Innovations from IFPL at APEX, News from Gogo and Others


It’s getting show time so here is the first product promotions we received. If your products will be showcased at APEX in California, let us know!

Inflight Entertainment and Connectivity (IFEC) specialists IFPL will be showcasing their latest power solutions at APEX 2017 in Long Beach, California.

With new consumer devices adopting USB-C as standard, IFPL has actively engaged with its customers on how this technology can be applied to IFEC and how to transition from USB-A to USB-C, either with or without USB- Power Delivery (USB-PD). Along with its baseline USB-C Rapid Fit USB outlet that delivers up to 3A 5V DC, IFPL has developed a new USB power delivery unit that enables an existing 28V DC power supply to provide USB power delivery, therefore providing airlines with a simple upgrade from USB-A.

USB power delivery is the new standard for consumer electronics providing up to 100 watts of DC power (limited to 60 watts on aircraft). This is more than enough to power a laptop, smartphone, games console or camera, whilst significantly reducing the requirement for airlines to provide the more expensive AC power solutions, especially in economy. This unit has been designed to seamlessly integrate into the seat and deliver high levels of reliability. Visitors to stand #134 can see IFPL’s new USB power delivery and USB-C outlet and discuss industry adoption of this technology.

In previous shows IFPL demonstrated their in-service high power and data USB-A outlet. IFPL recently announced its new USB-A and USB-C combination outlet ensuring an easy transition as USB-C becomes the new consumer standard. This unit provides a reversible USB-A and USB-C connector delivering up to 2A 5V DC or 3A 5V DC respectively, with a data variant available. IFPL’s clever reversible option delivers up to ten times the reliability of normal aviation standard USB-A outlets. USB-A&C Front & Rear Mount Combination USB-C Front & Rear Mount

IFPL has announced its inductive charging unit that delivers wireless charging at the seat and once again these units have been designed to enable seamless integration into the seat. IFPL will show supporting design concepts for seatback PED holders and trays that provide USB and/or inductive charging.

We have enhanced the capability of our existing 1225 unit, the 110V AC Universal Remote Power Outlet, with the addition of a high-power USB-A socket and will be demonstrating the new 2011 unit on the stand.

In addition, we have been working with key industry partners to develop a new range of power solutions that focus on ensuring ergonomic and aesthetic seat integration. The combined approach has delivered a system that maximizes the use of the physical space of the seat and seamlessly incorporates the USB outlet into the seat arm. The result is an attractive installation of a fully integrated system that has no impact on passenger legroom.

Latest audio jack technology

IFPL is a world-leader in audio jack technology – enhancing the customer experience and providing a total cost of ownership advantage to the airline. The audio jack is a critical component of any IFE system and IFPL believes that delivering high quality sound, with high unit reliability, and minimizing the impact of Customer Induced Damage (CID) is vital in maintaining customer satisfaction. To this end, IFPL has developed proprietary technology that differentiates their audio solutions in the market. These include:

INCAM range

IFPL’s Integrated Noise Cancelling Audio Module (INCAM) technology allows noise cancelling in the jack rather than the headset, allowing all passengers to enjoy noise cancelling technology with the simple addition of a low-cost microphone in the headset. This keeps the headset cost low whilst providing a significantly enhanced audio experience for the passenger.


IFPL’s patented MagSignal technology virtually eliminates CID. The headset can be pulled from any angle and simply detaches from the magnetic plug without damaging the jack or the headset. This extends the life of the headset and the jack and avoids CID. The floating magnets ensure a signal is maintained at all times during turbulence and vibration.

IFPL’s Push Through Pin technology ensures the jack does not have to be replaced if a pin gets broken in the jack. The pin can simply be pushed through and collected in a reservoir at the back of the jack. This reservoir has been known to hold as many as 12 broken pins.

Self-Testing technology

IFPL has designed their Self-Testing technology to enable problem jacks to be identified and fixed rapidly, ensuring high availability. The clever design of the LED being powered by the audio makes this a suitable jack for retrofit, as no extra power is required. The maintenance staff simply need to send a high-frequency audio tone through the existing IFE system, then walk through the cabin and check the jacks at a glance. IFPL has deployed this technology in a wide variety of audio jack solutions and neatly demonstrates why IFPL are renowned for providing industry leading audio jacks.

IFPL’s Latest Seat Back Contactless Payment Solutions

IFPL leads the way when it comes to deploying contactless Near Field Communication (NFC) payment systems on-board aircraft, with global OEMs and airlines now using IFPL’s technology for seat back in-flight retail and customer personalization.

APEX 2017 will see IFPL demonstrate its new NFC ‘Pin-On-Screen’ solution that enables high- value off-line transactions by removing the current low-value payment barrier. This step change will allow airlines to expand and sell high-value items, therefore increasing ancillary revenues. This has the ability to completely change the dynamic of the IFE systems value proposition, as passengers now have a combined entertainment and retail platform allowing them to browse, order and pay at their own convenience. Combine this with connectivity, big data, passenger personalization and broader distribution channels to deliver to the gate or at home, and the airlines have the ability to develop significant new revenue streams.

We will be showcasing our innovative new high value NFC payment unit that is integrated into a leading seat as part of the IFE. This will reflect their ability to customize peripherals to support the design language, aesthetics and ergonomics required for true IFEC and seat integration.

As always, IFPL’s established range of IFEC products and solutions will be on display and the expert team from IFPL will be on hand to discuss any requirements that visitors to APEX 2017 may have.

Alaska Airlines
The release notes: “Gogo announced that it has been selected by Alaska Airlines to install Gogo’s 2Ku inflight connectivity solution on its entire Boeing and Airbus fleet. 2Ku is the industry’s leading inflight connectivity solution and delivers an internet experience comparable to what guests have on the ground, including the ability to stream video from the most popular streaming video services. 2Ku also has global coverage, which means guests onboard Alaska aircraft will have service from gate-to-gate nearly everywhere these aircraft fly, including while traveling over the ocean to popular destinations like Hawaii, Mexico, and Costa Rica.”

”We are excited to partner with Alaska to bring their guests a new onboard connectivity experience with 2Ku,” said Michael Small, Gogo’s president and CEO. “2Ku is the leading inflight internet solution on the market today in terms of bandwidth delivered to each guest’s device, coverage and reliability. We have market leading satellite capacity with the ability to continually add more to meet growing demand. We continue to innovate and improve the technology to make sure 2Ku will keep Alaska ahead of the technology curve.”

“We conducted an extensive review to find a satellite Wi-Fi solution that has a proven track record with commercial airlines and will meet our guest’s expectations for what they want to do in the air today, but will also continue to meet their needs in the future,” said Andrew Harrison, chief commercial officer at Alaska Airlines. “Our guests will soon be able to connect in the air, just as they do out and about on the ground helping make their travel time more relaxing and productive – whether that’s scrolling through Facebook, checking email, or watching what’s trending on YouTube.”

2Ku will give Alaska’s guests a seamless experience across their Boeing and Airbus fleet. Alaska will be disclosing pricing closer to service launch. Gogo’s 2Ku service will be installed on Alaska’s Boeing 737 aircraft beginning in the first half of 2018, with 40 to 50 planes expected to be completed by the end of the year. The remainder of Alaska and Virgin America’s mainline fleet will be fully satellite-equipped by early 2020.
In addition to installing 2Ku, Alaska also announced today that it will now offer free chat with Gogo Messaging Pass on flights operated by Virgin America – a benefit already available to guests flying on Alaska. With Free Chat, guests flying with Virgin America can now use iMessage, WhatsApp, and Facebook Messenger on their smartphones to send greetings from 35,000 feet – for free. Alaska was the first U.S. airline to offer a dedicated Free Chat service and, since its introduction, more than 1 million guests have used it to stayed connected on their Alaska flights.


  • Good Luck Bob!
    In case he was not able to contact you directly, we have learned that Robert Guidetti has left VT Miltope (Miltope Corp). The good news is he has accepted a position as President of a Boulder Colorado company called Scientech. The unfortunate part of this news is that Robert has left the aviation business he loved and respected. Robert joined VT Miltope just prior to 9/11 and launched the development of one of the industry’s first wireless access points, most notably introduced with Connexion by Boeing. Robert told us that “after 16 years, I look at the success of wireless systems in the cabin and how they have become a necessity of IFE systems, and I feel that I had a positive impact on the aviation industry. I am proud of that accomplishment and the tireless efforts of my team.” In carrying on the wireless innovation, we understand that at APEX, VT Miltope will be introducing cyber security provisions with its latest wireless access point development that currently includes “Cognitive Hotspot Technology” that is designed to improve the passengers wireless experience. Robert’s phone number will remain +01 303 906 6949 and you can find him on LinkedIn. (Editor’s Note: Bob we will miss you and you will always have a place in IFEC if you ever want to come back!)
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    So, if you live in the US and missed the eclipse, here are your future options if you MUST see it (Think 23, 24, and 25)

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