Turkish Technic Celebrates 10th Anniversary!


  • Company marks 10 years of service to airlines from Europe to Far East.

Turkey | May 26, 2016– Turkish Technic, the leading aircraft maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) services provider to the aviation industry, today announces the tenth anniversary of the company’s founding. As a wholly-owned subsidiary of Turkish Airlines, Turkish Technic was formally established on May 23, 2006, and has achieved a steady growth since its establishment.

The roots of Turkish Technic go back to the founding of Turkish Airlines. In 1957, the journey started with maintenance of three DC-3 aircraft, within the fleet of 28. During this initial period the company has grown and added over 15 aircraft types to its maintenance and overhaul capabilities. Since the establishment, Turkish Technic, one-stop-MRO, expanded its capacity with 6 new hangars, located in various cities of Turkey.

“Turkish Technic is proud of its ten-year track record of MRO services and sustained profitability throughout the many changes in the economic and political changes in the region.” said Ahmet Karaman, General Manager of Turkish Technic. ”At the same time we are forward-focused on the next decade and have significant investment plans such as new facilities at İGA (Istanbul Grand Airport). We as Turkish Technic are thankful to our a vast number of customers. We look forward to continuing to serve the aviation industry and to our valued customers with a continuous improvement of comprehensive services.”

Today Turkish Technic family, consisting of TCI, TSI, TEC and Goodrich Turkish Technic Services that manufacture aircraft seats, galleys and provides engine and turbine services.

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