Plaisir | March 29, 2017– Zodiac Aerospace will present its latest innovations in Cabin, Seats and Systems at Aircraft Interiors Expo in Hamburg from 4-6 April at its main stand 7B40, stand 4C20 in the IFEC zone, and at stand 4E10 at World Travel Catering Expo.

At the main stand 7B40 Zodiac Aerospace will present its two finalists for the prestigious Crystal Cabin Awards: the ECOSTM baggage management system and the RevolutionTM toilet. Both products are integrated in a real size ECOSTM Cabin mockup that additionally features updated PaxPOD PSUs, DMS Lavatories, the Space-Flex v2 galley-lav aft complex, and Z300A and Z85 economy class seats with the latest RAVE IFEC products.

Other highlights at the main stand are the Zodiac Connected Aircraft Experience and the launch of three new seats: Optima, a unique business class offering the perfect balance of efficiency and comfort; Skylounge, that combines flexibility, customization and comfort, and Z400 which will sets new economy seat standards.

Get comfortably seated to view the extensive range of economy, premium economy and business class seats and the many innovations at the stand: Try the new LED lighting offer, look at the benefits of the Cabin Surveillance System or discover how the power of scent from our Five Fragrance diffuser can complete your flight experience and boost on board sales.

After your visit to the main stand, be welcomed at stand 4C20 in the IFE hall to take a look at the latest RAVE IFEC offer, and discover how you can get more control over your own flight experience with SeatNet Elite, the new Heliott Reading light and Whizper Noise control.

Finally at the World Travel Catering Expo, stand 4E10, Zodiac Aerospace will be proud to show you its latest addition to the Hybrite S trolley and container line: the smart Universal Waste Solution for trolleys. Additionally it will present the Smart Lock and Cool trolley.

Crystal Cabin Award finalist: ECOS Cabin Baggage Management System (stand 7B40)
Come and take a look at the new real size ECOS cabin mock up that includes the Crystal Cabin Award finalist ECOSTM Baggage Management System.

With checked luggage charged at a premium, more than 80% of today’s passengers try to bring theirs on board and almost half of those bags are larger than the aircraft was designed to carry. The result is a perfect storm of stress and anxiety at the boarding gate for passengers and crews alike.

ECOS is much more than a larger overhead luggage bin. It is a system which addresses cabin design and how both passengers and crews interact with it to make maximum use of limited overhead space.

Informed by extensive real-world luggage studies, proprietary passenger boarding simulations and over 35 tried and tested development prototypes, ECOS combines amazing space efficiency with unmatched ease of operation and a simple visual indicator which allows passengers to find precious space for their bags

With ECOS, a happy passenger is one who can bring what they want and depart on time. That also means stress free crews and efficient aircraft turn-around operations.

Crystal Cabin Award Finalist: The Revolution Toilet (Stand 7B40)
Get a behind-the-scenes look at the latest products including the Crystal Cabin Award Finalist – RevolutionTM Toilet. The RevolutionTM toilet is a modular toilet assembly that minimizes health hazards in the lavatory. It not only uses 33% less water per flush than the industry standard toilet, but also uses composite and recyclable materials for a light yet durable toilet.

One of the many improvements the RevolutionTM toilet exhibits incorporates air gaps into the toilet rinse ring. This allows the toilet shroud to seal directly to the toilet, creates more airflow for a cleaner flush, and helps prevents waste from building up under the toilet shroud reducing bacteria and odor in the lavatory. Combined with a new 360 degree spay pattern, the RevolutionTM toilet improves the overall health and safety of the passengers and crew in the lavatory.

Launching Optima, a Unique Business Class Offer, the perfect balance of
Efficiency and Comfort (Stand 7B40)

Officially launched at AIX17, Zodiac Seats latest product Optima is expected to set new standards in business class travel. Combining class leading passenger experience and improved cabin efficiency, through a unique cabin configuration that mixes in-line and angled seats, Optima can offer the uncompromised business class solution that the market was expecting.

An elevated business class experience comes from direct aisle access for every passenger, large surface areas, extensive stowage options and configurable privacy. Thanks to its seating arrangement and electrically actuated privacy screens, Optima offers an exclusively private environment for travelers wanting to relax and unwind, or passenger interaction for those travelling together. With bed lengths up to 83.5” and the option for a centerline double bed, Optima creates a sleeping experience for travelers that would typically only be associated with First Class Travel. However, Optima’s unique quality is that while it pays close attention to the needs of its passenger, it never forgets the requirements of airlines; to increase their profitability through increased passenger count. The unique cabin layout, originally designed by Acumen, allows airlines to maximize their revenue potential, offering 15% more seats in the cabin compared to standard business class products.

Optima can be tailored to the brand of the airline; thanks to its modular architecture. A variety of optional product features and customizable areas, allows each customer to embed its brand identity. This design ethos has been integrated into the product from its origination, building upon Zodiac Aerospace’s heritage and experience in manufacturing bespoke premium aircraft cabin solutions.

The perfect marriage of empathetic design and innovative engineering, Optima is the dawn of a new era in Business Class Travel.

Skylounge Core, the business class seat that combines flexibility, customization and comfort

Skylounge Core is a completely re-designed business class seat that focuses on offering class leading features and airline branding solutions while minimizing program costs. Its revolutionary product architecture enables airlines to offer the best possible experience to their passengers whilst also offering airlines customizable elements that reflect their branding and unique identity. This next generation platform offers a reliable and risk free solution with quality at its core.

A business class seat must represent the airline’s brand, but also needs to be easy to maintain. That’s why Zodiac Seats developed a modular architecture based upon the need to customize high value brand-able areas. With a few simple changes customers can make this seat their own. Zodiac Seats has created the PAX module which includes all the features dedicated to the business class passenger. Ideally located above the console it is entirely customizable from a fully open design to maximum stowage capacity option. The aisles’ privacy wings are also customizable to let airlines select between an open cabin feel or maximum privacy.

The seat is available at 42” or 44” of pitch and has been optimized for A330, B787 and A350 aircraft taking into account all the specificities of those platforms. The design integrates all the constraints of the different seat locations in the aircraft in order to reduce the number of parts. Developed with Zodiac Seats’ industrial processes in mind

Skylounge Core reduces maintenance cost and improves on time delivery performance.

Skylounge Core is a new member of the successful Skylounge family, offering a more flexible and easy to customize new offer.

New Z400 economy class seat sets new standards
Zodiac Aerospace launches a new long range economy class commercial airline seat at AIX17: Z400.

The Z400 series offers increased living space and greater weight optimization while establishing a new standard in comfort for seats in its class. In developping Z400, Zodiac Seats worked closely with ergonomics experts and the latest structural analyses software to create a design that is smooth, contemporary and completely optimized for weight with a beginning weight of 10 kg per PAX.

The sleek IFE system integrations have been designed to provide a seamless appearance accommodating up to a 13.3 inch monitor. The thinner design of the seat back, coupled with the articulating motion, provides industry leading shin clearance. The result is an ergonomically satisfying, comfortable, and enjoyable flight that will leave passengers with a fresh experience that positively reflects the airlines’ brand. Cherry on the pie is a revisited meal table design that hides a unique passenger module which is fully customizable.

Two different mock ups of the Z400 will be displayed at Zodiac Aerospace stand 7B40. This includes one with the latest IFE screen manufactured by Zodiac Inflight Innovations. The Z400 will be available on A330, A330NEO, A350, A380, 777, 777X and 787.

WhiZper Active Noise Control System (stand 4C20)
Noise is stressful. Noise is disturbing. Thanks to WhiZper, the passenger can now experience a quieter flying trip. The active noise control system protects the passenger from environmental sounds. The passenger can comfortably watch its favorite programs, listen to its own music or just read or sleep without disturbing or being annoyed by its neighbors. This headset-free technology keeps the passenger in a quiet environment and mood.

Heliott Smart Reading Light (stand 4C20)
If you have to adjust your reading light every time you change position, you quickly stop moving… and are uncomfortable! With the smart reading light, the passenger can now focus on what one’s reading, the light automatically adjusts to the passenger. Tracking the passenger’s support, Heliott always lights at the right place, at the right moment. The passenger can freely move around in its seat, comfortably enjoying his reading.

United Kingdome | September 14, 2015– With just two months to go, over 75 exhibiting companies are making their preparations to participate at Aircraft Interiors Expo Americas 2015 in Seattle from November 4-5, the largest dedicated aircraft interiors event in the Americas region, organised by Reed Exhibitions. Showcasing a broad spectrum of the cabin interiors market, such as aircraft interior design, cabin engineering and seating systems, the exhibitor list features Acro Aircraft Seating, BASF, ITT Enidine, Lufthansa Technik, PPG Aerospace, Sabic, Supracor and Victrex. Over 14 exhibitors will be making their debuts to include Aim Aerospace, Inc., Decorative Products, Flightweight, Shanghai Easun Group and Siasa Air.

According to a recent report from Technavio ( entitled “Global Commercial Aircraft Cabin Interiors Market: Forecast Until 2019,” one of the significant regions for cabin interiors is the Americas and the overall market is rising as a result of increasing air passenger traffic. It has become imperative for airlines to improve passenger experience in terms of luxury and interiors. By investing in interiors, aircraft carriers look to attract customers and improve their market share.

The market therefore presents an attractive opportunity for aircraft cabin interior vendors to introduce improved seating design, upholstery, materials, colours, and other similar additions. The main findings of this Technavio report predict the market to reach a Compound Annual Growth Rate of more than 10 percent from 2015 to 2019.

This is reflected by the multitude of international airlines already registered to attend, including EgyptAir, Delta Airlines, Emirates, Cathay Pacific, Qantas, Alaska Airlines, JetBlue, Southwest and American Airlines.

Making its debut, award-winning aviation galley cart manufacturer, Flightweight, will be showcasing its innovative range of secure, lightweight trolleys at this year’s Seattle event. SmartCart, which will be displayed onthestand, recently won an Onboard Hospitality Award for food service equipment hardware and is the first and only product of its class to achieve EASA approval.

Designed to provide an alternative to heavy, badly-designed trolleys, SmartCart is 5kgs lighter than traditional carts – offering potentially significant fuel cost savings to commercial airlines. The trolley also uses a patented locking system and intelligent tracking technology to provide improved traceability and security right across the inflight catering supply chain.

Commenting on the company’s presence at the exhibition, Flightweight Chairman, Malcolm Mathieson, said: “Aviation is an industry that relies on strong partnerships and collaborative working to deliver innovations which improve performance and overcome challenges. We’re therefore looking forward to demonstrating SmartCart at Aircraft Interiors Expo Americas, where attendees will be able to learn more about the benefits and features of our innovative trolley system in person.”

Following its debut at the 2104 edition, Acro Aircraft Seating, one of the fastest growing aircraft seating companies in the world, will again be exhibiting at Aircraft Interiors Expo Americas 2015. Based in the UK, Acro produces economy class seats with a focus on passenger comfort, robustness, ease of maintenance and light weight. Thanks to its fast growth, Acro Aircraft Seating has been honoured in this year’s Queen’s Awards for Enterprise.

Among the products which will be displayed in Seattle, there will be a prototype of Acro’s new Economy Class seat “Series 6.” The new Economy seat is as much an expression of simplicity as Acro’s current award-winning product lines. It is a completely redesigned fixed back new generation Economy Class seat. The key innovation is to do away with the standard aluminium tube frame and to replace it with a fully composite construction. This leads to increased passenger comfort, lighter weight and greater durability. Inspired by the best of 20th century furniture design, the Series 6 has been designed together with Factory Design, a London product design consultancy.

“With Acro seats now bringing greater comfort to the passengers of four well known US airlines, it’s a very exciting time for us,” said Cameron Allan, Executive Vice President for Acro Aircraft Seating.

In addition to a range of companies from around the world displaying the latest and innovative aircraft interiors products and services, there will also be an interactive forum for cabin development in the Americas market in the form of a two-day Seminar Program. This will incorporate a mix of keynote sessions, debates and case study sessions, providing a face to face arena for the exchange of information for aircraft interiors and travel catering industries.

The agenda will focus on some of the critical issues and innovations for evolving cabin ambience and real estate, with the emphasis on sharing insights and experiences relating to the product developments, methodologies and materials to accomplish the best on board interior solutions.

The opening session on 5 November is entitled “Next Generation Cabin Systems – Connecting and Controlling all Things Electric in the Cabin” to be presented by Dave Kingstone, Head of Business Development Americas, Intellicabin at BAE Systems.

“Next generation cabin systems are all about the integration, connection, and control of “all things electric” in the cabin – they will improve crew communication and interaction with one another, but most importantly how they can improve and enhance the customer experience, stated Mr Kingstone.”

Some of the topics to be addressed in this session will include how cabin system technology can provide the services passengers expect and provide revenue streams for airlines and the use of smart technology to allow crew to easily manage systems and power usage in the cabin and galley during flight.

“With Technavio’s report confirming the trend of increasing air traffic, particularly in the Americas region, Aircraft Interiors Expo Americas 2015 will provide the ideal platform for exhibitors and visitors to network and discuss the latest issues within the aircraft interiors industry. We look forward to welcoming all our exhibiting companies and visitors from around the world to what will be a busy but important event in Seattle,” saidKatie Murphy,Senior Event Director of Aircraft Interiors Expo Americas.