United Kingdom | April 12, 2016– The 2016 edition of Aircraft Interiors Expo (AIX) broke new records in terms of attendance, and set the industry agenda for the year ahead with more exhibitors than ever showcasing and launching new products.

16,000 industry executives are estimated to have attended Passenger Experience Week, from 5th – 7th April, whilst the number of VIP airline attendees rose by 14% – many of whom were senior executives from more than 180 airlines located in 26 markets across the globe.

There were more than 530 exhibitors at this year’s AIX –– with 145 companies exhibiting for the first time.

AIX was the platform for many new orders and partnerships. Airbus unveiled TAP Portugal as the first airline to fly its Airbus A330neo. The Portuguese carrier will also be the first to take its new “Airspace” cabin which was on display at AIX.

Mirus Aircraft Seating, exhibiting for the first time at the show, announced their first ever order from Air Asia to retrofit 386 of its in-service and on-order Airbus A320s and A320neos with its light-weight Hawk economy class seat. This will see the seating manufacturer supply over 70,000 seats to the airline, whilst Recaro announced that they will be partnering with Singapore Airlines to supply 14,000 CL3710 economy class seats on board the airline’s A380s, and its on-order A350s and Boeing 787s next year.

AIX played host to a high number of new and innovative products and services on display, giving valuable insights into the future of the passenger experience, whilst demonstrating cost effective solutions for airlines. Zotefoams showed how by using their foam rather than solid plastic parts for installations, airlines can achieve 50% weight reductions.

Also revealing innovative materials to transform the cabin was JCB Aero, which has developed their first carbon composite material to be approved for use in commercial and transport cabins. 3D printing is also making its way into the sky, with Sabic showing how their Ultrem 9085 resin materials can produce an economy seat all through 3D printing.

In AIX’s IFEC Zone, which grew by almost a third in 2016 many leading industry companies showcased their newest technologies designed to keep passengers entertained and connected. Lumexis were giving visitors a look at their latest generation of its fibre optics-based in-flight entertainment system. The supplier’s FTTS (fibre-to-the-screen) Gem-4 includes a large seatback touchscreen and features a Flightpath 3D interactive moving map.

Panasonic Avionics displayed their Waterfront concept seat, which includes 4K viewing amongst a host of other features such as inductive charging and temperature and positon control of your seat all via the passenger’s mobile phone. The unique partnership with B/E Aerospace, Teague and Formation Design Group to develop this seat has resulted in a business class seat that elevates the flying experience with sophisticated technology.

ViaSat were speaking about their new ViaSat-3 satellite which offers the capacity to meet growing customer demand to stream content of their own choosing to their own personal devices, which they believe will eventually outgrow embedded IFE solutions.

The week also brought us a number of new gadgets and technology innovations for the cabin which will help to transform the passenger experience. Skylights, the French IFE technology specialist, displayed their 3D “cinematic” glasses, bringing the movie experience from the ground up to 30,000 ft. Skycast showcased the TabCaddyClip – a tablet computer holder that fixes to seatback tray tables, whilst the National Research Council of Canada (NRC) unveiled 3D simulation goggles as a way of assisting anxious flyers.

Polly Magraw, Event Manager of Aircraft Interiors Expo, said: “This has been another record year for Aircraft Interiors Expo with increasing numbers of companies from across the globe recognising that this is the event to launch and showcase new innovations in the passenger experience.

“The marked increase in the number of VIP Airline visitors clearly demonstrates the airline sector’s appetite for the new products that AIX showcases.”

AIX was preceded by the Passenger Experience Conference, which saw more than50 speakers from across the passenger experience industry sharing insights with some 400 delegates from airlines, suppliers, designers and the media.

Another show event celebrating innovation and bringing key industry players together was the 10th annual Crystal Cabin Awards, hosted by Hamburg Aviation and sponsored by AIX which took place on the evening of the opening day of AIX. Eight innovators were honoured for bringing exciting insight into the future of aviation. Rebel.Aero’s picked up first prize in the Passenger Comfort Hardware category for their economy class booster seat, whilst Etihad Airways won the Cabin Concepts prize for its project with Acumen Design for their original use of seating space in the cabin with 787 First Suites. B/E Aerospace also took home a top prize, this time for its Viu Flex Lighting System, which illuminates almost every space in the cabin. Other prize winners included Lufthansa Systems, for its Board Connect Portable, The Boeing Company for its “Clean Cabin- Fresh Lavatory”, Sekisui SPI for its ”Infused Imaging”, Delft University of Technology’s hammock-shaped headrest, and Zodiac Aerospace’s Lifestyle Cabin.

Aircraft Interiors Expo next takes place 4-6 April 2017, Hamburg, Germany.

  • Defining the future of the global passenger experience industry

London, UK | February 10, 2016– Now in its fourth year the Passenger Experience Conference (PEC), the leading global conference and networking forum delivering content, driving innovation and developing connections for the global passenger experience industry, returns Monday 4th of April in Hamburg, Germany.

The annual conference will offer delegates a chance to learn from industry specialists and visionaries, exchange knowledge and engage in lively debates, centred on the future trends of the passenger experience industry.

The conference will focus on the three elements critical to the passenger experience, exploring opportunities to improve air and rail travel through:

· innovation of cabin interiors
· in-flight entertainment and connectivity (IFEC)
· hospitality, service and retail

In-depth breakout sessions, with moderators including Blake Emery, Director of Differentiation Strategy at Boeing and Rich Salter, Chief Technology Officer of Lumexis, will discuss and debate these elements of the passenger experience.
Keynote speakers at each session include Garen Moreno from BMW Group Designworks, who will lead a discussion on ageing travellers and the digital age.

Juan Carlos Iglesias from Immfly will discuss e-commerce onboard in the IFEC session and Chris van Rÿswÿck from Pragma Consulting will explore the game changing ancillary to create a seamless digital experience.

Joining Chris to discuss hospitality, service and retail opportunities, Vassilios Georgakopoulos, Director Product Marketing and Michael Wahl, Vice President Product Marketing and Innovation of LSG Sky Chefs will discuss the evolution of industry and passenger needs.

Other experts speaking at the global conference and networking forum will be Ian Scoley, Vice President Industrial Design of ZEO, Zodiac, Niels Steenstrup, Senior Vice President of Global Airline Sales at Gogo and Alexis Steinman, Senior Vice President of Digital Media Solutions at Global Eagle Entertainment.

Katie Murphy, Senior Exhibition Director, says:

“This is an exciting time to be a part of the passenger experience industry and the Passenger Experience Conference cannot be missed. Travellers are looking for so much more than just a flight from A to B and the conference is all about defining the future of the passenger experience industry and showcasing what it has achieved in the cabin, in IFE and in hospitality.

“The experiences on board, from physical to digital, are rapidly evolving and the possibilities to revolutionise the passenger experience are endless.”

Closing the day before the Industry Networking Party, will be the highly anticipated Leaders in Innovation session where delegates will be provided insights on how to drive innovation from speakers Don Buchman, VP and General Manager Commercial Mobility at ViaSat and Michelle Lee, Director of Marketing and Guest Experience, Aer Lingus.

Following the speaker sessions, visitors, exhibitors and industry VIPs will also meet at the Industry Networking Party, providing a further networking opportunity with leading figures and decision makers representing the entire passenger experience industry.

The PEC will kick off Passenger Experience Week, followed by the Aircraft Interiors Expo (AIX) and World Travel Catering & Onboard Services Expo (WTCE) from 5th to 7th April 2016.

AIX, now in its 17th year, will present the latest innovations, technologies and products in the cabin interiors, inflight entertainment and passenger comfort industries. This year’s event will host more than 60 first time exhibitors including Spafax, Comfly, Mirus Aircraft Seating, and long-attending exhibitors from 530 companies across the interiors industry such as Panasonic Avionics, B/E Aerospace, Airbus S.A.S. Zodiac, Boeing, alongside several others. AIX will also announce the winners of the Crystal Cabin Awards, who will be celebrating their 10th anniversary at the event.

Returning to Hamburg for its 5th anniversary, WTCE is the leading event for travel catering, onboard retail and passenger comfort. 2016 will offer a unique platform for professionals across the air and rail industry to source a wide range of product innovations from over 300 international industry suppliers including exhibitors such as LSG Sky Chefs, Global Inflight Products, gategroup, Albéa, Colpac Ltd, Anaik and The Bake Factory, part of the Crantock Food Group. With new products and fresh ideas for the onboard offering on show, WTCE 2016 will also host a wide range of networking events and demonstrations from world-class chefs.

Earlybird conference rates are currently available, offering delegates the chance to save over 20 percent. To book a place at the conference, delegates must register for either Aircraft Interiors Expo (AIX) or World Travel Catering & Onboard Services Expo (WTCE). For more information or to register today, please visit http://bit.ly/1SZZPAx.

“I think 2015 was the best AIX Hamburg in years.  Creative connectivity solutions are expanding.  The off-aircraft connectivity space is growing with the big players recognizing content and strategic alliances are the fastest way to market.  As for inside-the-aircraft connectivity, I saw at least 6 new suppliers or added offerings from traditional IFEC players.  This is exciting.  The winning strategy is to get on as many aircraft as possible and let the competition scramble for the rest.” John Courtright

Another year in Hamburg complete and quite a show it was. Without a doubt, this was the biggest ever – we saw online numbers like 800 airline buyers, 500 + suppliers and 13, 897 expected visitors (probably more)… This is the IFEC industry “Big Dog” and you can find out more on Facebook (Aircraft Interiors Expo) and YouTube. Social Media and IFEC seem to be good friends so check out those sources as well.

“For the first time at a major expo such as AIX, airlines have asked us if our solution could also be integrated in their mobile App, which actually was anticipated by our teams. It seems that the seamless journey pre-, during and post-flight is rising very quickly thanks to wide personal device adoption and better IT integration.  This will encompasses the meal menus, video and music selection before the flights for example, the duty free sales and tickets booking during the flight, the interactive airport info and city guides for post-flight. IFE is widely entering the digital age. Let’s take just the best of it, and preserving the magic of a unique inflight PaxEx.” Cyril Jean

Of course, IFExpress was there and we interviewed a different supplier almost every half hour, and in the next few weeks, we hope to give our readers some inside info about what we saw in the way of industry innovations and what it means for all of us. In that context, we thought you might see value in some trends that we observed, or surmised, after talking to hundreds of attendees and vendors.  Bullet-ed below are our two cents worth… not in any particular order.

“We will see more crowd sourced start-ups bring new technology to the market which, in turn, will push the dominant tech companies in our industry to respond in kind.  Expansion from IFEC to passenger health through seat or cabin based biometrics and wearable technologies will lead the way.” Hratch Astarjian

• There is a lot of vertical and horizontal product integration happening in this industry.

Larger Pipe connectivity will facilitate more innovation in the cabin and the aircraft in general, not to mention the possibility of more revenue generation for the airline and the vendors alike.

New hardware technologies in conjunction with in-cabin wireless connectivity are providing value-added solutions to IFE, especially at the lower end, and engendering new IFE solutions for low cost and single-aisle aircraft.

• The next generation of wireless access points with features like cognitive hotspot technology and the smart signal cancellation are providing a better passenger Wi-Fi experience.

• IFE customizable GUI’s are providing airlines with interfaces that they can tailor themselves, reducing costs and allowing individuality to stand out. Further, the same suppliers are providing aircraft real-time operational data about IFE and content usage that gives the airlines more time to evaluate and track operations and equipment inflight, as well as, passenger utilization.

Device charging technologies were seen at many booths, whether it was on a seatback or used in conjunction with a PED holder. Also, there was a lot of interest beyond USB charging, the most common was Qi Wireless Power Charging Technology.

Moving maps have grown up and some were offering the opportunity for ancillary revenue. Beyond that, second-generation map software was selectable by passengers and contained even more information and control.

New technology circuit designs and component technology are enabling smaller inseat power box footprints with the ability to serve more seats.

• More low-cost, limited color, cabin lighting solutions were on exhibit. Further, cabin LED mood lighting systems are being sold for retrofit applications with simpler control boxes than those on new aircraft.

NFC is now becoming a small purchase payment solution as part of cashless retail systems… no doubt influenced by such developments as Apple Pay and others.

Antenna technologies are bringing smaller devices to the forefront as transmission frequencies go up and technologies like meta-materials invade the arena. Coincidentally, the resultant radomes for some new solid state, flat plane types promise to deliver radome height measured in centimeters.

Manufacturer combined teams are now in vogue as product specialists contribute to common goal designs for items like seat and IFE/power combinations.

App technology is increasing for on-ground and in-air product and service solutions, reflecting the strong usage and patronization of passenger portable devices. Accordingly, passenger usage of them is increasing on the ground and in the air… both increasing the possibility of more revenue generation.

• The subject of content provision is generating stranger, but bigger, bedfellows. As of now, the top three are all anyone talks about anymore, thus the future may be a real challenge for the small player.

• There is a lot of action in the COTS semi-imbedded tablet arena and a number of suppliers are touting ancillary hardware and seat modifications, which leads us to believe Samsung and Apple devices could some day replace some big vendor screens – they are thinner, lighter, battery backed, and very pixel oriented and rugged. The challenge will be in environmental, vibration, RFI and power. However, some system vendors are using only off the shelf tablet solutions with some modifications.

• In a perceived sense, there were more first time cabin product vendors at AIX 2015 than in recent years.

Demand for bigger pipes in the air is now obvious.  This includes more smart, flexible spotbeam equipped satellites. There are more smart spot-beam satcom birds planned than ever. Who could have imagined such a large competition for connectivity solutions 5 years ago?

“iPAX’ wireless to the in-seat screen is the architecture of the future for narrowbody aircraft that currently have only overhead video – iPAX will replace overhead monitors with its incredibly light weight and low cost AVOD – giving passengers first–run movies that they cannot get on their PEDs, and giving airlines a revenue-generating kiosk at every seat.” Rich Salter

The next few issues of IFExpress will be devoted to some of the folks we saw at AIX and we hope you Stay Tuned!

“We didn’t see big announcements – new products, acquisitions and so on – in Hamburg this year. Instead, it was all about delivery. By next year, we’ll see a step-change in the connectivity products and solutions available for airlines, in part driven by the new high bandwidth capacity which is coming on stream.” Charlie Pryor

On another note and after 18 years with Sony followed by 15 years at Thales, Lori Krans has left her VP position and is now a consultant focused on b2b marketing communications and business transformation for companies of any size – lmkrans@pacbell.net

Hamburg, Germany | April 9, 2015– Rockwell Collins will demonstrate how it is uniquely positioned to offer a full suite of cabin solutions that enhance passenger engagement and deliver value for airlines at this year’s Aircraft Interiors Expo in Hamburg, Germany, April 14-16.
“We’re redefining passenger engagement for airlines with advanced, reliable entertainment systems, empowering high-speed broadband and robust applications,” explained Craig Elliott, vice president, Sales and Marketing, Air Transport Cabin Solutions for Rockwell Collins. “Since our acquisition of ARINC, and more recently Pacific Avionics, Rockwell Collins is taking a significant step forward with a unique offering in the market that provides airlines with scalable cabin solutions that are open and flexible to meet the needs of any mission profile.”

A number of Rockwell Collins latest innovations will be exhibited at Aircraft Interiors, including its award-winning PAVES™ family of in-flight entertainment (IFE) systems, its Cabin Connect suite of connectivity services, and its Airshow® 3D Moving Map .
The company also plans to reveal and demonstrate a new passenger service system aftermarket solution for airline cabins that will reduce fuel cost and recurring maintenance.

Aircraft Interiors Expo attendees are encouraged to stop by Booth #4C10 in Hall B4, or schedule a formal visit by contacting Rockwell Collins to learn more about its next-generation cabin solutions, including:

  • Rockwell Collins’ Cabin Connect suite of connectivity services, featuring Inmarsat’s GX Aviation for the most extensive coverage of airline routes and the fastest broadband in the skies, as well as applications for crew connectivity, real-time credit card authorization and wireless in-flight entertainment
  • PAVES™ Wireless, bringing Wi-Fi accessible content aboard the flight
  • PAVES™ On-demand, delivering seat-centric IFE through an intuitive touchscreen HD seatback interface
  • PAVES™ Broadcast, featuring a wider array of content options for passengers than previous overhead systems
  • Airshow® 3D Moving Map, featuring stunning graphical design and dramatic product enhancements to engage passengers and make flight time more enjoyable.

Hamburg, Germany | March 12, 2015– With just a month to go, the countdown is now on for this year’s Aircraft Interiors Expo which takes place at the Hamburg Messe in Germany from 14 -16 April 2015. Organised by Reed Exhibitions, Aircraft Interiors Expo 2015 will be the essential hub for the aircraft interiors industry to view ground-breaking new products and innovative technologies as well as networking with exhibiting companies and professional visitors.

According to a recent report published by Technavio entitled “Global Commercial Aircraft Cabin Interior Market 2014-2018” the global market is forecast to grow at a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 4.72% during the period 2013-2018.

The report also states that improved economic growth and urbanisation have resulted in a rise in air travel and the demand for air travel, especially from the Premium Customer segment, has triggered many innovations in the In-Flight Entertainment and Connectivity (IFEC) segment.

IFEC and seating play leading roles in enhancing the passenger experience and at Aircraft Interiors Expo 2015,Panasonic Avionics will be displaying its new JAZZ seat concept. Neil James, Executive Director of Corporate Sales & Product Management at Panasonic Avionics, said: “At Panasonic, we see a tremendous opportunity to bring the innovation of premium classes to Economy class. The JAZZ Seat is the first seat with IFE designed synchronously from the ground up for commercial aircraft.”

The overall thinness of the seat, created from a mandrel-free composite seatback construction, frees up more space for the passenger by improving knee clearance, while the innovative armrest geometry increases hip clearance through the use of additive manufacturing. JAZZ considers every aspect of passenger entertainment by featuring best-in-class IFEC technology and an unprecedented 13.3″ 1080p LCD touch screen integrated into a seamless edge-to-edge glass structure.

Passengers are able to control the ambiance of their seat environment through mood lighting, built-in reading lights and communication with the cabin crew through integrated attendant call lights. AC power, inductive charging, USB ports, Bluetooth 4.0 and Near Field Communication (NFC) payment features seamlessly integrate Personal Electronic Devices (PED) for a fully personalised passenger experience.

Chameleon Products specialise in providing interior design solutions to many airlines and VIP aircraft and the company has recently collaborated with Flying Service, a UK-based aircraft seat manufacturer, to produce a new economy seat called the Extendable Seat Product (ESP) which will be displayed on Chameleon’s stand. The ESP can be produced for any aircraft type and certification takes approximately 12 weeks. The new seat converts from a standard economy seat into a lounger seat which enables passengers to lie flat in a sleeping position or to relax with other travelling companions or family.

“We decided that we would produce the first seat in material that was designed by the celebrated British designer, Sir Paul Smith, which would combine great British engineering with superb British design and I think we have come up with something very stylish and functional. We also hope airlines will adopt the ‘ESP Designer Class’ which will enable us to work with established and new designers to enhance the ESP section in the aircraft to create something new and generate additional revenue for the airline,” explained Trevor Whetter, Owner of Chameleon Products.

Another company thatsupplies several of the world’s major seating manufacturers is Aerofoam Industries who produce aircraft foam cushions, thermoplastics and seat covers. In partnership with seating scientists, Nubax, Aerofoamhas developed a new technological foam innovation called Probax for aircraft seating.

Probax utilises a patented technology to encourage correct seated posture without the addition of any mechanical devices. The Probax design process utilises the teams’ extensive experience in bio-mechanics to define key reference points within a seat cushion. Those reference points are then expertly built into a three dimensional shape by Aerofoam to create a foam cushion.

The Probax cushion can be fitted to any existing aircraft seat as a replacement cushion and according to a recent study, ProBax has been clinically proven to increase blood flow, aid blood oxygenation, reduce muscle fatigue, discomfort and even improve digestion, all by inducing an anatomically more correct seated posture.

“We have always been the ‘go to’ company for comfort in aircraft seat cushions and now we are able to empirically define that comfort bio-mechanically,” said Jim Barrett, VP at Aerofoam Industries. “The end result is a lighter, more comfortable seat cushion that offers more leg room and mitigates the risk of Deep-Vein Thrombosis (DVT). An added side effect is that by keeping passengers comfortable, they’re less prone to adjusting their seat incline, potentially reducing passenger irritability and the use of devices such as the infamous knee blockers.”

Aircraft Interiors Expo 2015 is a global event that showcases the entire range of interiors systems and services and many visitors and airline representatives will be interested in viewing the latest developments in carpets. ege is one of Europe’s largest manufacturers of carpets and this year the company will be launching two new aviation product lines called Avia Carré Ecoline and Avia Structure.

“We look forward to welcoming visitors to our stand to see our unique way of designing carpets, for which there are limitless design options and colours. We use the latest technology to deliver total freedom for these designs and we have the industry’s shortest delivery times. More importantly, our environmentally-friendly carpets are made from 100% recycled yarns,” said Jens Klein, Head of Aviation and Trains at ege.

As evidence of its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), ege is the only carpet manufacturer in the world to have gained the CSR standard DS 49001, which is the Danish version of the internationally recognised ISO 26001 standard. The Avia Carré Ecoline collection is produced from an innovative lightweight material that can help reduce fuel consumption as well as giving customers total freedom to incorporate bespoke designs. Avia Structure, whilst designed with a very minimalistic look and feel, is a flat woven hard-wearing and lightweight collection manufactured to meet stringent certified standards.

Senior Event Director, Katie Murphy, said: “This year will see the largest and most comprehensive global passenger experience event ever staged, as Aircraft Interiors Expo expands from five halls to seven. It’s clear that exhibiting companies see this event as the ideal showcase to display their latest and innovative technologies to the many visitors and airline representatives who will attend. With the continuing upward trend in air travel, there is no doubt that Aircraft Interiors Expo 2015 will cover the full spectrum of the passenger experience on the show floor with over 500 exhibiting companies.”

Hamburg, Germany | February 12, 2015– With In-flight Entertainment (IFE) at the forefront of the aviation commercial industry, the IFE Zone at Aircraft Interiors Expo 2015 has increased in size by some 25% and echoes rising passenger demand for the same quality and variety of entertainment in the air as is currently available on the ground. Confirmation of this growing demand was illustrated by a recent survey conducted by Honeywell which reported that the availability of in-flight Wi-Fi directly influenced flight selection for 66% of passengers. Aircraft Interiors Expo will take place at the Hamburg Messe from 14 -16 April.

Senior Event Director, Katie Murphy, said: “The entire supply chain will be represented from around the world in this year’s IFE Zone, with 13 new companies joining the already 134 in the zone, which will showcase the latest and most innovative IFE technologies on the market today to meet burgeoning passenger needs. 67% of visitors at last year’s event confirmed their interest in IFE-related products so there is no doubt that the IFE Zone will again be a significant presence at Aircraft Interiors Expo 2015.”

Gogo will be showcasing its latest connectivity technology – 2Ku – which has recently received regulatory approval from the Federal Communications Commission to operate this next-generation technology. Steve Nolan, Director of Communications and PR, Gogo said: “Product showcases will include Gogo Vision, Gogo Text & Talk and the Gogo Platform. We will also have lots of information on the connected fleet and what we are doing to use connectivity to get beyond passenger internet access and connect the plane and crew.”

Maintaining the connected theme, TE Connectivity, the world’s largest supplier of passive electronic components, will focus on the high bandwidth expansion demands for the IFE and In-Flight Networks. Earle Olson, Manager Business Development, TE Connectivity said: “Airline passengers continue to require the ability to connect their mobile phones, laptop computers and tablets to the Internet during flights. Meeting this demand requires integrated solutions that focus on increased bandwidth, faster download speeds and miniaturisation of electronics to save space and weight.”

The company’s showcase will feature solutions such as antennas for wireless applications and high-speed copper and fibre optics that tackle bandwidth and download speeds. Each of the integrated solutions on display boosts the performance of any cabin with flexible IFE, web access, and high-speed networking.

One of the 13 new companies will be PXCom, a developer of interactive media for IFE suppliers, will be presenting its latest enriched content at the expo and will use the event to unveil a fully customisable destination guide for premium classes and private jets. The guide features recommendations for prestigious locations and has a built-in partnership with world-class luxury editors.

Cyril Jean, CEO, PXCom said: “Aircraft Interiors Expo is the world’s only place to engage with an exclusive audience of key aviation decision makers. The event is dedicated to the passenger experience, covering the full spectrum, from cabin innovations to IFE and connectivity, passenger comfort and on-board technology to hospitality and retail.”

The international reach in the IFE Zone will also include SINTERS AMERICA, who in collaboration with Rockwell Collins, will showcase its Paves On-demand Seat Electronics Tester which provides overhead broadcast video and in-seat audio and video. Travellers can enjoy high-definition entertainment while the system’s compact footprint, light weight and maintenance features help minimise cost of ownership.

Éric Ledoux, SINTERS AMERICA President, commented: “SINTERS AMERICA is proud to support Rockwell Collins at Aircraft Interiors Expo 2015 in demonstrating Paves at our booth 4B60. Rockwell Collins’ clients will have the opportunity to practice and test first-hand this new and easy to use seat tester.” He added: “This collaboration with Rockwell Collins demonstrates SINTERS AMERICA INC’s strong commitment to meet our customers’ needs and to be a reliable and efficient automated test equipment integrator.”

Hamburg, Germany | February 2, 2015– Two new motivating plenary sessions from Seymourpowell and Virgin Atlantic Airways will open and close an unmissable programme at the Passenger Experience Conference, which takes place on 13 April 2015 at the CCH – Congress Centre Hamburg, to be followed by Aircraft Interiors Expo. Hosted by Aircraft Interiors Expo, this industry-leading conference will open with the first plenary presented by Richard Seymour, Founder, Seymourpowell with the closing session presented by David Bulman, Director of Technology and Reuben Arnold, Brand and Customer Engagement Director at Virgin Atlantic Airways.

The theme for the opening plenary session is to free up collective thinking about what is possible and Richard Seymour’s “Blue Sky” presentation entitled ‘Clippers in the Clouds – Rediscovering Romance in the 21st Century,’ will investigate the theory of “Emotional Ergonomics” in the air and reflect on how much can actually be achieved within the technical confines of a modern airliner in the decades to come.

“When I’m spending the kind of money that a transatlantic flight costs nowadays, I’m inevitably comparing the experience with other ways I could use that cash…in-flight experiences always seem to be trying to ‘catch up’ with even some of the simpler pleasures on the ground. It’s time for the unique, delightful and exciting time in the air again,” said Richard Seymour.

The following plenary session will debate the dynamics of the flexible interior, to be moderated by Vern Alg, Consultant, Reed Exhibitions. Current panellists Leo Mondale, President, Inmarsat Aviation; Adrian Berry, Creative Director, Factorydesign; Baden Smith, Head of Airline Business, Altitude Aerospace Interiors and a senior executive from Airbus. The theme for this segment is building flexibility into original designs to satisfy multiple and changing needs of airlines and their passengers.

The focus for ‘Taking a Guest-Centric Approach to Customising the Cabin and Creating Differentiated Brand Experience’ is the team behind Etihad Airways’ A380 and B787 interiors who will share the challenges and learning from achieving a high level of customisation in all cabins including a guest-centric approach to overcome the constraints and design demands. Confirmed panellists will include Michael Crump, Product and Innovation Director, Honour Branding; Anthony Harcup, Associate, Acumen; Calum Laming, Vice President, Guest Experience, Etihad Airways and Adam White, Director, Factorydesign.

A new feature at this year’s Passenger Experience Conference will see the morning keynotes being repeated after lunch to enable delegates to listen to more than one keynote presentation.

‘Designing Desire in the Travel Zone: Reaching Beyond Basic Passenger Needs to Create Impact in “In-Between” Places’ will be presented by David Cleaves, Creative Director, frog. When passengers leave their homes to travel, they enter a series of “in-between” places – airports, planes, hotels, and other venues – where fantasy and reality collide to shape their experiences. He will follow two typical passenger archetypes along the travel journey and map their needs and aspirations, exploring how airlines and airports can – moment by moment – go beyond the basics to deliver something surprising and new.

During ‘Re-zoning the Cabin: The Athlete’s Plane,’ Philipp Steiner, Creative Director, TEAGUE will offer insights on TEAGUE and Nike’s collaboration on a concept aircraft for professional athletes.

“Challenging assumptions, understanding user needs, and questioning the status quo is the job of design; the same could easily be said of Nike’s business, making them the ideal partner for TEAGUE,” said Philipp Steiner.

Air travel often hinders athletic performance due to the impact on physical, physiological and cognitive functions – especially when travelling across time zones. “TEAGUE and Nike both pursue game-changing innovation,” he added. “There’s no better way to achieve that than by bringing together the best brands in their respective fields to co-make entirely new products, services and experiences.”

The heart of the third and closing plenary session will showcase the much-anticipated ‘Leaders in Innovation’ finale. Virgin Atlantic has racked up a significant track record for innovation to improve the passenger experience. David Bulman and Reuben Arnold will provide insights on some of the airline’s recent initiatives which have included upgrading upper class beds with seat/bed padding on suspended webbing, transforming the meals service with low-tech tableware, and trialling the use of Google Glass.

Following the conclusion of the final plenary session, the Passenger Experience Conference will then close leading to the Industry Networking Party, sponsored by The Gill Corporation, which will take place from 1730 – 2100.

Katie Murphy, Senior Event Director for Aircraft Interiors Expo, said: “The opening and closing plenary sessions at this year’s Passenger Experience Conference will be a major highlight for delegates as these top-level speakers will be stimulating and thought-provoking. In general, the range of issues and topics to be debated this year highlight the vibrancy of this industry which continues to evolve at high speed. There is no doubt the line-up to date is already impressive and will be an occasion not to be missed.”

Hamburg, Germany | April 11, 2013– The visitors thronging the busy aisles of Aircraft Interiors Expo are underlining the event’s importance as a launch pad for new products. Exhibitors that are delighted by the visitor response include Swiss media company Ocleen.tv, who is using its Aircraft Interiors Expo debut to launch the only IFE solution on the market that is financed through advertising revenue, making it free to airline customers. Airlines can also avoid much of the cost of installing and maintaining equipment.

Ocleen offers two options: air.connect, which uses a pre-installed server and WiFi access points, and air.tabcloud, which streams TV content to tablets without the need for an internet connection. The air.tabcloud solution overcomes limited storage space on each tablet by distributing the overall content evenly across all proprietary tablets.

Ocleen’s Pascal Staud said, ‘We are particularly targeting short and medium haul airlines and chose Aircraft Interiors Expo because we decided this was the best place to meet them. We are very pleased with the number of high quality visitors that have come to our stand and the length of time they have spent gaining an understanding of the benefits of our solutions. Just today we signed two Letters of Intent with potential customers, one of them a large Asian carrier. Our new revenue model has created a lot of interest, as has the fact that our system can work with a range of IFE hardware, including retro-fitting. We have also been approached by business jet operators regarding buying our service without the advertising funding’.

Another successful launch was being staged by EAM Worldwide. Manny Gatto, Director of Sales for EAM said on the afternoon of day two, ‘We had high expectations for this show and to date they have been exceeded. We have seen those visitors we invited to view our exciting new product and have also been pleasantly surprised by the number of other prospective customers that have come to see us’. The company launched a single-lane evacuation slide for the Airbus A320 family of jets, a significant diversification from its long established range of life rafts and life vests. Manny Gatto said the stand has been consistently busy, with visitors interested in both the competitive pricing of the slide and its innovative features, such as LED lighting.