– Analysis suggests up to 5% of flights affected by delay or cancellation
– Passengers entitled to average compensation of 400€
– CTI partners with AirRefund to assist compensation service

Manchester, England | February 22, 2016– CTI, the leading regional travel management company, has investigated and identified the impact of air delays and cancellations on clients and created an offering to help.

As a trusted travel partner for hundreds of firms across the UK, CTI conducted an analysis of airline delays, with initial findings suggesting that 5% of its clients’ flights are affected by delay or cancellation.

CTI is the only UK travel company to currently offer this service, and its clients will be able to claim compensations averaging 400€ depending on distance flown.

CTI has partnered with AirRefund, the claim management service, to provide its clients with an easier approach to compensation for flight delays, cancellations and overbookings. It will be the first independent UK travel company to partner with AirRefund.

With the service available to all of CTI’s clients and their employees, it’s the latest addition to a network of trusted travel partner suppliers that ensure CTI’s clients receive excellent value and superior service.

Clive Wratten, CEO of CTI, said: “We have identified the need for clients to easily claim for disrupted flights, and we are pleased to be the first independent UK travel company to offer this service.

“Our airline partners deliver an efficient and trouble-free service the vast majority of the time. With compensation as an entitlement by law for every passenger, we are simply enabling our clients to claim easily when disruption occasionally happens.”

Thomas Benita, CEO, AirRefund, added: “The traveller’s experience is our main focus, and we’re happy to be able to extend our offering through CTI’s great array of partners. Our efforts are aimed at reengaging the passengers positive attitude towards the company, the travel solutions at their disposal and the airlines.”