Denver, Colorado | May 1, 2018–AirSatOne, a satellite communications provider, and AnsuR, a technical innovations company, announced today that AirSatOne has become a reseller and technical support provider for AnsuR’s RAIDO software.

The RAIDO software is designed for high precision photo / video capture and communication, as well as real time video streaming from Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) and Special Mission manned aircraft. The RADIO software suite is scalable to include fully remote control of the camera on board the aircraft or to simply stream video in the most efficient manner possible given the type of connection and available bandwidth.

The AnsuR RAIDO product line provides ability for users to focus bandwidth on the most important content with operational effect, real-time visual communication sharing, where observations are initially pushed using minimum data to preview photos, video storyboard or live streaming. With Focus Capacity the user can zoom in on relevant content, using AnsuR’s Interactive Communication, for high quality close up’s without having to transmit the entire area in the optical view of the camera which saves data usage, cost and keeps the required bandwidth to a minimum. Savings can be as high as 99%.

According to Jo Kremsreiter, President of AirSatOne, “Adding the AnsuR RAIDO solution to our existing infrastructure means the customer gets our exclusive Flightstream SA features which includes network traffic control with prioritization allowing the user to define priority classes to streaming video, flight controls and other mission critical communications to make sure high priority data reaches its destination even when 100% of the allocated bandwidth is being used. We also provide Hybrid Satellite / Terrestrial connectivity with IP-Sec, Leased Line and MPLS so we can deliver the video to the customers destination and provide network security”

AnsuR Technologies has tested the solution using the Cobham AVIATOR UAV-200 Satcom Terminal specifically designed for UAV’s (Booth 2627) which provides connectivity at up to 200 kbps in a lightweight package of less than 1.5 kg. From the receiver side the users can control how to use the bandwidth for the video, changing frame rate, resolution and compression quality. It is also possible to toggle cropping of the video so that the regions of interest have highest possible precision. The results show operationally good quality video at the available rates.

In addition to the real-time streaming, RAIDO provides the options to access the original video and photo quality and immediately pull more details, up to full camera resolution, from a still photo or a video clip. Both are possible to generate form the video stream or can come from a separate camera.

Actual video of the solution can be found on AnsuR´s or Airsatone’s web site.