AirMap & Lufthansa Systems Partner to Deliver Global Airspace Intelligence for Safer Drone Operations


  • Fast-growing start-up and international airline IT provider to enable safer unmanned flight through accurate, dynamic, and global airspace data

Santa Monica, CA and Frankfurt, Germany | June 14, 2016– AirMap, the world’s leading provider of airspace information and services for unmanned aircraft, and leading international airline IT provider Lufthansa Systems announced today a partnership to provide accurate, dynamic, and global airspace information to drone operators.

“We’re thrilled to welcome Lufthansa Systems to our network of data sources,” said AirMap CEO Ben Marcus, an airline transport rated pilot and flight instructor. “This partnership allows us to further enhance situational awareness for drones and their operators, helping to build a safer shared airspace.”

“We are excited about this collaboration with AirMap. The market for drones is growing worldwide. With the Digital Notice and Awareness System™ (D-NAS), AirMap not only enables drone operators to integrate airspace data needed for safe flights, but also helps airports and air traffic authorities know where drones are flying. We are delivering the airspace and airport data relevant for commercial operations from our extensive database to increase safety around airports,” said Igor Dimnik, Director Products at Lufthansa Systems.

AirMap recently announced the D-NAS to allow operators of unmanned aerial systems (UAS) to provide airports and other airspace stakeholders with real-time digital information about the location of their flights. In collaboration with the American Association of Airport Executives, over 100 U.S. airports are piloting D-NAS for increased UAS awareness.

AirMap’s services provide recreational and commercial drone operators with real-time low-altitude airspace regulations and advisories, temporary flight restrictions, situational awareness, and more. These services are integrated into the drones and apps sold by leading drone companies, including DJI and 3DRobotics. The AirMap Software Development Kit (SDK) makes it easy for any drone manufacturer or application developer to include airspace information and services in their products.

“We are focused on building the tools for unmanned aircraft to safely integrate into the airspace system,” said Greg McNeal, co-founder of AirMap. “Lufthansa Systems is a partner in delivering best-in-class airspace information to the drone ecosystem through AirMap’s innovative technology.”

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