VTS a New Company with a Long History


  • Providing In Flight Entertainment Solutions from 16mm projectors to Wi-Fi streaming systems.

Syosset, New York | August 9, 2016– VTS (Video Technology Services) today announced that it is employing cutting edge technology to launch its latest SKY-SIS II Program for older Seatback IFE replacement and upgrade.

This new product involves bridging thirty years of experience, combining traditional IFE systems with the latest new technologies and is an answer to requests from VTS client airlines, which is where all of VTS innovations have originated.

According to Philip LaPierre, VP Engineering, “The long list of engineering and successful product developments have come from airline requests and over the last 30 years there have been many VTS firsts including; the first LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) IFE Video Projector, first LCD monitors for IFE applications, first VOD Systems, first Digital Video Player (DVP) to replace conventional videotape, first affordable old seat back retrofit and upgrade solution and others.

VTS addresses common airline problems with turnkey solutions that airlines can afford, even on end of life cycle aircraft. For example:
• For Airlines still using Videotape Players: VTS DVP Systems -Videotape to Digital Conversion.
Plug and Play units match all brands and swaps out videotape for identical shape digital drive with new system performance in an hour without new certification.
• For Airlines Seeking the most Affordable Entertainment: VTS Streaming to Passengers’ Devices
Turnkey System; Server & WAPs software, installation and content, ultra light: < 20 lbs., easy to install overnight in overhead baggage bin and with many options including credit card processing.
• For Airlines with old or broken Seat Back Systems/Screens: VTS SKY SIS II – Streaming to VTS Touch Screen Monitors
Restore your IFE to Better-Than-New at 1/3 to 1/2 the cost, Video Resolution +400%, modern format 16 x 9, and many options including credit card processing, USB seat power

• For Airlines needing custom solutions: VTS Certification and Engineering Services
The technical staff at VTS represents over 100 years of combined experience in the development, engineering, manufacturing, installation and service of video products for airborne entertainment communications systems.
VTS has been providing affordable IFE solutions to airlines worldwide for thirty years as well as full engineering package with FAA and EASA certification of the systems and installation documents.
VTS holds a Repair Station Certificate FAA – VQTR106K and EASA 5340. VTS provides maintenance support for all its products at the home base and other stations as required worldwide,

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