Lido/Flight 4D, Lido/Navigation and Lido/Performance: New features, agile develop­ment and enhancement, and in-depth exchange at customer conference in Madrid.

Raunheim | June 5, 2018–Lufthansa Systems today announced that it will be hosting its first ever joint user conference for customers of Lido/Flight 4D and Lido/Navigation this year. The Lido User Conference will take place this week from June 5 to 7 in Madrid. Using the tagline #takeoffwithlido, the airline IT experts from Lufthansa Systems will present innovations from their successful Lido product lines for flight planning and navigation.

“Digitalization is affecting the entire aviation industry. Airlines are increasingly investing in connectivity solutions and networked systems both on the flight deck and on the ground. This enables carriers to boost the efficiency of flight operations since data such as weather, airspace and traffic control information will be updated in real time. As a result, airline requirements for flight planning and navigation systems are changing. Everything is becoming more dynamic and data-driven,” said Dr. Bernd Jurisch, Head of Flight & Navigation Products & Solutions at Lufthansa Systems. “This is why we have merged the previously independent Lido product lines. We have taken this decision to match our solutions perfectly to the collaboration between dispatchers and pilots. This ensures that flight operations overall become more efficient, thus enabling substantial savings to be generated. The approach pursued by Lido in this context is called ‘total mission optimization’ and expressly includes the Lido/Performance products.”

The Lido/Flight flight planning solution with its new generation Lido/Flight 4D has been marketed successfully for more than 20 years. Around 120 airlines are using the systems. Since 2015, Lufthansa Systems has worked intensively on developing Lido/Flight into the new Lido/Flight 4D generation to further increase the level of automation in flight planning and enable airlines to achieve even larger savings by benefiting from a new optimizer generation.

The Lido/Navigation success story is over 15 years old, with more than 100 airlines using the solution. In addition, Lufthansa Systems launched the Maps program to integrate various airport, takeoff/landing and enroute navigation maps. The goal is to produce a dynamic map solution. As the innovative Lido/Flight 4D, Lido/Navigation and Lido/Performance solutions continue to converge, Lufthansa Systems is taking its Lido product lines to the next level and creating new added value for airlines. Lido enables a seamless digital process for flight operations – from planning a flight to the aircraft’s parking position at the destination airport.

In addition to explaining the new strategy, this conference will offer breakout sessions on special topics, customer presentations on current projects and the opportunity for in-depth discussion. This will benefit around 270 product experts and customer representatives from about 70 airlines and partners attending the event.