• Cobham SATCOM Teams Up with Network Innovations, Inmarsat and TV2 to Demonstrate New Satcom Tech and Services at IBC 2015

Lyngby, Denmark | September 7, 2015– Cobham SATCOM, manufacturer of the highly-regarded EXPLORER brand of satellite terminals is teaming up with service provider Network Innovations, Satellite Network Operator Inmarsat and Danish broadcaster TV2 at IBC 2015. Reflecting the importance of partnerships, the quartet of satcom innovators will demonstrate a diverse new wave of hardware, Ka- and Ku-band VSAT services and innovative new L-band solutions, all with the potential to revolutionise outside broadcasting.

Mounted on a Mercedes GLK, the brand new EXPLORER 8100 VSAT terminal will form the centrepiece of Cobham SATCOM’s IBC presence, outside on stand #0.G04. As the world’s first and only Stabilised Auto-Acquire Drive-Away antenna, the new EXPLORER 8100 VSAT overcomes the challenges of vehicle movement for land ‘Comms-On-The-Pause’ users. It is especially relevant for the growing population of small and rapidly deployable outside broadcast production teams. Transmitting live from the RAI in Amsterdam, Cobham SATCOM will demonstrate how the unique stabilisation technology of EXPLORER 8100 VSAT can maintain consistent link conditions on Eutelsat’s Ka-band NewsSpotter service provided by Network Innovations (2.A46), even with people getting in and out of the car.

“When a traditional terminal on a stationary vehicle connected to a Ka-band satellite moves due to the car rocking, it’s likely that the link will be lost or degraded. We welcome visitors to challenge the stabilisation performance of the EXPLORER 8100 VSAT at IBC,” explains Henrik Nørrelykke, VP Land Business, Cobham SATCOM. “Our extensive experience in designing sophisticated stabilisation systems for use in Cobham SATCOM’s world renowned maritime antennas came in handy when we decided to address this very real everyday challenge facing mobile news gathering teams.”

In parallel to demonstrations on EXPLORER 8100 VSAT, Cobham SATCOM will conduct live demonstrations on the Inmarsat Global Xpress service, using the new EXPLORER 5075GX Auto-Deploy Fly-Away VSAT antenna solution. Featuring a highly robust design, developed 100% in-house, EXPLORER 5075GX was the first antenna to transmit live on the Global Xpress service and has already been used in the field by a major broadcaster covering the earthquake in Nepal this April. Cobham SATCOM will be transmitting live from its booth outside to the Inmarsat booth inside (2.B19) using its sophisticated antenna. EXPLORER 5075GX utilises a new 75cm 4-segment reflector and along with the EXPLORER 3075GX is the only Global Xpress terminal available that includes integrated Wi-Fi.

Cobham SATCOM will also demonstrate live Inmarsat BGAN HDR bonding, using a satellite link from its booth to the Inmarsat booth. HDR bonding is a relatively new development, where two BGAN terminals can be combined to double the live streaming and data transfer throughput on the BGAN service. In-use, the system can deliver a guaranteed Quality of Service over 1 mbps; enough capacity to stream high quality footage, from a hardware package compact enough to fit in a backpack.

Cobham is also highlighting the extraordinary potential of IP connectivity. Working together with Danish broadcaster, TV2, a Mercedes GLK will be transformed into a fully functional studio with equipment such as cameras and lights controlled remotely over IP. This concept has already been tried and tested in a Tesla electric car during the Danish general elections in June this year, where TV2 handed the vehicle to Danish politicians driving between campaign sites while debating current issues on the way. The broadcaster generated high quality election news footage from the car, with no production staff present during filming.

“TV2’s approach to remote control of studio technology reflects the fact that the potential of IP communication to transform the efficiency and quality of outside broadcasting is only limited by the imagination. Of course, this is only if you can be confident of a stable terrestrial or satellite communications link to enable reliable control, which is why Cobham SATCOM is very keen to help develop such concepts with TV2 and our service provider partners,” adds Nørrelykke.

Shanghai, China | April 14, 2015– Satcom Direct will promote its new SwiftBroadband bonding and aggregation service during ABACE 2015, booth H231. Delegates will learn how the system provides a significant upgrade in airborne data speeds when using Cobham terminals.

Bonding and aggregation allows customers to combine multiple Inmarsat SwiftBroadband streaming channels to achieve higher data rates for real-time communications applications. Customers with compatible Cobham equipment can now bond two to four channels of service, delivering speeds of up to 1.4mbps of throughput for aircraft with four-channel systems.

“Bonding aggregates two to four channels together, providing a larger data pipe,” said Satcom Direct’s Ken Bantoft, vice president of technologies and development. “Now higher data rate applications like video conferencing and streaming video are feasible globally for our customers using Cobham equipment with SwiftBroadband, without needing additional equipment to be installed.”

Satcom Direct worked with Cobham to deliver this capability to its customers, deploying ground equipment to facilitate the service. No additional equipment is required by the operator beyond the Cobham system and SwiftBroadband service.

“We are pleased to deliver a bonding solution that will specifically enhance streaming applications. Satcom Direct is the first service provider to take advantage of this and Cobham is very happy to support them in offering this new, high data rate service capability,” said Andy Beers, director of aeronautical sales at Cobham SATCOM.

Lyngby, Denmark | February 26, 2015– Iridium Communications Inc. has selected Cobham SATCOM as an official Manufacturing Partner for Iridium Certus broadband, a new generation of satellite services based on the forthcoming Iridium NEXT constellation. Cobham SATCOM, a leading satellite and radio communication hardware manufacturer, plans to grow its well-established L-band portfolio with a new line of Iridium Certus terminals for users in the aeronautical and maritime sectors, ready for the launch of new global broadband services.

The Iridium NEXT constellation will consist of 66 low-Earth orbit inter-connected satellites. It introduces a number of new and expanded capabilities, including greater capacity, bandwidth and data speeds, while retaining the global (pole-to-pole) data services Iridium® supports today. Iridium Certus broadband services will be used for commercial, government, and safety communications; areas that Cobham SATCOM already serves with its existing portfolio of L, Ku, Ka and C-band satellite terminals. The new agreement enables Cobham SATCOM to expand its portfolio even further, with development of maritime (SAILOR) and aeronautical (AVIATOR) products for Iridium Certus broadband.

Cobham SATCOM is already a current generation maritime Iridium terminal and hardware manufacturer, and a clear market leader in maritime L-band MSS, in addition to being an established provider of L-band cabin and cockpit communication systems for aircraft. This experience provides a strong platform for Iridium Certus terminal development, giving aircraft, boats and ships high performance and reliability for Iridium’s next generation of services.

“We are delighted to become an official Iridium Certus manufacturing partner and look forward to being part of the massive opportunities that these new services will introduce for satcom users and service providers. The inherent advantages of the Iridium NEXT constellation and our expertise in L-band product development allow us to offer innovative communications solutions, providing our diverse customer base in the aeronautical and maritime markets access to the full suite of compelling Iridium Certus services,” says Paul Jona, SVP Cobham SATCOM.

“We are excited to be working with Cobham SATCOM, a recognized leader developing game-changing products in aeronautical and maritime markets, and look forward to supporting the next-generation of safety services that result from this partnership,” said Bryan Hartin, Executive Vice President, Sales and Marketing, Iridium. “Our selection of Cobham SATCOM demonstrates our long-term strategy to offer superior communications platforms while staying true to our wholesale model – working with our partners as the best way to address growing, diverse markets.”

Lyngby, Denmark | July 14, 2014– Cobham SATCOM’s AVIATOR 300 SwiftBroadband solution has received a Federal Aviation Authority (FAA) Supplemental Type Certificate (STC) for its installation aboard a range of Airbus aircraft.

Particularly suited to meet the requirements of airlines with services such as voice and data connectivity, the AVIATOR 300 certification for the A319, A320 and A321 airframe types was developed by Avionics Support Group Inc. The STC was accomplished on a private A319CJ aircraft, with plans for its conversion to a European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) or Civil Aviation Administration of China (CAAC) STC.

The AVIATOR 300 system improves flight safety and operations by enabling the airline operations department to stay connected to their aircraft at all times. It provides services such as immediate aircraft tracking information and Ethernet ports for connecting devices like Aircraft Interface Devices (AIDs) and Electronic Flight Bags (EFBs) for the pilots to obtain real-time information including graphical weather updates.

THE AVIATOR 300 also has the bandwidth to send the real-time data of the aircraft health monitoring systems, such as engine monitoring, as well as in-flight entertainment and connectivity for passenger text messaging and email.

Kim Gram, VP Aeronautical, Cobham SATCOM, said: “This STC is significant as it means airlines’ flight operations departments will have the ability to access aircraft data in real time from the ground while the aircraft is in flight, which will significantly improve flight safety and operational efficiencies. For example, an airline can send real-time Triggered Fault Warning Indicators directly to flight ops so they can react pro-actively by organising the correct maintenance team and parts to meet the aircraft at the gate.

“The STC will also introduce Wi-Fi so that passengers can benefit by being connected with near global wireless connectivity. The AVIATOR 300 will enable them to use smart phones, personal tablets and laptops for a multitude of applications during all phases of flight.”

The AVIATOR 300 system, which features the compact and lightweight Intermediate Gain Antenna IGA-5001 to ensure a low profile on the fuselage, provides for fast and reliable connectivity on the Inmarsat SwiftBroadband I-4 satellite network. The system supports high quality, low-cost voice calling and the full complement of data services and provides near global coverage, on the ground or in the air.

Further advantages include recurrent maintenance savings due to the high reliability of the AVIATOR system and recurrent weight savings (approximately 50 to 150lbs) over traditional legacy SATCOM systems.

Cobham will supply the AVIATOR 300 equipment directly to the airlines, while the FAA Parts Manufacturer Approval (PMA) installation kits and STC rights can be purchased from Avionics Support Group Inc.

The AVIATOR 300 is part of Cobham’s cutting-edge SwiftBroadband product portfolio and provides a cost effective solution for a wide range of airframes, with a full range of features and options. In addition to the Airbus aircraft, the system has been certified for several key aircraft including the Boeing 757, a range of Cessna aircraft, the Citation X, G200, Embraer 135 (Legacy 600/650) and Bombardier Challenger 300.

The full Cobham SATCOM AVIATOR range includes the revolutionary AVIATOR S series, AVIATOR 700 and 700D, AVIATOR 350 with High Gain Antenna (HGA), AVIATOR 300 with IGA as well as the exceptionally compact and lightweight AVIATOR 200 with Low Gain Antenna (LGA).

Lyngby, Denmark | July 14, 2014– For the first time at Farnborough Airshow, Cobham SATCOM is introducing the AVIATOR 200S airborne SATCOM featuring the exceptionally compact HELGA (combined HLD and Enhanced LGA) antenna. Designed as the first Inmarsat Class 4 terminal by Cobham, the system allows for simultaneous transmission of safety and non-safety services over the same SwiftBroadband channel. The revolutionary new system will also deliver improved space and weight savings demanded by air transport aircraft operators.

One of the key components of the AVIATOR 200S is the HELGA antenna which reduces the number of LRUs (Line Replacement Units) from three in a current single-channel SwiftBroadband system to two for the AVIATOR 200S. This is achieved by incorporating the RF power amplifier and diplexer and the enhanced low-gain antenna into one single compact unit.

The antenna footprint is defined by the latest ARINC 781 Attachment 7 specification and is compatible with the existing ARINC 741 LGA mounting footprint for ease of installation for retrofits. The exacting environmental considerations have all been taken into account in this revolutionary design concept. The antenna achieves excellent low angle performance due to its unique multi-element phased array architecture.

Kim Gram, vice president of Cobham SATCOM’s aeronautical business unit, said: “The revolutionary HELGA antenna has allowed a two-box solution which makes the AVIATOR 200S so important for operators, potentially for many years to come.

“Previously the amplifier had to be installed somewhere on the aircraft, but as it generated heat, it has to have appropriate ventilation which limited the installation options. The space and weight savings achieved by the AVIATOR 200S represents a step change for the industry as this new solution is suitable for all aircrafts. The AVIATOR S series of SATCOM products is not only about making satellite communications equipment smaller and more powerful, but also more cost effective.”

Another key feature of the AVIATOR S is that the new CSDU (Compact Satellite Data Unit) allows secure data communication. The product segregates the cockpit and cabin domains, for safety reasons, ensuring the cockpit to ATC (Air Traffic Control) network is secure. This allows the simultaneous transfer of operational and flight data to ground maintenance and control facilities, or real-time weather and other flight relevant information, updates to EFBs or flight management systems. Depending on the antenna choice, the system can also provide high-performance connectivity to the cabin for passengers voice calls, email and internet browsing.

“The AVIATOR S series is a family of systems based around a revolutionary new Compact Satellite Data Unit, which is designed around a proprietary in-house core radio module and all the data security protection needed for secure and reliable cockpit communications,” added Gram.

“The AVIATOR S represents a real breakthrough in communications because of the increase in versatility from being able to use professional levels of internet protocol connectivity with a high level of data integrity.”

The AVIATOR S series is the latest addition to Cobham SATCOM’s highly-regarded AVIATOR portfolio of airborne satellite communication systems, ranging from the AVIATOR 200 to the AVIATOR 700D.

AVIATOR S has been developed as a full family of SATCOM systems, ranging from the AVIATOR 200 unit designed for smaller aircraft right up to the AVIATOR 700D for large air transport aircraft. The system will meet the requirement of FANS 1/A operation and satisfy expected requirements for NextGen CNS/ATM applications.

  • Paul H. Jona to take the helm from Walther Thygesen

Satellite 2014, Washington | March 10, 2014– Cobham SATCOM has appointed Paul H. Jona as its new Senior Vice President (SVP). Starting March 03, 2014 Paul will work alongside incumbent SVP Walther Thygesen. After completing seven years of service as CEO of Thrane & Thrane A/S, and since July 2012 heading up Cobham SATCOM as SVP, Walther has decided to retire from his current duties in June 2014.

“I would like to thank Walther for his personal support and commitment, as well the pivotal role he has played to ensure the successful transformation of Thrane & Thrane to Cobham SATCOM. Whilst we are sorry to lose his services, we wish him all the best for the future,” says Richard Tyson, President, Cobham Aerospace and Security Division.

Paul is a Dutch national born in Canada. He brings 30 years of experience in tech industries with him and his most recent position was CEO and Chairman of CoActive Technologies in The Netherlands, a US$230M international company with 3,000 employees. Prior to this Paul was Senior Vice President and Corporate Officer of the Cable Systems Group at Amphenol Corporation. The Cable Systems Group had US$300M in revenues and 2,500 employees with global operations. Paul also brings experience from E.I. du Pont de Nemours & Company (DuPont) and has during his career lived and worked in the Netherlands, USA, Switzerland, Denmark and Germany.

Paul received his degree in Business Administration from University of Puget Sound, Tacoma, Washington, and earned a masters in International Management from the American Graduate School of International Management, Thunderbird, in Arizona.

“I’m delighted to be joining Cobham SATCOM and am looking forward to working with Walther during the transition period,” comments Paul. “I’m keen to meet as many partners and staff as quickly as possible, so visiting Satellite 2014 is a great way to start my new journey in this exciting company.”

EBACE, Geneva, Switzerland and Lyngby, Denmark | May 24, 2013– On the final day of EBACE, Cobham SATCOM has announced that its AVIATOR 200 SwiftBroadband solution has received a European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) Supplemental Type Certificate (STC) for its use aboard Pilatus PC-12 aircraft.

The EASA validation was secured by Cobham SATCOM partner RUAG and includes exclusive rights for the Swiss-based international aerospace and defence technology group to use the STC in Europe. The new certification was developed in cooperation with Cobham SATCOM partner Pro Star Aviation, which carried out successful installation and testing of the AVIATOR 200 on the Pilatus PC-12 to receive the original Federal Aviation Authority (FAA) STC last year.

The EASA STC includes the activation of the AVIATOR 200’s built-in Wi-Fi option, offering access to an extensive range of communication capabilities aboard Pilatus PC-12/45, PC-12/47 and PC-12/47E.

Kevin Harriman, Pro Star Aviation General Manager, commented: “The AVIATOR 200 offers the perfect broadband and voice solution for the PC-12, as it is practical and affordable, and the system is easily installed.”

Cobham’s AVIATOR 200 is an exceptionally compact, lightweight system that offers reliable, affordable connectivity to provide users with a range of services including data, video and voice.

With built-in Wi-Fi capability, the AVIATOR 200 allows aircraft operators to offer wireless connectivity on board, supporting the use of Wi-Fi-enabled devices such as laptops, tablets and smartphones.

Henri Broussalian, Sales Director EMEA for Cobham SATCOM, commented: “The AVIATOR 200 offers in-flight broadband communication to aircraft of virtually any size as it utilizes a low gain antenna.

“Receipt of the PC-12 EASA STC is another key step forward in making the system available to the widest range of aircraft possible, enabling more users to take advantage of modern in-flight communications.”

The AVIATOR 200 is the smallest and lightest system in Cobham SATCOM’s cutting-edge SwiftBroadband product portfolio and utilizes Inmarsat’s SwiftBroadband 200 service. AVIATOR 200 simultaneously provides data speeds of up to 200 kbps and a single AMBE 2 channel for voice calls, providing a complete airborne communications solution previously unavailable to aircraft below a certain size.

The full Cobham SATCOM AVIATOR range includes the AVIATOR 700 and 700D, AVIATOR 350 with High Gain Antenna (HGA) and versatile AVIATOR 300 with Intermediate Gain Antenna (IGA).

For further information please visit www.cobham.com/satcom.

EBACE Geneva, Switzerland and Linbgy, Denmark | May 22, 2013– Cobham SATCOM has announced on the second day of EBACE that its versatile SwiftBroadband communication solution, AVIATOR 300, has received a Supplemental Type Certificate (STC) for installation on Bombardier’s Challenger 300.

The compact and lightweight system with Intermediate Gain Antenna (IGA) has been approved for installation by Cobham SATCOM partner Aero-Dienst GmbH & Co.KG and includes the system’s use for in-flight Wi-Fi aboard the popular super-midsize business jet.

The announcement follows yesterday’s confirmation that the AVIATOR 300 has received a European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) STC for its use aboard the Cessna 550, 550 Bravo and S550. The system has now been certified for several key aircraft including the Citation X, G200 and Embraer 135 (Legacy 600/650).

A single solution for simultaneous global voice and high speed data, the AVIATOR 300 will allow the large corporate operator to offer wireless connectivity on-board the Challenger 300, to support the use of Wi-Fi enabled devices such as laptops, tablets and smart phones.

“We are delighted to announce the receipt of an STC for use of Cobham’s AVIATOR 300 on-board the Bombardier Challenger 300,” said Martin Bauer, Managing Director of Aero-Dienst.

“The AVIATOR 300 is the perfect solution because it offers a complete broadband solution for both voice and data, with fast and reliable connectivity, but is also sufficiently small and lightweight with a low profile which is ideal for the Challenger 300.”

AVIATOR 300 is half the size and weight of traditional communications systems and provides connectivity to support applications including calling, emailing, browsing and video streaming to the office on the ground. The IGA installation provides full SwiftBroadband capabilities with data speeds up to 332 kbps.

Henri Broussalian, Sales Director EMEA for Cobham SATCOM, said: “The AVIATOR 300 is extremely versatile and has proven capability in a variety of environments, such as business, military, government and air transport operations. This STC is another advance towards increasing the system’s availability to the huge range of relevant users who will be able to benefit from modern in-flight communications in the future.”

The AVIATOR 300 is part of Cobham’s cutting-edge SwiftBroadband product portfolio and provides a cost effective solution for a wide range of airframes, with a full range of features and options.

The flexible modes of operation means that users can choose Quality of Service (QoS), which ensures guaranteed bandwidth in steps on a pay-per-minute basis, or the always-on background connection, where cost depends on the amount of data transferred.

Business aviation specialists Aero-Dienst took over registration and maintenance for the Challenger 300 just over four years ago. Tagged ‘the flying office’, the 68.7 ft corporate jet can accommodate eight to ten passengers and is known as a worldwide leader in its segment due to its exceptional reliability, performance and wide cabin comfort.

For further information please visit www.cobham.com/satcom.

– Cobham SATCOM expands leading BGAN terminal family with established TracStar VSAT systems

Orlando, FL | March 15, 2013–The market leading EXPLORER BGAN portfolio is expanding with the addition of four new series of VSAT terminals, all bearing the famous EXPLORER name. To make this possible, Cobham SATCOM is migrating its established TracStar portfolio of VSAT terminals to become EXPLORER products, creating the most comprehensive range of land-mobile satellite communication products in the market, covering both BGAN and VSAT. The expanded EXPLORER portfolio now includes:

• EXPLORER 300, 500 & 700 Series: Ultra-portable and easy-deployable Inmarsat BGAN terminals (L-Band)
• NEW – EXPLORER 3000 Series: Manual Deploy Fly-Away VSAT Antennas
• NEW – EXPLORER 5000 Series: Auto-Acquire Fly-Away VSAT Antennas
• NEW – EXPLORER 7000 Series: Auto-Acquire Drive-Away VSAT Antennas – Communication-on-the-Pause (COTP) for vehicles
• EXPLORER 325 & 727: Satcom-on-the-Move (SOTM) BGAN terminals for vehicles
• NEW – EXPLORER 9000 Series: Satcom-on-the-Move (SOTM) VSAT Antennas for vehicles

The Cobham SATCOM land portfolio now features a diverse array of turn-key satellite terminals, ensuring that it can fulfil critical communications needs and offer true choice and flexibility for end-users. Regardless of location, when traditional communication infrastructure is unavailable, EXPLORER products keep users connected with reliable voice and data links. EXPLORER enables high quality IP-based services such as voice communication, radio, data, fax, and live video transmission that work efficiently across the BGAN network and now, on VSAT satellite links.

Customers of Cobham SATCOM’s TracStar land-mobile product lines will experience no major changes in service as the TracStar products become EXPLORER. The same sales, engineering, and support staff remains focused on servicing products in the field and developing world-class mobile VSAT solutions under the EXPLORER name. These efforts are strengthened by the structure of Cobham SATCOM, which benefits from the expertise of the teams behind both EXPLORER and TracStar.

Walther Thygesen, Head of Cobham SATCOM, said: “EXPLORER and TracStar are highly complementary so it was a natural step to integrate the two product lines to create a single land-mobile terminal portfolio under Cobham SATCOM. End-users can now experience the innovation and quality that have established EXPLORER and TracStar as market-leaders from a single product line, making it easier to choose from a much wider range of systems. By combining the talent, expertise and experience in our organisation, we are securing a great future for Cobham SATCOM.”

Reflecting its commitment to establishing EXPLORER as the leading VSAT terminal portfolio, Cobham SATCOM Land has also become an official launch partner of the Inmarsat Global Xpress® (GX) Ka-band network. Several forthcoming EXPLORER products will be configured specifically for operation on both the GX commercial (1GHz) and wideband (2GHz) networks upon service introduction in 2014.

The expanded EXPLORER portfolio will be a highlight on the Cobham SATCOM booth (4016) at the Satellite 2013 exhibition in Washington D.C.

January 28, 2013– Cobham SATCOM, the company behind the highly regarded AVIATOR SwiftBroadband series, has announced the appointment of Brian Anderson to its aeronautical sales team as Aftermarket Sales Manager for the Americas.

Anderson will initially be responsible for sales of Cobham SATCOM’s aeronautical satellite communications product line to the business aviation aftermarket segment throughout the Americas.

With over a decade of Aviation experience, Anderson has worked for major industry players in sales, business development and project management roles. He joins Cobham SATCOM from key partners Avionics Support Group Inc., where he helped develop sales and certification activities for the AVIATOR portfolio.

Director of Aeronautical Sales Americas Andy Beers said: “I am pleased to welcome Brian aboard as an asset to the team and feel confident that his experience will prove invaluable to Cobham SATCOM as we continue to provide innovative products and unmatched customer service and support.”

Cobham plc established a new strategic business unit Cobham SATCOM, combining all of the group’s satellite communications businesses into one organisation, following the successful acquisition and integration of Danish satcom company Thrane & Thrane.

Thrane & Thrane has been doing business as Cobham SATCOM since November 2012.