There are a lot of IFE Conference happenings in the next month and a half and we wanted to point out a couple of them that we know and love – APEX in Anaheim CA, September 15 – 18, which we discussed last issue, and the Aircraft Interiors Passenger Experience Conference (and World Travel Catering & Onboard Services) in Seattle, Washington, October 15 and 16 at the Washington Convention Center in downtown Seattle. If you were there or read about last year’s Passenger Experience Conference, they did something that was quite novel. The show planners held a 3-for-1 feature on the first day of the 3 day show. That means that the first day, includes speakers in the morning, breakout sessions in the afternoon, and a reception/networking event hosted on the floor of the exhibition hall with all the cast of booth characters in the evening. If you only go to one day, be sure it’s Tuesday! See below:

Aircraft Interiors Expo Americas
Day 1 Tuesday, October 14, – 9:00 AM till Evening

The morning will explore future trends, before splitting into three concurrent breakouts in the afternoon, drilling into the detail of evolving the cabin experience. The day is timed to allow movement between sessions. Morning plenary Sessions will be looking at tomorrows world in air travel: the users guide to getting there, before asking can you generate a demand for your brand?
Introduction – Vern Alg, Moderator – Introduction to the opening plenary session exploring Tomorrow’s World in Air Travel: The Users’ Guide to Getting There. This session will feature three perspectives from design; travel and technology, on the future for consumer experiences and what that will mean for air travel.
The Paradox of the Chocolate Chip Cookie – Jeremy White, Head of Transport Design, Seymour Powell – “A presentation about the importance of the unimportant.”
How the Connected Traveller And Their Technology Will Define The Future Of Travel – Adam Luchsinger, Global Accounts Business Manager, Google- The level of connectivity in today’s world is a driving force for the evolution of the traveller. Google will share a perspective on three major directional shifts that we are seeing in the travel industry, driven by this increasingly connected traveler. They will explore trends in consumer behavior as well as the corresponding technological developments that will define travel product and marketing efforts in the future. Learn how to stay relevant and prosper in this evolving landscape and use technology as your biggest asset.
Q & A

Designing a Passenger Experience – Mark Krolick – Managing Director of Marketing and Product Development, UAL.
Panel Discussion: Changing the Focus. What Happens she We Start Designing the Experience rather than the Object?

The afternoon will feature 3 Breakout Very Complete Sessions:
1. Inflight Entertainment and Connectivity: Making better Connections with your Passengers for Great Onboard Experiences and Revenue Improvements
2. The Cabin: Backseat Economics and Innovation
3. The Cabin: Planning Cabin Modifications and Mitigating the Risk
Note: You can download the detailed program for the morning and afternoon.

Industry Networking Party/Exhibition Preview
Taking place on the exhibition floor following the Passenger Experience Conference. This is the ideal opportunity to network with industry peers and other professionals in a relaxed yet professional environment.  This event will also double up as an exhibition preview with the exhibition formally opening the following morning on the 15th October.

The following two days (Oct 15 & 16) will feature the show floor exhibit visits so don’t miss that.


Wanna know whats going to be shown 2 weeks from now at APEX in the way of new technology? We got this from an IFE manufacturers website and it probably represents the the state of the technical economy at the conference: “At …, 3D is already here. In the near future, we expect to see Ultra HD, OLED, flexible displays that wrap the interior, gesture-controlled graphical user interfaces (GUIs), eye–tracking technology, and touch surfaces in IFE systems. Ultimately, our vision is to offer ubiquitous connectivity so that IFE systems and passenger devices can exchange data and be on the edge of the cloud, while in the clouds.” Beyond this, we expect a lot of Smart Device (PED) interfacing, Wi-Fi and possible Bluetooth connectivity , and a lot of streaming content solutions like Pandora et al.
And yes, with Apple pushing NFC in the iPhone 6, expect to see more ways to pay!

Looks like APEX will return to Hong Kong, 3 – 4 November, 2014 with 2 full days of educational events.

Heard about Flight Tonight? If you need a flight at a moments notice, this may be your website. The folks at Hopper who sponsors a Hotel Tonight for iOs, Android, and Windows App now have your immediate answer to a quickly needed flight. Flight Tonight takes you through the screens for choosing a departure, flight duration/length, and price. You can purchase the flights through airlines, Flight Tonight, and 3rd part booking agents like Travelocity. Flight Tonight App.

Shawn Raybell is now Vice President, Sales & Marketing at Armstrong Aerospace – 425 358-7333 or

Did you notice that one of the 13 major sponsors for the 2014 APEX EXPO in Anaheim is AT&T? Now, why would they be involved… perhaps a connectivity announcement? If you remember they were in the air telephony game 10 years ago, but now they may be about to roll-out airborne LTE or even announce the beginnings of an acquisition. Stay tuned!

Remember our article on Aviation Scouts at after last year’s AIX in Hamburg? They now have 100 aircraft ship-sets of airplane seats for your perusal. They are also touting a LinkedIn share function to show them to the boss and yes, you can still “spin” the pictures around to see the backsides of the seats! Nice.

Finally, you might watch out for some changes in the Thales Marketing Team – Looks to us the LiveTV crew will be involved!

Publishers Note:
“You probably know that this past July was the 60th anniversary of the Boeing B707 and you probably had no reason to celebrate that fact. But if you were around when the first prototype was given a “barrel roll” over the Seattle’s 1955 Seafair and Gold Cup Hydroplane Races held on Lake Washington on August 6, 1955, you probably thought Bill Allen, company President, Tex Johnson the Chief Test Pilot, and Ed Well, the Chief Engineer were just plain crazy… or just plane crazy. As it turns out the birth of the B707 was just the beginning of the story for the rest of us to come along in it’s contrails. And as history would have it, the story has been told about the “birth” of this important milestone in aviation history many times and by many authors and newspeople. The reason we are featuring it here in IFExpress is to tip off our readers to a terrific recounting of the planes birth by a true Renaissance Man, Robert (Bob) Bogash. Bob is a man who always looks for the truth in everything and in his own words, “I was a Boeing Engineer, and worked in Customer Support, Tech Pubs, Manufacturing, Flight Test, Sales, Marketing, Purchasing, Quality Control – plus a few other things I can’t even remember.” Here is his accounting of the story and we would be remiss in not telling you that this website account has gotten well over 1 million “reads” in the past few months!”Terry Wiseman, Publisher