Connected Aircraft: Honeywell Offers Access to Global Jeppesen Maps and Charts Through GoDirect Services


Honeywell upgrades GoDirect Flight Bag Pro service for business aviation customers

EBACE, Geneva, Switzerland | May 23, 2017– Honeywell (NYSE: HON) has boosted its GoDirect Electronic Flight Bag Pro service with Jeppesen’s coveted global navigation charts and aeronautical data to improve pilots’ flight experience. With Jeppesen’s charts and data, business and general aviation pilots can save time and enjoy the convenience of creating flight plans, checking the latest weather, or briefing for an approach.

Building on Honeywell’s longstanding relationship with Jeppesen, the premium offering of Jeppesen’s electronic aviation charts will be accessible from within Honeywell’s intuitive GoDirect interface. Honeywell’s “one-stop-shop” GoDirect suite offers pilots more than 50 flight support, connectivity and maintenance services.

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