EVA Air Continues to Rely on Lido/Flight from Lufthansa Systems


Taiwan-based Star Alliance member signs contract extension for the flight planning solution and migrates to the new Lido/Flight 4D product generation

Raunheim, Germany | August 31, 2017– Lufthansa Systems today announced that the Taiwanese airline EVA Air has renewed its contract for the Lido/Flight flight planning solution for another five years. EVA Air will also migrate to the new Lido/Flight 4D product generation, enabling the carrier to benefit from even better integration, a more modern graphical user interface, 4D optimization and extensively automated flight planning and control processes.

EVA Air has been managing its flight operations with Lufthansa Systems solutions for many years. In addition to Lido/Flight, the airline has also deployed NetLine/Sched and SchedConnect. “We are impressed by the outstanding quality of Lufthansa Systems’ products and its reliable customer service,” said the Flight Control Department at EVA Air. “Lido/Flight 4D will certainly help us to improve further and make progress in the market.”

The new Lido/Flight 4D product generation includes certain basic components for migrating to current technologies as well as initial functional innovations and improvements for takeoff and landing weight optimization, crew briefing and route optimization. The core features of the IT solution are its integrated and continually updated aeronautical database and the so-called optimizer. Lido/Flight 4D calculates the most suitable route for each flight based on all flight-related data, weather conditions and the current airspace situation including any restrictions.

“Our innovative solution offers reliability and flexibility, simplifies routine tasks and enables dispatchers to quickly make the right decisions in critical situations,” said Tom Vandendael, Senior Vice President Regional Management Asia/Pacific at Lufthansa Systems. “We are in regular dialogue with our customers and are continually enhancing our solutions bearing in mind airlines’ needs.”

Around 120 airlines with a total of more than 6,000 aircraft are currently using Lufthansa Systems’ flight planning solution, which has been successful in the market for more than 15 years. In various comparative analyses based on thousands of flight plans, Lido/Flight was able to reduce fuel costs by an average of 2 percent, cut flying times by 1.9 percent and save 1.6 percent of air traffic control fees compared to its competitors.

EVA Air has been a member of the Star Alliance since 2013. From its main hub, Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport, the Taiwanese carrier serves destinations in Asia as well as Oceania, North America and Europe with a fleet of 74 aircraft. In addition to passenger flights, EVA Air also operates a cargo service.

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