The APEX Conference never changes. The APEX Conference always changes, and that’s great!
Let us explain:

Each year, the world of IFEC has a couple conferences that are one of the best thing that happens in our industry. Seeing friends, meeting new ones, learning about the results of millions of dollars of R&D… that’s what never changes and we appreciate being part of this industry. Thanx APEX.

If you are in love with the technology as we are, conferences are the showrooms of new tech and every year we are stunned by what technology gives and takes from this industry. In a word – change. As an example, ground-based technology like communication is in the process of revamping at least part of our industry. We cite satellites and mobile devices as perfect examples of this cross fertilization.

In covering the show we note that we have compiled at least 50 stories that we hope to present to our readers over the coming months. We want to get out information to those who work in the labs and flight lines that do not get a chance to participate in shows and conferences and that is why you can find some of our many floor images uploaded on flckr. Just click the image in the righthand corner of this newsletter to take you there. We exist for everyone in this industry and we thought we would set the stage with a few broad observations in this issue… you might call them trends but they are certainly changes, and after reading between the lines, we think you will get an idea of what this industry is coming to. By the way, there is no order or ranking these are our observations over 4 days of show floor discussion and interviews.

  • Wireless Everywhere: As you can imagine, wireless technology is invading your everyday life and is probably doing so in the cabins and airports of the world as well. We saw wireless IFE, wireless connectivity, wireless crew solutions, wireless crew service tablet solutions… keep your eye on KID’s Skyfi and the ongoing Airbus IFEC inroads with Alna. We expected a Boeing/ Samsung announcement along the same lines but saw none?!
  • Second Screens Coupled with Overhead Video Monitors: This solution tells us a lot. Firstly, many future single aisle planes will become hybrid solutions especially on longer routes. That is, they get the full Monty up front with seatback or in-seat screens, while coach entertainment, information and gaming solutions are delivered via overhead video and on your own, Wi-Fi enabled device. And yes, up front probably get’s Wi-Fi too. This prediction says the overhead monitor is going to make a comeback in limited applications, but one IFE executive told IFExpress that there are somewhere between 4000 and 6000 single aisle planes out there with little or no IFE. Panasonic and Lumexis are going to be in this race.
  • Inflight User Data: What you like, what you click, and what you buy is being tallied by folks at Panasonic and Thompson just to name two. Data sells advertising, systems and is another source of airline revenue. Bob Thompson (Thompson Aerospace) told us that with a proper content, advertising and data deal, he would give his systems away. Thales is also partnering with Survey Analytics to bring online tools to connect airline and passenger preferences.
  • Cashless Onboard Payments: NFC is still out there but a lot of airlines are trying to figure out how to integrate it with their onboard systems. The latest variant from IFPL showed at their booth puts the capability at each seat as a Contactless Retail System with a wireless data solution, 5-year battery power, and an Ink Technology screen that has a lot of additional future uses. While not a trend, we keep waiting for the “next big thing” in payments and this may be it.
  • Connectivity and TV Rise —  Slow but Sure: Ka Band is coming this year and LiveTV and ViaSat plan a big offering to JetBlue travelers. Ku Band continues to populate with Panasonic and Intelsat EpicNG offering up to seven live TV channels, Gogo set to launch Ground To Orbit (GTO) 60mbps Internet in 2014, and SITA and Thales’s GateSync delivery of connectivity services eventually destined for passenger devices.
  • Marriage and Dating: Yes, we are talking about vendor consolidation like the Airline Alliance and Zodiac have demonstrated. It may start to be a trend as vendors try the mega-IFE store look. We also suspect that the big OEM’s (Airbus & Boeing) are getting a bit nervous about the increased off-plant aircraft cabin integration and installation business performed by companies and teams that know more about cabin equipage than they do. This may also explain the Airbus fiber core IFE (ALNA) development and the Boeing/Samsung activity.
  • Solid State Memory (SSD): Prices are dropping fast for reliable solid state memory. One vendor plans 1 TB and 1 /2 TB server solutions while the Lumexis twin server solution has had a reported 1.5 TB of the stuff. We found SSD’s online for $.71 per GB but have seen lower. HDD’s on the other hand are around $.04 per GB. Also watch the wireless server folks because they love the stuff!
  • Mobile Device Pandering: In a way, airlines have no choice, passengers are going to bring their mobile devices aboard and unless the FAA & FCC outlaw them onboard they are here to stay. If the airline wants to be an IFE participant with the passenger onboard experience, they need to play ball with what brought aboard.
  • OS Winner (Not): IFE systems are pretty much Android, Linux and some Windows based architectures. It is interesting to note that the big dogs in passenger devices are Windows and Mac OS for laptops while mobile devices sprout iOS and Android. It is a good thing we have HTML and Wi-Fi standards so they all can communicate. Interestingly, at the end of this year it is predicted that iOS device deliveries will exceed Windows-based product deliveries.
  • New Directions: There is a lot of new technology out there and products like iPads and Nexus tablets are providing increased new business opportunities for vendors. One of the growth markets is onboard service software and we saw a few new products that offer airlines better control of onboard purchasing, customer service, performance evaluation, passenger service and preference data control, and crew data handling.
  • Maps & Gaming: Moving maps have had a real facelift in the past few years. There were a lot of 3D solutions out there and one that caught our eye was the map products developed by Betria System. Many of the solutions feature glorious, interactive graphics. Rockwell has a beauty and it grew out of the Airshow products from the early 90’s. Gaming on the other hand seems to have a steady batch of new entrants but the growth seems to be in the old-timers and their preference for games past like the products from G.U.E. Tech. The Miami team had delivered past successful games with updated sound and graphics. They offer some 45 yesterday games in today’s rendering.
  • Streaming and Power: It seems that everyone that has WI-Fi is offering some solution that streams video content. Two things to remember: First – A single WAP can handle around 50 users assuming the device performs some dynamic bandwidth allocation (adjusts signal quality for the device). Second – The words of Michael Childers ring true, “If you are going to stream Early Window content then you are gong to need an App.” DRM approval does not necessarily mean Early Window approval. Next on the power front, we saw more in-seat power vendors than ever. There were at least
  • 6 companies selling in-seat power at the show and as portable devices get more popular, there will be a greater demand for them. Watch out for BAE Systems & EMTEQ – they have a new system that changes the way power is supplied and it is based on balancing the supplied power to the seats.
  • Radomes: This is a later story but we found one radome vendor who could deliver a single radome that could be used for Ku Band and Ka Band. This is an incredible feat and we will have more on them later. Nice job General Dynamics!

Editor’s Note: Wireless Week and The Associated Press reports the following: “The airport in the suburb Romulus announced Monday that unlimited wireless Internet access is available to people after viewing a 30-second advertisement no more than once every 45 minutes. The network provider is Advanced Wireless Group LLC. The airport says the ad-supported model being used for Wi-Fi access enables it to offer unlimited access at higher speeds. Several premium access options for those who want higher speeds or ad-free online browsing also are available at the airport.” Perhaps we are seeing the next model variant for free inflight Wi-Fi Internet, if that day ever comes.

Anaheim, CA | September 11, 2013– Global Eagle Entertainment, Inc. (Nasdaq:ENT) announced it has signed a Memo of Understanding (“MOU”) with TVplus to jointly market its award-winning interactive video platform to global airlines.

TVplus will accompany Global Eagle in their booth at the Airline Passenger Experience Association (APEX) / International Flight Services Association (IFSA) EXPO at the Anaheim Convention Center from September 9 through 13, 2013 to demonstrate its second-screen technology.

As the provider of a leading full-service platform offering both content and connectivity for the worldwide airline industry, Global Eagle continues to invest in the technologies and trends that can deliver better experiences for passengers’ inflight.

The TVplus technology powers second screen and interactive video applications for 5 of the 8 largest TV network families in the United States as the trend toward multi-screen interaction and video interactivity continues to grow.

“A robust second-screen experience has been a growing trend within inflight entertainment and is something we’re evaluating as another key feature for our customers,” said John LaValle, Chief Executive Officer of Global Eagle Entertainment. “TVplus offers a proven, end-to-end platform that is easy to deploy, manage and evolve with our customers’ needs. We’re excited to explore the development of a second-screen offering that utilizes TVplus’ technology in line with our focus on offering our customers the most advanced inflight entertainment available.”

Added Randy Shiozaki, Co-Founder of TVplus, “Our proven technology and content platform powers highly engaging, multi-screen experiences for some of the highest rated shows on TV. Global Eagle is the ideal partner to work with to bring new levels of engagement and monetization to the airline industry and its consumers.”

  • The Miami-based in-flight games specialists will be demonstrating their catalogue of current and next generation games on the IFE Services booth in Anaheim this month.

Knutsford, Cheshire, UK | September 4, 2013– IFE Services’ games partner, GUE Tech, will be demonstrating their catalogue of market-leading games at APEX EXPO in Anaheim, California next week.

GUE Tech has spent the past few years acquiring rights from leading games publishers in order to offer airlines an unbeatable catalogue of in-flight games that will revolutionise the passenger experience. Sourced from proven gaming platforms including PlayStation, Wii and Xbox, the Miami-based company now has over 220 games to choose from including legendary titles such as Worms, Alone in the Dark, Kaan, Actua Soccer, Simon the Sorcerer, Fallout and Alien Breed. There is truly something for every passenger with genres including action, sport, interactive movie, role-playing, racing, strategy, arcade, shooter, adventure, educational and puzzle.

GUE Tech’s catalogue also includes 60 Android titles that will run on the next generation of IFE systems. The company is keeping its exciting new Android catalogue under wraps though until APEX EXPO opens its doors on 10th September.

In March this year it was announced that Singapore Airlines had signed an agreement with GUE Tech for 15 games as part of its flagship ‘Red Eye Games Collection.’ Then in May GUE Tech signed a partnership agreement with leading in-flight entertainment provider, IFE Services, to bring their catalogue to a wider market.

“We’re determined to raise the quality of in-flight gaming. There is no reason to compromise with poor standard games as both current and new IFE platforms allow passengers to enjoy the same gaming experience in the air that they’re accustomed to at home. Airline passengers deserve to finally have console standard games 30,000 feet up in the sky,” said Max Lingua, Chief Executive Officer, GUE Tech. “Working closely with IFE Services we’re now providing airlines with a brilliant selection of top quality games that will appeal to passengers of all ages and backgrounds. Gamers will finally feel at home up in the air and parents will love the educational games which will keep their kids entertained for hours on those long international flights.”

GUE Tech will be demonstrating its games on the IFE Services’ booth (1031) from 10 – 12th September at APEX EXPO. To arrange a demonstration of the games please contact

Each year we offer readers the opportunity to get their show booth information out there for show goers to print out and take with them for easy reference. This year is no different. Not only did we get a plethora of responses, a couple of the vendors called us with news about their show offerings; we suspect in part, due to the the booming economic conditions. However, we hope to reward the callers’ enthusiasm with footnotes to their exhibit information.

Aircraft Cabin Systems
Booth#: 1528
Ben Ludlow e: Cell: +1.206.612.1979
Product/Services: In 15 years Aircraft Cabin Systems (ACS) has grown to be the most respected manufacturer of IFE LCD monitors. We are committed to delivering the highest level of customer service, product support, and certification efforts. ACS offers LCD monitors ranging in size from 5.7” to 65” for any aircraft type.

Booth#: 1413
Contact: Dennis Markert e: Cell: +1.425.442.8195
Product/Services: The aviation and IFE industry recognize that USB charging, specifically high-power USB charging, is necessary in order to keep passenger devices charged and available in the air. Astronics’ latest USB power supply provides enough power to charge 4 iPads simultaneously … while in use! The system delivers up to 2.1 Amps (configuration dependent) at +5 volts using aircraft 115AC power (360 Hz to 800 Hz AC) and is designed to the meet the latest aircraft OEM and regulatory requirements. Come see the latest product innovations from Astronics as you charge your devices at our latest charging station demonstration.

digEcor Inc.
Booth#: 1626
Contact: Ben Fuller e: Cell: +1 801.691.7225
Product/Services: digEcor provides the aerospace industry a low cost, turnkey in-flight entertainment solution by specializing in content sourcing and management, personal media platforms (PMPs), embedded systems, and end-to-end digital programs for the entire cabin. With years of experience, digEcor focuses on increasing traveler satisfaction, creating easily executed solutions, and generating revenue opportunities for clients.

Booth#: 1034
Contact: Channing Fleetwood e: Cell: +1.404.519.1322
Product/Services: Gogo is the global leader of in-flight connectivity and a pioneer in wireless in-flight entertainment solutions. Using Gogo’s exclusive products and services, passengers with WiFi-enabled devices can get online on more than 1,900 Gogo equipped commercial aircraft. In-flight connectivity partners include American Airlines, Air Canada, AirTran Airways, Alaska Airlines, Delta Air Lines, Frontier Airlines, United Airlines, US Airways and Virgin America. In-flight entertainment partners include American Airlines, Delta Air Lines, Scoot and US Airways.

Booth#: 415
Contact: Neil Thomas e: Cell: +(44).778.698.7454
Product/Services: Generate ancillary revenue with IFPL’s Contactless Retail System (CRS).

IFPL has developed an in-seat payment system that takes advantage of the new NFC contactless Credit Cards for low value purchases. These let your passenger pay quickly and simply with their credit card for on-board transactions at their seat, eliminating the requirement for cash on-board. Contactless payment is enabled by Near Field Communication (NFC).

CRS is easy to install with no in-seat wiring required. It will run for up to 24 months on the optional built- in battery, is easily configurable and can be used as part of an IFE or as a stand-alone system.

Our CRS is great for your installation engineers, cabin crew and passengers. Simple installation allows easy upgrade of you EPoS system, quick order fulfilment and pleased passengers. The service level is customisable for the grade of seat and enables easy catalogue updates over Wi-Fi for special offers or to simply update food menu options.

We look forward to working with you directly or with your EPoS retail partners. So whether you are a low cost or full service carrier, this CRS system will generate revenue for you.

Call, click or come to Booth 415 at the APEX Expo to find out more …

Booth#: 1800
Contact: Paula Ferrai; Cell: +41.79.874.0608
Product/Services: Inmarsat will be discussing GX Aviation, the only global Ka-band satellite network. Combined with SwiftBroadband, Inmarsat provides the most comprehensive inflight connectivity available. It is suitable for every type of aircraft, and is able to suit the needs of every airline.

KID Systeme
Booth#: 1433
Contact: Maren Münte e: Cell: +49.171.566.0630
Product/Services: At this years APEX in Anaheim, KID will display their innovative cabin systems. The company’s product portfolio encompasses seat power, onboard connectivity and wireless content services, enabling passengers to use their own personal electronic devices while in the air as if on the ground. KID-Systeme supplies the world’s leading aircraft manufacturers, including Airbus, Boeing and Embraer. We are looking forward to welcoming you on our booth.

Note: KID hinted to IFExpress that their booth may contain a new product -SKYfi… not to mention a new website coming soon as well. Sounds like a whole new plan game at KID.

Lumexis Corporation
Booth#: 1417
Contact: Jon Norris Cell: +1.949.436.1434
Product/Services: Lumexis®, supplier of the highly successful Fiber-To-The-Screen®(FTTS®) IFE system, introduces its FTTS Second Screen™ capability to APEX EXPO 2013. FTTS Second Screen combines the best of all passenger experiences by providing uninterrupted HD video entertainment on a passenger’s seatback, in-arm or bulkhead-mounted main screen FTTS monitor, while allowing them to use their own PEDs to wirelessly access moving maps, order food, buy duty-free goods, play games or use every application available on the platform.

Booth#: 1041
Contact: Aurélie Branchereau-Giles; e: Cell: +41.78.676.1546
Product/Services: At APEX, OnAir will launch OnAirPlay, which is set to revolutionize the way airline passengers spend their time onboard by combining inflight connectivity with films, TV, live news, music, games, magazines and newspapers. Passengers will now have access to a full range of content including live news and sport, updated throughout the flight and can buy destination-based goods and services to ease their arrival.

Panasonic Avionics
Booth#: 1205
Contact: Rebecca Atchison e:
Product/Services: At the 2013 APEX Expo, Panasonic Avionics will demonstrate how IFE systems combined with broadband connectivity and technical services can positively impact key issues like competition, profitability, consolidation, managing costs and fuel prices, that airlines face every day.

Rockwell Collins
Booth#: 1000
Contact: Jerry Thomas e: Cell: +1.949.293.5295
Product/Services: Rockwell Collins will be showcasing its latest innovations for cabin management and entertainment, including its PAVES On-demand and PAVES Broadcast IFE systems. The two solutions bring unprecedented reliability and versatility to single-aisle aircraft for keeping downtime to a minimum and allowing flexibility for the different mission needs of airlines. Also, Rockwell Collins’ industry-leading Airshow 3D Moving Map will be on exhibit, as well as its Venue HD cabin management and entertainment system for VIP aircraft.

StoreBox InFlight
Booth#: 316
Contact: Web Barth e: Cell: +1.425.746.4335
Product/Services: StoreBox InFlight provides the E+ System; a complete in flight, video on demand WiFi streaming program that is turnkey for airlines (hardware, installation, content, advertising sponsors, content refreshment) that provides passengers with 60+ hours of free entertainment; movies, TV shows, music, games, books, popular magazines, daily newspapers, daily news show, shopping from popular catalogs and destination based information and coupons.

Note: New kin on the block, StoreBox InFlight, will be at APEX with news about their new E+SYSTEM Wi-Fi solution that promises no ongoing content charges for the airline adopting their low cost, light weight system. And yes, there are some high names involved.

Booth#: 1022
Contact: Lori Krans e: Cell: +1.949.923.0976
Product/Services: Delivering Innovation and Performance is the Thales theme for Apex 2013. With focus on Applications, Systems Flexibility, Connectivity and Future Innovations, Thales brings to APEX over 25 demonstrations for today and tomorrow. Come visit us!

Thompson Aerospace
Booth#: 1644
Contact: Lisa Nielesky e: Cell: +1.714.501.3302
Product/Services: 1Net system demonstration showing ecommerce, advertising campaigns, usage statistics, and system integration for both wired and wireless systems. Stop by our booth, create your own advertising campaign, and your advertising artistry may win you a Samsung Galaxy Tablet!

Note: Mark Thompson called us with the exuberance of Christmas kid… and I don’t blame him. 1Net is now connected to a cloud server and talks to the Flight Operations Cloud. A couple little secrets – you have to see their real-time, airborne, advertising, QR code generator and be sure to enter the make-your-own-advert-and-win-a-Galaxy contest. Such creative solutions… go there!

Booth#: 935
Contact: Axel Jahn e: Cell: +
Product/Services: TriaGnoSys will discuss the development of its ‘one-box-wonder’, the small, lightweight GSMConneX. It is used to provide mobile phone and Wi-Fi connectivity, as well as for the wireless streaming on IFE content. Importantly, TriaGnoSys will be discussing the airline customers that already use GSMConneX, and the prospects for the coming year.

VT Miltope
Booth#: 1822
Contact: Jeff Drader e: Cell: +1.949.278.5856
Product/Services: Miltope’s family of network products offer the required functionality necessary to create custom airborne networks similar to how office networks are created. Our products optimize the combination of interfaces and computing resources to meet operational, spatial, and functional requirements of simple to complex airborne systems at minimum cost. Products include servers, Ethernet switches, wireless access points, TWLU aircraft to ground wireless bridging, ARINC 744 network printers and ARINC740 printer, control panels, and data storage devices.

Zodiac Inflight Innovations
Booth#: 1400
Contact: Harry Gray e: Cell: +1.714.683.3793
Product/Services: We are showcasing our latest developments of RAVE, the only IP-safe passenger-centric IFE system. System demonstration capabilities include business class and economy class integrated seats from Zodiac Aerospace. In addition, we have some new connectivity options that we are excited to discuss.

Our big story is a recent interview with a busy David Withers, the new owner and CEO of digEcor, the folks who developed the digEplayer. IFExpress had a short chat with him and from our perspective; the Utah-based IFE company is going to be very much a worldwide operation. Mr. Withers comes to the IFE business with an aviation pedigree that includes: Qantas, Boeing, and TAS Brisbane, his own avionics company based in Australia. By building teams in the Americas, SE Asia (Singapore – Australia), and Europe (coming soon), he plans to focus on customer satisfaction and product development… especially for the narrow-body market. Remarked Mr. Withers, “Since some 65% of the aircraft market out there is single-aisle, and under 20% are equipped with IFE, we see our role in this segment as the perfect blend for both portable and embedded entertainment hardware solutions. Acquiring the digEcor assets and team then combining it with our existing business base has us poised to grow this business, especially with our focus on CRM (Customer Relationship Management). By understanding our customers better, our plan is not only to retain the existing customer base, but we will win new ones – it’s in our DNA and our business plan as we will continue the development of organizational structure to provide products that will take single-aisle entertainment to the next level.” David told IFExpress to invite APEX show-goers to stop by the digEcor Booth 1626 and meet some of the new team members and check out their next phase of growth. Stay tuned on this one, and we hope to have a developing story on the new digEcor soon.

Editors note: Here are some related historical links we found on Mr. Withers and CRM.

We also wanted to give our readers one last rundown of the busy IFEC show season that is upon us. First and foremost is the big deal show for InFlight Entertainment and Connectivity here in the US. The show is sponsored by APEX and there are three reasons to go. The first is the IFE vendors, most of who are headquartered in California and close to Anaheim. This is their home turf and where they bring out their big guns in the form of people, products, and parties. The second is the fact that the movie houses are firmly planted in Hollywood, 35 miles from Anaheim… you got the picture. Lastly, IFSA (International Flight Services Association) is co-showing with APEX in Anaheim this year. We keep mentioning the delight of cruising the IFSA aisles and the wonderful food services job that vendors lay out to woo airlines. Take an hour or so to check out the latest food and delivery innovations… it’s almost as good as Wi-Fi.

Editors Note: We want to advise our readers who will be participating in the forthcoming APEX Conference that next IFExpress issue will feature show-who-is-where information such as booth number and product description. The September 9 – 12 IFEC event is one of the major IFEC events of theyear so let our readers know where you will be located. We are happy to publish the following for you: Company name, Contact Name (phone, email, etc.), Product(s)/Service(s) Description (brief please), and your Booth Number. See you there!

The next not-to-miss event takes place in Seattle on October 1 – 3: the Aircraft Interiors EXPO Americas. This show has a new feature that we really like, The Seating and IFE Integration Symposium that runs on Tuesday October 1. We talked to a few folks participating and we expect a lot of in-seat power and cabin Wi-Fi issues to be on the table along with passenger seating which seems to be undergoing a great transformation in design and functionality. We are told the relative new Americas show is growing each year and now has over 100 vendors involved. IFExpress went last year and we were pretty impressed at how little we knew about the cabin that was not IFEC related. We strongly recommend this free show. Also, the AIEA has now collocated with the Composites World Show and this may be quite interesting as interior vendors are being driven by the OEM’s to deliver lighter composite cabin interior solutions.

If you just have to go to Las Vegas, The Future Travel Experience Show will be found at Mandalay Bay September 4 – 6. FTE is an “Out-There” show that likes to headline some of the newest ideas in flying travel like the latest industry focus “On the Ground” and “Up in the Air” developments. Check out their website and don’t tell the boss it’s in Las Vegas.

In case you didn’t see the latest news from Lumexis and you can read it here. Be advised, there is soon going to be a new kid on the Boeing B737-800/900 offerability block. We reckon that there has been a lot of talk from airlines wanting to purchase the Lumexis FTTS system if it is installed on the airplane assembly line (not retrofit later) from customers that will be receiving their B737’s in the forthcoming years. It’s not inexpensive but the business prospects are probably daunting. Editors Note: Be prepared for a different OEM offerability deal with an IFE vendor, but this time with Airbus!

  • The winners will be honored at the APEX Awards Ceremony September 9, 2013, in Anaheim, California

Phoenix, Arizona | August 19, 2013/PRWeb/– SmartTray International, LLC announced today that its SmartTray X2™ proprietary IFE platform for holding tablet devices inside airplane tray tables has been selected as one of only four finalists by the Airline Passenger Experience Association (APEX) for the Avion Award for Best Achievement in Technology.

“Literally hundreds of firms, big and small, compete in the IFE space,” said Nick Pajic, Founder & CEO of SmartTray International. We are very pleased and proud to see the X2 recognized as one of the leading solutions for making IFE a better experience for passengers and a more cost effective solution for airlines,” added Pajic.

The APEX Avion Awards and the related Passenger Choice Awards recognize industry innovation and contributions to the inflight entertainment (IFE) industry. Awards are presented annually by the Airline Passenger Experience Association (APEX). The 2013 winner in each category will be announced on September 9, 2013, at the APEX/IFSA EXPO during the 2013 Awards Ceremony in Anaheim, California.

The explosive growth of personal electronic devices (PEDs) on airplanes has been influenced by introduction of onboard internet connection at 35,000 feet. By 2016, industry experts are forecasting over 760 million electronic tablet devices will be in circulation. Combined with e-readers and smartphones, that means that almost everyone flying will bring onboard at least one of these gadgets. The problem all airline carriers are facing today is that the airplane cabin was not designed for these devices.

“Of course, we are flattered to be nominated as a finalist for this prestigious Avion Award for Best Achievement in Technology,” said Pajic. We are even more proud to bring a simple and affordable solution to all airlines that makes using these devices onboard safer for travelers and inflight crew and that can be installed literally overnight,” added Pajic.

The SmartTray X2™ features a unique ‘tray-in-a-tray” design which safely holds passenger-owned personal electronic devices (PEDs), makes the cabin safer for travelers and inflight crew, and makes using these devices easy when the tray tables are in the upright, or down positions. For more information including product video demonstrations, please visit

SmartTray International will showcase its SmartTray X1™ and SmartTray X2™ tablet device IFE platforms at APEX/IFSA 2013 EXPO, September 9-12, 2013, in Anaheim, California, exhibit Hall C, Booth 1644.

– EXPO, Educational Sessions and Awards Draw Record Attendance

Long Beach, CA | September 2012– The Airline Passenger Experience Association (APEX) hosted thousands of attendees at what has been widely hailed by attendees as the most successful annual EXPO yet, held 17-20 September at the Long Beach Convention & Entertainment Center in California. By the end of the EXPO, total attendance had hit 2,462: the highest mark in 15 years.

Exhibitors represented a wide range of fields, including education, encoding, entertainment, flight crew services, inflight entertainment and internet connectivity systems, inflight lounge products and services, interactive content, IT, marketing, media, motion pictures, inflight magazine publication, retail, seating, short subject production and distribution, software development and wireless communication.

“We knew going into this event that our full agenda would draw in a huge crowd of passenger experience professionals, and we are thrilled by the level of enthusiasm this year,” said Chris Babb, APEX Immediate Past President. “Our efforts to revamp the popular educational sessions paid off, as our speakers addressed rooms packed with attendees eager to learn more about WiFi, onboard gaming, connectivity and new technologies that are changing our industry.”

While the bulk of activities centered on the EXPO itself, attendees enjoyed a series of educational sessions related to new technologies, advancements in passenger experience and cutting-edge wireless options. The educational segment featured a well-received “learning journey” that discussed “ecosystems” and featured speakers from Philips, Intel, Cisco and Ericsson.

Additionally, association members recognized industry leaders who have set the highest standards in the passenger experience. More than 700 attendees celebrated their peers during the APEX Awards Ceremony, emceed by Emmy Award-winning travel journalist Joel Connable. The Avion Awards recognized industry innovators; Leigh Mantle, of Inflight Productions, was awarded the Lifetime Achievement Award for service to the association and the industry.

The industry also recognized innovation and achievement in airline achievement announcing winners of its Passenger Choice Awards. Airlines and service providers received awards in 14 categories, ranging from best inflight video to best ground experience, with Virgin America and Emirates receiving the top accolades of the evening: Best Overall Passenger Experience (up to 50 IFE equipped in fleet) and Best Overall Passenger Experience (over 50 IFE equipped in fleet) respectively.

Following the Annual General Meeting, the newly elected APEX Board of Directors took office and includes: President Linda Celestino, Oman Air; Vice President Alfy Veretto, Virgin America; and Treasurer Joan Filippini, Paramount Studios. Continuing his term as Secretary is Dominic Green, Spafax.

Newly elected to the APEX Board are: Ingo Wuggetzer, Airbus; and Ashley Woodall, JetBlue Airlines. Re-elected to the board are Luay Qunash, Royal Jordanian Airlines; Neil James, Panasonic. They join Kevin Bremer, Boeing; Ian Walberg, Airborne Interactive, who continue their terms on the Board.

Association officials are currently planning the 2013 EXPO, to be held 9-12 September in Anaheim, Calif. USA.