Dubai, UAE | December 7, 2014– Rockwell Collins will be showcasing its new portfolio of ARINCDirect flight information solutions and market-leading cabin systems at the Middle East Business Aviation (MEBA) annual convention and exhibition.

The New ARINCDirect

This suite of flight support services for business aviation consolidates and integrates Rockwell Collins’ former Ascend Flight Information Solutions and ARINC Direct services into one industry-leading solution for flight planning, regional and international trip support, cabin connectivity and flight operations management.

Middle East customers will now experience the single most comprehensive portfolio of flight support solutions in the industry, along with reliable performance, industry-leading technical expertise and outstanding customer service they expect―all from one company.

ARINCDirect services that will be highlighted at MEBA 2014 include:

  • An innovative tankering feature available through the ARINCDirect customer portal which helps business aviation operators better manage fuel costs
  • An integrated weight and balance/performance feature in the ARINCDirect iPad app that provides business aviation pilots the ability to make accurate computations with or without an Internet connection
  • Extensions of Rockwell Collins’ Flight Operating System (FOS) featuring new levels of integration between the ARINCDirect application and the flight scheduling and operations management software
  • The latest connectivity capabilities to help keep the cabin and crew connected in-flight.

Market-Leading Cabin Systems

Rockwell Collins’ Venue HD cabin management and entertainment system has been installed on more than 450 aircraft, which is more than any other HD system available in the market. In recent years, because of the system’s flexible design, Venue has become a popular choice for the large VIP aircraft aftermarket.

Venue’s flexibility allows for integration of other cabin systems, including its Airshow Moving Map system and its Apple-enabling Skybox solution. Airshow delivers real-time flight information for passengers during their journeys through the world, both on cabin-mounted and personal devices. Skybox, as well as Venue’s embedded audio/video on-demand (AVOD) function, allows passengers to stream content throughout the cabin. Skybox is first airworthy solution to securely stream digital rights management (DRM) Hollywood-protected content.

Rockwell Collins’ Tailwind multi-region in-flight TV system offers content-rich, live programming during flight. The company recently announced new satellite reception technology for its Tailwind 550 system for large VIP aircraft. The new technology provides 25-percent greater programming coverage for all supported regions and it improves reliability when traveling between regions where satellite coverage may be weak, and flying in hot and humid areas.