• With the recent launch of the 1NETv2, Thompson Aerospace has incorporated flight tracking and real- time performance data alerting and streaming. The 1NETv2, which continuously connects the aircraft to the cloud, collects all Category C and higher data and utilizes their patented hardware security to create the first secure Airborne Local Area Network.

Irvine, CA | January 26, 2015– Thompson Aerospace of Irvine, CA announced today that they currently offer aircraft position tracking and performance alerting capability as part of their 1NET Airborne Local Area Network (ALAN). Thompson Aerospace is the leader in IT data management solutions for commercial aircraft.

Mark Thompson, President of Thompson Aerospace stated, “With the recent events in the last few years, it is important for our industry to acknowledge that we have a major data management issue. This issue is easy to fix, but requires us to embrace solutions that require changes in to how we manage data across organizations. The solution will have state of the art data processing, data security and real time world wide access to the data. The ability to manage data efficiently will create new cost savings and revenue opportunities while improving operations such as turn times, safety and customer satisfaction. Many stake holders would pay airlines to access to data from passengers or aircraft systems, and forward thinking airlines will revolutionize airline economic models as early adopters of aircraft information technology solutions. Simply stated, the airplane will be a node on the internet.”

Thompson Aerospace has taken this approach to data management for commercial airplanes and has created a paradigm shift in moving data between the aircraft and secure cloud environment. The 1NETv2 not only collects all data from the aircraft systems, it has embedded GPS, accelerometer, and other sensors to provide an independent data source.

This system approach allows not just inflight data: any time the ground service buss is powered, the system is able to stream data to airline personnel in real time.

The 1NET ALAN has been in operation for 3 years and has successfully moved 100s of million data records between the aircraft and cloud. The 1NET v2 provides the highest level of data security in the industry and meets FIPS 140-2 Level 3 and DO-326 requirements.

Mr. Thompson added, “We announced the launch of the CSUv2 server a few months ago. The CSUv2 has built in GPS, Iridium and accelerometer. It collects all data including aircraft systems and with predetermined parameters sends alerts to the airline. In the event that a parameter exceedance becomes critical we can stream all pertinent data such as position, performance, turbulence, auto pilot disconnect, etc. Most of the recent news has implied solutions are yet to be developed and will be relatively expensive for implementation. Our 1NET v2 is already available and very economical. In addition to standard tracking data, the airline receive all aircraft performance and system data for normal operations. This allows the airline to have immediate visibility to the aircraft health data and can expedite turn around times and improve predictive maintenance capability”.

The combination of 1NET’s low cost, simplicity and advanced capability makes real-time automated tracking and monitoring a viable option for all aircraft.
Thomas Enders said at a conference in 2013 that we have to embrace Information Technology solutions to gain the efficiencies common to other industries. Over two years later, we are still talking about how information technology could help our industry; the time to embrace technology is now, and the systems are available to any airline that wants to move forward.

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