Lufthansa Systems: Like every good new idea in IFE, wireless systems are now being offered by a number of suppliers. Nonetheless, it’s difficult not to consider the first in that marketplace to be the clear leader–and, yes, we’re talking about Lufthansa Systems’ BoardConnect.

We talked to the man whose idea it was in Hamburg at AIX, Dr. Joerg Liebe, CIO of Lufthansa Systems and the visionary behind this hot new platform. Lufthansa Systems was the first to offer a complete wireless system– not just a concept. With Condor they were the first supplier to sell wireless to an airline. And with their Virgin America deal were the first to take a big customer away from the reigning IFE platform providers.

The soft-spoken, Southern California-educated Dr Liebe gave us a thorough, candid and thoughtful description of this product and where it’s going. Modestly suggesting that the platform is designed to be sold to airlines which don’t currently have IFE, rather than aimed at taking business away from the IFE duopoly, Dr Liebe says that BoardConnect has three models: 1. A head-end server streaming to airline-provided SDUs. 2. A head-end streaming to airline-provided tablets. 3. A head-end streaming to passenger-owned devices or a combination of these. It should also be noted that some studios have approved early window content streamed from the server to the installed BoardConnect IFE seat units. The approval is only applicable to the BoardConnect system and tablets, but not PEDS; however, to the best of our understanding this is a first!

With sales to both Virgin America and Virgin Australia, and the AIX buzz about a very successful trial with Qantas, Dr Liebe may have to step out from behind his modest facade and brag a little! But somehow that doesn’t seem his style! The BoardConnect concept not only appealed to us but the jury at the Crystal Cabin Awards had the same inclination!

Panasonic: When Panasonic takes on a big project they usually do it right and the process ends up being a long, cautious march to the solution. For just under 10 years now, we have been covering pieces and parts of a global communication offering from the Lake Forrest, CA company. In fact, this is the first year we have gotten solid numbers on customer installations and the non-announcement announcement indicates they have been doing their homework. This story is multi-faceted so we will break it down for you in bullet points because this year’s AIX is where it has all come together. In the press announcement, Panasonic’s David Bruner noted that there was a real tipping point in demand in 2011 for inflight connectivity. Bruner went on to state that every single airline now believes they have to have GSM capability and broadband offerings on their fleet. “Not just big aircraft,” he noted, “but small ones too. And these services need to work exactly the same way in the air as on the ground so there is no passenger learning curve.” Basically, this translates to WiFi, cell connections, and streaming video. All hot products on big and small aircraft – even those with premium entertainment systems.
• Panasonic has been pressing to close out their coverage of the Ku network globally. There is a lot of coverage already in the northern hemisphere and by tying in to IS14 from Intelsat they will snag seamless coverage from Europe, Africa, the Middle East and South America. This is a key piece to the Panasonic network and it is now in place. Additional capacity has been added to Australia, New Zealand and the Trans Tasman. The General Electric 23 satellite will serve the South East Asia, Australia, and South East Pacific connections.
• Panasonic has also reached commercial agreement with Airbus for line fit on the A380. This means they can eliminate the retrofit costs and they also noted that they will be adding offerability on the A350 as well. Panasonic has been undertaking this objective for the past 4 years. With respect to Boeing and the 787, Panasonic reports they are making progress on the 787 linefit as the result of their work on the 777.
• A major step in any satellite network is the ground connectivity portion. In an investment move, Panasonic elected to take a majority share of an existing satellite service provider, AeroMobile. AeroMobile operates a ground network that manages the relationship between the airline connectivity and the cell phone roaming partner. This feature is what Telenor brings to the party and Panasonic does not have, nor do they want, this additional complexity. As a result, Telenor, a minority shareholder is not leaving and is “absolutely involved in the venture”. AeroMobile switches from satellite to a global telco system on the ground where traffic routing begins. Furthermore, Panasonic provides pure IP traffic to AeroMobile, who translates it out to the network. Today, AeroMobile has a significant number of aircraft flying with Swift Broadband and in effect, AeroMobile is platform agnostic. This represents a great marriage for Panasonic.
• Did we mention that Panasonic announced they have 1300+ aircraft already signed up for their Global Communication Suite? Consequently, Panasonic has been searching for the best broadband network to provide economical service to airlines and passengers. Panasonic is focusing on designing a new Ku band network by providing maximum capability in areas where airplanes fly and none where they do not via spot beam selection. There goal: Maximum bandwidth at the lowest cost. To achieve this they are working with a new un-named partner who is “a player with global capability and of the highest quality in the industry”. This bodes well for eXTV.
• The net result of all this activity will be a service offering beginning in 2015 with North America and the North Atlantic covered first. Europe to Asia will follow and finally all of Asia.
• Along the way, Panasonic developed a Ka Band antenna as a candidate for high through put capacity. The irony was they found that capability in Ku. Noting that the airborne antenna is the most difficult design part of the process, by sticking with Ku very little change occurs to the aircraft – this is a major plus for the airline. (Note: One could assume that Panasonic has found clever ways to gang and steer spot beams in satellites with that capability. Obviously, receiver design plays a significant part in this as well.)
• The majority of the 20+ existing eXPhone customers will continue to work with the Ku equipped aircraft. These include operators like Virgin Atlantic, Malaysia Airlines, and Emirates. Gulf Air and Lufthansa will be onboard soon. We also understand Cathay Pacific, SAS, Turkish Airlines, and Etihad have signed up.

Editor’s Note: Mea Culpa! In case you lost your copy of Wheelock’s Latin, it means we are sorry to the nice folks at D.e.u.t.s.c.h. because we misspelled their name in the last issue of IFExpress. We say it again, “Mea Culpa!”

Like every year, AIX is interesting, informative, and just plain schedule crazy… both day and night! The Monday APEX meeting set the stage for the trending IFE product offerings we were to see over the following 3 days. As you might expect, Wi-Fi in the cabin, streaming entertainment to portable devices, RFID advances, satcom connectivity and data deals, USB seat power, thin new seats with their attendant pax-centric IFE, LED mood lighting, off-shore manufacturing deals, and lastly, 3D and new display technologies and shrinking seat electronics. All-in-all, the show is a killer and one of the two IFE Hot Spots (no pun intend) each year. Because of the magnitude of data and communication materials we brought back, we plan to deliver summaries of the vendors we spoke with for the next few weeks. We will later incorporate them in forthcoming full coverage Hot Topics.

A big news event centered around a Thales announcement of the signing of a joint venture agreement with China Electronics Technology Avionics (CETCA) for the COMAC C919 aircraft. The deal will probably start in the third quarter 2012. The partnership supports the integration of the Thales TopSeries system in the cabin of the C919. Designed and built in China, the 156 – 190 seat C919 will first take flight in 2014 with aircraft deliveries scheduled to begin in 2016. The Thales system will be a scalable platform offering services ranging from interactive audio capability through to full in-seat on-demand services, with an emphasis on minimizing weight, cost and power consumption. Future evolution of the system will likely include wireless networks and connectivity. This is BIG!

It is always a treat to talk to the IFPL crowd (especially when Claire is there, which she was not this year) and see what lurks in the passenger/seat interface future. The stacking PCU is a product whose time has come. By selecting modules, airlines can configure seat controls for Volume, Channel Select, USB Ports, Audio Jacks, etc. The baseline module converts other jack inputs and sends that data to SEB’s, or whatever. Change the interface later, it is so easy. Simply remove the stack and change the module(s).

By way of IFPL, did you know that your old mag swipe credit cards are on the way out? Chip & Pin are in and we will cover that issue in the not too distant future.

We have been waiting to see the production RAVE system from IMS, and no, we were NOT disappointed. We long suspected that IMS will soon be the next Big Dog in the industry and with 10 or so customers under their belt, they certainly must have the fastest acceptance for a new IFE system. All they need is the one big client announcement to seal the deal – BREAKING NEWS – they have it, but no one is talking. Stay tuned. And by the way, we conned your IFExpress editor into removing and relaxing the seatback unit. Don’t believe us, check it out!

Just in case you are a latent foodie like a lot of us you might want to see the free Parmigiano Reggiano samples one company was offering at the conference. Don’t know Reggiano?

Rockwell Collins has started the Paves 3 sales work with an announcement for just under 100 aircraft for Thomas Cook. We caught up with the affable Colin Mahoney and Kelly Holland. Both rather Colin & Kelly were pleased to show off their AIRBUS Cabin IFE Supplier Award for 2012. We will have more on this story later.

Deutch, the connector people, touted their new line of “369”cabin connectors – available in 3, 6 and 9 pin configurations. Watch the YouTube video, if you can stand the “gooey” announcer.

We were also invited to a Jamco unveiling (sort of) that we could not photograph or print about. We were SEATed throughout the presentation!

Lest we forget, Happy Birthday to Axel Jahn’s TriaGnoSys on their 10 year birthday. TriaGnoSys is the home of the “One-Box-Wonder” IFE system in a single LRU. Check it out on YouTube. Don’t you just love it when you are invited to a birthday party and the birthday boy brings the presents!

The Telefonix folks have some new IFE products… when they send along some data, we will pass it along to the IFExpress readers.

We have more from Panasonic, Thales, Astronics, KID, OnAir, Lumexis, IMS, and many more so stay tuned!

Lastly, we want to thank Astronics for the Groninger Experience and Panasonic for the soiree with a cast of thousands. Both bigger and better each year.


Jorg Reitman crawled out of the Airbus woodwork and says hello to all his old and new friends.

New Faces at Panasonic – Andrew Mohr and another – oops, we can’t say yet, but you know him!

In Memoriam–
IFExpress is saddened to report the loss of Bob Kitson, a real IFE pioneer, a good friend and Gentleman.

Hamburg, Germany | March 28, 2012– Aircraft Interiors Expo 2012 opened its doors at 0900 on 27 March with more than 500 exhibitors from 30 countries participating – and a record amount of exhibition space taken by industry.

The show is firmly established as a premier platform for launching new products and this year was no exception. B/E Aerospace demonstrated its Angled Oasis Super First Class Suite, which enables passengers to use controlled sliding screens to achieve a high level of privacy, while the seat can be elongated into a long, fully flat, horizontal bed.

Pitch Aircraft Seating unwrapped a pre-production model of a new retrofit seat, the PF2000. Stewart Cordner, Sales & Marketing, said, ‘This is the second year we have exhibited at Aircraft Interiors Expo. Last year we presented the design concept of PF2000 and the feedback was extremely positive from airlines, operators, leasing companies, manufacturers and suppliers. On the strength of that we have now moved into the pre-production phase and are very encouraged by the reception the seat is getting.’

Lufthansa Systems announced that passengers on airlines using its BoardConnect IFE system can now view the latest blockbuster movies. BoardConnect is the first IFE system to have won the approval of leading film studios for their ‘early window content’. Dr Jörg Liebe, Chief Information Officer, said, ‘Aircraft Interiors Expo is a very important show for us. Our BoardConnect product has received a great deal of interest from airlines, so we are really pleased with the exhibition so far.’

Thomas Cook used the first day of the show to announce that it has chosen the Rockwell Collins Paves 3 in-flight entertainment system, which will be installed in Airbus A320 and A321.

Tapis introduced Ultraleather BOLERO which it believes sets a new standard for sound absorption. The company claims that during independent testing Ultraleather BOLERO outperformed fabrics and genuine leather by improving low and mid frequency absorption, thereby significantly reducing cabin noise.

New exhibitor Cobra Global gave visitors a first viewing of what the company claims is the world’s lightest economy seat. Key to the seat’s performance is the chemical metalizing of high strength polymers. Managing Director Gary Seale said, ‘We are getting a fantastic level of interest, not just in the product but also the manufacturing. process. We have taken an automotive industry technology and thought outside the box to create a new weight saving concept for the airline industry. Aircraft Interiors Expo is providing an ideal platform to demonstrate our capabilities.’

Also making its Hamburg debut was the world’s first child seat certified for take-offs and landings in all configurations. Manufactured by Gama Engineering the seat is being demonstrated at the show by Starling Aerospace.

Exhibition Director John Hyde said, ‘There is a very upbeat mood here amongst visitors and exhibitors, reflecting the drive and commitment to progress that typifies this industry. We have mounted a sustained and very targeted marketing effort to support this event and the indications from today are that the Aircraft Interiors Expo message is getting across, loud and clear.’

– Crystal Cabin Award Finalist 2012 Now Approved For Early Window Content

March 22, 2012– Airlines deploying BoardConnect, the innovative IFE solution from Lufthansa Systems, will now be able to entertain their passengers with the latest Hollywood movies. BoardConnect is the first wireless IFE system to have been approved by leading film studios for their “Early Window Content”. This term is used for movies not yet available for sale on the market on DVDs or Blu-ray discs, but which are released for distribution to airlines and hotels for showing on their in-flight/in-house entertainment systems.

To be approved for Early Window Content, systems used to broadcast such movies must first satisfy a set of stringent requirements in relation to data security in order to safeguard content copyright. Lufthansa Systems works very closely with leading Hollywood studios and the manufacturers of mobile devices to ensure that these content requirements can be met. The approval just granted relates to purpose-built in-seat display units and also to tablet PCs provided to passengers by the airlines themselves. Passengers’ own laptops, netbooks, tablets and smartphones are approved for “Late Window Content”, i.e. movies that have been released for commercial distribution.

“Airlines can use BoardConnect to offer the broad and attractive range of high-quality content capable of satisfying the diverse needs of today’s discerning traveler”, comments Norbert Müller, Head of BoardConnect Program Management at Lufthansa Systems. “The quality and scope of in-flight entertainment is a key service component and strongly influences the overall travel experience. This is why BoardConnect can give airlines a decisive competitive advantage.”

BoardConnect works by creating a Wi-Fi network on board the airplane. Unlike traditional solutions, it works entirely without cables apart from the connection between the on-board server and access points. This means it can be installed during night stops of an aircraft. It is also lighter and thus saves up to 20 tons of kerosene annually per aircraft.

BoardConnect also provide airlines with new customer communication channels, as well as new information products and services that offer carriers additional sources of revenue. Condor and Virgin America are the first airlines to have installed the innovative system in their fleets. The Australian airline Qantas has just completed a successful BoardConnect test spanning several weeks in one of its aircraft.

BoardConnect from Lufthansa Systems has been nominated for the Crystal Cabin Award, which will be presented during Aircraft Interior Expo 2012 in Hamburg. Come and visit us at booth 7B9 to learn more about BoardConnect.

March 21, 2012– Faster, lighter and easier to install inflight entertainment (IFE) innovations are expected to be one of the major draws for visitors to next week’s Aircraft Interiors Expo. The event takes place at the Hamburg Messe from 27-29 March.

First time exhibitor Lufthansa Systems will showcase its next generation IFE solution, called BoardConnect. The system is based on a WiFi network which passengers can log on to through seat-back screens or their own laptops, tablet PCs, smart phones or other WiFi-enabled devices to access a wide range of content. While the installation of conventional IFE systems requires extensive downtime for the aircraft, Lufthansa Systems says BoardConnect can be fitted during routine overnight layovers or maintenance checks; lengthy cables and some other components have been eliminated making the solution lighter. For an Airbus A340-600 with 380 seats, this would offer a weight-saving of around 900 kg, equivalent to the weight of nine passengers – corresponding to fuel savings of 47 tons per aircraft per year.

Intelligent Avionics will be presenting the latest addition to its seat-centric IFE system, AURA Works. New for this year’s event is AURA One, a lightweight, fast and inexpensive way to replace an aircraft’s analogue (tape drive) systems with cutting edge digital IFE. AURA One promises airlines better-quality video and audio for passengers as well as a broader range of content and services without the need to change existing overhead screens or wiring. Later this year Intelligent Avionics will also introduce AURA Connected. This is a lightweight, wireless intranet system that offers passengers an extensive range of content, advertising and digital products and services streamed direct to their smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices.

Another solution for passengers’ personal electronic devices such as iPads, laptops and smartphones aims to plug a gap for IFE demand on short haul, narrowbody aircraft flights – particularly on routes which may not justify having in-seat monitors. WiPAX from Lumexis has been developed specifically in response to demand from this aviation sector. It is a stand‐alone wireless delivery solution derived from Lumexis’ Fiber-To-The-Screen (FTSS) headend server/aircraft interface system. It is anticipated that a popular use of the solution would be for it to provide HDTV over fibre to big screens in First and Business Class cabins while simultaneously delivering full‐cabin wireless data to every Economy Class passengers’ personal electronic device. The company says that WiPAX is easy to retrofit into existing wired FTTS installations, if desired.

Also debuting in Hamburg this year are new features to Thales’s award-winning TopSeries AVANT System. This seat-centric IFE system includes the Smart Video Display Unit (SVDU Gen 4) which will be displayed with two new features. Hand gesture control technology provides an easy way to control and navigate through entertainment options with simply the wave of a hand; there’s no need to reach for a handset or to lean forward and touch a screen, passengers can just sit back and wave their hand in front of the seat display. The system will also demonstrate Smart Passenger Interface Modules (SmartPIMs) which enable passengers to connect a wide variety of portable devices – such as tablets and netbooks – allowing them to listen or to view their personal content on their own mobile device.

Listen to John Hyde, Aircraft Interiors Expo Exhibition Director, talking to The PME Interview about this year’s exhibition at

• Astronics –
• Booth Number: 6D30
Astronics, the world leader of intelligently managed, in-seat power systems, continues to innovate and meet the increasing demand for its patented, EmPower® products as more passengers carry onboard a multitude of powered devices. In support of this demand, Astronics responded with their latest industry leading EmPower® in-seat power system which produces up to 200VA for each passenger. This cutting edge system also includes a Universal Serial Bus (USB) power output for charging passenger devices such as smart phones, iPods, cameras, and other standard +5 Volt DC devices.
Dennis Markert, Director New Business Development at Astronics, will be participating in a panel discussion on In-Seat Power at the APEX Education Session on Monday, March 26th.
• Contact: Dennis Markert – +1.425.442.8195 –
Astronics is hoping to have a press release out just prior to the show. Currently it is in review at the customer. Watch your email inbox.

• Thales In-Flight Entertainment and Connectivity
• Booth Number: 6B20
Thales, leader in in-flight entertainment & connectivity brings amazing new seat innovations designed around passenger comfort and the flying experience. On demonstration, the Thales Award Winning TopSeries AVANT system will show new applications and GUI features never seen before. The system’s acclaimed Touch Passenger Media Unit will reveal the latest multi-task functionality for unsurpassed convenience at the seat. In partnership with Siemens, Thales adds to the scalability of TopSeries AVANT with wireless streaming media to a wide range of passenger devices. Important to see is TopConnect, the Thales suite of Connectivity solutions for ground & air communications. Come See Us!
• Contact: Lori Krans –

• digEcor, Inc –
• Booth Number: 6F17
We will be showing a range of solutions from both digEcor and our partner Lefeel Media Technology. We’ve been working behind the scenes on several development projects and are anxious to show them off. Stop on by!
• Contact:

4. IMS
• The IMS Company –
• Booth Number: 6B15
We will be demonstrating RAVE (embedded AVOD system) and EDGE (a premium portable media player) products at the upcoming Aircraft Interiors Expo in Hamburg, Germany (27 – 29 March). We increased our booth size by about one-third that allows us more space to demonstrate our products and provide more comfort for the attendees. We will again have examples of RAVE installed in a premium and economy class seat on our booth, as well as examples of RAVE installed in various seat suppliers exhibits as well.

The IMS Company had its best year ever in 2011. Major accomplishments include:
· First delivery of RAVE, our new AVOD IFE system
· First installation, certification and inaugural flights for RAVE – 3 airlines and 5 aircraft were put in service in December 2011
· First delivery (6,000 units) of EDGE, our new Portable Media Player based on using the Samsung Galaxy Tab and Android operating system
· AS9100 and ISO 9001 Certification

To date, eight (8) airlines have selected RAVE, for retrofit installations on A330, A340, B747, B767 and B777. Aircraft Certifications include: EASA, FAA, Transport Canada. We are integrating with ten (10) different seat suppliers, and we expect to have almost 30 aircraft flying by mid-2012.

Based on the success we experienced in 2011, we expect to add new customers for RAVE that should allow us to (at least) double our customer base and backlog. We are anticipating making announcements for (at least) one more new customer during the Aircraft Interiors Expo.
• Contact: Harry Gray, Vice President Sales & Marketing – Mobile Phone: +1 (714) 683-3793

• Bose Corporation
• Booth Number: 6F10
Bose will demonstrate its award winning QuietComfort® 3 and QuietComfort® 15 Acoustic Noise Cancelling® headphones
• Contact: Hratch Astarjian,, 508-766-4075

• Lumexis Corporation –
• Booth Number – 6H40 HALL 6

Lumexis, the pioneer and worldwide leader of Fiber-To-The-Screen® (FTTS®) technology for inflight entertainment solutions, now offers WiPax™, a data delivery system that allows for delivery of video and data to your passengers Personal Electronic Devices (PEDs). Or simply stated… IFE to your PED™.

Our FTTS IFE system is high in capacity, light in weight, and provides unmatched reliability and redundancy. And… with the introduction of WiPax™, Lumexis provides you an integrated, turnkey end-to-end solution for your inflight entertainment needs.

Lumexis® announces WiPAX™… IFE to your PED™

It’s that time of year again, and it would be our pleasure to see you at Aircraft Interiors EXPO.

So come on by! Experience our new wireless data delivery system.

WiPAX is a terrific complement to our lightweight, technologically advanced Fiber-To-The-Screen® (FTTS®) in-seat IFEC offering, and we have no doubt you will agree… Lumexis is the future of inflight entertainment.
• Contact: Rich Salter, +1 949 486 7003 or Carolyn Meyer, +1 917 912 3953.

• IFPL –
• Booth Number: 6A42
IFPL is an award winning international design and manufacturing company based in the UK. IFPL specialises in tailored engineering passenger connection solutions for the Global Passenger Entertainment Industry.
In addition to helpful and knowledgeable staff on stand 6A40 at the Aircraft Interiors Expo, we will have four fantastic products. They are the:
1. Self-Testing Jack
With short turnaround times, aircraft maintenance personnel have to work quickly and efficiently. No airline wants to find that passengers cannot access audio on their IFE system, so broken audio jacks have to be identified and fixed.

Currently to test a jack the maintenance staff have to plug a headset into each jack to check them, with our new Self-testing jack, all they have to do to check the jacks are working is send a test audio tone through the existing IFE system, then walk through the cabin and visually check the jacks at a glance. There is a small indicator on the front of each jack that tells you if it’s working or not.

The clever design of the Self-Testing jack is that the LED indication is only powered by the audio, no separate power feed to the jack is necessary making this a fantastic jack for retrofit as no seat re-cabling is needed.

The key features are that it’s:
• • Indicator gives quick & easy system check
• • Every jack can be checked with just a glance
• • Saves money on maintenance cost
2. Breakaway Jack
IFPL has developed a new version of it’s highly successful Long Life™ jack. Reliable and robust audio jacks are a must if you want to ensure passenger satisfaction. With the Breakaway jack, a new type of special low cost plug allows 90° breakaway of the headset – without damage to either the headset or the seat jack.
Key features:
• • Reduced headset breakage
• • Save money
• • Accepts regular headset plugs
3. Near Field Communication
Technology is being developed to allow (with the use of security) passengers to make easy non-cash purchases on-board and pay for the ancillary revenue purchases such as movies or music. This opens up the option for airlines to increase their revenue streams through simple payment for on board sales.

IFPL has developed a device which enables quick simple “tap-screen” payments on-board. The system can also include a chip and pin reader to increase the payment options.

Key features:
• • Quick & easy payment systems
• • Link to loyalty programs
• • Personalise travel experience

4. New Modular Passenger Control Unit
This versatile PCU can be configured to suit your requirements for passengers. This PCU provides a long lasting, flexible and reliable passenger interface.

Key features:
• • Easy maintenance – if one module is damaged it can easily be replaced
• • Configurable to customer requirement
• • Future proof – more or different modules can be added when needed.
• Contact: Neil Thomas is IFPL’s Business Development Manager, he can be contacted by phone at [44] (778) 698-7454 or by email @

We will showcase four fantastic connectivity solutions at the show. Prepare for the future and get the right connections from IFPL!

• GeoRadio –
• Booth Number: 6B20 (Thales)
GeoRadio is a totally new idea in IFE: a location-triggered audio channel. Passengers hear stories about the land as they pass over it. Come to the Thales stand, sit down, and listen to what a moving map can sound like.
• Contact: Peter Nissen: In Hamburg, call or text U.S. 323-309-5289. Email:
Bring the magic back into flying. Give your passengers GeoRadio.

• Goodrich Corporation –
• Booth Number: 6G30

Goodrich will be exhibiting its products and services with a new tradeshow booth
displaying its aircraft lighting, VIP seating, life rafts and IFE head end video and
audio servers.

Goodrich was recently selected to retrofit LED runway turnoff (RTO) lights on Lufthansa’s fleet of A319/A320/A321 aircraft. The improved lights will be integrated in the aircraft nose landing gear in two locations, offering better illumination and significantly improved reliability to reduce airline operating costs. Additionally, due to the plug and play design, the LED lights are easy to install in 15 minutes or less. The order for the Lufthansa A320 family fleet will be accomplished at Goodrich Lighting Systems’ facility in Lippstadt, Germany.

Goodrich recently received an STC for the new VE-801HDD video reproducer
unit designed for multiple aircraft platforms and first installed on the A330. The unit, a plug and play replacement for existing VTR units in multideck installations,has been installed on Gulf Air’s A330-300 aircraft. Goodrich will also be displaying the new VE-801SDi, a solid state video reproducer which reproduces MPEG1, 2 and 4 content, including Early Window content.

Goodrich Corporation, a Fortune 500 company, is a global supplier of systems and services to aerospace, defense and homeland security markets. With one of the most strategically diversified portfolios of products in the industry, Goodrich serves a global customer base with significant worldwide manufacturing and service facilities. For more information, visit
• Contact: Dan Vargas, Account Manager, Global Customer Management, Goodrich Sensors and Integrated Systems; tel: +1 323 837 2717;

Hermann Koch, Business Development Manager, Goodrich Interiors Lighting Systems; tel: +49- (0) 172-574-7748

10. VT Miltope
• Booth Number: 6D10
Miltope’s family of network products offer the required functionality necessary to create custom airborne networks similar to how office networks are created. Designed to be readily expanded, they may be configured to define a network that optimizes the combination of interfaces and computing resources to meet the operational, spatial, and functional requirements of simple to complex airborne networks at a minimum cost. Products include servers, Ethernet switches and routers, 802.11 a/b/g/n wireless access points, TWLU wireless bridging from an aircraft LAN to a ground LAN, ARINC 744 network printers and ARINC740 cockpit printer, cabin control panels, and data storage devices.
• Markus Gilges, Mobile: +44 (7793) 75 87 55, Email:

Not enough budget for your highly strung cabin product plans? Don’t despair! One thing will be certain, a wireless architecture is essential for any future inflight entertainment and communication service. VT Miltope provides the backbone to wireless cabin architectures. Come and see us on booth 6D10!

• KID-Systeme –
• Booth Number: Hall B6, stand# 6D15
Aircraft Interiors Expo 2012- 3 full days to explore the KID-Systeme world and discover newest technologies in Hamburg.
• Contact: Maren Muente, email:

12. Gogo
• Gogo –
• Booth Number : 6F91. (Hall B6, Row F).
Gogo will be there presenting its international capabilities as well as its streaming video solution – Gogo Vision
• Contact: Julie Pacino – 949-981-0947

The Aircraft Interiors Expo, being held in Hamburg on 27, 28 and 29 March, 2012, will see more than 500 companies from all over the world presenting their latest products for aircraft cabins.

Hamburg, 23 March, 2012 – From 27 to 29 March, Hamburg will once again be the display window for aircraft cabin products: seats and trolleys made of ultra-light materials, valuable ecologically and economically, the latest entertainment products and innovative technologies. The Aircraft Interiors Expo is being held in the city for the eleventh time in a row. And it has never been bigger than this. “This year 500 exhibiting companies have booked the largest amount of space at Aircraft Interiors Expo yet,” declares John Hyde, director of the expo, with delight. As in previous years, the 1,111-square-metre Hanse Pavilion will be the largest stand, shared by 60 exhibitors from the association Hanse- Aerospace. The Aviation Cluster Hamburg Metropolitan Region will also be presenting its cabin expertise here. Culinary delights and gastronomical trends above the clouds can be tasted and tested at the World Travel Catering and Onboard Services Expo, taking place for the first time this year in Hamburg, co-located with Aircraft Interiors Expo. Another new development is a conference focussed on cabin innovations and strategies for the future, offered by the Expo’s organiser, Reed Exhibitions, the day before the Expo.

“The aircraft cabin was never as important as it is today. And never before has so much money been invested in aircraft fittings. Lufthansa alone is investing a total of more than 3 billion euros in modernising the cabin fittings of its existing fleet in a programme that started last year and will run until 2015,” reports Bernhard Conrad, President of the Aviation Cluster Hamburg Metropolitan Region and Head of Development Operations and Innovation at Lufthansa Technik. He adds, “Airlines sell seats either because of the price of the ticket or because of the quality of the product – the on-board flight experience. And this is something that the airlines can best try out at the Aircraft Interiors Expo in Hamburg. But even apart from this leading trade fair for aircraft interior fittings, Hamburg is the hotspot for the international cabin industry. Airbus and Lufthansa Technik work together here in close cooperation with suppliers, universities and research facilities to develop modern cabin fittings and sophisticated technologies.”
The cabin expertise of northern Germany will also be plain to see at the stand of Hanse- Aerospace, Germany’s largest aerospace supplier association. With 1,111 square metres and more than 60 exhibitors, the so-called Hanse Pavilion in Hall B6 will once again be the largest stand at the trade fair. Uwe Gröning, President of Hanse-Aerospace, observes that “the aviation industry has effectively completely restructured itself in recent years. Many small and medium-sized suppliers have demonstrated their flexibility and their entrepreneurial foresight and adjusted to this restructuring. The Aircraft Interiors Expo is an outstanding opportunity to find out about this broad spectrum of companies and to discover the capabilities and performance of their products and services.”

The Aviation Cluster Hamburg Metropolitan Region also has its stand in the Hanse Pavillion. Two exemplary milestones in research and training are also on display alongside the association itself: the Hamburg Centre of Aviation Training (HCAT) and the ZAL Center for Applied Aeronautical Research. In the HCAT Cabin Laboratory, for example, students can put theory into practice. How do light, acoustics and the thermal environment affect passengers in the aircraft cabin? What is the optimal way to utilise the cargo hold? And what is the ideal cabin configuration for various user groups? Various fuselage segments, climate and acoustic chambers, cargo loading and cabin systems, galleys, lavatories and seats are available in the cabin laboratory for students to try things out in practice. And not just students. Technicians, trainers, aircraft manufacturers and maintenance providers, too. It’s not only the quality cabin infrastructure that makes HCAT so special; it is also the concept itself. Universities, vocational training schools and the industry itself are networking their qualification programs here under one roof. Research and technological development focussed on application take place under a single roof at the ZAL Center for Applied Aeronautical Research with its TestCenter at Lufthansa Technik and the new TechCenter at Finkenwerder, which is due to open soon. Airbus will shift a large part of its cabin competencies to this technology center to work together with system suppliers, research institutions and universities on the industrialisation of aviation technologies.

Once again, one highlight of the Aircraft Interiors Expo will be the presentation of the Crystal Cabin Awards. This innovation prize for aircraft cabins, one of its kind worldwide, was established in 2007 by Hamburg’s aviation cluster. The products and concepts of the 18 finalists can be viewed and assessed on display boards and, to some extent, with 3D animations in the Crystal Cabin Award Gallery at stand A20 in Hall B1.
Hall B1 is also the starting point for the World Travel Catering and Onboard Services Expo, which stretches to Hall B4. This trade fair for the travel catering sector is being held in parallel with Aircraft Interiors Expo for the first time this year, with numerous culinary delights to tempt visitors, along with a “Taste of Travel Theater” in which first-class chefs will cook live for the audience. Leading companies from within the industry, including LSG Sky Chefs, Gate Gourmet and Servair, along with more than 180 other catering and on-board service specialists, will be exhibiting.

And there will be more news at Aircraft Interiors Expo. According to John Hyde, director of Aircraft Interiors Expo, “In addition to the usual mix of leading edge cabin interior products and technologies on the exhibition floor, we have organised our first conference this year. The ‘Cabin Innovation & Strategies for the Future Conference’ takes place on Monday 26 March in the A Halls at the Hamburg Messe – the day before the exhibition doors open. It is already proving popular with representatives from more than 60 airlines from around the world registered to attend. We’d also like to encourage all attendees to the exhibition to visit our new ‘Passenger Ideas Wall’, which will be located in Hall B1, to both add their own thoughts on how the onboard experience can be improved, and also to learn from ideas that have already been posted there during the event.”

CALBOURNE, ISLE OF WIGHT, UK | March 2012 –Near Field Communication (NFC) is just one of four fantastic products IFPL are exhibiting on stand 6A42 at the Aircraft Interiors Show 2012, in the German city of Hamburg.

Prepare for the future and see our connectivity now.
Our NFC demo is just the first exhibit you can see in action on our stand. It enables quick and simple “tap-screen” payments on-board. The system can also include a chip and pin reader to increase the payment options. IFPL’s Head of Design Mark Reed says, “It has low power consumption, is extremely compact and can be used in a variety of locations”. The second exhibit is a Self-Testing jack, designed to make audio jack testing and maintenance easier and quicker. The jack can be checked with just a glance! The third exhibit is the Breakaway jack, which enables a 90° breakaway of the plug! Our last exhibit is a super Stacking Passenger Control Unit (PCU), with it’s flexible and modular connectivity. Maintenance is easy; if one module is damaged it can easily be replaced.

So whether you want to generate ancillary revenue, have a jack that can be tested with just a glance, reduce headset breakage or need a future proof and reliable PCU – talk to IFPL as we have the right connections.

For inquiries contact Jason Davies.

IFExpress contacted the Aircraft Interiors folks for an update and John Hyde, Exhibition Director sent us this note:

“This year’s Aircraft Interiors Expo promises to be its biggest event yet covering more than 16,000 sq m at the Hamburg Messe from 27 to 29 March. More than 500 exhibiting companies will be showcasing their latest innovations – taking in all aspects of the cabin interiors supply chain. IFE will once again be an important part of this mix with 120 exhibiting companies involved in inflight entertainment and connectivity – from headphone manufacturers up to all encompassing IFE systems.

New for 2012 is the Aircraft Interiors Expo Cabin Innovation & Strategies for the Future Conference. This takes place on Monday 26 March in the A Halls at the Hamburg Messe – the day before the exhibition doors open – and is already proving popular with more than 60 airlines from all around the world registered to attend. The conference begins with a plenary session where Jeremy White, Head of Transport, at design and innovation company Seymourpowell will be revealing some of the critical trends shaping passenger expectations in the future – particularly in terms of design and customer service. Raymond Kollau, Founder and Trend Analyst at will be discussing topics such as what makes passengers feel good about flying today and what airlines can learn from other industry sectors.

In the afternoon the conference splits into two streams – one of which is dedicated to inflight entertainment and connectivity. This will be chaired by Michael Childers, Chief Consultant Content & Media Strategy at Lufthansa Systems. Sessions will cover areas such as how to create an engaging passenger experience as well as a panel discussion on how airlines can evolve their passenger entertainment strategies to maximise both cost-effectiveness as well as the all-important impact on the passengers themselves. Representatives from OnAir, Thales and IMDC will join in a debate on how airlines can evolve their IFEC strategies while Air Baltic’s
Vice President of Corporate Communications, Janis Vanags, will be talking about the airline’s pioneering delivery of IFE via the iPad.

Visitors to this year’s exhibition can also stop by the Passenger Ideas Wall, which will be located in Hall B1 to both add their thoughts on how to improve the onboard experience as well as to glean ideas from ideas already posted there.

“Aircraft Interiors Expo thrives on the exchange of new ideas and innovations for the sector,” says Exhibition Director, John Hyde. “This year we wanted to add the opportunity for visitors, as well as exhibitors, to share some of their cabin interiors ideas with airlines and the supply chain. In addition to working within the industry most of us are also airline passengers at some point during the year so I’m looking forward to reading the insights and ideas that will be generated in this feature area.”

Regarding exhibitor news related to IFE, here are a few IFExpress vendor previews:

Lufthansa Systems
First time exhibitor Lufthansa Systems will use Aircraft Interiors Expo to showcase its next generation in-flight entertainment solution, called BoardConnect. The system is based on a WiFi network which passengers can log on to through seat-back screens or their own laptops, tablet PCs, smart phones or other WiFi-enabled devices to access a wide range of content. While the installation of conventional IFE systems requires an extensive downtime of the aircraft, BoardConnect can be fitted during routine overnight layovers or maintenance checks; lengthy cables and some other components have been eliminated making the solution lighter. For an Airbus A340-600 with 380 seats, this would be a weight-saving of around 900 kilograms, equivalent to the weight of nine passengers; this corresponds to fuel savings of 47 tons per aircraft per year.

 Intelligent Avionics
Intelligent Avionics will be presenting the latest addition to its seat-centric IFE system, AURA Works, which was launched at the exhibition last year. New for this year’s event is AURA One, a lightweight, fast and inexpensive way to replace an aircraft’s analogue (tape drive) systems with cutting edge digital IFE. AURA One promises airlines better-quality video and audio for passengers as well as a broader range of content and services without the need to change existing overhead screens or wiring. Content can be refreshed quickly and easily with secure MPAA-approved processes via a hard-drive swap with daily updates via a USB stick or 3G/4G modem. Later this year Intelligent Avionics will also introduce AURA Connected.  This is a lightweight, wireless intranet system that offers passengers an extensive range of content, advertising and digital products and services streamed direct to their smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices.

Thales will be presenting new features to its award winning TopSeries AVANT System in Hamburg this year. This seat-centric IFE system includes the Smart Video Display Unit (SVDU Gen 4) which will be displayed with two new features. Hand gesture control technology provides an easy way to control and navigate through entertainment options with simply the wave of a hand; there’s no need to reach for a handset or to lean forward and touch a screen, passengers can just sit back and wave their hand in front of the seat display. The system will also demonstrate Smart Passenger Interface Modules (SmartPIMs) which enable passengers to connect a wide variety of portable devices – such as tablets and netbooks – allowing them to listen or to view their personal content on their own mobile device.

Lest we forget, APEX, the Airline Passenger Experience Association, is hosting an Educational Event on Monday 26 March 2012 at the Radisson Blu Hotel in Hamburg, Germany. This event will cover topics relative to the passenger experience industry, including: Cabin Trends, Consumer Devices, the Future of Aviation, Seat Power, Mood Lighting, Seat & IFE integration and much more! For a full agenda, please click here. The event is open to APEX members and nonmembers at a special discounted rate. To register for the event, click here. (Editors Note: Not to worry, it is walking distance from the Messe.) See you there!

Submission Phase For Crystal Cabin Award 2012: October 4 – November 8

Hamburg, Germany | October 4, 2011 —Have you developed groundbreaking concepts and
products for the aircraft cabins of today and tomorrow? You have from now until 8 November to submit them to the Crystal Cabin Award Association in Hamburg. The conditions of entry and the evaluation criteria for the judging panel have been made somewhat stricter for this and future competitions, improving your chance of winning one of the coveted trophies. The Judging Panel has adjusted the competition procedures to suit market developments and redefined the categories. The biggest change is the introduction of new categories for “Premium Class Products” and “Visionary Concepts”. “Entertainment and Communication” has been integrated into the “Passenger Comfort” category. “Industrial Design and Interior Concepts” has been expanded to include technical concepts and is now called “Industrial Design & Technical Concepts”. The composition of the Judging Panel has changed, too. Representatives of reputable airlines have joined, and the new Chairman of the
Judging Panel is Professor Dr Peter Vink. This is the sixth time that the international prize for innovation in the field of aircraft cabins will be awarded during the Aircraft Interiors Expo in Hamburg (26 – 29 March, 2012). For more information, visit

“The Crystal Cabin Award has become an established and sought-after recognition of worth in the aircraft interiors industry. With the new rules and clearer evaluation criteria, we have now made the competition even fairer. Entrants also have more space for creative thinking and entries are competing with other products at the same level,” says Christian Körfgen (Vice President Product Management Inflight for Lufthansa), who is handing over the chairmanship of the 23-strong Judging Panel after three years, as required by the competition regulations. His successor, Professor Dr Peter Vink of the Delft University of Technology in the Netherlands (Industrial Design Engineering), is delighted to serve. “I am looking forward to my new responsibilities over the coming rounds of the competition. We have exciting new categories and lots of new faces in the Judging Panel.”

New members of the independent, international panel of expert judges include representatives from Boeing, Cathay Pacific Airways, Delta Air Lines and Virgin Atlantic Airways. Other airlines have expressed interest. “The various nationalities and positions represented in the Judging Panel allow us to guarantee not only professional judgments but also absolute impartiality. The Judging Panel includes scientists, engineers, specialist journalists and representatives of aircraft manufacturers and airlines. The opinion of the airline representatives is particularly interesting, because they are especially close to the customer,” reflects Walter Birkhan, President of the Crystal Cabin Award Association. A fiveperson preselection committee checks every submission to make sure that it fulfills the competition criteria. Products and concepts have to be new, unique, marketable, feasible and profitable – and then come the technical and aesthetic qualities appropriate to the category for which they have been entered. Every member of the Judging Panel will begin evaluating the accepted submissions in January 2012, and the three finalists in each category will be determined by the beginning of March at the latest.

So, on to the seven categories. A new category has been created, dedicated to products for
Business and First Class cabins and executive aircraft: “(Premium Class Products)”. This allows the jury to better compare and evaluate products. The new “Visionary Concepts” category provides more space for aesthetic design. Submissions in this category can go beyond the restrictions of current technology. Technology itself takes centre stage in the “Industrial Design & Technical Concepts” category. Submissions here are invited for concepts, components and products for Economy Class cabins with impressively innovative technology. The “Passenger Comfort” category now includes entertainment and communication alongside seats, toilets and trolleys. The other categories, “Greener Cabin, Health & Safety”, “Material & Components” and “University”, remain unchanged. Student submissions, however, should fulfill the requirements of one of the other six categories. The Judges’ Commendation Prize will no longer be awarded.

So far, the following sponsors have committed to the Crystal Cabin Award 2012: Airbus, the
Aircraft Interiors Expo trade fair (Reed Exhibitions), Aircraft Interiors International Magazine,
Bishop GmbH, DIEHL Aerosystems Holding GmbH, FERCHAU AVIATION Division, HTG
Media Hamburg, Jetliner Cabins and ZODIAC AEROSPACE.