A Look at Media Ventures, LLC, based in Lexington, Kentucky, will soon be offering “destination-specific” programming for airline passengers traveling to major cities around the world.

Fred Mullins, founder and CEO of A Look At Media Ventures, LLC, announced that the company has reached a distribution agreement with British Airways.

“We are thrilled that one of the worldʼs leading airlines has chosen our product for their in-flight entertainment platform because they feel this product will entertain their passengers en route to major cities around the world and enable them to engage with the city before they even land,” Mullins said. “We believe the time is perfect for content that is entirely destination-specific, as many travelers are not familiar with the larger cities of the world. We can help make trips more enjoyable.”

British Airways TV and Ambient Manager Hannah Shire said A Look At Media Ventures offers content that is relevant and interesting.

“British Airways passengers traveling for business or leisure have the potential to be empowered by knowledge of their destinations available within these video guides,” Shire said. “This may help them on their current journey or educate them for any future travel plans.”

A Look At Media Ventures, a new member of APEX, first exposed its concept at the industry conference in Long Beach in September. Response from the airlines has A Look at Media Ventures buckling up and ready to take off.

“So many involved in the airline industry have faith in the product, said Lee Casey, a past board member of APEX and vice president of Customer Programs with Lumexis, a major vendor for the airline industry. “Mr. Mullins, has been involved with the travel/tourism industry for many years, publishing the hardcover guidebooks found in major cities across the U.S. He understands better than anyone the value for all parties, and we are anxious to see this concept become a global product that all airlines will embrace in the immediate future. Itʼs win-win for passengers, airlines and advertisers.”