DOA Approval Opens the Way for a More Comprehensive Services Offer and Future Growth Drivers for Latécoère


France | December 12, 2016– Latécoère Group has announced that the scope of its Design Organisation Approval (DOA) issued by the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) has now been extended to match its own broader scope of activities.

The extension applies to minor changes, major changes (Supplemental Type Certificate or STC) and repairs for large aircrafts, and now covers electrical systems, avionics systems, structures, doors and hydro-mechanical systems.

This DOA accreditation is official recognition of the Group’s technical expertise and know-how in the integration of onboard systems, and means Latécoère is now able to include these systems (Cockpit Door Surveillance Systems, Landscape Camera System, etc.) in a global offer for its clients.

It has already enabled Latécoère to win three calls for tender for companies including Pegasus, and talks are also underway on around twenty other projects.

By giving Latécoère more autonomy to directly position itself with respect to operators, the DOA approval is a formidable strategic advantage for growth on markets with a higher value-added.

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