APEX & Aircraft Interiors, 12 -14 September, 2011 – Seattle, WA, USA

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We have been writing about the APEX/Aircraft Interiors Conference and Exposition for over 20 years now (formerly WAEA) and we still find it to be the best source of the latest happenings in IFE. Period. Our readers know that the conference floor is chock full of players, deployers, airlines, inventors, dreamers, billion dollar suppliers, installers, winners, losers, and yes, even crazies. But it is still the best IFE show in town and Seattle is hosting the event at the Washington State Convention Center in downtown Seattle. We note that there is a new light rail link to downtown Seattle from Sea-Tac International Airport and the downtown terminus Westlake Station is approximately 5 blocks from the Center. If you need more data, Google Map “Washington state convention center”.

While the show floor is intensive, there is going to be a lot of “action” at the Monday Technology: Innovations & Update – Because words speak louder than future actions, here is what caught our collective eye:

“What do the MRO’s and installation integrators really wish the airlines and IFE suppliers would finally learn?”

“In the last 12 months ‘Ka-band’ has become the buzz word in satellite connectivity. Learn more about what Ka-band offers and how it compares to Ku-band and L-band technologies from player launching satellites and planning systems for the aviation marketplace. This stuff is rocket science.”

“Not only are IFE systems evolving, but so are the content management supply chains feeding them. Encoding is migrating to transcoding, and file-based workflow is the new supply chain paradigm. Post-production/integration roles are changing.”

“Early aspirations for wireless delivery in the cabin exceeded the capability of the technology. But now wireless is back… Lufthansa Systems is launching a new system that streams content to pax-owned devices and Go-Go is adding cached content to its connectivity offering. Meanwhile, Siemens Altran and Tune Box have systems on the drawing board. In addition, American Airlines has chosen the Samsung Galaxy tablet device, the first COTS portable in IFE to use Android OS – hear an update on the platform.”

The Monday program is looking very interesting and we encourage our readers to skip the Pike Place Market tour for the fireworks at the Convention Center, Level 6 – Rooms 611 – 612.

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Some blurbs and bits of other interest…

If you think that the world of Mobile Connectivity is important but but feat that Microsoft and Google will dominate this environment like most other technology growth markets, think again. The “Hypernet” (Internet + cellular + Wi-Fi) is changing all that! Once Roger McNamee explains it, you will get the picture. Can IFE be a player too?

Many feel the travel experience begins at the airport, I f you do, check out Future Travel Experience Conference in Vancouver, Canada – Sept. 7 – 9, 2011.

(Editor’s Note: The IFExpress APEX/Aircraft Interiors Show Preview Edition Issue will be released on Monday morning September 12. – Here is an opportunity to get some free booth promotion, send IFExpress the following information: Company Name, Booth Number, Contact Name/e-mail, and a short summary of your product/service features – including any booth surprises that you want to headline. All entries must be received by Thursday September 10, 2011.)