Singapore | October 26, 2016– Biman Bangladesh Airlines (Biman) has selected Panasonic Avionics Corporation (Panasonic) to deliver a premium entertainment experience onboard its new fleet of four B787-8 aircraft.

A. M. Mosaddique Ahmed, Managing Director and CEO for Biman said, “For our new 787-8 aircraft, we want an entertainment experience that immerses our guests in our brand and the culture of Bangladesh. After looking at all the options available today, it was clear that Panasonic could deliver the kind of experiences and technology we needed to ensure a premium experience onboard our newest aircraft. We look forward to working with Panasonic for many years to come.”

The agreement, which represents the first time the companies have collaborated on inflight entertainment, ensures that Biman’s four new B787-8 aircraft will feature hi-definition screens, advanced touch-screen handsets, and a “home theatre” experience to passengers.

Panasonic Avionics President and CEO Paul Margis said: “We are honored to have been selected by Biman to provide the latest generation of inflight entertainment for their new Dreamliner fleet. Working together, we’ll leverage the most advanced technology available to create a superlative and memorable passenger experience.”

Panasonic’s eX3 system has been chosen by many of the world’s leading global carriers due to its unmatched entertainment capabilities, ultra-lightweight design, low total cost of ownership and high reliability. This cutting-edge inflight entertainment solution is capable of delivering more than 700 hours of on-demand audio and video entertainment. It offers excellent picture quality with enhanced colour and contrast features. Its monitors are future-proofed by offering enough processing power to support all of today’s applications as well as those being introduced in the years to come.

  • Zodiac Inflight Innovation (Zii) is becoming a force in the world of IFEC 45 airline customers, over 550 aircraft in service, and over 650 aircraft in committed backlog

Singapore | October 24, 2016– Zodiac Inflight Innovations (Zii – a Zodiac Aerospace company) has in the past six months secured well over 200 new RAVE AVOD IFE systems to equip commercial aircraft, four new A350 customers, 150 committed B737Max aircraft, their first A380 customer as well as over 200 Global Express Connectivity equipped aircraft committed with the first installation scheduled early in 2017.

Zodiac Inflight Innovations is quietly becoming a force in the world of IFEC. Zii first hit the IFE scene with their revolutionary new Seat Centric IFE system in 2011 and just five years later they are growing with over 45 airline customers, over 550 aircraft in service, and over 650 aircraft in committed backlog.

Zii has added to their basic AVOD system (“RAVE Centric”) a wireless IFE system (RAVE Wireless) and a line fit Ka-band connectivity system (RAVE Broadband) that is available on all Airbus platforms including the A350 XWB and A380. Today, Zii is able to offer airlines a complete IFEC solution complete with all of the advanced features including 2nd screen applications and a truly personalized experience for passengers. Zii is line fit on the Airbus A320, A330, A380 and A350 and is working to become line fit on Boeing aircraft and is adding standard seat pairings with all of the major seat suppliers.

“We like to think of ourselves as different and disruptive” says Larry Girard, Executive Vice President for Zodiac Inflight Innovations. “We are disruptive by design; our seat centric architecture has fewer LRU’s, it’s simple to operate and maintain with unprecedented availability and no dark flights – ever. Coupled with a common software platform and standard parts, we are commercially disruptive as well.”

Zii has this year added an aftermarket support package to round out their portfolio of products. With RAVE Care, an airline can tailor a support package to its specific needs for a fixed price per month per aircraft. RAVE Care can include everything that an airline needs to maintain and operate their IFE systems, including spares, repairs, customer abuse and even content integration. Included in RAVE Care is a software guarantee that means airlines never have to worry about the cost of updating their Passenger User Interface and features over the lifetime of the system.

“Our RAVE systems are much easier to maintain than traditional IFE systems which allows airlines to maintain their own aircraft without the added expense of paying a traditional IFE provider for support” says Matt Smith, CEO for Zodiac Inflight Innovations. “Zii is a company that is different by design; our focus is always on putting our customers first. We want to be a company that Airlines want to work with; customer focused and innovation driven, we relentlessly pursue our core value of RAVE – Reliable, Affordable and Very Easy. It’s more than a name, it’s who we are.”

And their operational performance seems to bear this out. Zii’s on-time delivery and repair turnaround time performance is over 99%. The RAVE system reliability is over 99.5% and we are told that commercially RAVE is the most affordable system on the market today

NBAA, Las Vegas | November 16, 2015– Lufthansa Technik AG announces a High Definition (HD) video system upgrade for the Challenger 300* aircraft. The update is designed specifically to integrate with the current nice® system and existing Ethernet backbone. The HD upgrade requires limited wiring and hardware changes and provides support of the latest consumer interfaces and HD digital video streaming on the nice® network.

The enhanced HD package will increase the current video source selection from one standard definition DVD to three High Definition sources (Blu-ray, USB, and HDMI) with an Audio and Video on Demand (AVoD) fourth source coming free-of-charge in Q1 2016 (field loadable software will enable the AVoD function).

The upgrade is certified by a Bombardier Business Aircraft Service Bulletin and can be installed at any one of Bombardier’s wholly owned seven Service Centre facilities: Singapore, Amsterdam, Dallas, Fort Lauderdale, Hartford, Tucson and Wichita. To have the upgrade installed at one of Bombardier’s diamond-award winning facilities, contact a Bombardier Regional Manager from the Customer Service Centre network.

The update was designed for easy installation and minimal downtime. Wiring changes are kept to a minimum and consists of the addition of the HDMI, USB and Ethernet ports. All wiring is contained within the LH Wardrobe Closet and removal of the Wardrobe is not required to facilitate the installation.

Technical features of the Challenger 300* aircraft nice® HD upgrade includes:

-Two 20″ HD Smart Displays with internal decoding for noise-free high resolution picture;
-Media Center Unit includes Blu-ray Player and AVoD server hardware;
-USB media port for media playback on the forward and aft displays;
-HDMI interface for consumer device connection to the forward
-Upgrade software compatible with industry standard audio and video formats (including, but not limited to, .mp4, .mov, .wmv);
-Software Update and advanced Color Graphical User Interface;
-AVoD server software (available Q1 2016) – allowing stored
content to be individually streamed and controlled on the network to the forward and aft displays.

  • Asia’s biggest airline to be launch customer for new inflight entertainment offering

Hamburg, Germany | April 14, 2015– China Southern Airlines, Asia’s largest airline, is to be the launch customer for Panasonic Avionics’ eXO system, the industry’s most sophisticated overhead in-flight entertainment system.

The eXO system is designed with single aisle aircraft in mind and China Southern has chosen it for its new narrow-bodied fleet of Airbus A320s and A321s being delivered from early in 2016.

The new fleet being equipped will initially consist of 54 aircraft, with an option of a further 50 as the airline expands.

For the new China Southern fleet, the innovative eXO system will deliver overhead retract screens in Full 1080p High Definition (HD), clear digital audio, and in-seat high power USB charging for tablets and smart phones.

The superior Full HD resolution of eXO provides passengers with the same high quality video in the air that they enjoy every day in their home.

The offering includes availability of Near Audio On Demand, a provision unique to Panasonic, which lets passengers skip or repeat audio tracks with the press of a button on the capacitive touch passenger control units (PCU).

The new eXO system is both flexible yet powerful, capable of supporting not just Full HD overhead video and in-seat audio, but also wireless media to passenger PEDs and even seatback AVOD. All of this functionality is supported by just one single 4MCU server unit.

Panasonic Avionics CEO Paul Margis said: “eXO provides a low-cost, lightweight and fully integrated system that gives forward-thinking airlines like China Southern the power to scale the system as necessary and improve the passenger experience with our ever-evolving in-flight offering.

“We are delighted that China Southern Airlines will be our launch customer in such a dynamic market as Asia.”

For more information on Panasonic’s eXO solution, visit the company’s website at

AIX Hamburg, Germany | April 14, 2015– The highly anticipated next-generation digEplayer NV by digEcor has arrived and it delivers on style, usability, functionality and affordability.

The new series NV is the only portable AVOD solution encompassing both the practical features of a custom device and the contemporary look and feel of a consumer tablet at a lower total cost of ownership. It is available in 8, 10, and 12″ versions.

The NV is approved for early window content from all major studios and independent distributors and features enhanced high definition screens, faster processing power, seamless capacitive touch and fully accelerated graphics. I has either a Linux or Android operating system, which support motion/gesture games and allow for easy integration of applications and new media including fully customisable GUIs to generate ancillary revenues and branding opportunities.

“digEcor continues to lead the portable AVOD handheld market with the introduction of the NV series,” said digEcor CEO David Withers.

“We are committed to ongoing innovation in this space and are pleased to offer such wide-ranging enhancements for the digEplayer NV,” he said. “The players are guaranteed to delight passengers with ease-of-use and entertaining content and delight airlines with practical and affordable factors.”

Other features of the new digEplayer NV include an integrated stand mounted directly to a metal chassis, reinforced dual headphone jacks, up to 1TB of SSD storage, USB power and gigabyte Ethernet content loading. The device also supports Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. As with previous digEplayers the battery is changeable so you don’t have to take a player out of service just to charge a battery.

“We have over 10 years designing, manufacturing and operating tens of thousands of portable media players in an airline environment and we’ve studied the failure modes and airline hurt points and designed them out of the NV series,” said Withers. ” We are very proud of our fifth generation digEplayer.”

Content is updated via a content update rack using gigabit Ethernet or by swapping optional SD cards. Smart status battery charging and batteries offering either 12hr or 18 hr life are available.

The digEplayer NV is a leading component of digEcor’s Integrated Flight Experience, a low-cost, flexible solution for airlines to improve customer experiences across all areas of its inflight service including entertainment, power, lighting and crew and passenger connectivity.

digEcor is an established and trusted industry partner that fully supports the design, implementation and operational requirements of its IFE – Integrated Flight Experience – solution by providing end-to-end expert advice and 24-hour-a-day technical support.

Neuilly-sur-Seine, France and Irvine, California | December 2, 2014– Thales announces that Japan Airlines’ new B787-8, which entered into revenue service on December 1, is equipped with the latest generation, Android based AVANT in-flight entertainment system. Japan Airlines (JAL) becomes the first carrier in Asia to fly Thales’s AVANT system on a B787 aircraft.

AVANT is a popular system on newest generation aircraft and has been selected by 15 worldwide airlines. Today, more than 120 aircraft are flying with AVANT with at least one aircraft delivery nearly every week. Total orders are approaching 500 aircraft.

The JAL Sky Suite passenger experience on the B787 includes a wide selection of on-demand entertainment, 3D Maps, JAL Shop, and Sky Manga; a world first for the cabin experience. Sky Manga is a service that allows passengers to enjoy digital manga on the Thales system. Available in all classes on international routes, passengers will have access to 90 Japanese and 30 English titles.

Business class passengers will enjoy their personal entertainment on 23” high definition displays and on the award winning Touch Passenger Media Unit. This unique unit, which resembles a smartphone, can be used as a control device or second screen, bringing more interactivity and newer Android applications to passengers than ever before.

Passengers in premium economy and economy seats will access their entertainment through large 12 and 10 inch displays offering a generous viewing experience. At every seat, passengers will find AC power and USB port accommodations for their mobile devices.

Japan Airlines have 15 line-fit B787 aircraft on order, all featuring AVANT. The airline and Thales have a developed a close partnership over the years. In addition to the B787, Thales systems are flying on Japan Airlines’ B767 and B777 aircraft, on both domestic and international routes.

“Our relationship with Japan Airlines spans many years and we have developed mutual respect and trust for one another. The launch of this new aircraft is a great milestone for all of us and we are confident that the quality, reliability and advanced technology of our systems will help Japan Airlines ensure their passengers continue to be satisfied by this airline’s exceptional level of service,” said Dominique Giannoni, Thales vice president and CEO of In-flight Entertainment and Connectivity activities

  • VVIP business jet will also feature high-definition Airshow 3D Moving Map

Dubai | November 19, 2013–

Jet Aviation Basel has selected Rockwell Collins’ market-leading Venue™ cabin management and entertainment system and high-definition (HD) Airshow® 3D Moving Map system for an Airbus A340CJ VVIP business jet. This selection highlights a series of large VIP business jet wins for Venue over the past two years, driven by the system’s flexibility, reliability, and open-architecture design.

“This is a significant milestone and one that makes us very proud, as this is the largest aircraft Venue will be installed on to date,” said Greg Irmen, vice president and general manager, Cabin Systems for Rockwell Collins. “Venue’s popularity, especially for the VIPs, stems from the simplicity of its hardware and the peace of mind associated with knowing it will accommodate future consumer-driven technologies.”

The updated A340CJ cabin will feature HD monitors throughout the aircraft and wireless audio/video on-demand (AVOD) for personal devices, optimizing the viewing of Blu-Ray movies and other high-resolution content. Venue is built upon a fault-tolerant, ruggedized 67 Gbps fiber optic backbone which insures maximum system availability while providing necessary bandwidth to integrate the latest consumer technologies.

Installation will begin in the first half of 2014.

Once fielded, the aircraft will be supported 24/7 by the Rockwell Collins’ world-class customer service team, with over 2,000 staff and technicians operating from 46 service bases around the globe.

Venue, the leading cabin management and HD entertainment system for business aircraft with more than 300 installations, includes the features and functionality of the most advanced home entertainment systems and executive suites. Learn more about Venue


Las Vegas, NV [NBAA 2013] | October 22, 2013 – The latest enhancement to Rockwell Collins’Venue™ cabin management and HD entertainment system allows business jet principals to share their content with a broader range of Digital Lifestyle Network Alliance (DLNA)-Certified® personal devices wirelessly throughout the cabin. Such devices include Android and iOS devices, the Kindle Fire, and laptop computers.

With wireless AVOD (Audio Video On Demand), Venue allows unencrypted content to be loaded and accessed by multiple displays and devices within the cabin. The feature allows principals to load personal digital media for their enjoyment or to share with other passengers. Venue will play them simultaneously or at different times on a variety of output devices.

“With the availability of AVOD, principals will have more flexibility to play and share favorites wirelessly from their personal collection they’ve been saving for a convenient time to enjoy,” said Greg Irmen, vice president and general manager, Cabin Systems for Rockwell Collins. “They also can share their experience with other passengers in the refined sound and video environment of Venue.”

The capability can be added to Venue systems that are equipped with a wireless router through a simple software upgrade. Media can both be “pushed” through Venue from a tablet or iPhone to output devices, or “pulled” from an external storage drive carried onto the aircraft.

To learn more about what makes Venue the most popular HD business jet cabin management system, visit

Lumexis Corporation reports that US Airways trial of its Fiber-To-The-Screen™ (FTTS™), now in its tenth week is proving both extremely popular with users and exceptionally reliable during its highly anticipated airline operational evaluation. The system was installed on an Airbus A320 aircraft in January and approved for Part 121 operation under FAA STC. It has been flying since early March and has now accumulated some 275 flights and over 1,000 hours of operation during regular revenue service.

Lumexis ™ CEO Doug Cline reports that the aircraft has been flying between Orange County, Phoenix, Atlanta and back daily with no system failures. “I have been manufacturing major avionics systems for over thirty years and this is without a doubt the most impressive record for a sophisticated new system entering service. We have never delayed a single flight and have never even required a system reboot” he marvels. “That is truly unprecedented for any high performance, multi-user AVOD system. As a result of this achievement, a number of airlines have had key managers on the aircraft and we are currently in negotiations with several of them for future installations.”

Cline continued that “The Lumexis ™ system is built around an advanced Fiber Optic Technology which is far simpler than legacy AVOD systems offered by other IFE manufacturers. This extensive flight demonstration evidences that the architecture’s fewer boxes and much lower parts count yield an inherently more reliable system.”

Lumexis ™ is a manufacturer and marketer of Inflight Entertainment and eCommerce Systems located in Costa Mesa, California, adjacent to Orange County Airport. The company can be contacted through its website, , by email at or by telephone at +1.714.641.4900.