Now Old Seatback IFE Replacement at a Fraction of the Cost


  • VTS Readies SKY-SIS II its Latest Seatback Streaming to VTS High Intelligent Touch Screens for Launches and Demonstrations at upcoming APEX, Singapore.

Syosset, New York | August 9, 2016– VTS (Video Technology Services) today announced that it is working with several airlines to launch its latest SKY-SIS II Program for older Seatback IFE Retrofit.

According to Philip LaPierre, VP Engineering, “There was a time when all new seatback systems and monitors were “state of the art” unfortunately that may have been some time ago, which we know because we installed or repaired many over the last twenty to thirty years.” Consequently today these old seatback systems have two problems:

1. If they work the resolution is unacceptable
2. If a Seatback doesn’t work you have an angry passenger.

“A broken seatback system presents a huge passenger service problem, especially a long haul aircraft. But at $4,000 – $6,000 per seat for a new system ($2M-$5M) that investment on an older aircraft is daunting” according to LaPierre. Now we have a far less expensive, alternative solution”.

Put in a VTS video streaming system with VTS Intelligent Touch screen monitors that have their own WiFi receivers and remove video cabling and junction boxes. This could save 2,000 pounds/$200,000 in fuel annually on a wide body.

Simply remove the old Seatback monitor, with its heavy video cables and junction boxes then install a new VTS Streaming Server, WAPs and our high definition seatback, intelligent touch screens each with its own WiFi antenna and receiver, powered by the older system’s seat power.

A better than new IFE seatback system at a fraction of the cost.
You can restore your IFE to better than new in a couple of days at 1/3 to 1/2 the cost of conventional replacement systems and with no new certification required!

The SKY-SIS II System Benefits: Immediate System Improvement, cost, weight/fuel savings
Video: Resolution increases 400%, Larger Screen 7″ vs 5.6″, New Movie format 16 x 9
System Cost: 1/3 of Cost of Conventional System replacement seatback system
Weight Savings: Eliminate 80% of the system’s weight, i.e. 500 vs 2,800 pounds
Fuel Savings: Savings in extra fuel pays for this new/better system in 3 years
Credit Card Function for In Flight Shopping Included: Built in Credit Card program allows for secure purchases from seatback screens or passengers own devices (smartphones, tablets, laptops) for incremental revenue, additional passenger services and offers.
USB Outlets: Power or personal devices as well at every seat.
Custom Financing: Matching your expected aircraft life, Ideal for aged aircraft.

About VTS: Providing Solutions for 80 of The World’s Greatest Airlines for 30 years

From installing 16 mm film projectors and screens on TWA, Eastern, Pan AM and other great airlines worldwide to the latest digital streaming system, the VTS team has been providing solutions to install, improve and maintain IFE systems for many loyal airlines for three decades.

VTS: Unique Solutions & Products
• DVP Systems – Videotape to Digital Conversion; slide out old slide in new
• VTS IFE Seatback Retrofit/Upgrade – Affordable upgrade to a better than new seatback IFE
• InFlight WiFi Streaming Systems -The most affordable, lightest, easiest to install; any aircraft
• VTS IFE Bulkhead, Overhead Monitors Complete range of sizes and applications.
• Certification & Engineering Services – Many years of FAA and EASA certification service.

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