SkyLights Tackles VR IFE Safety Head-On with New DO-160 Certification and Passenger Announcement Integration Deomonstrated at AIX


AIX Hamburg and Paris, France | April 10, 2018–Today, SkyLights shows it is serious on safety with the announcement of new DO-160 certification of its Allosky headset, as well as a passenger announcement integration system showcased at AIX in Hamburg. Now, with DO-160 section 21 and section 4 certification, the Allosky Cinematic VR headset stands well above the minimum safety requirements set out by the FAA and EASA regulating bodies. With these developments, SkyLights aims to consolidate its position as the partner of choice for airlines seeking to leverage VR IFE as a unique and memorable passenger experience upgrade.

Having been put through the relevant tests on the 12th March, SkyLights new Allosky headset is now certified for Decompression and Radio Frequency Radiated Emissions. With cutting-edge features, such as Full HD (1080p per eye) resolution, focus adjustment, Bluetooth, WiFi and a sleek lightweight design, the new accreditation acts to bolster Allosky commercialization.

Complimenting this certification, SkyLights is also developing an integrated passenger announcement solution that enables cabin crew to gain passengers’ full attention while using the Allosky headset. When cabin crew want to make an announcement they simply push a button that pauses content and displays a pre-set message on the Allosky devices.

“Bringing disruptive innovation to a safety first industry is a challenge. While airlines are becoming increasingly dynamic in their approach to new technology, safety will always play a fundamental role in air travel. As such we are proud to adhere to the highest standards when it comes to passenger safety.”, said David Dicko, SkyLights’ CEO.

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