Lufthansa Systems Develops Lido/mBriefing As A Mobile Briefing Solution for Pilots


New app provides mobile support for every phase of flight operations

Raunheim, Germany | May 23, 2017– Lufthansa Systems today announced the development of Lido/mBriefing as an app version based on the existing crew briefing module of Lido/Flight 4D. Lido/mBriefing will support flight deck crews with the briefing process as well as during the flight. This mobile solution is initially being developed for iOS, with support for Windows devices planned at a later date. This development is the aviation IT specialist’s response to increasing digitalization of flight operations processes and the introduction of connectivity on the flight deck, and it also advances the integration of briefing and flight operations solutions.

“We expect the majority of airlines to further digitalize their briefing processes for flight deck crews over the next two to five years. We received plenty of positive feedback from our customers after the presentation of our prototype last fall,” said Philipp Barzen, Head of Product Strategy Lido/Flight at Lufthansa Systems. “Demand for mobile briefing solutions for tablets is growing. We want to start meeting this demand with Lido/mBriefing.”

Pilots will soon be able to use the new app to access briefing information and digitally process it during a flight. Briefing systems are traditionally browser-based or only accessible via special terminals on the ground. With Lido/mBriefing, flight deck crews can carry out briefing steps on their tablet on the move and save relevant information for offline use. If changes are made at short notice, pilots receive the necessary notifications via the app so that the crew can react directly to the changes.

Using Lido/mBriefing, the crew can process all of the information and documentation required during a flight, such as the navigation log. If necessary, documents can be digitally signed after the flight and sent back to the airline’s data warehouse for analysis. The solution also supports retrospective data analysis to ensure, for example, that deviations from the planned route can be used for future route optimization.

“We want to help our customers become digital airlines across all processes. By developing our new Lido/mBriefing app, we are pursuing this strategy and reacting to growing demand for mobile solutions within the market,” said Olivier Krueger, CEO at Lufthansa Systems.

Lufthansa Systems has many years of experience as a provider of flight planning and flight deck solutions. More than 100 airlines around the world use the Lido/Flight 4D flight planning solution as well as Lido/Navigation digital maps. Lido/mBriefing combines the expertise from these two fields to provide optimum digital support for pilots in preparing and operating flights. The new briefing app can transmit data seamlessly to the Lido/mPilot navigation solution, thus enabling information from the briefing package such as flight plans to be presented visually in Lido/mPilot. This ensures an intuitive and consistent user experience.

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