ITASCA, IL. | August 3, 2011 –- Gogo, the world’s leading provider of in-flight connectivity and an innovator in in-flight entertainment, today announced the official launch of its new streaming video product – Gogo VisionTM – onboard American Airlines’ entire fleet of 15 Boeing 767-200 aircraft. American is the first North American airline to offer Gogo Vision to travelers.

Gogo Vision enables customers to wirelessly stream content such as movies and TV shows from an onboard server to Wi-Fi enabled laptops during flight.

“We definitely believe this is a game-changer in the world of in-flight entertainment,” said Ash ElDifrawi, Gogo’s chief marketing officer. “Gogo Vision is a low-cost, light-weight, easy-to-install solution that’s very different from traditional IFE. The result is the airlines now have both choice and flexibility on a per fleet basis.”

Gogo Vision features a growing list of movies and TV shows from major Hollywood studios to offer customers entertainment choices. Customers can sort titles by movie or TV, genre, length of feature, and other categories. Trailers are available for complimentary viewing prior to renting content. Movies and TV shows will remain accessible for viewing after the customer has landed – movies for 24 hours and TV shows for 72 hours. Unexpired rentals will be available for playback on the ground by using the same device and browser used onboard.

“We’ve been deeply involved in developing the concept of streaming video with Gogo, as part of our vision of continuing to elevate the travel experience by pushing the envelope with our inflight entertainment offerings,” said Rob Friedman, American’s Vice President – Marketing. “We continue to execute this strategy and lead in this space by making prudent investments in innovative, cutting-edge technologies. During this initial phase of launch, Entertainment On Demand allows customers to access content through select personal Wi-Fi enabled laptops, and in the coming months Gogo intends to make tablets and other devices available for use with the product.”

Gogo Vision is primarily available on transcontinental flights between New York JFK and Los Angeles and JFK and San Francisco – for the introductory price of $.99 per TV show and $3.99 per movie. Customers do not have to purchase in-flight Wi-Fi to purchase a movie or TV show.

New Platform To Offer Engaging Flight, Destination, E-Commerce, Video, Gaming And News Experience For Travelers In-Air, Online

ITASCA, Ill., July 15, 2011 –
Gogo today announced plans to launch a new, in-air multimedia platform that will extend the company beyond Internet connectivity to offer passengers exclusive access to online services that include real-time travel information, destination content, news and information, exclusive shopping deals and social network integration. The platform will also give airlines the opportunity to offer passengers access to the latest movies and TV shows through Gogo’s new streaming video product.

The new platform will be a unique in-air experience that passengers access via their own Web enabled device on any aircraft equipped with Gogo Wi-Fi internet service. The new site will also be customizable to allow better branding opportunities for Gogo’s airline partners. The new platform will be available beginning in the third quarter of this year.

“This is the convergence of in-flight connectivity and entertainment. When we first started offering Wi-Fi connectivity, it became clear to us that we could offer travelers so much more to enhance their travel experience,” said Ash ElDifrawi, executive vice president and chief marketing officer of Gogo. “Today, travelers depend on Gogo to keep them connected in air and, while connectivity remains at the heart of our business, we are thrilled to offer travelers this new form of entertainment at 30,000 ft.”

Over the last several months, Gogo has worked with design and innovation firm IDEO to define and build the new platform. Gogo engaged with IDEO to better understand the needs of travelers and the airlines. The next step was to determine how to best leverage its in-flight connectivity to address those needs.

Gogo has begun rolling out some of these new features including a new partnership with Gilt Groupe. Gogo’s video service will also allow travelers to rent movies and TV shows for viewing in air. Gogo currently has an agreement with major Hollywood studios and will feature recently released movies and hit TV shows. .

“The introduction of this new platform will enable our airline partners to customize in air, online experiences to reflect their brand; it will offer passengers an engaging travel experience; and it will give advertisers access to a very unique audience” said ElDifrawi. “It offers the flexibility to provide a robust set of experiences – such as travel information, movies, shopping and social networking – that’s relevant to each individual airline or specific journey. It also sends us farther down the path to making Gogo everyone’s favorite part of flying.”

BROOMFIELD, CO – July 19, 2011 – Aircell, the world’s leading provider of inflight connectivity for business aviation, today announced that it has appointed industry veteran Dennis Hildreth Manager, OEM Sales. In his new role, Dennis is responsible for managing the company’s ongoing relationship with business aircraft manufacturers and he will be an active participant in the company’s strategic growth. He reports to Mark Sander, Aircell’s Director, OEM Sales.

In addition to being available in the aftermarket, Aircell communications & connectivity systems are offered as original equipment by every major manufacturer in the business aviation industry. This encompasses nearly 40 factory aircraft programs all over the world.

With nearly 30 years of broad-based aviation and technology experience, Dennis joins Aircell from Rockwell Collins where he held the position of Principal Marketing Manager – Flight Information Solutions. Prior to that, he held roles of increasing responsibility during a 27-year career with Hawker Beechcraft Corporation. Most recently as Senior Product Manager, he led the manufacturer’s adoption of new technologies aboard its flagship line of Hawker business jets. He also spent several years as an Engineering Test Pilot and Flight Test Engineer, conducting experimental flight testing for research, development and certification of FAR Part 23 and 25 aircraft. He holds an FAA Airline Transport Pilot certificate with type ratings in a multitude of business aircraft. He holds a B.S. degree in Mechanical Engineering from Wichita State University.

“Dennis’ vast experience in the business aviation industry makes him a natural for this position and we’re honored to have him join the Aircell team,” said John Wade, Aircell’s Executive Vice President & General Manager, “Since Aircell is offered at the factory by every major business aircraft manufacturer, the OEM segment is obviously a very important one to us. Dennis will be a tremendous asset as OEMs increasingly use Aircell technologies to create safer, more productive and enjoyable in-flight experiences for their customers,” concluded Wade.

Aircell Products Now Offered by Every Major Aircraft Manufacturer in Business Aviation

ATLANTA, GA [NBAA Annual Meeting & Convention] – October 18, 2010 – Aircell, the world’s leading provider of inflight connectivity, announces that Bombardier Aerospace has chosen a suite of Aircell systems as factory options aboard select aircraft from the Learjet* and Challenger* business jet families. Customers can now choose from a full range of Aircell inflight connectivity and communication features including voice, Internet, e-mail and more.

With this announcement, Aircell communications systems are now available as original equipment at every major manufacturer in the business aviation industry. This encompasses nearly 40 factory aircraft programs all over the world.

Bombardier’s selection includes a variety of Aircell features, equipment packages and network services available for the respective aircraft:

Aircell Axxess® Cabin Communications System
. Provides multiple channels of global voice and narrowband data service via Iridium Satellite, along with essential, network-neutral cabin infrastructure. Available on Learjet 40* XR*, Learjet 45* XR, Learjet 60* XR, Challenger 300* and Challenger 605* aircraft.
Aircell’s SwiftBroadband Solution. Provides data connectivity for e-mail and light Internet service via the Inmarsat I-4 satellites. Powered by Thrane & Thrane. Available on Challenger 300 and Challenger 605 aircraft. Also available on Learjet 45 XR and Learjet 60 XR with integrated voice service.
Gogo Biz™ Inflight Internet. Provides data connectivity for full-speed Internet service via the Aircell Network in the continental United States. Available on Challenger 300 and Challenger 605 aircraft.

Brant Dahlfors, Bombardier Business Aircraft’s Vice President, U.S. Sales, said, “In the current business context, being connected is a necessity for the majority of executives, and customer expectations for airborne connectivity have grown. Our customers use aircraft to increase productivity and efficiency, and they expect a full online experience while they fly. For connectivity in the U.S., Gogo Biz provides exactly what our customers need – it’s a full-speed Internet connection like people expect on the ground. For operations outside the U.S., Aircell’s SwiftBroadband solution is perfect for global e-mail and light Internet.” he concluded.

John Wade, Aircell’s Executive Vice President and General Manager, said, “We’re pleased to work with Bombardier to bring Aircell products to the Challenger and Learjet aircraft production lines. In many ways, having an airframe manufacturer offer your products as original equipment is the ultimate endorsement. To have that trust extended by every major aircraft manufacturer in business aviation is huge validation of the Aircell brand. We’re very grateful and proud to reach a level of such universal acceptance in the market.”

Most equipment packages are available on Bombardier aircraft currently being delivered, and the rest will become available as certification programs are completed in the coming weeks.

WAN Management Feature Manages Multiple Networks

When Gogo Biz inflight Internet and Aircell’s SwiftBroadband solution are installed aboard the same aircraft, Aircell’s integral WAN Management feature allows the aircraft to automatically switch between the two data networks according to the operator’s pre-set preferences. This provides a seamless online experience for passengers as the aircraft travels in different regions. A typical configuration is to set Gogo Biz as the aircraft’s preferred data network with an automatic default to SwiftBroadband when the aircraft travels outside the continental U.S. Aircell’s WAN Management feature emulates how the latest multi-network consumer devices operate on the ground.

Aircell is displaying its complete family of airborne communications systems this week in Booth 3737 at the National Business Aviation Association (NBAA) annual meeting & convention in Atlanta, GA.

In Celebration, Passengers Will Be Greeted By Gogo Gate Team Members With Complimentary Gogo Access

ITASCA, Ill., Aug. 31 /PRNewswire/ — Already enabling Internet access on more flights than any other service in the world, Aircell today announced it has installed Gogo® Inflight Internet on its 1,000th aircraft. The Delta Air Lines DC-9 will make its connected flight today from Detroit. To celebrate the occasion, passengers will be greeted by Gogo brand ambassadors, and treated to complimentary Gogo Internet access on board. Today’s 1,000th equipped aircraft caps a busy month for Aircell, in which it wired numerous Delta Air Lines, American Airlines, and Alaska Airlines planes. Gogo Inflight Internet is now available on more than 3,800 flights daily, up from just 2,100 at this time last year. Roughly one-third of all mainline domestic aircraft now offer Gogo’s Inflight Internet service.

“This is a big milestone for our company and for consumers who want to stay connected at 30,000 feet,” said Michael Small, President and CEO of Aircell. “A few years ago Internet on a commercial flight was unheard of, and today it is commonplace. I want to thank our team and our airline partners for their dedication, but more importantly our customers who make our daily growth possible.”

Gogo will continue to roll-out on additional aircraft and airline partners throughout 2010 and beyond to provide consumers with Internet access to their wireless devices whenever they are in the air. With Gogo, passengers can browse the Web; access online music, games and podcasts; send and receive e-mail; and connect to virtual private networks while flying. The easy-to-use service provides passengers with full Internet access on any Wi-Fi-equipped laptop or personal electronic device at speeds similar to wireless mobile broadband services on the ground.

Company Also Debuts New Value-add Inflight Internet Programs for Companies that Operate Business Aircraft

BROOMFIELD, CO – August 12, 2010 – Aircell, the world’s leading provider of inflight connectivity, today announced that the company’s air-to-ground high-speed Internet service for the business aviation market – formerly known as Aircell High Speed Internet – has been rebranded as Gogo Biz™ Inflight Internet.

The move will more closely align the company’s service in its two primary markets – business aviation and commercial airlines. The increased brand familiarity and new value-add programs will make it easier for travelers to enjoy the productivity-enhancing benefits of inflight Internet, regardless of the type of aircraft they’re aboard. An overview follows of the services available in each market.

· Gogo Biz™ – Inflight Internet for Business Aviation. Gogo Biz is the only solution in business aviation that provides a true high speed Internet experience with equipment that is small and light enough to fit on virtually any business aircraft. The system has seen record-breaking adoption, having been selected by major aircraft manufacturers including Cessna Aircraft Company, Dassault Falcon Jet, and Hawker Beechcraft, as well as major fractional and charter operators including Clay Lacy Aviation, Flight Options, XOJET and NetJets. Unlimited and usage-based service plans are available with monthly costs starting as low as $395.
· Gogo® – Inflight Internet for Commercial Airlines. Today, Gogo is available on nearly 1,000 airline aircraft operated by Aircell’s airline partners, including American Airlines, Virgin America, Delta Air Lines, AirTran Airways, US Airways, United Airlines, Air Canada and Alaska Airlines. Millions of passengers have used the service since launch, and additional aircraft are being equipped on a daily basis.

John Wade, Aircell’s Executive Vice President and General Manager, said, “The benefits of inflight Internet don’t discriminate by the type of aircraft you’re flying on. Immediately from the start, Aircell’s air-to-ground technology developed an enthusiastic base of loyal customers in the airline and business aviation markets alike. Now by sharing a common brand in both markets, it’s even easier for travelers to make that connection.”
New Inflight Internet Programs for Business Aviation

As part of today’s Gogo Biz announcement, Aircell is also launching three new cross-market programs for business aircraft operators. The programs provide additional convenience, value and savings to companies that utilize commercial airlines along with business aviation in meeting their overall travel requirements. Here is a summary of the three programs:

1. Corporate Discount Program. If your company operates a business aircraft with Aircell connectivity services, you are eligible for company-wide discounts on Gogo Inflight Internet purchases on Gogo-equipped commercial airline aircraft.
2. Aircell Black Cards. Companies that equip their business aircraft with Gogo Biz Inflight Internet service between now and December 31, 2010, are eligible to receive three exclusive Aircell Black Cards at no additional cost. Each Aircell Black Card gives one user unlimited complimentary Gogo service aboard any Gogo-equipped commercial airline aircraft.
3. No-Cost Demonstrations. Companies that operate business aircraft are eligible to try Gogo service on any Gogo-equipped commercial airline aircraft, free of charge. This allows operators traveling on airline flights to experience the same type of Internet service that is available from Gogo Biz aboard their business aircraft. This program is available to anyone that operates a business aircraft, whether or not they are a current Aircell customer.

Wade continued, “We’re very pleased to debut the three new crossover programs. Representing the first of their kind for our company, they provide value to corporate flight departments and personnel throughout their companies.” Full program details are available from your Aircell representative or by contacting Aircell at +1.303.301.3271 or

Through its diverse line of airborne communications products, Aircell offers one of the business aviation industry’s largest selections of network services. These services span multiple technologies, including air-to-ground, low-earth orbit satellite and geostationary satellite.

Our lead story is a reminder to all you IFE aficionados to sign-up for the WAEA Technical Committee Meeting & Single Focus Workshop (March 24 – 25, 2010) in Southern California. Day One features the WAEA Technology Committee’s Digital Content Management Working Group (DCMWG) Meeting, there will be three panels. The first will consider the proposed changes/additions made in the MPEG-4 settings covered by WAEA 0403. A panel of industry experts including hardware providers, content providers, and representatives from the post-production community will participate. The second panel will consider the possibility of adding an HD specification to WAEA 0403. A demonstration of 1080p content on 1080p native screens, versus 720p content on 720p natives screens, at different screen sizes is planned. The third panel will consider the possibility of adding a 3D specification to 0403 or as a separate document. Representatives of MPEG Industry Forum (MPEGIF) with whom WAEA has a reciprocal relationship are expected to attend and participate in the 3D discussion. Day Two is a WAEA Single-Focus Workshop (re “Connectivity Update”) sponsored in part by EMS. There is a minimal fee of $75 for vendors to attend Day 2. WAEA TC & Single Focus Workshop Information.

Perhaps the biggest news this week is from Alaska Airlines…trialed Row 44 Internet hardware on 4 aircraft and then went with AirCell’s Gogo service. Equipment/installation cost may be part of the equation but we suspect Alaska’s new management may be in there somewhere. We contacted Row 44 and CEO John Guidon told IFExpress: “We are disappointed we could not work out a mutually agreeable business relationship. But based on information we learned during their successful passenger trial, we know passengers were extremely satisfied with our service, including coverage into Canada and the far reaches of the airline’s namesake State.”– Row 44 CEO John Guidon. Check out this story in the Seattle Times for additional info and see the Aircell press release in this issue of IFExpress.

OK, we stole this from the Aircraft Interiors crowd but so did they! Actually, it is a good story on Asian Aviation…plus, you can find out what this years’ AIX show in Hamburg is all about! On the AIX website here’s what Murdo Morrison’s (Editor Flight Int’l) says about Asian Aviation: “Emerging more confidently from the global recession than other regions, the Asian aviation market is forging ahead and appears to have coped better than expected with the recent economic down turn. Could this herald a trend for airlines operating in the Asian arena to be at the forefront of the latest look in interiors as operators gear up to meet the growing demand? Seen for many years by some experts, as the great hope for the civil aircraft and aerospace industry it does seem that the Asian aviation market is starting to fulfill these predictions. Statistics at the start of 2010 show Asian aviation’s freight and passenger growth to be looking quite healthy.” With 98% of the stands sold to date, you had better hurry if you want to own your exclusive display. Here is a link to the AIX floor plan. as well as a link to Murdo Morrison’s video on Asian Aviation.

An aviation reprobate and an old friend, Robert (Bob) Bogash, sent us a link to his website outlining his experiences with, and knowledge of the lore of, the U-2 spy plane. We know, it has absolutely nothing to do with in-flight entertainment but it is really interesting! If you have an interest in aviation technology and want to learn some Skunk-Works stuff and see incredible aviation history photography – this link is for you!

Water Cooler Rumor One: An aircraft display vendor is about to roll out an amazing 65”, aviation grade (DO-160), Large Screen Monitor!

Water Cooler Rumor Two: A new Alaska digEcor Contract was signed at the end of 2009 with XT players shipped to Alaska. IFExpress has the scoop on a new agreement for about 1,000 more players for Alaska that will handle shopping, advertising, etc. just like the new Hawaiian contract. We also hear the first of the L7 “Lafeel built players” will be shipped at the end of March to a customer in Europe. This is the early model that was exhibited at the WAEA in Palm Springs. It will exceed the battery life of even the XLP – it’s battery life will now be 20 plus hours. We expect the new device to sport solid-state memory soon with chips instead of a hard drive and it could reach 25 hours of battery life. Stay Tuned on this one.