Immfly and Font Vella Levité Refresh Air Nostrum Passengers


Barcelona | September 5, 2018–Immfly, after having carried out campaigns with brands such as Rakuten, American Express, Volvo or Mondelez, has now taken to the clouds the refreshment Font Vella Levité, with an action that is being developed throughout the entire summer, onboard Air Nostrum’s fleet.

Onboard Branding

Through an action that combines sampling and digital branding, the brand is present on Air Nostrum flights (Iberia Regional).
In collaboration with Immfly, a technology company specialized in onboard digital services and entertainment solutions, Font Vella Levité has created an entertaining and refreshing campaign where passengers can interact with the brand playing the “Lemonade Game”, participating in a draw for a flight for two people or enjoying the entertainment channels included in the platform.

Onboard Sampling

The soft drink from Danone, bets for one of the most innovative advertising environments; the aircraft’s interior and the entertainment systems in passengers’ own devices. This combination ensures (an) excellent brand exposure and visibility, and fits perfect to this kind of products during summer times.

Levité is the lemonade from Font Vella, a refreshing drink inspired on the traditional lemonade, ideal for (the) summer trips.

Ramón Rodríguez, Brand Sales Manager at Immfly, states “I f a brand wants to surprise and ensure their investment in actions with a real positive impact, the environment of an airplane is ideal for its captivation, innovation and level of disruption. ”

Onboard advertising

The retention rate of advertising onboard is 79%, the highest of all media, and onboard advertising generates more than 25% of positive impact on the purchase intention, According to Media Life Magazine.
These type of arguments further reinforce the increase of campaigns like the one Font Vella Levité is currently performing.

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