Disabled Flyers Benefit From New Equipment


Camberley, Surrey | February 3, 2020- The disabled flying charity, Aerobility has gratefully accepted a generous donation of six SH40-10 Carbon Fibre Passive Headsets from UK-based SEHT Aviation Headsets.

Aerobility uses the magic and challenge of flight to help disabled people of all ages to feel less isolated, more confident and independent.  The 300g SH40-10 headsets are carbon fibre, incredibly robust and lightweight, which makes them ideal for use by this unique charity.

Stuart Miller recently awarded his PPL through Aerobility says, “Many of our flyers are hoisted into our aircraft and the equipment we use needs to be tough and durable, as well as really comfortable for people with a variety of disabilities.  The feedback we’ve had from our flyers has been very positive, as for many, it’s their first flight and there’s lots to get used to.”

“It’s a privilege to support Aerobility and see our products being used to benefit others.  It’s been great to see how the features of our headsets offer such suitability for the needs of Aerobility’s flyers.”  Simon Humphries, Managing Director, SEHT.

“We are grateful to have the support of manufacturers such as SEHT to help make a difference to the lives of disabled people.  We have some wonderful partners and sponsors in aviation and continue to work together through our passion for flying” Aerobility CEO, Mike Miller-Smith.

For more about Aerobility visit www.aerobility.com.

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