Lido/mPilot and Lido//eRouteManual Continue Their Success Story


Mobile navigation: Lufthansa Systems acquires multiple new customers

Raunheim, Germany | August 24, 2017– Lufthansa Systems today announced that it acquired multiple new customers for its Lido/Navigation mobile map solutions in the first half of 2017, including the airlines Sundair from Germany and Corendon Dutch from the Netherlands. The Turkish airline Freebird renewed its existing agreement and continues to use Lido/mPilot in its fleet.

“With our mobile navigation solutions, we help our customers in their transformation to a digital airline. This digitalization supports the work of pilots and makes processes less prone to error. Since the solutions were launched, more than 120 airlines have opted to use Lido/eRouteManual and Lido/mPilot, and that number continues to grow,” said Igor Dimnik, Director Strategy and Market Development Lido/Navigation at Lufthansa Systems. “Furthermore, with Lido/RouteManual Backup we are offering a new, browser-based backup solution which works entirely independently of our systems in the cloud. Now nothing stands in the way of a completely paperless flight deck.”

While Lido/mPilot brings navigation maps, documents and messages to iPads, Lido/eRouteManual brings this information to tablets running Windows. Both mobile solutions support pilots with the processes involved in flight preparation and operation. They comprise navigation maps for take-off and landing procedures as well as flight maps that include all important route information like altitude data, course of rivers and airport features. These maps are generated directly from the Lido/FMS navigation database, which includes worldwide aeronautical information.

Each year, around 570 million passengers fly on planes based on navigation charts from Lufthansa Systems. More than 200 airlines around the world have deployed Lido/Navigation solutions. The Windows-based Lido/eRouteManual app is already being used by more than 50 airlines worldwide, while around 70 airlines have opted for the Lido/mPilot iPad app since it was launched in early 2015. Based on regular exchange with customers, Lufthansa Systems continuously optimizes its solutions and works on innovative products that expand its portfolio.

Caption (Copyright: Lufthansa Systems): The mobile map solutions from Lufthansa Systems support pilots before, during and after a flight.

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