Spafax.

We have returned to Seattle from APEX 2014 which was one of the growing IFE venues this year and because of market conditions and passenger demand changes, there was a lot to see. Firstly, note that we can’t cover the almost-fifty booths we visited and three hundred or so conversations/interviews  we held in one IFExpress issue. We will try over the next month or so to cover them in summary, and later on, produce some in-depth stories of technologies and innovations that we feel our readers ought to know about. You know we can’t get everything, but we will try!

As you may know, the first day of the show features speakers and this year was no different. While the keynote was given by Ed Shapiro, PAR Capital Partner and VP (Global Eagle Entertainment, etc.), two of the following speakers, Howard Charney (Cisco VP) and Motivational Speaker, Lee Silber got the crowd involved and entertained. Howard whose stage persona is a cross between Woody Allen and Albert Einstein, talked about the coming industry trends from a macro view while Lee Silber used humor and chart speed to drive home the need to think fast and not worry about making mistakes, using informed decisions…  all at one chart per three seconds speed.

As usual, the afternoon breakout sessions specialized in Comfort & Ambiance, Entertainment & Connectivity (Content & Technology), and Catering & Services.

A particularly interesting Entertainment & Connectivity Technical Session was entitled The e-Aircraft – Concept & Fulfillment moderated by Michael Planey. We later talked with Michael and he told IFExpress: “The e-Aircraft panel took a brief look at the many improvements to operational efficiency that can be achieved with the proper allocation of bandwidth and the development of new applications. The seven panelists highlighted how both flight and cabin crews can use new tools such as tablets to receive updated weather forecasts, passenger preference information, and customs and immigration data. Perhaps the most important information, however, is that while progress is coming it will not happen at the same pace as new consumer electronics trends. Placing this new technology into the aircraft is a complex process touching almost every department in the airline and it’s more important to get it implemented correctly than to get it done quickly.”

Next, lets look at some of the show trends that we observed. Please note that there is a lot happening at APEX so if we missed your area of interest, we apologize. We noted the following:

1. From a vendor hardware point of view, IFE and connectivity equipment is being developed for the biggest uninstalled market out there – the single-aisle aircraft. The Panasonic new flat plane phased array satcom antenna is just one example of this trend. In the past, demand drove vendors to build over-water connectivity solutions for larger planes often flying from one country to another and since ground based antenna solutions were not feasible, satcom solutions were developed. With increased bandwidth satellite solutions on their way, a low profile antenna for the smaller planes was a natural.

2. While many vendors noted lighter sales in the last nine months, we believe airlines are waiting to better understand their changing markets (i.e. personal devices). They are watching both cabin hardware and the connectivity solutions. And as you might suspect, they are a bit overloaded by options and trying to couple them with the changing requirements of their customers.

3. Airline alliances are co-purchasing IFE hardware and GUI software to update fleets at demanded lower prices. In many cases, GUI layouts are identical but tailored to each airlines’ corporate identity, giving each a unique feel and look. One example of this is Air France & KLM.

4. Hardware developments were everywhere at the show, particularly focusing on technology to facilitate cabin Wi-Fi – both as a standalone IFE solution and as a second screen solution.

5. And speaking of Wi-Fi, one vendor, VT Miltope, brought out a product they have been working on with a brilliant technology solution developer. We’ve only seen one provider, VT Miltope, research and create a solution to improve in-cabin Wi-Fi by developing onboard firmware in the router that analyze the signals and allows them to talk to one another. The goal here with the nMap2 product with the Cognitive Hotspot Technology is to optimize the signal solution while in operation on the plane. Be prepared, this device will change the industry!

6. Hardware and software are being developed to facilitate secure financial transactions – both at the card/passenger interface and possibly more importantly, in the communication of such data. In the second case, we are talking at the server level and one, by Mark Thompson is actually secure at FIPS Level 3, the same as required by the US Treasury. Credit card sales and services like FlightPath 3D are now protected to a new security level – the highest we have ever seen.

7. IFExpress noted an ever increasing demand for greater future data rates/bandwidth onboard, ostensibly for cabin and crew connectivity.

8. We also found a proliferation of semi-imbedded IFE. For example, Lufthansa Systems is using head-strike protected, off the shelf tablets in a secured embedded manner.

9. InSeat and USB power are now an expectation and no longer an exception.

10. As a proliferation of handheld, semi-embedded and Pax Ped devices become more prevalent, there is an increasing demand for agile, brandable software/GUI’s.

11. Airlines are looking more and more to connectivity and Wi-Fi for their single-aisle solutions.

We further note that because it is somewhat difficult to to get trend information from talking to each connectivity service provider, we contacted Tim Farrar who is a telecom and media consultant in Menlo Park, California. We contacted Tim since we had a future focused presentation he made at the Global Connected Aircraft this year and asked about his view of the connectivity solution. He told IFExpress: “I think the biggest issue right now is the renewed focus on ATG solutions as the lowest cost option for connectivity in high traffic regions. There are proposed network deployments in the US with AT&T, Europe with Inmarsat and Deutsche Telekom, China, Japan and Australia. So an all-satellite solution becomes less viable outside long-haul routes (and even there, integration with ATG, at least in your home region, is a good idea). Secondly, the sustainability of standalone providers such as Gogo and Row44 becomes more questionable when we have both well funded cellular operators moving into the space and large equipment vendors, who can subsidize the connectivity business from IFE equipment sales. For example, adding satellite connectivity is less than 10% of the cost of installing seat back IFE on a new wide bodied jet. All that means that we’ll see more consolidation. Finally, the biggest unanswered question is how cellular operators see the inflight connectivity opportunity. Is it a new revenue source, like the connected car, or mainly a marketing opportunity, to display their brand and reduce churn by offering more places for their own customers to connect? If it’s the former, then they may be disappointed. If it’s the latter then that will put even more pressure on the standalone connectivity providers who are trying to make money out of this business.


Bits & Pieces

Paul Burke told IFExpress that his company, Telefonix, is celebrating their 25th year in the aviation business – the quiet ones always win!

Glad you are back, Joe Winston, you were missed.

Geoff Underwood of IFPL fame just won the Queen’s Award for Enterprise: International Trade… again, and you can watch the proceedings here. Congratulations to Geoff and the whole IFPL team!

– Brazil’s leading airline will work closely with its new in-flight entertainment provider to create one of the very best IFE offerings in the industry.

Knutsford, Cheshire, UK | January 14, 2013– IFE Services announced today that it is TAM Airlines’ new in-flight entertainment (IFE) provider.

From March 2013, IFE Services will provide Brazil’s leading airline with a broad selection of top Hollywood, classic and Latin American movies as well as popular TV programmes and great music. Passengers will be able to enjoy the content on the audio visual on-demand (AVOD) and overhead systems across TAM Airlines’ fleet of 162 aircraft. The IFE will be available in English, Latin Spanish and Brazilian Portuguese. In addition to acquiring and supplying all of the content, IFE Services will manage the airline’s entire digital encoding and AVOD management requirements.

In November 2012, IFE Services announced that LAN Airlines had re-selected it as its in-flight entertainment provider. This latest announcement confirms the company’s position as the number one IFE content service provider in Latin America.

“We are delighted to be selected as the IFE provider to TAM Airlines,” said Andy McEwan, CEO of IFE Services. “The TAM brand is synonymous with service excellence and we cannot wait to get started on enhancing their IFE offering even further to make their passenger experience one of the very best in the world.”