Irvine, CA | September 16, 2014–Intheairnet, LLC (ITAN) will be showing an all new line up at the 2014 APEX Expo in Anaheim, CA. This will include the new THER full featured in-flight entertainment system designed from the ground up for enabling passenger owned devices in unique new ways. Patents applied for.

Intheairnet’s powerful new THER architecture gives airlines all of the traditional IFE features they are familiar with in embedded systems, built on a backbone designed for passenger devices. Part of this new includes the 3D OdysseyMap wirelessly connected to most passenger devices including android and OIS. What makes it stand out for airline passengers is that it doesn’t require loading an app and connects effortlessly and reliably.

At our stand, #1635, attendees can bring their own devices or use a variety of ITANs to show how to connect to the new seamless world.

THERBuilding block IFE solutions for new and legacy aircraft

Intheairnet’s THER delivers what airline passengers want most at the lowest cost, smallest package envelope, least weightand highest reliability:

  • Power for the device charge
  • Media Storage for Movies and Music
  • Broadband Connection
  • Wireless Connectivity
  • 3D Passenger Map playable on most devices without an App

And, airlines can charge for movies or other premium content. As you might expect from ITAN, airline branding is a snap with the industry’s simplest customization program. Airlines can choose from a cafeteria of minimal solutions to a full featured system with hundreds of movies, high resolution seat back displays, emails and texts, web surfing, and all of the passenger/flight attendant interfaces.

MAPESStand alone 3D map product for existing fleets

Intheairnet’s MAPES provides legacy aircraft with 3D satellite image maps at highest speeds, best resolutions, and a full range of views. Based on the smallest hardware installation, it offers the latest map features available in the in multiple languages, custom branding, and politically correct images. This delivery system can be easily upgraded to include other media such as briefings, infomercials, landing advice, and even movies. While designed for wireless delivery, in can easily add power connections and low bandwith ground connections.

OdysseyMap3rd party IFE 3D satellite maps for wireless or wired applications

Intheairnet’s OdesseyMap offers all the views wirelessly without an App to 3rd party platforms. It includes the latest map features available in multiple languages, custom branding, and customer correct images.

Intheairnet is a US based Rogerson company offering leading aviation solutions internationally in 114 countries for cockpit, cabin, and flight systems.


Lyngby, Denmark | September 16, 2014– Cobham SATCOM has reached an agreement to equip Hawaiian Airlines’ fleet of Boeing 767-300 aircraft with its AVIATOR SwiftBroadband satellite communications systems. The agreement represents an important milestone for Cobham in the development of its next generation product family, AVIATOR S, as the system will be used for Safety Services data as well as for the provision of an IP pipe to the cockpit.

The new Cobham SATCOM contract will serve to demonstrate how the AVIATOR products can provide high speed IP data services and voice communication not only for the cockpit, but also other domains of the aircraft.

Installation of the Cobham systems on the Hawaiian fleet is a significant step forward in the process of approval for SwiftBroadband as a safety service by the aviation authorities, which is a requirement for the operation of the AVIATOR S series. This technology demonstration, under FAA supervision, will pave the way for other airlines and equipment manufacturers. It will eventually allow the fast, efficient transfer of ACARS data messages over the SwiftBroadband link, as well as flight deck safety voice services and IP connectivity to the flight deck, enabling other flight operations and cockpit services.

During the SwiftBroadband safety evaluation period, the AVIATOR SwiftBroadband system will be used for FANS and CPDLC messaging and will also be used for data transmission in support of Hawaiian’s new eFLIE, Electronic Flight Bag program (EFBs).

Kim Gram, vice president of Cobham SATCOM’s aeronautical business unit, said: “Through this contract we confirm our market leadership position in the development of the next generation IP-based safety services which is represented by Inmarsat SwiftBroadband Safety Services and our AVIATOR S product family.

“Using SwiftBroadband IP connectivity for all domains of the aircraft is new to the aviation industry and will provide safer and more efficient flights due to better overall situational awareness and transfer of operational data to and from of the aircraft.”

Ken Rewick, vice president of flight operations for Hawaiian Airlines, said: “We appreciate working with Cobham to install EFB connectivity, while at the same time contributing to approval of Safety Services over SwiftBroadband.

“SwiftBroadband enables us to provide our pilots with real-time weather updates on their Electronic Flight Bags, allowing us to efficiently navigate around Pacific storms, inclement weather and storms in real-time while providing the most comfortable flight experience for our passengers.”

Hawaiian’s B767s will be retrofitted with Cobham’s current generation AVIATOR SwiftBroadband SATCOM hardware, which includes an IGA-5001 intermediate gain antenna. The system is capable of providing both voice and data communications with the addition of many enhanced features such as immediate aircraft tracking information and Ethernet ports for connecting devices like Aircraft Interface Devices (AIDs) and Electronic Flight Bags (EFBs) for the pilots to obtain real-time information including graphical weather updates. The connectivity will facilitate dynamic routing to favorable winds and away from unfavorable weather.

These enhanced features will become the centerpiece of Cobham’s AVIATOR S product family which is designed specifically to leverage Inmarsat’s new SwiftBroadband Safety service and will ensure a system configuration that can meet the requirements of all aircraft types. AVIATOR S will be available early 2016 to coincide with approvals for FANS 1/A services over SwiftBroadband.

APEX EXPO, Anaheim, CA | September 15, 2014– Airlines are increasingly being drawn to Zodiac Inflight Innovations’ (Zii) range of inflight entertainment and connectivity solutions. The modular IFEC technology provides everything an airline needs.

Air Transat is one of the early adopters of RAVE Wireless, Zii’s wireless IFE product, on its A310-300 fleet. It enables passengers to stream movies, TV shows, music and the moving map on their personal devices. In addition, Zii will also soon announce a contract to install RAVE Wireless on a fleet of over 200 single aisle aircraft. The identity of the airline will be announced imminently.

Zii provides four modular products, all of which are available individually to fit each airline’s needs. However, airlines are increasingly combining them to create the ultimate IFEC solution. The RAVE products, which are reliable, affordable and very easy to install and use, cover embedded IFE, wireless IFE, inflight wifi and inflight cell phone networks.

“We are developing the technology that gives passengers the same entertainment and connectivity experience in the air as they have at home, in the office or in a hotel,” said Harry Gray of Zii. “By combining the features of both the PED and embedded screen the passenger options are endless. For example: a passenger can watch a movie on the seatback while simultaneously be viewing the moving map or ordering a drink on their PED. And the beauty of it is that airlines can give passengers complete control over the process, which is exactly what passengers want, because that is what they’re used to.”

The modular nature of Zii’s products means carriers can tailor the cabin offering not only for each aircraft, but also for each cabin. An airline may choose, for example, to provide embedded IFE for its premium passengers and take the more cost-effective option of Wireless IFE for economy passengers. Air Transat has taken this exact approach.

RAVE also provides airlines with ancillary revenue opportunities including the ability to purchase movies and food items through the embedded IFE or the passenger’s personal device. Duty free purchases are also available through PED’s.

Zii is exhibiting at the APEX Expo in Anaheim CA at booth #1012 and the entire RAVE product range is available for review.

Los Angeles, CA | September 16, 2014– Global Eagle Entertainment Inc. (Nasdaq: ENT), a worldwide leading provider of content, connectivity and digital media solutions to airlines, has announced a strategic and technological relationship with BAE Systems, a global provider of defense, security and aerospace systems, to integrate its WISE™ inflight streaming solution with BAE Systems’ inflight entertainment (IFE) offering for commercial aircraft.

WISE™ will provide the software backbone for the entertainment solution available with IntelliCabin, a modular and scalable cabin management architecture developed by BAE Systems for applications ranging from in-seat power and dynamic LED cabin lighting, to wireless, tablet-based in-flight entertainment.

“We are committed to providing a superior flying experience to passengers, and functionality never before available to airlines, with our IntelliCabin family of products,” said Jared Shoemaker, Director of Cabin Systems at BAE Systems. ”The expertise in digital media solutions that Global Eagle Entertainment (GEE) will bring to our IntelliCabin is unparalleled in the industry and will equate to a more immersive and enhanced entertainment experience for passengers.”

IntelliCabin’s state-of-the-art IFE system offers the convenience of Samsung tablets at every seat, as well as wireless support of passengers’ own devices, compatible with inflight connectivity. The IFE solution features an impressive navigation menu and a wide range of content programming options such as movies, TV shows, a moving map, games, and digital publications.

Through its contract with BAE Systems, GEE will provide its technological and digital media expertise, enabling airlines to benefit from a complete content delivery chain, ranging from software solutions to local and international content selection, distribution, technical services, delivery and support.

“Our agreement with BAE Systems is an important milestone in the deployment of wireless inflight solutions to the airline market,” commented Alexis Steinman, Senior Vice President, Software & Development at GEE. “IntelliCabin is a truly innovative inflight entertainment product and the flexibility built into WISE™, as an agnostic platform, allows us to deliver robust services to strategic partners like BAE Systems, providing a differentiated wireless streaming solution for passengers using mobile devices.”

As a market-leading provider of content services and digital media to airlines, GEE boasts the industry’s largest variety of content available for wireless IFE, including an extensive catalogue of popular movies and TV shows approved for DRM streaming by major Hollywood studios.

Anaheim, CA | September 16, 2014– In an industry first, Panasonic Avionics Corporation (Panasonic) is introducing EMV-compliant Near-Field Communication (NFC) technology in its in-flight entertainment (IFE) systems.

Industry observers had recently predicted on-board NFC applications were years away, but Panasonic will be launching the technology with airlines in the summer of 2015.

Passengers and crew will be able to use NFC-enabled smart phones and cards in-flight in many unique ways including:

· High value transactions and purchases
· Synchronization of personal data to create just-for-me experiences
· Recognition of a passenger’s Frequent Flyer status via NFC card or phone, giving access to benefits or promotions, such as free Wi-Fi for Gold members
· Enabling crew to check in and out for duty using NFC
· Pairing of NFC-enabled devices with the embedded IFEC system, allowing airlines to push information to passengers during their flight

Analysts expect there to be huge growth in the use of NFC-enabled phones, with 200 million phones already in circulation capable of offering mobile payments. This prediction was reinforced by the recent announcement that the Apple iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus will utilize NFC for their new Apple Pay service. Research has shown that 70 per cent of airline passengers take smart phones on board and it is estimated that by 2016 55 per cent of smart phones will be NFC-enabled. All the top 50 mobile carriers globally are committed to NFC contactless payment.

Enabling NFC on board further reinforces Panasonic’s vision of the ‘seamless passenger travel thread’ and will integrate with the industry’s other NFC initiatives in baggage handling, check in and airport logistics.

Paul Margis, CEO of Panasonic Avionics, said: “This new technology will allow passengers around the world to personalize their travel experience and intensify their relationship with their airline in incredibly valuable ways.”

“We have seen the demand from airlines and their passengers, and after two years of research and development, we are proud to continue our innovation leadership by delivering this latest technology solution to our customers.”

Anaheim, CA | September 16, 2014– Air Europa has chosen Panasonic Avionics Corporation’s (Panasonic) eX3 and eXConnect in-flight entertainment and communications solutions for its new 787-8 Dreamliner fleet.

It will become the first airline in Spain to offer in-flight broadband by choosing Panasonic’s – Ku-band satellite service – the only global network solely dedicated to aviation. This eXConnect service enables passengers to access the Internet, compose and send email, log onto their favorite social media sites, and more right from a connected seatback or their own personal electronic devices.

eX3 is Panasonic’s tenth generation and most advanced IFEC solution. It leverages uncompromising industrial design, high-definition display technologies, a portfolio of advanced capacitive touch handsets, and the latest advances in surround sound to create a home theater atmosphere that draws passengers into the airline’s unique experience.

Juan José Hidalgo, Air Europa’s CEO, said: “This exciting development emphasizes our commitment to provide the very best service to our customers with the very best technology, on board the best aircraft with the finest crew. We are delighted to extend our partnership with Panasonic.”

Paul Margis, Panasonic Avionics’ CEO said: “We are honored that Air Europa has selected Panasonic to offer such an exciting and strategic service. Their passengers can now expect an incredible entertainment experience and broadband Wi-Fi everywhere these aircraft fly.”

Here is a sneak peak into a few booths that you might want to check out at this week’s APEX.

Aircraft Cabin Systems
Booth #: 918

ACS is specialized in IFE of quality flat panel displays.
24”-65” displays and 9.7”,12.1” Retractable monitors will be shown at APEX.

Contact: Ken Muse
Phone: + 1 425 785-7398

Astronics Advanced Electronic Systems
Booth #: 1016

Astronics Advanced Electronic Systems (AES), the world leader of intelligently managed, in-seat power systems, continues to innovate and develop in-seat power solutions that meet the needs of airlines and passengers as more and more travelers carry onboard a multitude of personal electronic devices (PEDs) that require onboard power. To ensure airlines can meet passenger demand, Astronics developed a High Power USB charging system capable of charging multiple devices simultaneously while they are in use! This cutting edge system, which is installed and flying today, includes a Universal Serial Bus (USB) power outlet for charging passenger devices such as tablet computers, smart phones, iPods, cameras, and other standard +5 Volt DC devices. System configuration models include a stand-alone High Power USB charging outlet or a combination 110VAC/USB outlet. Astronics’ AES patented power management and control technologies ensure a positive passenger experience by providing passengers and airlines with reliable PED power, IFE, and connectivity solutions scalable on any aircraft platform.

Contact: Dennis Markert
Cell: +1 425 442-8195


Booth #:1625
digEcor enables airlines to create extraordinary travel experiences through a suite of cabin technology solutions with specialization in content services, portable and embedded IFE include the digEplayer, inseat power, tape replacement systems and passenger experience solutions. With years of experience, digEcor focuses on increasing traveler satisfaction, creating easily executed end-to-end sol

Contact: Ben Fuller
Cell: +1 801-867-5248

Booth #: 1034

Gogo will be showcasing its latest technologies, products and services. On display will be Gogo’s new 2Ku in-flight connectivity technology, demonstrations of its Gogo Vision product and a look at its Text & Talk product. In addition to its main booth, Gogo will also have a social media booth complete with massage chairs to help attendees rejuvenate after walking the show floor.

Contact: Channing Fleetwood
Cell: +1 404 519 1322

Booth#: 1815

IFPL will be demonstrating their latest audio, USB and onboard payment designs.

Increase sales when you use our Contactless Retail System (CRS).

CRS is seat mounted for passengers to use and means cabin staff don’t have to take payment or bring the cart through the cabin. No wiring is required for installation, payment interface is via on-board Wi-Fi.

See CRS onboard hardware, our Breakaway & USB jacks and Passenger Call Units on stand 1815!

Contact: Neil Thomas
Cell phone: +1 949 690-8633

Booth#: 1622

Inmarsat will be discussing the future of SwiftBroadband, including Safety Services, as well as the GX Aviation programme and the brand new development of the integrated S-band satellite/complementary ground component network in Europe.

Most importantly, Inmarsat will highlight how all three networks complement each other to ensure every airline has exactly the right connectivity to suit its needs and its passengers.

Contact:Paula Ferrai
Cell: +41 79 874 06 08

Lufthansa Systems
Booth #: 431

Lufthansa Systems’ wireless IFE solution BoardConnect is taking the next step: A prototype of the “Seat Integrated Tablet Solution” will be presented at the Lufthansa Systems stand in the Anaheim Convention Center. For the first time in the USA, the company is also demonstrating the mobile Cabin Solution mCabin for easier cabin crew management and flight preparation.
At their booth # 431 in the APEX/ IFSA Exhibit Hall, you will get the chance to experience a live demo of BoardConnect and its new in-seat-screen.
The Lufthansa Systems experts are looking forward to meeting you for a chat. Just click the link for scheduling a personal appointment.

Booth #: 1400

LUMEXIS FTTS® IFE Systems – Best By Every Measure™ – Lightest Weight | Greatest Capacity | Lowest Cost | Highest Reliability. We invite you to visit Stand 1400 during the APEX EXPO 2014 and allow us to demonstrate why FTTS is The Future of IFE™. Please do not hesitate to contact me to make an appointment or to request further information. Looking forward to seeing you in Anaheim.

Contact: Jon Norris (VP Sales)
Mobile: +1 949 436 1434

Booth #: 1042

KID-Systeme, the market-leading supplier of cabin electronic systems, will be demonstrating their latest product trends at this year’s Airline Passenger Experience Association Expo in Anaheim.
Learn more about SKYpower, KID’s enhanced In-Seat power supply system – offering AC and USB power for every layout and experience SKYfi – our modular onboard connectivity platform, offering wireless inflight entertainment to the passengers own device.
KID is looking forward welcoming you on their booth and demonstrate their latest product developments and product news to you!

Contact : Ms Maren Muente
Cell: +49 (0) 171 566 0630

Booth#: 1319

OnAir’s wireless IFE product, OnAir Play, entered service with Philippine Airlines in May. How has it gone down with passengers? What is the future of embedded IFE?

OnAir will also be discussing the future of the e-Aircraft: how airlines will use connectivity to streamline operations.

Contact: Aurélie Branchereau-Giles
Cell: +41 78 676 15 46

Panasonic Avionics
Booth #: 1205

For more than 35 years, Panasonic Avionics Corporation has strengthened the connection between the world’s leading airlines and their passengers. In partnership with these airlines, Panasonic Avionics designs and implements breakthrough IFEC solutions that engage and delight passengers. The company’s solutions give airlines the power to amplify their brand, foster passenger loyalty, generate additional ancillary revenue, and reduce operating costs. Panasonic Avionics is recognized globally for its experience and leadership in innovation and system reliability.

Contact: Matthias Walther

Rockwell Collins
Booth #: 1000

At the 2014 APEX Expo in Anaheim, Calif., Sept. 15-18, Rockwell Collins (Exhibit 1000) is showcasing its full suite of in-flight entertainment and cabin connectivity (IFEC) solutions for airlines, including its ARINC Cabin Connect suite of connectivity services and applications for passengers and crew, PAVES™ familyt of in-flight entertainment (IFE) and Airshow® 3D Moving Map.
Rockwell Collins’ ARINC Cabin Connect is the company’s in-flight connectivity platform, providing benefits to both passengers and airlines. This suite of connectivity services will feature Inmarsat’s GX Aviation for the most extensive coverage of airline routes and the fastest broadband in the skies, as well as applications for crew connectivity, real-time credit card authorization and live news and sports.

Contact: James Pan
Cell phone: 949-466-7456
Contact: Helena Merrell
Cell phone: +44 (0) 7950 720824

Booth#: 1022

Thales to highlight high performance, anytime, anywhere KA band connectivity solutions and its range of AVANT IFE systems from simple to sophisticated.

Contact: Suzane Treneer
Phone: +1 949 – 331 – 2873

VT Miltope
Booth #: 1641

VT Miltope’s family of network products offer the required functionality necessary to create custom airborne networks similar to how office networks are created. Our products optimize the combination of interfaces and computing resources to meet operational, spatial, and functional requirements of simple to complex airborne systems at minimum cost. Products include servers, Ethernet switches, wireless access points, aircraft to ground wireless bridging, maintenance tablets, control panels, and data storage devices.

This year, VT Miltope is launching our latest wireless access point, nMAP2 which features Cognitive Hotspot Technology and an integrated MIMO antenna assembly. It is based on the latest IEEE 802.11ac standard and has a second radio to support legacy 802.11n client devices. Cognitive Hotspot Technology is essential for congested cabin applications and enables nMAP2 to support; intelligent roaming, auto wireless power control, auto channel assignment, load balancing, interference mitigation, and failure recovery.

Contact: Jeff Drader
Mobile: +1 949 278 5856

Zodiac Inflight Innovations
Booth #: 1012

Zodiac Inflight Innovations (Zii) provides all the technology solutions airlines need for complete Inflight entertainment and connectivity. Zii has a business strategy that can best be described as RAVE (Reliable, Affordable, and Very Easy). Already famous for our reliable passenger-centric embedded AVOD system (RAVE Centric), Zii now offers streamed IFE to passenger devices (RAVE Wireless), GSM capabilities (RAVE Cellular) and broadband connectivity (RAVE Broadband). RAVE has had much success in the retrofit market and is currently making great progress toward being line fit offerable on both Airbus and Boeing.

Contact: Harry Gray
Cell: +1 714 683 3793


APEX EXPO, Anaheim | September 16, 2014– Inflight connectivity is clearly making the difference for airlines looking to be recognised as the best in the world. This was aptly demonstrated by the prominence of awards for OnAir’s customers at the 2014 World Airline Awards: Emirates was named as the airline with the best IFE, Qatar Airways as the best airline in the Middle East, Aeroflot as the best airline in Eastern Europe and All Nippon Airways as the best transpacific airline. OnAir enables these airlines to offer the complete passenger experience by providing inflight connectivity.

All four airlines have connectivity on their most important routes, giving passengers the choice to stay in touch with the rest of the world during the flight. In a poll by Harris Interactive, passengers placed inflight Wi-Fi amongst the top four amenities they most want to see offered by an airline. The response from younger travellers of the digital native generation was even more emphatic, placing inflight Wi-Fi second on the list.

“It is obvious that the Internet and mobile phones are an integral part of everyday life and will become increasingly so. Naturally, the best airlines need to provide inflight connectivity,” said Ian Dawkins, CEO of OnAir. “Inflight connectivity has superseded the traditional model of inflight entertainment and must be integrated into airline’s entertainment strategy to meet the demands of today’s passengers.”

The prominence of Middle Eastern airlines among the winners is no surprise. These are the airlines that have led the way in offering inflight connectivity on a global basis. Airlines in the Middle East were quick to adopt inflight connectivity and have subsequently used their experience to build it into their strategies.

  • All-new EXPLORER 510, the ultra-portable satellite companion

Amsterdam | September 11, 2014– Cobham SATCOM is launching the latest innovation in its highly-regarded EXPLORER satellite terminal range at IBC 2014. Featuring a unique new, compact design and focus on wireless connectivity, the new ultra-portable EXPLORER 510 BGAN terminal is set to be a game changer for professionals who demand reliable and easy-to-use satellite communications when operating in the field.

At 197mm x 197mm x 40mm, EXPLORER 510 is smaller than a standard laptop and weighs less than 1.4 kg. The compact, contemporary design and low weight makes it an ideal tool for field communication on its own, or as a companion alongside the EXPLORER 710, which delivers on-demand streaming rates at 650 kbps. EXPLORER 510 offers reliable performance globally for simultaneous high quality voice and broadband access at speeds up to 464 kbps, so it provides the flexibility and bandwidth needed for journalists and producers to communicate effectively.

Cobham SATCOM’s in-house development team has focused on wireless connectivity, with WLAN as the primary interface on EXPLORER 510. To fully embrace this, Cobham has developed a whole new way of connecting to and operating EXPLORER 510, via the innovative EXPLORER Connect App. With the EXPLORER Connect App users can use their own smart devices (and contacts) to make calls or easily access the internet. The EXPLORER Connect App with a SIP softphone is available for Android and IOS. Inclusion of a USB host in EXPLORER 510 ensures users can choose their preferred wired interface also.

EXPLORER 510 draws from the established EXPLORER legacy, offering the same high-quality materials and manufacturing, but featuring a whole new design direction for this leading series of satellite terminals. The durable magnesium casing and a dust and water resistant design make the EXPLORER 510 the perfect choice when working off the beaten track, but still in need of a reliable connection. EXPLORER 510 is easy to deploy and to operate. Set-up is easy and the intuitive user interface can be accessed from PC or a smart device.

“As a lightweight and easy to carry system designed for regular communication and internet access, EXPLORER 510 is suited to many professional applications in different industries. In the broadcast environment, you can use your primary EXPLORER 710 for high quality streaming whilst still having full, reliable access to the BGAN network through EXPLORER 510,” explains Morten Rishoej, Market Development Manager, Land Mobile Business Unit, Cobham SATCOM. “As an EXPLORER it is of course a powerful, robust system in its own right, and can stream and deliver good quality content from almost anywhere in the world.”

The EXPLORER 510 will be available in December 2014. Visit Cobham SATCOM on stand 1.F41 in Hall 1 at IBC 2014 to get a sneak preview and find out more about EXPLORER 510.

Lake Forrest, CA | September 11, 2014– Sport 24, the 24/7 live sports channel exclusive to Panasonic Avionics inflight entertainment systems, will broadcast live coverage of National Football League (NFL) games following a new deal with IMG, a leader in sports, fashion and media, who also own and produce the channel.

The channel, will offer extensive live coverage throughout the regular season as well live action of the NFL Play-offs and Super Bowl XLIX on February 1, 2015, at University of Phoenix Stadium in Glendale, Arizona. Passengers on international flights featuring eXTV will be able to enjoy the action from the comfort of their seats whilst they’re in transit around the world.

Richard Wise, Senior Vice President, IMG Media said: “The NFL offers premiere sports content and will prove a huge hit with our inflight viewers. We are committed to showing the biggest events and this is the latest example of Sport 24’s ability to provide the very best live sporting action there is.”

Julie Moeller, Vice President of International Media Business Development, said: “We continue to look for innovative ways to bring content to our fans wherever they are in the world. By partnering with IMG and their new channel, Sport24, we can offer NFL games live on international flights for the first time this season. ”
Sport 24, which first aired on Panasonic eXTV in March 2012, is also showing live coverage from this year’s Ryder Cup between Europe and the USA from Gleneagles, Scotland from 26–28 September. In June and July, Panasonic Avionics broadcast Sport 24’s live action from all 64 games from the World Cup in Brazil and coverage from the Barclays Premier League, Formula 1™, all four golf majors and all four tennis Grand Slams, as well as the ATP 1000 events and Finals, the Bundesliga and the Giro d’Italia.

  • Contract marks 25-year relationship with the airline

London | September 10, 2014– Global content agency Spafax has announced a renewal to their IFE services contract with Royal Jordanian Airlines. This announcement continues a 25-year relationship with the airline, and helps Spafax maintain a key stake in the Middle East. This news follows a successful tender for the Royal Jordanian Airlines IFE services.

Spafax will continue to provide IFE services including movies, TV, and audio, bringing the latest and best content to Royal Jordanian passengers. To further the relationship, Spafax will be working closely with Royal Jordanian to review and improve Royal Jordanian Airlines’ IFE strategy to deliver an enhanced passenger experience.

“Spafax have supported us through many challenges and we are happy to be continuing this teamwork for a long time in the future,” said Bilal Malkawi, Head of Inflight Services and Product, Royal Jordanian.

“Spafax is truly delighted to be selected as content partner to Royal Jordanian Airlines. The new contract seals a relationship that will now span over 20 years, an extraordinary achievement and a most treasured association for everyone who works at Spafax,” said Niall McBain, CEO, Spafax.

“Working with the team in Amman has always been special, and we are excited to be building on the partnership,” said Sue Pinfold, Executive Vice President IFE, Spafax.

Royal Jordanian celebrated their 50th anniversary last December and to mark the occasion, Spafax created a library of 50 award-winning classic films, one for each year of the airline’s history.

One of the new products you will see at APEX is a new, seat integrated solution from Lufthansa Systems. So we contacted LHS in order to provide our readers with a glimpse of it prior to APEX and we asked them the following series of questions:

Q: Firstly, what is it called?
LHS: It’s called the “Seat Integrated Tablet Solution”. It’s another feature for its integrated wireless BoardConnect platform.
Q: Are we correct in understanding that the system described in the release will be basically a wireless IFE solution with a tablet replacing the existing IFE seatback unit?
LHS: Yes, high-resolution audio and video content can now be streamed over WiFi not only to passenger devices but also to tablets integrated in the seat. The in-seat tablet solution integrates commercial of the shelf (COTS) hardware into the seat. Therefore, a seat needs to be modified to accommodate a common tablet.  A seat structure is added to firmly mount the tablet onto the seat frame. In addition a tablet frame/case surrounding the tablet itself holds it in place. The tablet frame adapts to the dimension of the tablets which will be adjusted in case of replacement. This “adaptive frame” is mounted to the seat structure and can easily snapped in or off.
Q: What about head-strike and about certifying the tablet to DO-160?
LHS: It is mandatory for every seat to pass HIC. The same requirement applicable to legacy in-seat IFE systems applies to a seat integrated tablet solution too. To avoid additional HIC tests when updating to the next tablet generation we add a transparent polycarbonate cover (or similar materials) that need to be closed for the critical flight phases Taxi, Take-off and Landing (TTL.) The cover closes like a shade that is pulled up by the passenger. An appropriate announcement could be made as part of the cabin ready check (seat in an upright position and stow the tray table.)
Q: We assume a personal tablet works with the system? Android, iOS Windows… is there an app in use here… what OS?
LHS: Yes and no, personal tablets can be used, just like in any other BoardConnect installation, however they are not to be mounted into the seat integrated tablet frame.
The tablets inside the frame are airline supplied devices, enabling the airline to feature safety videos as well as early window content. The key differentiator to classical in-seat screens is the possibility of a cost efficient technology refresh in case newer tablets become available.
Q: We hear that you folks are working with an Airframmer and possibly a seat manufacturer for the product — any truth to that?
LHS: The prototype on display in Anaheim was developed with partners, however at current we are not in a position to reveal their names.
Q: Are you working with a connectivity service provider who will deliver the speedy Internet?
LHS: BoardConnect was and remains to be as a very capable and robust, wireless on-board platform coming along with a cutting edge wireless IFE offering. In respect to connectivity BoardConnect remains provider agnostic. We can attach both satellite and Air-to-Ground solution to our platform.
Q: Could your “new” system be considered an embedded wireless IFE solution?
LHS: In fact it is a more than this since it allows any form of hybrid solutions containing Personal Electronics Devices (PEDs), Airline Owned Devices (AODs) and Seat Integrate Tablets (SIT) all served by a single server and a high performance wireless network.
Q: If what we think is true, LHS has a real technical achievement, especially with using only wireless to each seat as there are many roadblocks like interference to keep the system from working, would anyone from LHS wish to comment?
LHS: Norbert Müller, Senior Vice President BoardConnect at Lufthansa Systems:
“Nowadays, it becomes more and more apparent that legacy IFE systems can’t keep up to speed with the developments in the consumer electronics sphere. To overcome this gap between customer expectations driven by consumer electronics and the current reality within an aircraft cabin we specifically designed the seat integrated tablet solution. This will allow our customers to integrate state of the art, affordable, commercial off the shelf devices into the seatback leading to an improved customer experience.”


Next, IFExpress got a sneak peek the the latest technology from VT Miltope, (via their new nMAP2 technology) and when you visit their booth at APEX, write this down – APEX Booth 1641 – you will be amazed! Why? Because for almost 6 months now, we have been told we can’t report on “Cognitive HotSpot Technology” but Stay Tuned. Take our word for it, this is a first in smart aircraft routers considering today’s access points can use only approximately 10% of their network capacity because of antenna technology, internal software analysis capability, and aircraft physical configuration … you will be amazed because now, routers from VT Miltope can collaborate!

Late Breaking Inside Info: Here is what we do know about nMAP2 – VT Miltope has added an IEEE 802.11ac Multifunction Access Point (nMAP2) as its latest wireless product. nMAP2 builds upon the success of VT Miltope’s wireless access point products and nMAP2 features Cognitive Hotspot Technology, an integrated MIMO antenna assembly and has a second radio to support legacy 802.11n client devices. Cognitive Hotspot Technology (CHT), available exclusively with nMAP2, is state-of-the-art wireless control technology tailored specifically to improve wireless performance in congested aircraft cabins. With CHT, nMAP2’s provide intelligent roaming, auto wireless power control, auto channel assignment, load balancing, interference mitigation, and failure recovery.

You probably know that as s a pioneer in introducing wireless access point technology to the aviation industry and VT Miltope has a proven history of delivering highly reliable access point products. Importantly, nMAP2 weighs less, is more compact, and improves reliability as far as we can tell. We do know that it is standards compliant, designed to ARINC 628a Part 1 and ARINC 836. Up to 64 VLANs (IEEE 802.1q) are available to support separate user networks.  Customized network and user group profiles are possible using 16 concurrent VSC’s (Virtual Service Community), each having configurable SSIDs, QoS, security, and filtering.

As an access point, clients connect to aircraft LAN via intelligent bridging that restricts client traffic to only flow to-and-from the access controller. In the absence of a router, nMAP2, we understand may also be configured as an access controller to provide router functionality with robust firewall. Incredible stuff, don’t miss it!


IFExpress got a call from a company seeking to acquire or invest in companies serving the inflight entertainment industry and rather than spin their message, here it is, and please contact them directly if you are interested. “Our Company is developing a unique IFE system offering including; passenger entertainment, e-commerce and other unique passenger and airline benefits. Additionally, the Company has very significant backing that will allow for the “roll up” acquisition(s) and/or investment(s) in related companies offering synergies within the IFE industry. These synergies might include; existing airline distribution, existing airline accounts, existing or near term revenues and profits, unique software and/or hardware technology, unique passenger or airline services, and services that can generate passenger and airline revenues either in flight or on the ground. All inquiries will be responded to and should contain a brief description of the opportunity, which can be followed up with a Non Disclosure Agreement where necessary. Please address all inquiries to”


And lastly, do you want a great info-graphic on passenger Wi-Fi demand?