Maria Cardenal Joins Immfly to Lead the Company’s Innovative Product


Spain | July 17, 2018– After the strong partnerships with renowned airlines such as EasyJet, Iberia Express, Volotea, among others and more recently, with Pegasus and SunExpress airlines, Immfly is highly oriented to design, develop and manage new in-flight digital products and services to provide the state-of-the-art in technology and to please the passengers’ experience.

Cardenal’s know-how and expertise go beyond the conventional entertainment products due to the vast experience she brings with her career – the understanding of both airlines needs and travelers expectations. Immfly and Maria Cardenal are currently working on the most outstanding digital services solutions, positioning the technology company at the industry’s frontline.

Barcelona, 17th July 2018 . Maria Cardenal has joined Immfly, a leading provider of in-flight digital services and entertainment in Europe and most recently, also in the Middle East, to lead the company’s product and innovation department. The technology company founded in Barcelona finds itself in a period of international growth and is consolidating its position through the unique in-flight experience that provides, with personalized capabilities that passengers can access and enjoy through their own smart devices.

During the course of hers 11 years experience working within the airline industry, Maria Cardenal has held senior positions in companies such as Vueling Airlines and Clickair.

At an academic level, Maria holds a Master in Business Administration from ESADE and a Bachelor in Business Administration from Carlos III University.

Maria’s last job position was as Head of Innovation at Vueling airlines, where she instituted Vueling Innovation Lab and participated on the IAG’s startup acceleration program Hangar 51, on its 2017-18 Spanish edition.

Maria has also been Head of Product Development and Ancillary Revenues at Vueling Airlines for 9 years leading the area responsible for the development of innovative products and services that add value to Vueling customers and help the company to differentiate itself from the competition, and, was at the same time accountable for the ancillary revenue generated by those products and services.

Prior to that, Maria was part of the management team that started Clickair, the fastest growing airline in Europe, as Head of Ancillary Revenue from 2007 to July 2009 when it merged with Vueling. Before joining the airline industry, Maria spent seven years dedicated to helping enterprises to enter e-commerce, as Head of new business development at Logista, from October 2000 to July 2007.

This current month, Maria Cardenal accepted a new professional and career challenge when decidedtoincorporateImmfly. “Immflyisanamazingcompany.Itisagileandinnovativeasno other competitor on its field and has already demonstrated that it has the right approach to addressing the needs of both airlines and travelers around the world. I’m so happy to join this company and I hope that I can contribute to making Immfly fly higher.”, explains Maria Cardenal, current Product Director at Immfly.

Jimmy Martinez Von Korff and Pablo Linz, co-founders of Immfly, welcome the appointment:

“María Cardenal brings a unique airline DNA to our company. We know each other for a long time and we share the same vision on where we want to expand our cabin digital services. Maria was has been driving innovation and ancillary in Vueling in the key years of the airline’s digitalization. We are excited about her user-centric approach and we are sure we will continue building extraordinary technologies and services for the cabin space that will meet airlines digital aspirations.”

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