Well IFExpress readers, it’s that time again – Aircraft Interiors and here is the story: “This year’s Aircraft Interiors Expo (AIX) 2017, which takes place in Hamburg, Germany from 4th – 6th April, is the global stage to see the latest innovations and product launches from the world’s leading suppliers in aircraft cabin interiors and Inflight Entertainment and Connectivity. This year, AIX welcomes 55 new exhibiting companies, including Adient, Bombardier and airtango. They will join more than 500 companies at the event including longstanding exhibitors such as; Airbus, B/E Aerospace, Boeing, Inmarsat, Panasonic Avionics and Zodiac and newer entrants such as Acro, and Mirus Aircraft Seating. Across AIX as a whole, 125 companies are expanding their presence taking an additional 3,000 sq. meters between them.”

The show news release went on: “According to the IATA’s 2016 Global Passenger Survey, a key concern for passengers, particularly those under 24, is having the same connectivity in the air as on the ground, highlighting the need for continued airline investment to meet passenger needs. This is reflected in the continued growth of the IFEC Zone. It is now the world’s largest event dedicated to content and service providers. There are 18 new showcasing companies including Philotech, LiteAir Aviation Products and Otonomy Aviation, alongside 100 existing exhibitors in the Zone.”

Last year, over 16,000 folks visited the expo and this year we expect no less. In fact, see what the folks at AIX are saying; “AIX is part of the Passenger Experience Week, which also includes the World Travel Catering and Onboard Services Expo, co-located with AIX at the Hamburg Messe from 4th – 6th April.  Organized by Reed Exhibitions, some 20,000 visitors are expected to register to attend Passenger Experience Week. The first of the events taking place at the Hamburg Messe during Passenger Experience Week is the renowned Passenger Experience Conference (PEC) on 3rd April. The event is dedicated to the future of the passenger experience industry and incorporates a broad choice of presentations and panel discussions on the key themes of generating revenue, the connected journey and comfort and wellbeing. Leading speakers on these topics come from inside and outside the passenger experience industry including Dick Powell, the Chairman of design agency Seymourpowell, Paul Edwards, head of Industrial Design at Airbus and Blake Emery, Direction Differentiation Strategy at Boeing Commercial Airplanes.”

AIX also mentioned: “New to the PEC this year is the Airline Breakfast Forum. This addition presents an opportunity for airline attendees to network, debate informally with their peers about issues relevant to improving the passenger experience in their businesses and to share best practice insights. Attendees at the Airline Breakfast Forum will also be invited to a keynote by Jeff James, vice president and general manager of the Disney Institute.”

Polly Magraw, Event Director of the Aircraft Interiors Expo, noted: “2017 is set to be a landmark year for AIX, with record growth from both new and existing exhibitors, much of it in our burgeoning IFEC zone. With such a wealth of companies exhibiting at the show, and more than 1,000 airline executives expected to attend, it’s no surprise that AIX is becoming firmly established as the event that sets the agenda for the aircraft interiors sector.”

Additionally, we should note that CabinSpace LIVE, a theater style series of seminars where visitors can learn and be inspired on a variety of pressing issues within the IFEC, Interiors and MRO sectors, will also be taking place during AIX. And by the way, Passenger Experience Week also incorporates the 11th annual Crystal Cabin Awards, which takes place on the evening of Tuesday 4th April, with seven award categories that celebrate the most innovative ideas in cabin design and technology.

(Editor’s Note: This is the Big One and we hope our readers come to Hamburg – and for US visitors, we hope you can get back in the USA…”)


Netflix has announced plans to offer in-flight on-demand entertainment from its app with every Qantas flight, allowing passengers to stream live sports, news and TV shows for three days without a subscription. Qantas passengers on Wi-Fi equipped flights will be able to binge-watch Netflix and stream songs from Spotify. The midair entertainment game-changer will be delivered over high-speed Wi-Fi, which Qantas claimed would be “10 times faster” than its rivals, and will be available on one Boeing 737 late this month, with the rest of the fleet following in June – and yes, you need an App. Also we note that under the scheme, Foxtel television will offer passengers three days of free streaming, while Netflix and Spotify offer 30-day free trials as long as passengers subscribe. By the way, there will be no seat back screens onboard so you will need your own device. Stay Tuned on this one, it could be a world wide game changer.


A new biometrics-based seamless passenger-walkthrough in Schiphol Airport will modernize passenger journey experience in the scope of the ongoing Digital Airport Program. Schiphol Airport selected Vision-Box, the Passenger Experience leaders responsible for processing over 200 million passengers per year at borders worldwide, to take up the challenge. New technology will be tested from 2017 to offer passengers a seamless experience, increase throughput and eliminate bottlenecks, thus enhancing capacity within the existing footprint!


SINGAPORE AIRLINES signed LOI to order 19 more (now 49) Trent-powered 787-10s for delivery from FY20/21 and 20 GE9X- powered 777-9s for delivery from FY21/22, and option six 787-10s and six 777-9s. Noted Boeing: “The 787-10 is the third member of the super-efficient, passenger-pleasing 787 Dreamliner family. With its greater passenger and cargo capacity, high degree of commonality and passenger-pleasing features, the 787-10 will complement the family while setting a new benchmark for fuel efficiency and operating economics – 25 percent better fuel per seat and emissions than the airplanes than the competition it will replace. Since its introduction, the 787 Dreamliner has opened more than 130 new city pairs, connecting the world as never before.”


AIRBUS plans to donate four of its flight test aircraft to the Museum of Air and Space in Paris-Le Bourget and Aeroscopia in Toulouse: A320 (001), A340-600 (360), A380 (002), and A380 (004), which as first of the four will arrive in Paris on Feb 14.


According to Web Barth: “The world’s largest selling digital player just got even better – VTS (Video Technology Services) today announced that it is introducing a new DVP digital player that will solve problems with videotape drives for entertainment and PRAMS while adding an optional Moving Map.

He went on: “VTS had maintained old videotape players and drives for many airlines around the world since the 1980s and has firsthand experience with the problems & expense of videotape including: Videotape shortages & tape replacement due to video/sound degradation, Videotape Logistics (collecting, accounting, sending/receiving), and the growing videotape player, drive maintenance expense

To solve these problems, VTS introduced the first “Plug and Play” digital drive replacements for all existing VHS Reproducers/Hi8 Players.

“VTS DVP was the first player to meet the ‘form, fit and function’ criteria: “Slide out VHS player, slide in DVP Digital Player, turn new system on. See for yourself, continued Web.

“The new VTS DVP digital player can improve cabin wide video and an audio performance to modern day expectations; eliminate maintenance expense and logistics problems associated with tape drive units. Further it can eliminate the problem of tape driven PRAMS combining the ease of digital audio as well as companion video to go along with the prerecorded announcement and music. They come with a moving map feature to bring the existing IFE to better than new.” VTS believes there is no more affordable or faster means of making an older IFE system better than new. You can contact VTS via webbarth@vts.global.com


The Airline Monitor expects unprecedented 7-year run of >6% annual growth to soon come to an end; in effect, that above average traffic growth will continue independently, so when it doesn’t – deliveries will have to decline.

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  • Over the past 10 years, the Crystal Cabin Award has become established as a global seal of quality for innovative products and ideas in the field of aircraft cabins.

Hamburg | March 30, 2016– For three days each April, the international aviation industry turns its gaze to Hamburg. At Aircraft Interiors Expo, the world’s biggest trade fair for aircraft cabins and on-board products, decisions are made about what creature comforts passengers can expect when they fly in the future. And for 10 years now, the Crystal Cabin Award has been an established feature of the event and a clear point of orientation for the industry. The prize, launched by the Hamburg Aviation cluster, is awarded to the most innovative new products and ideas in eight different categories. Over the years, it has gone from a niche event to become a world-renowned “Oscar” for the aviation industry.

Amongst the many sponsors of the trophies, to be awarded on 5 April this year, are such respected corporations as Airbus, Emirates, Panasonic and Lufthansa Technik. The list of winners and finalists in the Crystal Cabin Award provides a good overview not just of the highlights of the Aircraft Interiors Expo, but also of general trends in global aviation. Included in that list are products that have since become successfully established in the market, such as the “Skycouch” in Air New Zealand’s Economy class, which folds out as a bed, along with such bold visions as the futuristic “LIFE” cabin from Portuguese design agency Almadesign, and practical inventions like the double armrest from Paperclip Design in Hong Kong. To mark the tenth anniversary of the award, the team are taking a look back at some of the highlights of a decade of winners on the official website, www.crystal-cabin-award.com, and on the Crystal Cabin Award Youtube channel.

The Crystal Cabin Award was launched to strengthen and reinforce the awareness of the aviation industry for cabin fittings as an increasingly important aspect of the passenger experience. It represents the idea of an independent platform for the industry to promote and honour innovation in aviation worldwide. The list of entrants to date is a veritable “Who’s Who” of the aviation industry, and the striking trophies are recognised as a seal of quality and a marketing tool within the industry. For several years now, the Crystal Cabin Award has been avidly followed well beyond the borders of the aviation industry. Just being shortlisted is enough for many companies and products to attain international visibility. The event benefits not only participating companies but also the City of Hamburg and the cluster, Hamburg Aviation, as the world’s leading competence center for aircraft cabins.

A new record was set for this year’s race to win the coveted Crystal Cabin Award trophies, with 95 entries from 18 nations. The big trends of 2016 include large-screen entertainment systems, broadband connectivity above the clouds, and lighting concepts to set the right mood in the cabin. The Crystal Cabin Award is being presented in eight categories for the first time in this jubilee year, with three finalists fighting it out in each category. The spectrum ranges from technological areas such as the “Materials & Components” category, where the world’s first approved timber floor for an aircraft cabin has reached the final three, to new business models for entire airlines in the “Visionary Concepts” category. An overview of all categories and finalists for 2016 can be found here.

The eight winners in this jubilee year will be announced during the Aircraft Interiors Expo trade fair (5 – 7 April, 2016 in Hamburg) at a gala event to be held on the evening of 5 April at the Hotel Atlantic Kempinski in Hamburg. Speakers at this year’s dinner will include Sir Tim Clark, President of Emirates Airline, and Brigitte Zypries, Germany’s Federal Parliamentary State Secretary for aerospace policy. First, though, each of the finalists has to personally face the critical questioning of the 24 expert judges. The international Judging Panel consists of representatives of various airlines, aircraft manufacturers, suppliers and technical service providers, along with university professors and expert journalists. A victory at the Crystal Cabin Award is unmistakeable regognition by the global community of specialists in the sector.

Finalists’ products and concepts are all on display in the Crystal Cabin Award Gallery at the Aircraft Interiors Expo 2016 (Cabin Space LIVE Auditorium in Hall B1, upper level). And on the second day of the trade fair (6 April, 12:30 pm), the winners will personally present their concepts to the public.

The Crystal Cabin Award is supported by the following sponsors and media partners: Airbus, Aircraft Cabin Management, Aircraft Interiors Expo (Reed Exhibitions), Aircraft Interiors International Magazine, Aircraft Interiors Middle East, APEX, B/E Aerospace, Bishop GmbH Aeronautical Engineers, Dabelstein & Passehl, DIEHL Aerosystems Holding, Emirates Airline, FERCHAU AVIATION Division, Flightchic, HAECO Cabin Solutions, Inflight Magazine, Jetliner Cabins, Lufthansa Technik AG, Panasonic, Reaktor.Aero, Runway Girl Network and SEKISUI SPI.

  • Pioneering use of advanced UV light sanitizes all lavatory surfaces
  • Touchless features increase hygiene

Everett, WA | March 3, 2016– Boeing [NYSE: BA] engineers and designers have developed a self-cleaning lavatory prototype that uses ultraviolet (UV) light to kill 99.99 percent of germs. The cleaning system can disinfect all surfaces after every use in just three seconds. Boeing believes this self-cleaning technology, combined with touchless features, will enhance the passenger experience on commercial flights. Click here to download b-roll of the lavatory.

The lavatory uses Far UV light that would be activated only when the lavatory is unoccupied. Far UV is different from the UVA or UVB light in tanning beds, and is not harmful to people. Boeing engineers have shown through testing on their prototype that this innovation can minimize the growth and potential transmission of micro-organisms. Boeing has filed for a patent on this concept.

“We’re trying to alleviate the anxiety we all face when using a restroom that gets a workout during a flight,” said Jeanne Yu, Boeing Commercial Airplanes Director of Environmental Performance. “In the prototype, we position the lights throughout the lavatory so that it floods the touch surfaces like the toilet seat, sink and countertops with the UV light once a person exits the lavatory. This sanitizing even helps eliminate odors.”

The cleaning system, which will require further study before it can be offered to airlines, would lift and close the toilet seat by itself so that all surfaces are exposed during the cleaning cycle. The design also incorporates a hands-free faucet, soap dispenser, trash flap, toilet lid and seat and a hand dryer. A hands-free door latch and a vacuum vent system for the floor are also under study, all to keep the lavatory as hygienic as possible between scheduled cleaning.

“Some of the touchless features are already in use on some Boeing airplanes today,” said Yu. “But combining that with the new UV sanitizing will give passengers even more protection from germs and make for an even better flying experience.”

Boeing’s Clean Lavatory is a finalist for a Crystal Cabin Award that will be announced at the Hamburg Aircraft Interiors Expo on April 5.

  • SAI receives orders for a VIP role change kit for Ethiopian Airlines and a significant ‘lavatory refurbishment’ project from a major European airline

London, UK | April 30, 2015– Aerospace Interiors (SAI) – a world leading aircraft interior outfitting company – secured several orders, with others in the pipeline from global airlines, at Aircraft Interiors Expo in Hamburg earlier this month.

Ethiopian Airlines placed a significant contract for a bespoke and versatile single VIP role change kit to be used with its various aircraft types that include B767/B757/B737-700s & -800s. The Ethiopian Airlines VIP kit includes a 16G divan, 16G ‘Track & Swivel’ seat and ‘HiLo’ table, all exclusively designed and built in‑house by SAI to exacting standards. This cost effective solution provides the airline with the flexibility to upgrade the first/business class section of an aircraft cabin interior to undertake a one off trip to accommodate VIP and Head of State passengers, without affecting the commercial integrity of the aircraft.

Once completed, the kits can be shipped to the MRO of the operator’s choice with STC certification being provided by SAI’s in-house design team when overseeing the installation to the approved data and customer specifications into the aircraft, thereby providing a solution to the problem of dedicated VIP aircraft, high installation costs, long lead times and extended periods of downtime.

SAi’s ‘lavatory refurbishment’ proposition also received considerable interest from a number of prominent airlines with one major European airline confirming an order at the show to upgrade of its fleet of 767 / 737 aircraft. All airlines strive for a high end look at low cost and this provides a real ‘value for money’ upgrade which is vital as airlines continually look to improve their image and increase levels of service.

The European airline’s remit is to retain as much as possible of the existing monument, whilst providing a more modern streamlined appearance. The solution retains the basic electrical and systems provisions within the lavatory, while providing new key elements such as a new vanity unit, with a light-weight Corian top, larger bowl, SAI proprietary tap, LED lights, and cleaner lines, by relocation of units such as the old hand towel dispenser.

“By developing our own range of adaptable interior components which include the new HiLo Table, the 16G Track & Swivel Chair and the new Berthable and Fixed 16G Divans – all launched at the show – we can deliver a flexible, high quality solution that can be delivered to significantly condensed delivery timescales,” explained Steve Swift Managing Director of Starling Aerospace Interiors. “The Ethiopian Airlines contract includes all three bespoke elements but they are also available individually as off-the-shelf products and can be used in conjunction with other seats, installation designs and role change kits. Our ‘lavatory refurbishment’ proposition is also proving a winner with airlines as these ‘high traffic’ areas can quickly become tied but our solution is relatively quick and easy to install anywhere around the globe and by upgrading the internal specification of the aircraft the overall customer experience is enhanced.”

SAI also choose Aircraft Interiors Expo to showcase several new products that comprise:

16G Divan and ‘Track & Swivel’ seat: The latest products to be developed and added to SAI’s own range of adaptable interior components are an all new 16G Divan and ‘Track & Swivel’ seat, for VIP and Business Class, that offers infinite seating configurations. These are currently undergoing final design and approvals.

Having both in‑house capability and certified EASA Approvals are what sets SAI apart and these include Design UK21J.538 / Manufacturing UK21G.2581 / Repair & Overhaul UK145.01249. In addition to delivering the new 16G Track & Swivel chair system.

‘Hi-Lo’ Table: is available in a range of finishes and customer specifications. The substrate is finished in real wood veneer, an aqua transfer print finish or a laminate finish. For use as either custom built tops for Club 4, Club 2 or divan ‘Hi-Lo’, this exciting new product from SAI is released on EASA 21G Form 1.

Berthable and Fixed Divans: in customised foam styling and upholstery, with customised end arm storage units. This can be converted from a comfortable divan into a bed 36” wide. It can be used in conjunction with the SAI 3-point Hi-Lo table.

Monuments: Bulkheads and special purpose monuments are all designed, built, and finished in-house, and installed to meet customer requirements.

These exciting new products are fast gaining huge industry appeal as part of overall interior refurbishment or as part of new ‘role change’ projects for VIP and Commercial airlines. With all design and fabrication taking place in-house, SAI is able to respond to the need of clients and can complete projects with minimal down time to the aircraft.

Hamburg, Germany | April 8, 2015– With under a week to go, Aircraft Interiors Expo is ready to open its doors at the Hamburg Messe in Germany from 14 -16 April 2015. Organised by Reed Exhibitions, the 16th edition of Aircraft Interiors Expo will be the largest ever staged with over 530 exhibiting companies from 30 different countries spread over seven halls compared to five in 2014, including a record size IFE Zone which has grown by 31%.

According to a recent report from the International Air Transport Association (IATA), global passenger traffic results for February 2015 showed a strengthening in demand growth compared to February 2014. Total revenue passenger kilometres rose 6.2%, which was an improvement on the January year-over-year increase of 4.5%. Available seat kilometres capacity in February 2015 increased by 5.6% with the load factor rising 0.5 percentage points to 78.5%.

Aircraft Interiors Expo 2015 is a global event that showcases the entire range of interiors systems and services and over 58 new exhibiting companies will be promoting ground-breaking new products and innovative technologies. Over 800 airline buyers as well as more than 530 suppliers and 13,800 attendees are expected to attend this year’s “must attend” event in the aircraft interiors calendar.

Making its debut, Bangkok Metropolis Motor Company (BKF) is one of very few companies in Thailand that has achieved the AS9001 quality standard for manufacturing aircraft interiors. In addition to supplying automotive, motor cycle and consumer electronics markets, BKF manufactures complete tray tables and can also supply sub-components to support manufacturers – these include washers, spacers, hinges and flame retardant foam.

“BKF has a long and successful history in plastic injection, die casting and rubber moulding. We are now diversifying into the aircraft interiors market with our quality standard through the manufacture and assembly of seat-back food trays. We are very excited to be at Aircraft Interiors Expo 2015 and look forward to meeting potential new partners which will allow us to further develop our capabilities in this important market,” said Dermot Rees, Business Development Manager – Marketing at BKF.

IFEC and seating play prominent roles in enhancing the passenger experience and at Aircraft Interiors Expo 2015, the latest innovative technologies will be displayed by 78 companies in the largest ever IFE Zone which has grown by 31% in size compared to 2014. Examples of companies include Astronics, Blue Box Avionics, Gogo, Lumexis, Molex, Panasonic Avionics, TE Connectivity, Thales, Viasat and Zodiac as well as first-time exhibitors such as Axinom, Dicentia, DMD, In-Flight Dublin, TEAC and Wisscom Aerospace– to name a few.

With over 185 companies on the show floor from around the world displaying the latest in seating products and services, many visitors will be able to view a wide range of new seat launches on display incorporating the latest technological developments, e.g. Acro Aircraft Seating. “At Hamburg this year, Acro will be exhibiting its new Premium Economy product as well as a completely redesigned fixed back seat, both due for delivery in 2016,” confirmed Chris Brady, Managing Director at Acro Aircraft Seating.

This year a new and exclusively designed USA Pavilion will provide an ideal platform for a range of smaller and medium size companies to promote their products and services – many of which are new exhibitors. These include Hanaya Inc. which designs and manufactures friction hinges for the aircraft interiors industry.

“Our hinges’ life cycles exceed 35,000 in some cases and torque tolerance has been lowered to 10 -15%. Between our design department and the production facilities that we utilize, we have accumulated a wealth of expertise, and proven capabilities within a wide range of industries. We effectively address unique requirements and challenges for motion mechanisms in a wide range of applications,” said Jose Cortes, VP Sales at Hanaya Inc. The US Pavilion will also feature the U.S. Commercial Service Germany at the American Embassy in Berlin which, together with three Consulates General, provide a range of services and programmes to help American companies export goods and services to Germany.

Another new feature at Aircraft Interiors Expo 2015 is CabinSpace LIVE, a face-to-face platform which will offer a dedicated area for the exchange of information and best practices with direct access to airlines, operators, buyers and specifiers from the industry. Located in Hall B6, all sessions will be free to attend and companies confirmed to participate include Imeco, Lufthansa Technik, Recticel/Soundcoat, Schott, Silentium, Solvay and STG Aerospace.

“With IATA’s report confirming the rising trend in higher passenger numbers, the topic of passenger experience has never been higher on the agenda for the aircraft interiors industry. For attending visitors and airline representatives, Aircraft Interiors Expo 2015 will be the largest edition ever staged, covering all aspects of the interiors spectrum on the show floor. We look forward to welcoming all our exhibiting companies and visitors from around the world to what will undoubtedly be a busy but important week at this year’s “must attend” event for this innovative and vibrant industry,” said Katie Murphy, Senior Event Director of Aircraft Interiors Expo.

Ewing, N.J. | February 4, 2014– Universal Display Corporation(Nasdaq: OLED), enabling energy-efficient displays and lighting with itsUniversalPHOLED® technology and materials, today announced it exhibited with partner IDD Aerospace/Zodiac Lighting Solutions a white OLED lighting prototype for aircraft interiors at the U.S. Department of Energy’s (DOE) eleventh annual Solid-State Lighting (SSL) R&D Workshop in Tampa, FL. The workshop took place January 28–30, 2014.

In June 2013, Universal Display was awarded a $225,000 Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) Phase I program from the DOE. Under the program, titled “Novel Energy-Saving Phosphorescent OLED Lighting Products,” Universal Display partnered with and subcontracted IDD Aerospace/Zodiac Lighting Solutions to evaluate and demonstrate the potential for energy-efficient and cost-effective white OLED lighting panels for aircraft interiors.

The shelf utility OLED prototype displayed at DOE’s R&D Workshop demonstrated a very slim and energy efficient lighting solution for aircraft interiors. The companies believe that the data generated by developing this shelf utility light may be applied to larger-scale OLED lighting aircraft projects, including cabin applications for interior furniture, galley, interior structure enhancements, as well as other potential adoptions in cabin accent, task, ceiling and sidewall lighting, and sign backlighting.

“We are looking forward to adapting OLEDs into the aircraft environment as an innovative and welcome change in aviation. Our lighting enhances our customers’ experience and modifies how we think about lighting and what it can provide. It is exciting to be working on the first prototype for aircraft interiors, and we are looking forward to continuing our partnership with UDC,” said Beth DeYoung, General Manager, IDD Aerospace/Zodiac Lighting Solutions.

“We are excited to have showcased this energy-saving shelf utility OLED lighting prototype for aircraft interiors, which is a result of our collaboration with IDD Aerospace/Zodiac Lighting Solutions,” said Steven V. Abramson, President and Chief Executive Officer of Universal Display. “OLED lighting offers several significant advantages over current fluorescent, incandescent and LED lighting technologies, from reducing an aircraft’s carbon footprint, lowering fuel consumption to opening up the design restrictions of current lighting solutions. Universal Display is focused on developing and furthering energy efficient, thin, lightweight OLED lighting solutions for this market, and we believe this prototype demonstrates the potential for high-efficiency, high-performance PHOLED lighting panels in aircraft utility lighting applications.”

The DOE has made a long-term commitment to the development and introduction of energy-efficient, solid-state white lighting. Universal Display is a recognized leader in OLED technologies, and its UniversalPHOLED technology and materials have been essential to demonstrating high performance white OLED lighting panels that meet the DOE’s solid-state lighting targets. Additionally, Universal Display is at the forefront of developing complementary OLED technologies, including light extraction, thin-film encapsulation, and flexible OLED technologies.

To see how Universal Display is changing the face of the display and lighting industries with its UniversalPHOLED®, white OLED, and flexible OLED technologies, please visit the company’s website at www.udcoled.com.

Hamburg, Germany, Aircraft Interiors | April 8, 2013– TriaGnoSys has today launched the next stage of its inflight connectivity hardware product portfolio. Building on the highly successful GSMConneX platform for GSM and Wi-Fi connectivity, AeroConneX+ is a single box that enables a wide range of crew applications, as well as passenger communications.

For passengers, AeroConneX+ continues to support inflight connectivity services, as well as the wireless distribution of IFE content – W-IFE. It also enables the wireless uploading of fresh IFE content, such as news and sport, which can take place during a standard aircraft turnaround, removing the need for ground staff to bring content to the aircraft. Manifold modules for cabin services such as IFE distribution, moving maps and inflight payment are available.

For the cockpit, AeroConneX+ can be used to update non-flight critical information. For example, TriaGnoSys is developing Planet, in partnership with Atmosphere. Planet is a weather update tool that provides the pilot with up-to-date information, as well as sending weather information from the aircraft automatically to provide forecasters with much more comprehensive raw data.

Other potential applications in the future include wireless monitoring of aircraft components, with the information being relayed automatically to the ground to streamline maintenance operations. The machine-to-machine reporting will ensure the maintenance crew have all the information they need quickly and efficiently.

Dr Axel Jahn, Managing Director of TriaGnoSys, said, “As inflight connectivity develops from its current base of passenger communications, we are developing our technology to anticipate the needs of the service providers and therefore the airlines. We have designed AeroConneX+ as a modular system, so its functionality can be tailored for each airline.”

Jahn continued, “A significant part of the development has been to ensure the platform is sufficiently flexible to allow for future extensions, as inflight connectivity permeates through airline and aircraft operations more and more.”

AeroConneX+ is part of a fully integrated connectivity solution, which includes third-party wireless access points and crew control touch screen panels.

As an EASA Part 21 Design Organisation and Production Organisation, TriaGnoSys supplies the AeroConneX+ as certified hardware. It will be available with an EASA Form 1 from the end of 2013.

The AeroConneX+ will be on display along with Planet weather service on TriaGnoSys
booth #6B40, Aircraft Interiors, Hamburg from 9-11 April 2013

News and sport from Inflight Television International (iTV) will be uploaded on AeroConneX+ each day at Aircraft Interiors, to demonstrate the on-demand news capability

Our crack staff of IFE sleuths are about to jet their way halfway around the world in order to bring you the latest developments in the IFE industry. That’s right, we’re going to Hamburg!

While we’re there we’ll be posting regular updates to our AIX Blog so be sure to check back regularly to get the inside scoop on what we find at the Aircraft Interiors Exp 2009.