Broomfield, CO & Cedar Rapids, Iowa| June 5, 2017– Moving maps are one of the most popular features of any inflight entertainment system and today Gogo Business Aviation (NASDAQ: GOGO) and Rockwell Collins (NYSE: COL) bring Airshow® moving maps to customers in the business aviation market. Airshow is the aviation industry’s leading moving map application, and will now be available to Gogo’s customer base for use in business aviation cabins without the need for additional hardware.

“Understanding flight progress, geographic location and scheduled arrival time is deeply satisfying to travelers of all ages,” said Sergio Aguirre, general manager of Gogo Business Aviation. “Now, with Airshow, passengers can enjoy stunning 3D graphics with amazing geographic detail on their personal devices. It’s a fantastic addition to our lineup of inflight applications.”

For Gogo ATG customers, no additional hardware is required to add Airshow Moving Map, which makes it an easy and cost-effective product extension to further enhance the passenger experience. Simply activate an account with Rockwell Collins and download the Airshow Mobile 2 app – the most advanced 3D moving map application for business aviation.1 Airshow Moving Map fits aircraft of all types and sizes, from turboprops and light jets to the largest VVIP aircraft.

Key features of the next-generation app, which is optimized for iOS® and Android phones and tablets, include:

  • Detailed, interactive high-definition satellite 3D maps
  • Multi-touch, gesture-based roaming, zooming and navigation
  • Customized user display settings and layers, available in portrait or landscape mode
  • Points of interest pop-up panel with images and captions
  • Consolidated view of maps and flight information into one display
  • Multiple viewpoint options including cockpit, pilot head-up display and window seats

“This collaborative effort with Gogo provides us another avenue for bringing our industry-leading Airshow into the hands of business aircraft passengers,” said Greg Irmen, vice president and general manager, Flight Controls and Information Systems for Rockwell Collins. “Airshow is the most deployed moving map in aviation because of its advanced technology and features that keep passengers and crew interactively connected with their flight experience.”

  • Full avionics suite, Head-up Guidance, MultiScan™ ThreatTrack weather radar, MMR and more for flight deck, HD overhead IFE in cabin

Cedar Rapids, Iowa | July 5, 2016– Rockwell Collins has been selected by China-based Shenzhen Airlines to provide its full suite of advanced avionics and PAVES™ Broadcast overhead In-Flight Entertainment (IFE) on 44 new airplanes, including 37 Boeing 737 MAX and seven Next-Generation Boeing 737 aircraft. Deliveries are expected to begin in July 2017.

Avionics highlights of Shenzhen’s selection include Rockwell Collins’ MultiScan™ ThreatTrack weather radar, GLU-2100 Multi-Mode Receiver and TTR-2100 next-generation Traffic Alert and Collision Avoidance (TCAS II) traffic computer.

Shenzhen also selected Rockwell Collins’ Head-up Guidance System (HGS™), which will give the airline greater access to airports in China. Currently there are 14 airports throughout China approved for lower landing minima by the Civil Aviation Administration of China (CAAC) for aircraft equipped with authorized head-up displays (HUDs) such as Rockwell Collins’ HGS.

“Commercial air traffic will continue to increase in the Asia Pacific region and having advanced systems that Shenzhen can count on for more efficient flight, weather threat detection, precision navigation and aircraft avoidance will be essential,” said Jim Walker, vice president and managing director, Asia Pacific for Rockwell Collins. “In the cabin, passengers will be pleased with the crisp, high-definition IFE video and audio, and flight attendants will be impressed with the ease of IFE control and reliable automation.”

Rockwell Collins’ PAVES Broadcast overhead IFE system significantly reduces size, weight, and power consumption compared to previous overhead system offerings. The system’s High Definition Media Server (HDMS) offers solid-state digital audio and video storage capability, integrated pre-recorded announcements, and music functionality with embedded Airshow® 3D Moving Map.

Additionally, with PAVES Broadcast, airlines have the option to handle updates of non-encrypted content themselves or through the Rockwell Collins Content Services Group. This choice gives airlines flexibility in responding to commercial opportunities as they arise, since time-sensitive content can be replaced at a moment’s notice, anywhere in the world.

Farnborough, UK | July 16, 2014– Rockwell Collins today announced that its Venue™ cabin management and high-definition (HD) entertainment system was recently selected by Sabena Technics for installation aboard a Boeing Business Jet (BBJ).

“Venue emulates the home electronics experience by supplying high-definition entertainment features to the aircraft cabin,” said Claude Alber, vice president and managing director, Europe, The Middle East and Africa (EuMEA) for Rockwell Collins. “Venue also offers flexible user interfaces that allow business to be conducted seamlessly.”

The updated BBJ cabin will feature HD monitors and digital audio throughout the aircraft for watching Blu-Ray Disc® movies and other high-resolution content, such as real-time flight information from Rockwell Collins’ Airshow® 3D Moving Map. These features are built upon a fault-tolerant, ruggedized fiber optic backbone that insures maximum system availability while providing necessary bandwidth to integrate the latest consumer technologies.

The BBJ aircraft will be supported 24/7 by Rockwell Collins’ market-leading customer service team, with over 2,000 staff and technicians operating from 46 service bases worldwide.

Venue, the leading cabin management and HD entertainment system for business aircraft with more than 400 installations, includes the features and functionality of the most advanced home entertainment systems and executive suites. Learn more about Venue here:

Cedar Rapids, Iowa | July 23, 2013– Rockwell Collins today unveiled new customizable features for its Airshow® 3D Moving Map for the Apple iPad®.

“Now users can tailor their experience by adding company logos, customizing place names, selecting up to six languages and accessing high-resolution city maps,” said Greg Irmen, vice president and general manager, Flight Information Solutions, Cabin and Electromechanical Systems for Rockwell Collins. “The level of personalization available with this latest update broadens our complete Airshow solution, making the user experience even more relevant and enjoyable.”

The new features are available now through the Apple iTunes® App Store as a first-time download or as an Airshow Moving Map app update. Existing Airshow 4000 or Venue™ HD cabin management system users can take advantage of the new app update with a simple system upgrade from a Rockwell Collins authorized dealer.

More information on the Airshow® 3D Moving Map for the Apple iPad® can be found here.

– New Skybox cabin solution and Airshow app for iPad® available for Falcon 7X, 900LX and 2000LX aircraft

Orlando, FL | October 29, 2012– Dassault’s Falcon 7X, 900LX and 2000LX passengers will be the first to experience the latest cabin innovations from Rockwell Collins on the FalconCabin HD+ cabin management system, which leverages technology from Rockwell Collins’ Venue.

The new optional features include Skybox, an airworthy cabin solution, unveiled by Rockwell Collins at the National Business Aviation Association (NBAA) convention, that allows passengers to wirelessly share Hollywood-protected content to and from iPads. FalconCabin HD+ also features Rockwell Collins’ recently announced Airshow app for the iPad® as an option.

“The FalconCabin HD+ system is rich with new technology that elevates the passenger experience to a new level of engagement,” said Dave Austin, vice president and general manager, Cabin Systems for Rockwell Collins. “The addition of Skybox brings the latest in the digital home entertainment experience into the aircraft cabin.”

Rockwell Collins’ Airshow moving map solution for FalconCabin HD+ delivers a new dynamic experience, which includes an interactive 3D moving map for in-seat video and bulkhead monitors and the new Airshow app for the iPad. The app provides an unprecedented way for passengers to monitor and track their flight progress, including a panoramic view that displays a moving map any direction the iPad is pointed − as if the aircraft were transparent.

The FalconCabin HD+ cabin system, designed jointly by Rockwell Collins and Dassault Falcon Jet, utilizes a state-of-the-art fiber optic network to distribute crisp high-definition audio and video content using a family of intuitive, user-friendly touch-screen monitors. The new cabin system gives passengers total control of everything in the cabin in one easy-to-use solution.

Initial deliveries of new Falcon 7X, 900LX aircraft equipped with the new FalconCabin HD+ are expected later this year. Deliveries on the Falcon 2000LX will start in mid-2013.

Geneva, SWITZERLAND (May 11, 2009) – Rockwell Collins today announced the development of “Version 2” software for its Airshow® 4000 and Media Center three-dimensional (3D) moving map products. The new software will include more than 100 new features and enhancements that will bring an unprecedented amount of realism and capabilities to Rockwell Collins’ Airshow® 3D moving map product lines. “Version 2” maps on the Media Center will include additional details that take advantage of the product’s high-definition video output.

Key new highlights include:

  • A new global map package that provides major improvements in detail and coverage worldwide
  • Innovative new time and flight status displays
  • Realistic day and night views on all 3D maps
  • A new heads-up display designed to offer a pilot’s-eye view of the flight
  • A completely refreshed look-and-feel throughout all features

“With the latest enhancements to our Airshow system, we are bringing together an amazing suite of new and refreshed features that take advantage of powerful 3D graphics capabilities,” said Steve Timm, vice president and general manager, Information Management Systems for Rockwell Collins. “As pioneers in the delivery of 3D map solutions, we uniquely understand the issues and dynamics of providing both an innovative and reliable moving map experience for business aircraft. This enhancement leverages our 3D map expertise and insight into the distinct, customer-specific needs that make our Airshow system so popular.”

“Version 2” will become the new baseline software for Airshow 4000 and the Venue Media Center. Existing Airshow® 4000 customers will be able to upgrade to “Version 2” through a software update that requires no changes to hardware. More information about Rockwell Collins Airshow® 4000 Moving Map systems is available at:

The Media Center is an important feature of Rockwell Collins’ Venue high definition (HD) cabin management system. The device offers the latest entertainment and multimedia capabilities, seamlessly integrated and easily accessible. More information about Venue is available at:

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