– World’s largest airline buys 100 737 MAXs, 50 Next-Generation 737s, worth $14.7 billion
– World’s most popular single-aisle jetliner tops 10,000 orders

CHICAGO, IL | July 12, 2012 /PRNewswire/ — Boeing (NYSE: BA) announced today an order by United Continental Holdings, Inc. (NYSE: UAL) and its wholly owned subsidiary, United Air Lines, Inc., for 150 737 airplanes, including 100 of the new 737 MAX 9. United, the world’s largest airline by traffic, is the latest carrier to choose the newest member of the 737 family, which today eclipsed 10,000 orders overall.

The deal, worth $14.7 billion at list prices, also includes 50 Next Generation 737-900ERs (Extended-Range).

“This order is a major step in building the world’s leading airline, and we look forward to offering our customers the modern features and reliability of new Boeing airplanes, while also making our fleet more fuel efficient and environmentally friendly,” said Jeff Smisek, United’s President and CEO. “New aircraft deliveries support our flexible fleet plan, permitting us to tailor future capacity up or down, based on changes in demand or other market conditions.”

United is the North American launch customer for the 737 MAX 9. The order continues the momentum for the 737 MAX, which now has more than 1,200 orders and commitments from 18 customers. Counting all variants, the 737 program now stands at 10,039 orders, further cementing the 737 as the undisputed best-selling jetliner in the world.

“United and Boeing share a rich history together and we are delighted United has chosen the 737 for its future fleet, renewing our partnership for decades to come,” said Ray Conner, president and CEO of Boeing Commercial Airplanes. “We believe the 737 provides unsurpassed quality and value in the market and will provide efficiencies and other benefits to United’s operations.”

The Next-Generation 737 is the most fuel-efficient and reliable single-aisle airplane today with an eight percent per-seat operating cost advantage over the nearest competitor. The 737 MAX builds on these strengths with big advances in fuel-efficiency and environmental performance. Equipped with new LEAP-1B engines from CFM International and improvements such as the Advanced Technology Winglet, the MAX reduces fuel burn and CO2 emissions by 13 percent while maintaining the eight percent operating cost advantage over future competition.

These continuous improvements have powered the program to the impressive order milestone.

“To witness the first commercial airplane to surpass 10,000 orders is monumental,” said Beverly Wyse, vice president and general manager of the 737 program. “The 737 has continuously evolved and provides improved performance, reliability and exceptional value for our customers.”

The 737-900ER and 737 MAX 9 ordered by United can seat up to 180 passengers and feature the new Boeing Sky Interior. The sleek interior boasts modern lines, a spacious cabin with more headroom and LED lighting that offers vibrant color options.
United Airlines and United Express operate an average of 5,605 flights a day to 375 airports on six continents. In 2011, United flew more than two million flights that carried 142 million passengers, more than any other airline.

– Boeing Delivers Milestone Airplane To Middle East Low-Cost Carrier flydubai
– Popular Single-Aisle Is The Best-Selling Commercial Airliner Family In History

Seattle, WA | December 16, 2011 /PRNewswire/– Today Boeing (NYSE: BA) delivered the 7,000th 737 to come off the production line to Dubai-based flydubai. The airplane is flydubai’s 14th Next-Generation 737-800 with the new Boeing Sky Interior. The Boeing 737 is the best-selling commercial jetliner of all time with total orders exceeding 9,300 airplanes, including orders for the new 737 MAX.

“It is incredible to be delivering our 7,000th 737. We thank flydubai and all our customers who have made the 737 the world’s most popular jet airliner,” said Beverly Wyse, vice president and general manager of the 737 program. “This success is due to the years of expertise that thousands of employees continue to build into every Boeing 737 used in private, government and commercial service.”

In November 2010, flydubai had the distinction to be the first airline in the world to offer passengers an enhanced onboard experience with the brand new Boeing Sky Interior. Today’s delivery will be the 21st in flydubai’s fleet and the airline has an additional 30 737-800s on order.

“We are proud to be a part of this important milestone for the 737,” said Ghaith Al Ghaith, CEO, flydubai. “With its continuous innovations, the Next-Generation 737 brings the right combination of operational and environmental performance to address the requirements of our markets.” Ghaith adds, “The Next-Generation 737 is a major cornerstone to flydubai’s modern, fuel-efficient and economical portfolio of commercial jets.”

The 737 is the most produced large commercial jet airliner in history and continues to hit the record books as the program produces airplanes at record rates. The gap between each record delivery is shrinking. It took Boeing 4 years 8 months between the 4,000th and 5,000th, while the gap between the 5,000th and 6,000th delivery was 3 years and 2 months. The 7,000th delivery is just 2 years and 8 months after the 6,000th. With 737 production rates increasing incrementally to a record 42 airplanes a month in the first half of 2014 the gap will continue to close.

The 737 MAX is the new-engine variant of the world’s best-selling airplane and builds on the strengths of today’s Next-Generation 737. Powered by the new CFM International LEAP-1B engines, the 737 MAX reduces fuel burn and CO2 emissions by an additional 10-12 percent over today’s most fuel-efficient single-aisle airplane, the Next-Generation 737. It will have the lowest operating costs per seat in the single-aisle segment with a 7 percent advantage over tomorrow’s competition.

To date, Boeing has received orders and commitments for more than 900 airplanes from 13 customers for the 737 MAX, while the Next-Generation 737 family has won orders for more than 6,200 airplanes with a backlog exceeding 2,300 airplanes.

With more than 5,400 airplanes in service, the 737 represents more than a quarter of the total worldwide fleet of large commercial jets flying today. More than 358 airlines in 114 countries fly 737s.

Seattle, WA | December 13, 2011 — Boeing [NYSE: BA] and BOC Aviation today celebrated the delivery of the leasing company’s 50th Next-Generation 737, a 737-800.
“We are pleased to take delivery of our 50th Next-Generation 737 aircraft directly ordered from Boeing,” said Mr. Robert Martin, Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer of BOC Aviation. “We have committed to acquire 100 of this popular aircraft type, including commitments we have made to support our customers under purchase and leaseback transactions, since our company was established 18 years ago. Boeing has been and will continue to be a key supplier and partner to BOC Aviation.”

BOC Aviation is the leading Asia-based aircraft leasing company. The company has ordered 74 Boeing aircraft and acquired another 65 Boeing aircraft on purchase and leaseback transactions from airlines around the world.

“We congratulate BOC Aviation on taking delivery of their 50th Next-Generation 737,” said John Wojick, vice president of Asia Pacific Sales for Boeing Commercial Airplanes. “With the 737-800, BOC Aviation is providing its customers with a progressive airplane that is known not only for its reliability and economical performance, but also for its flexibility to serve a wide range of markets.”

The single-aisle Boeing 737-800 can seat between 162 to 189 passengers. It can fly 260 nautical miles farther and consume 7 percent less fuel while carrying 12 more passengers than the competition.

BOC Aviation is leasing the Boeing 737-800 to WestJet, Canada’s leading high-value, low-fare airline offering scheduled service to 70 destinations in Canada, the United States, Mexico and the Caribbean, with its fleet of 91 Boeing Next- Generation 737-series aircraft.

Boeing & Biman Bangladesh Airlines Partner With SpaandanB For Humanitarian Aid Flight

Everett, WA | November 23, 2011 /PRNewswire/ — Boeing [NYSE: BA] today delivered Biman Bangladesh Airlines’ second 777-300ER (extended range) as part of the airlines’ fleet replacement and modernization program.

Boeing and Bangladesh’s flag carrier partnered with SpaandanB, a non-profit organization that is dedicated to bettering the lives of the less advantaged in Bangladesh, to load 8,500 pounds of relief items such as clothes and school supplies onto the airplane for the delivery flight. SpaandanB will deliver the aid to areas in Bangladesh affected by harsh winter conditions.

“We are honored to play an important role for the well-being of our citizens,” said Air Marshal Jamal Uddin Ahmed (Retd.), chairman of Biman Bangladesh Airlines. “Providing timely supplies ahead of the upcoming winter season will affect the lives of many in the region.”
The Bangladesh community across the U.S. including many Bangladeshi employees at Boeing helped to initiate this humanitarian effort. The effort was led by Syed M. Hussain, a 787 engineer at Boeing, who is scheduled to travel with the goods from Everett to Dhaka. Along with Hussain, many employees have volunteered countless hours to make this humanitarian delivery possible.

“We are very proud to see that our hard work here will benefit the unfortunate people of Bangladesh back home,” said Hussain. “I look forward to helping deliver the relief goods to those in need on behalf of Boeing.”

Biman Bangladesh received its first 777-300ER less than a month ago and plans to operate the airplanes on new long-haul routes.

Seattle, WA | September 27, 2011 — Boeing [NYSE: BA] and UTair Aviation, Russia have signed an order for 40 Boeing Next-Generation 737 airplanes, comprised of seven 737-900ERs and 33 737-800s. The agreement was previously announced at the 2011 Paris Air Show. The order is valued at $3.8 billion at list prices.

“UTair is a wonderful business partner with Boeing. We are truly proud of the airline’s history and accomplishments in Russian commercial aviation. The Next-Generation 737s with the Boeing Sky Interior will enhance their network and customer appeal for both domestic and international routes,” said Marty Bentrott, vice president of Sales for Russia, Central Asia and Middle East, Boeing Commercial Airplanes.

All 40 UTair airplanes will be delivered with the new interior that offers unprecedented passenger appeal and comfort with such features as spacious cabin headroom, overhead bins that disappear into the ceiling yet carry more bags and LED lighting that brings any color into the cabin.

– Agreement Includes 100 Next-Generation 737s With Options For 40 More
– Commitment To Order 100 737s With New Engines And Options For 60 More

SEATTLE, July 20, 2011 /PRNewswire/ — Boeing (NYSE: BA) confirmed that American Airlines has selected Boeing to provide 200 narrowbody airplanes, with options for 100 more, to accelerate its single-aisle fleet replacement.

The agreement includes 100 Next-Generation 737s, with options for an additional 40 airplanes. Boeing and American Airlines will work to finalize the agreement over the next several weeks, at which time it will be a firm order and posted to the Boeing Orders and Deliveries website.
In addition, American Airlines has committed to order a variant of the 737 featuring new more fuel-efficient engines, pending final airplane configuration and launch approval of the program by the Boeing board of directors. This commitment for 100 airplanes, with options for 60 more, is the first of many anticipated for this variant. The airplane would be powered by CFM International’s LEAP-X engine.

“This agreement highlights our focus on investing in our fleet for the benefit of our shareholders, customers and employees,” said Tom Horton, president, AMR Corp., the parent company of American Airlines and American Eagle. “The addition of these Next-Generation 737s will play a critical role in replacing our narrowbody fleet with more fuel-efficient aircraft offering state-of-the-art customer features.”

American Airlines’ current fleet of more than 600 Boeing airplanes includes 156 Next-Generation 737-800s delivered to date. The agreement builds on American Airlines’ existing backlog of 64 Boeing airplanes consisting of 51 737-800s, seven 777-200ERs (extended range) and six 777-300ERs. In addition, American Airlines has an existing purchase agreement with Boeing to acquire an initial 42 787-9 Dreamliners, with the right to purchase up to 58 additional 787s.

“American Airlines is an industry leader whose vision and disciplined approach to growth has made it one of the largest airlines in the world,” said Boeing Commercial Airplanes President and CEO Jim Albaugh. “This agreement will provide American Airlines with the most capable airplanes in the narrowbody marketplace and continue to deliver industry leading economics. Demand for the 737 remains very strong from customers around the world and we have deliberately retained delivery positions to meet the fleet requirements for all our valued customers.”

Today’s operators fly Next-Generation 737s that are 5 percent more fuel efficient than the first airplanes delivered in 1998. Certification of additional improvements is underway which will be included in airplanes delivered later this year.
Pending final configuration of the new 737 variant and board of directors approval, Boeing will take another giant step forward in improving the operating economics of this already market-leading airplane.

To date, the Next-Generation 737 family has won orders for more than 5,700 airplanes and Boeing has delivered more than 3,700.

LE BOURGET, France, June 22, 2011 /PRNewswire/ — Boeing (NYSE: BA) and UTair Aviation, Russia announced an agreement today at the Paris Air Show for the purchase of 40 Next-Generation Boeing 737 airplanes, comprised of seven 737-900ERs and 33 737-800s.
UTair is one of the largest Boeing operators in Russia with a fleet of over 30 Boeing airplanes. In 2011, UTair became the first operator in Russia and Eastern Europe to fly new Boeing 737-800s with the enhanced Boeing Sky Interior. By the end of this year, UTair will increase its Boeing 737-800 fleet to nine airplanes.

“Our decision to further expand our Next-Generation Boeing 737 fleet is based on its high efficiency,” said Andrey Martirosov, UTair CEO. “These airplanes meet today’s commercial needs of the airline by their value-for-money and availability of early delivery positions”.
“UTair’s choice of the Next-Generation 737 shows its confidence in the Boeing single-aisle product family, which features incredible economics and operational capability,” said Marty Bentrott, vice president of Sales for Russia, Central Asia and Middle East, Boeing Commercial Airplanes. “We are very proud of our relationship with the new Next-Generation 737 operator.”

Boeing’s 737 Next-Generation airplanes will help UTair deliver an unmatched level of service for passengers and dramatically reduce operating costs, fuel costs and environmental impact.

Boeing looks forward to finalizing the agreement with UTair.

Boeing Sky Interior Features Provide Enhanced Passenger Comfort On Board

SEATTLE, March 11, 2011 /PRNewswire/ — Boeing (NYSE: BA) and Berlin-based German carrier airberlin celebrated this week the delivery of the first Next-Generation 737-700 with the new Boeing Sky Interior. airberlin received its first 737-800 with the new Boeing Sky Interior in mid-February making the airline the first to operate both aircraft types with the new cabin design.

“The features of the new Boeing Sky Interior will provide increased comfort to airberlin passengers both on the 737-800 and on the 737-700,” said Marlin Dailey, vice president of Sales & Marketing for Boeing Commercial Airplanes. “We are proud that airberlin is the first airline to take delivery and operate the new Boeing Sky Interior on a Next-Generation 737-700 model.”

Joachim Hunold, chief executive officer, airberlin said: “The introduction of the new Sky Interior is part of many comfort initiatives we are introducing throughout the airberlin fleet. This shows that we are placing even greater focus on the needs of business travelers and are making airberlin flights even more attractive. The Boeing Sky Interior is also a taste of things to come for airberlin passengers as the design is based on the interior of the Boeing Dreamliner.”

The sculpted sidewalls of the interior provide passengers with a feeling of spaciousness. New window reveals make the windows seem larger. Brighter and longer-lasting LED lighting can be programmed to provide a soft blue sky overhead or to create different effects during the flight. Larger stowage bins pivot down and out. Intuitive placement of switches and call buttons and improved sound quality are further features that enhance the passenger experience.

The delivery of the 737-700 with the new Boeing Sky Interior marks another milestone in the partnership between Boeing and airberlin that goes back to the carrier’s first flight from Berlin Tegel to Palma de Mallorca with a Boeing 707 in 1979. Today the second largest German airline is a valued customer for the Boeing Next-Generation 737 and also has an order for the fuel-efficient 787 Dreamliner as a future addition to its fleet.