La Ciotat | March 31, 2017– Can you use your contactless payment card or smartphone to pay when you are cosily seated in an air plane ?

Of course, you can.

IFPL and Alcineo have strengthened their partnership to provide a unique solution for aircraft payment.
IFPL has designed an EMV contactless reader whilst Alcinéo has provided the payment capability. The reader is not only compliant with all the major payment schemes but it is also built according the most advanced PCI security standard.

Today, we go a step beyond by introducing a PIN on Screen solution in order to accept the contactless high value payment. Contactless kernels are located into the NFCm whilst the PIN entry is achieved through the Trusted User Interface or TUI on the secure part of the seat back screen – running in the Trusted Executed Environment (TEE). The Trusted User Interface enables to enter securely a PIN and encrypt the digit to be used for the payment processing.

The Trusted Executed Environment is a secure Operating System that runs into the Trust Zone of the ARM core. It is protected by responsive tamper and specific secure donwload that prevent unsuitable utilization.

This product has been designed to enhance travellers payment experience, offering additional means of payment during their trip.

  • Enabling high value transactions and increased revenues for airlines

Isle of Wight | June 1, 2016– IFPL, is an award winning company specialising in the design and manufacture of passenger inter- face solutions to the global In-Flight Entertainment and Connectivity (IFEC) industry, has an- nounced an exciting new extension to their range of easy-to-use contactless NFC payment and personalisation solutions.

IFPL’s Director of Business Development for North America, Mark Reed, announced IFPL’s new seatback NFC contactless payment system with on-screen PIN entry for in-flight cashless purchas- es at AIX Hamburg 2016.

This is a step change for NFC contactless payments, as the new on-screen PIN entry allows high value PCI EMVCo approved payments for off-line, unattended transactions. This feature allows air- lines to significantly grow their at-seat inflight retail and ancillary revenues by including high value items with the knowledge that their payments (as the merchant of record) are covered against fraudulent transactions. Traditionally, NFC contactless payment has been used for low value trans- actions only.

IFPL designed the NFC Payment Terminal to address the complex and highly regulated problem of providing onboard, off-line and unattended Payment Card Industry (PCI) compliant NFC payments at the passenger’s seat.

As liability for fraudulent transactions (using magnetic strip cards) moves away from the issuer of the card (i.e., the financial institution) and onto the merchant of record (i.e., the airline) for card present transactions, NFC is now the standard that financial institutions support for accepting lia- bility for low value payments. In addition, NFC is the recognised standard for close proximity communication for Personal Electronic Devices (PEDs) and NFC enabled loyalty cards.

In addition to payment, IFPL’s NFC unit provides Bi-Directional communication allowing the airline IFE system to know who is in the seat, delivering the opportunity for airlines to significantly personalise the onboard experience and customer service, delivering brand loyalty and resulting in increased revenues. With this knowledge the IFEC system can then direct content, service and promotions to meet the individual customer profile; providing passengers with a personalised info- tainment and onboard retail experience and, in turn, delivering a higher sales conversion and IFEC services, based on known personal preferences.