Cedar Rapids, Iowa | March 24, 2015– Rockwell Collins’ PAVES™ Broadcast in-flight entertainment (IFE) and Airshow® 3D Moving Map systems will be featured on 45 Next-Generation Boeing 737 aircraft on order by China-based Xiamen Airlines and its subsidiary, Hebei Airlines. Deliveries will begin in early 2016.

“We’re honored by Xiamen’s PAVES IFE selection, which will deliver high levels of reliability for passengers and intuitive functionality for flight attendants,” said Jim Walker, vice president and general manager, International and Service Solutions, Asia Pacific for Rockwell Collins.

Rockwell Collins’ PAVES Broadcast overhead IFE significantly reduces size, weight, and power consumption compared to previous overhead system offerings. The system’s High Definition Media Server (HDMS) offers 160 gigabytes of solid-state digital audio and video storage capability, integrated pre-recorded announcements, and music (PRAM) functionality with embedded Airshow 3D Moving Map.

Rockwell Collins’ Airshow 3D Moving Map system includes NASA’s Blue Marble map data, based on actual satellite imagery, to provide a modernized view of real-time flight information to passengers. Extensive features and performance enhancements not only deliver unparalleled 3D graphical realism, but also add even more new capabilities to what is already the industry’s most popular moving map system.

Additionally, with PAVES Broadcast, airlines have the option to handle updates of non-encrypted content themselves or through the Rockwell Collins Content Services Group. This choice gives airlines flexibility in responding to commercial opportunities as they arise, since time-sensitive content can be replaced at a moment’s notice, anywhere in the world.

  • New side-ledge arm mount for iPads and Galaxy Tabs seamlessly integrates into cabin setting, charges devices

Nashville, Tenn | March 12, 2014–  Rockwell Collins today unveiled a new personal tablet mount for its market-leading Venue™ HD cabin management and entertainment system. The optional solution—available now—allows passengers to securely mount, charge and more easily operate Apple iPads® and Samsung Galaxy Tabs.

The new mount serves as a closely matched alternative to traditional side-ledge-mounted cabin displays and gives passengers a more ergonomic way to use their personal tablets. Rockwell Collins offers a number of apps for tablets that integrate with Venue, including its Cabin Remote for controlling the cabin environment and Airshow® Moving Map for interacting with real-time flight information.

For cabins with Venue’s wireless AVOD (audio video on-demand) or Skybox™, passengers with tablets can access digital content already onboard.

“With Venue, we’re creating a cabin experience that’s tailored to best suit its passengers,” said Greg Irmen, vice president and general manager, Flight Controls and Information Systems for Rockwell Collins. “Our new mount enables passengers to seamlessly integrate their personal tablets into the cabin setting and more comfortably enjoy their own content.”

Rockwell Collins new personal tablet arm mount is compatible with current- and previous-generation Apple iPads (including iPad Air™) and Samsung Galaxy Tabs 1 and 2.

– New dynamic experience leverages more than 30 years of moving map expertise

Cedar Rapids, Iowa | September 11, 2012– Rockwell Collins’ market-leading Airshow® 3D moving map is now available for download in the Apple iTunes® App Store. The iPad® app delivers a unique, interactive way for business jet passengers to view the world around them and stay informed during their journey.

With a simple system upgrade from a Rockwell Collins authorized dealer, existing Airshow 4000 or Venue™ HD cabin management system users can take advantage of the new app, which leverages over 30 years of moving map expertise with iPad technology to create a new dynamic experience. Highlights include:

– An industry-first panoramic view that allows passengers to see a moving map of the outside world from any direction the iPad is pointed – as if the aircraft were transparent.

– Intuitive, touch-enabled interaction with multiple maps and information displays, and the ability to control the Airshow ticker, which scrolls key information related to the flight such as estimated time of arrival.

“This latest innovation for the iPad stays true to Airshow’s mission that began more than 30 years ago − to deliver clear, relevant real-time information to aircraft passengers using the latest delivery methods,” said Steve Timm, vice president and general manager, Flight Information Solutions for Rockwell Collins. “The new app extends Airshow’s market-leading suite of capabilities, such as customizable 3D moving maps and broadband-enabled content delivery, to greatly enhance the user experience.”

Timm added that Airshow for iPad users should expect more interactive mobile features for the app in the future.

April 8th, 2010 – AEA International Convention & Trade Show – Flight Display Systems has announced today an upgrade kit for Airshow™ 100, Airshow™ 200, and Airshow™ 400 owners. The upgrade gives passengers the new Flight Display Moving Map with Worldwide Satellite Imagery, state-of-the-art hardware, and a new two year warranty. Priced at $11,074, this is typically less than the cost of repairing a defective Airshow™ unit.

“There are thousands of old Airshow™ units flying today that are no longer supported,” said Jay Healey, Vice President. “Flight Display Systems now offers an easy, inexpensive option to modernize those moving maps for the passengers.”

This is a direct pin-for-pin replacement of the Airshow™ units. There is no rewiring necessary and no aircraft down time. Contact your local avionics dealer for more information or visit Flight Display Systems.